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All I want, is justice, and I want to know who is my biological family and when and why I was kidnapped the first time.
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Contact (C)
My Apologies  (C)
Thank you (R)
Shame on you (C)
Complaint history  (C)

Don't Even think about it! (C)
I want justice (R)

The State of my complaint pages (N) (R)

Conclusion  (R)(????)

Kidnapping me as a child and (R) kidnapping other children (R)

Kidnapping me as an adults  (C)
My fake family, the kidnappers
Twins, lookalikes and doubles (C)

Is this my biological family? ( (R)NU11.07.2020)
Problems and possible solutions  (R)(N, U, 08.03.2021)

Slavery in Egypt, 1960-1969  (C)
Slavery in Germany, 1969-1986 (C)
Slavery in USA, 1986-2001 (C)
Slavery in Netherlands, 2001-2016 (C)
Slavery in UK (C)
BP-British Petroleum-Part-1, the brainwashers, rapist, kidnappers and slave-makers using the illegal project Calypso (R)
BP-British Petroleum-Part-2, the hidden Nazis (R)
Actress Shams Baroudi, the brainwash act (N C)
Oil Companies History (N C)
kidnapping, slavery and brainwash tools
- Telepathy (R)
- Brainwash (C)
- Persecution (C)
- Networking (C)
- Other tools (C)

BP-British Petroleum-Part-3, BP an evil element in a very evil BIG PICTURE (C) (it takes seconds to display)
BP-British Petroleum-Part-3-Version-2 (R) (N, 08.03.2021) (it takes 10-20 seconds to display)
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