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All I want, is justice. and I want to know who is my biological family. If you want me to stop complaining then tell me who is my biological family and give me justice, which can be found in all the repeated complaint letters that I sent to the many government sections, offices and officals of those responsible, and many did not even answer. So, I will continue to complain and lay out who did what to me and why they did it, until you give me justice, which is a very reasonable request after all what you did to me!!

Note: This is not a threat, nor it is blackmail. I am Christian and as such I do not threat, I do not blackmail, I do not revange, I do not live by eye for eye, and tooth for tooth and I do not sue people, I just try to reason with them. If I am unsuccessful in my reasoning with them then I go to the next higher instance, and I am here at the highest instance, your boss, the one who elected you, the people in USA, UK, Germany and the Netherlands, the four countries where I was brainwashed in or by, enslaved and kidnapped, forced to be refugee in 4 countries from 1961 to 2013, 9 years in Egypt, 17 years in Germany,  locked up for 15 years by kidnapping in USA, locked up for 13 years by force in the Netherlands and Germany, not counting the kidnapping to USA and keeping me as slave and raping me for 15 years in USA, tortured me mentally and physically while destroying all my social and professional relations over and over and over again since 1960.

Thank you to the few good people I have seen

This page has one objective only: to say thank you for those I was prevented to say thank you to, while also showing in middle of all these complaints that I am also a thankful person!

In the life of a normal person, usually the person meets lots of good people. However, in the life of a hidden slave and due to he/she is isolated by force and always forced to live in between handpicked people, therefore he/she rarely meets good people, because he is always living in a control environments, meaning he is only allowed to mix with certain people that from the background control his life, as if the hidden slave lives within glass room or a glass bubble, people pass by look at him and keep on going, and he is not able to reach out to them through the glass walls!

Yet, many people, now and then, here and there, broke these walls and gave me a hand, very unfortunately the glass walls were quickly repaired, and I was again isolated and living in a glass room, seeing the life through the glass walls. But also, and from behind the glass I saw things that others just did not see, because they keep on going and do not question situations.

Here I would like to list some of these best people who broke the glass walls to reach out to me and the others that were not involved with my life, yet I saw what great services they did to humanity, I am sure there is many more, yet I did not see them or did not pay attention or was prevented to.

Please note this Important note: between 27 December 2002 and 1 August 2003 in the Dutch refugee camp in Ter Apel, and after the Dutch and American immigration in cooperation with the German immigration and the FBI that took me to the Netherlands by force of fear, brainwashed me severely to force me to talk about my past, and in this process they brought the lookalike of my original fake son to use him against me , in that they induced him in my life during this period as a mean to talk to him and warn him of the bad things that was done to me. In this process I talked about the people listed below as an example of good people, in other words I mentioned the below people as good as it gets people, while warning him of those who brainwashed me, enslaved me between 1 January 1984 and September 1986 and then kidnapped me to USA using the illegal project called Calypso, where the BP-British Petroleum using their subsidiary SCS-Scientific Control Systems sold satellite computers to the Syrian government and very possibly the Syrian government was used as a proxy and they were selling it to the Russian government, and this project was 100% illegal because Syria and Russia at that time were under embargo laws, meaning the government broke it is own laws, and to cover up for it, they forced me with brainwash and telepathy to attack each single person and institution listed below as a mean of isolation and destruction of my relation to all those who I looked up to and loved, and therewith turning them against me while making me look bad, and with this page I would like to express to them how I feel about them!

Important note: brainwash forces the mind to have scattered thought and prevent the mind to gather the thoughts to prevent it of setting relations to other thoughts enable to keep the mind limited while simultaneously forcing many small to big situations upon the victims to keep his mind busy in surviving state and therewith keeps the mind to go in a circle. This is a very mean and destructive brainwash that has the long-term side effect of not being able to remember everything and recognizing them as important, therefore and as I remember things I will add them below at a later time.



1.       Pastor Herbert Lange, best of the best

2.       Evangelical Lutheran Congregation (gemeinde) of Unterschleissheim, Germany

3.       Mr. Högel the original owner of Högel Studio-Technik GmbH in Unterschleissheim, Germany, my best employer in 67 years

4.       Mr. Detlev Fischer and the Fischer family, Unterschleissheim

5.       Siemens AG, Department SO-Sonder Projekte (Special Project), Neu Perlach, Munich, Germany

6.       UDF-Unternehmensberatung Dr. Fischer, Stuttgart

7.       Stevens Family of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Bridgeport in Fairfield & Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

8.       Texaco, Inc., downtown Houston and Belaire in Houston, Texas, USA

9.       Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA

10.   Unknown in Netherlands

11.   Various Dutch municipalities: Bellingwedde, Vlagtwedde, Amsterdam Assen and Den Haag/The Haag

12.   VahonFM Surinam Radio Station, Den Haag/The Hague, Netherlands

13.   De Ooievaart, Den Haag/The Hague, Netherlands

14.   Foundation Vestia, Real Estate management in Den Haag/The Hague, Netherlands

15.   Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka, last but by far not least

16.   Dutch Tax office (Belastingdienst)

17.   My fake sister Fifi

18.   Mr. Attar the general manager of Jeddah Port of the Saudi Port’s Authority in 1981

19.   And some Others


Pastor Herbert Lange, Unterschleissheim, Germany, best of the best ()


In December 1975 I was set up to become Christian by my fake family, the CIA and MI6, and therefore they used an attorney, I cannot recall the attorney’s name, yet he was employed by the attorney offices Rolf Bossi, one of the best or most famous Attorneys in Munich or even Germany in 1970s and throughout at least 1980s, that I asked for help to get out of the 6 years waiting for my refugee application to be accepted in Germany, which in itself was a severe setup created by the CIA, MI6 and my fake family as a mean of isolation and to prevent me of leaving Germany or going to the Middle East to visit them, because my refugee application from January 1970 was still under consideration in December 1975, therefore the attorney advised me  to do one of 2 things (from 1070 and until current in December 1975 I was being helped by a free attorney through an organization from the catholic church in Germany called Caritas, yet this help and so far was absolutely worthless!!!!):

1.              Marry a German woman, which was out of the question because the CIA had me enslaved under one of their agent named Anita Disbray that pretended to be British citizen and I was officially married to her, whereby, there was twice attempt, I believe through some German agency to separate me of this woman, as follow:

1.1.        Once in around end of September 1972, directly after the Munich Olympics 1972 and the Munich Olympic massacre in September 1972, but this attempt failed due to the CIA forced me to get back with this agent called Anita Disbray as enslaved husband while she pretended to be suppressed by me. The way that the CIA enslaved me under this woman on around 20 August 1970 is the biggest prove that they brainwashed me and enslaved me under her for the purpose to prevent me of discovering that my fake family in Egypt never left Egypt and they are CIA & MI6 agents also in Jordan and Saudi Arabia

1.2.        The second time was around 1973, where the employment office suggested that they send me for an IT hardware training in a school around 60-80 km of my residence, where I have to go alone without my wife in sort of a boarding school, and they said they will pay all expenses including pocket money and weekend or monthly trip to Munich to be with my wife, which I was forced to refuse. The organization that offered me that was the official employment office called Arbeitsamt in Munich in around summer 1973. This alone shows that they were trying to get me in a controlled environment of their own to check me out (brainwash) far away of the CIA & MI6 that they did not trust. Later on, they set me up to become Christian for the same purpose in 1976, and then they let me be due to the damages that was performed around my life between 1976 and 1978 by the CIA, MI6 and my fake family. Then I was kidnapped to USA in 1986. In 2001 Was brought by force to the Netherlands for this purpose to be brainwashed and to continue where they left off, which they did, and here I am complaining about it

2.              Change my religion from Muslim to Christianity, because there is the death penalty for this in the so called Arab countries, and the German government would then have to immediately grant me asylum and not keep me on a waiting list. I accepted this solution because I had no logic, period, but also, I did not foresee the setup I was being pushed into by all associated parties. Very unfortunately thereafter I was severely setup to never go back to this attorney and therewith his advice never worked, and I was setup by the German immigration in cooperation with my fake family and the CIA to not get political asylum, but rather to force me to renew my fake Syrian passport, enable to take off the German protection of my life and keep me under the Syrian control, therefore I was not granted asylum, but instead severely set up and later brainwashed, enslaved again and kidnapped to USA as enslaved man, where they kept me by force totally isolated refugee and illegal alien for 15 years

The attorney advised me to go to any church of my choice and ask to be come Christian, then I should bring him my baptism certificate and he will do the rest. Since I was living in a controlled environment in a small city 20 KM north of Munich, where at that time there was 2 churches, one catholic (850 meters of my housing) and the other was Evangelical Lutheran (1,850 meters of my housing). I do not know why, but I chose the Evangelical Lutheran church, even though it was further away from my housing than the catholic one.

In the church I asked for the pastor to baptize me as a Christian because my attorney advised me to and told him the story.  This alone shows that I had no logic and was dependent on others to make a choice or decision for me and was always saying the truth, even though I should not have to, no need to lie but also no need to tell the pastor about my attorney and what he advised me!

The pastor named Herbert Lange said I cannot just baptize you, you have to understand Christianity and accept it, and then I can baptize you. And I said how to understand it, he said he is willing to come to my home and teach me. I agreed. He came to my home, I think 2-3 times every week for around 60 minutes each for 4-6 weeks giving me the bible and teaching me Christianity while teaching me how to read and understand the Bible and what to read first and what is the bible and where it came from. Note that my Germany was very bad at that time, I may have known a few hundred sentences and words for the daily use, otherwise I was forced to speak English all the time to keep me isolated, yet somehow I gradually understood what the pastor taught me and within 2 years I learned so much German as if I was living there for over 20 years. Gradually I fell in love with this pastor and I did not know why, exactly, except that what he taught me was going in to my mind and building a logic that suddenly was helping me to make decisions by my own, not overnight but gradually. Since my mind started to be independent and make it is own decision, I felt good about myself and that is the reason why I fell in love with this pastor, but also, he was really a lovable person. After the 4-6 weeks, he suggested that I start to go to the church and meet other Christian and see if I feel comfortable in this environment, which I did. I was welcomed in the church and suddenly, and for the first time in my life, I had friends, which made me even more fall in love with the church and the pastor and the entire community and if this is a brainwash, then I am willing to do it all over again and again!


The pastor activities

Pastor Herbert Lange was in the process of opening a new community center building that was just being built and completed for the church including housing for the pastor and the helper and they needed a part time employee, and he asked me if I am willing to do it, which meant that I had to relocate to this new housing, I agreed. Therewith Pastor Herbert Lange became also my neighbor and my friend. Living next to him and working with him, I was able to see what he does, I can only say, that God would have been really proud of him. He was always busy working with others, helping others and the only free time he had was Sunday afternoon, where he used to dedicate this time to his wife and 2 children, one of them was adopted, and even Sunday afternoon, he used to invite others from the church to join him for lunch or dinner. I went with him to many of his daily activities, from visiting the lonely, to visiting the sick in the hospitals or at home to visiting several bible studies where he was teaching others but also questioning the bible and discussing his questioning with others and therewith he was teaching others to question everything even the bible not to follow it blindly, to arranging mass get together for families, children and youth activities to keep them busy and far of wrong circles, to visiting families that are troubled and help them find solutions and the list goes on and on.

Very unfortunately I was during this period heavily attacked by all kind of means from medical professionals, such as dentist that mistreated me so badly just to force me to hate this town to force me to leave it, to very destructive telepathy attacks, such as making me feel fearful living in this new church housing to creating very destructive situations between me and many of the church members that I very much loved and considered to be my best friends.

At the end Pastor Herbert Lange had suddenly problem with his voice and was not able to speak or preach, and the church had to relocate him to another job somewhere in the north where he does not have to preach. Today I have no doubt in my mind that one of 2 things happened:

1.       He for some reason or another faked this sickness to be relocated somewhere else, which I doubt very much

2.       Based on the pattern of that time and what happened in my life after I became Christian, someone damaged his voice on purpose as revenge that he taught me Christianity, and this in itself was an act, not from the pastor but from the CIA and my fake family that are very influential and have strong connections not only to the CIA, but also to the German government, and were willing to do anything to show as if they did not set me up to become Christian, and I have many other situations from that time and later that confirm my suspicion 

Very unfortunately I never seen the pastor after that and I was forced to leave the entire city in Late summer 1978 but I went back quite frequently because I loved that town, yet each time I go there, something really bad happened to force me never to go back, then the very evil BP-British petroleum in cooperation with my fake family, the CIA and MI6 brainwashed me enslaved me again under the most disgusting person in the world and kidnapped me to USA, where I was forced to live isolated as refugee and illegal alien for 15 years, and when I complaint in writing to senators and congress men, they locked me up and forced me to be locked up in the Netherlands for 13 years, during which I complaint many times in writing to judges and police, government officials and so on, and each time I complain they punish me severely until they pulled out all of my teeth in July of 2011 and when I complaint through an attorney they prevented me to file any complaint and I am still complaining today in 2018!

In Short: Pastor Herbert Lange never said no to any one, if someone needs help no matter with what, he was always there with a possible solution or a possible multiple solution, he worked for 3 or even 5 persons and was very innovative in his church service as well as in all the new activities that he started. Prior to becoming a pastor, he was insurance salesman, so I was told, then he became life salesman, because that is what Christianity is: Life, because being related to my fake family or biological family is not life, it is slavery and death of the mind as they do to Millions other in cooperation with CIA and MI6, and it is very visible in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Syria, where they kill people that complains and then claim that these are terrorists. Which is a very old CIA and MI6 trick that they used to use also in Ireland to kill anyone who has a different opinion or want to be free!

Therefore I fell in love with the job itself of Pastor Herbert Lange and wanted to do the same thing, not thinking at that time that my language is not enough nor my life experience, but I loved that job of his and saw how people are not only always happy to see him, but also feel much better about their selves and I wanted to make people happy and therefore I too wanted to be pastor because making other happy was something I like to do and see them smiling, which in return made me happy!!

I even went for an interview to become a pastor, but I was rejected because of lack of professional experience, I was told by my interviewer I should work in a real profession for 5 years and then see if I still want to be a pastor, then I should come back to him, very unfortunately I was severely distracted not only of the church, but also from my own life and from my own me, and that is what a hidden slavery does to a human being, he forgets his own needs and live only for the needs of criminals, involuntarily I may add, but rather with brainwash, fear, mental and physical torture, and believe me I have been tortured physically since I was 13 or even 8 years old, where they caused me a total amnesia where I even lost my language capabilities and do not have any memory what so ever from prior to December 1959, and that is enable they can control me easier and that is a long-term torture, and later as I got older 10, 12, 14 and 16 years old I was also tortured by my new fake oldest sister, by my fake new unknown to me from before fake brother in 1965 by my own fake mother that conspired to rape me by men and disgusting women as preparation of enslaving me and then punishing me for raping me not by herself but by her boyfriend and others that this not very nice people on purpose organized to force me to think that I am homosexual and they allegedly punishing me for that and helping me out of that, where in reality they were building a wall in my memory, a wall of shame and fear that prevent me to think about or remember anything from before 1970 to force me to not want to think about these years where I was raped by them=severe brainwash through confusing the mind and the sex life. How can I not fall in love with the church after all this and much more I did not even mention??

Today, if I am still 30 years old or even 40 years old, then I will become a pastor, but and very unfortunately I am 67 years old and severely brainwashed by very nasty people that work for the government of USA, UK, Netherlands, and Germany, not to forget to mention my fake family that used me as a multipurpose distraction decoy for the CIA  and MI6 agents as well as their fake children in the UK, Egypt, Germany, UK, USA, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and all that is brainwash for so long that I do not trust myself to become a pastor even if I was younger, in matter of fact I cannot do any job anymore because I am officially retired with less than half of the usual retired income. Yet I am rich because people like Herbert Lange, and others mentioned below, were in my life at one point or another showing me how life can be like without this fake family, CIA, MI6, BP-British petroleum and the hidden of me biological family. Herbert Lange was one of a the very few that broke the glass surrounding me and reach out to me, and that I will never forget, especially because he got hurt in this process!!


Evangelical Lutheran Congregation (gemeinde) of Unterschleissheim and

The Evangelical Lutheran church in Bavaria, Germany ()


Evangelical Lutheran Congregation (gemeinde) of Unterschleissheim

I am very thankful that I met countless good people in this congregation, where many of them helped me in my bad times, some from the background, above all I know it was very difficult to be a member of this congregation while I was severely persecuted by the CIA and my fake family because I became Christian, during which many of them get also hurt because of me being there, during which I was somewhat difficult to deal with due to I was heavily persecuted and did not know where it is coming from, yet the congregation did not give up on me easily, and therefore I am thankful, above all I am thankful to see an alternative way of living by example and seeing how the members of this and other congregation were living and behaving without lies, deceive, violent, mental and physical torture and above all without slavery, hidden slavery or none hidden slavery!


The Evangelical Lutheran church in Bavaria, Germany

During the period I was living with the above-mentioned congregation, I went to many courses through the church, these courses were organized and paid for by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria. With the exception of a couple of times where my forced upon me by the CIA wife called Anita Disbray, that set me up in one of these courses to discredit me and the church, otherwise these course were so valuable that I cherish them even today after more than 40 years, because they taught me not only rhetoric, and how to pay attention to not only big but also small details such as the look of a person, his face expression, his behavior and so on, officially because I volunteered to be youth group leader and to help also other adults, yet these courses taught me how to be free and how to recognize my fake family and that was not planned by the CIA and my fake family as they set me up to become Christian enable to have a public reason to persecute me, enslave me under one of the CIA agent named Najlaa Mahmoud and then pretend to be removing me from Germany and to keep me away of the church, they kidnapped me to USA for one purpose only, to blackmail my actual biological family, that is and until today is unknown to me, except I know where they live, in Connecticut, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, California, Kansas and Missouri, because I was always tricked to travel to these places for work, and later I recognize I was not really needed there or my new employer was so surprised to see me that they created for me so much trouble to force me to leave voluntarily.

Whatever they did to me and how oft they enslaved me using severe brainwash and telepathy, fear and torture, yet they were not able to take away what I learned from this church. Thank you.

The negative side, is that I feel I was on purpose dropped by them, and they did not only allowed that I be brainwashed, enslaved and kidnapped to USA in 1986, but also did absolutely nothing to help me not to be locked up for 13 years from July 1999 and until I was awarded the Dutch citizenship in January 2013!

And that is for me very hard to swallow!


Mr. Högel the original owner of Högel Studio-Technik GmbH in Unterschleissheim, Germany, my best employer in 67 years ()

I was told that Mr. Högel died sometimes in 1990. Very unfortunately I forgot his first name. I worked for him from Spring 1976 to begin summer 1978



1974 I studied to be computer programmer in Munich, Germany, yet I did not get a job and I did not know how to find a job and I gave up, in reality I was forced to give up and took a job as a warehouse worker first for a car transport company called Kuehnwaldt and later for at that time a famous department store called Neckermann, both went bankrupt several times thereafter. I was on purpose prevented to work as an IT professional to keep me down.

Shortly after I became Christian, and after I finished work at 16:00 hours and leaving the warehouse I was working in and going home, I saw a sign, on the building directly opposite where I was working, that they are looking for a professional metal painter, and since I did not like my job as a warehouse worker, I told the pastor about the job opening and said a few years back I did this job twice for 2 big factories, but that is 3-4 years ago, and I asked him if he knows the owner and can ask him if he would hire me, he said no I do not know the owner, and that is the wrong approach, you should go there yourself and ask if they would hire you, you would not lose anything by asking, but you could gain the job if they hire you. After this encouragement, I went to the company and they hired me.

Mr. Högel was the owner and his wife the secretary and the bookkeeper and they had around 5 employees, including me. They owned the property and divided it in 2 sections, the front section with a business building and the back section their separate housing. Mr. Högel was the owner, the boss, the designer, the marketing man and the delivery man. He was always busy.

 This was around spring 1976, shortly after I became Christian, and I was heavily attacked with telepathy, whereby and at that time I did not know it was telepathy, even though I read the bible and the bible is the best teacher of telepathy, yet I thought only Jesus and his disciple had telepathy. Anyway, today I know it was telepathy.

They were doing their best to force me to leave this town and the church, which all was an act to show as if my fake family are all Muslims and are the ones that are persecuting me. As a result of this severe persecution, I and very suddenly had sleeping and waking up on time problems, and therewith I kept on going late to work or not at all, where I was supposed to work every day from 7:00 in the morning to 16:00 or 17:00 hours, yet sometimes I was forced not to get up until 10:00 or 14:00 hours, as if I am dead, during which I kept also making a lot of mistakes at work and this went on from spring 1976 to summer 1978, during which, Mr. Högel, never gave up on me, he kept me on his payroll, even though, he couldn’t really afford it, because he has only 5 employees, yet he was so patient and so understanding, that was out of this world. And when I do not show up at work and without telling him in advance, which was most of the time, he would then come to my housing to check on me and talk with me to see what is wrong and see if he can help me, I suddenly would cry and I did not know why, I can’t wake up not only on time but rather I would sleep 12 or even 16 hours straight and not go to work. He never fired me. Others would have fired me after the first or at the latest after the third time of being tardy, not to mention all the mistakes I made, that was costing him money, from summer 1976 and until End of May 1978 I was most of the time tardy, or not go to work and did not know what is happening to me and why all this happening now to me, where I really like my life now, with all these new friends and good friendly working colleagues and my boss is a priceless man worth 10 times his weight in Diamonds, yet I am having these problems, and the doctors are not able to help me.

He never fired me until I found another job in the IT sector at the company Siemens AG and started I believe it was 1 Mai or June 1978, possibly he get me that job because Siemens was his number one customer, or possibly the pastor Herbert Lange, or both and without telling me or bragging about it, because I wrote Siemens AG once and asked for an interview and was denied, beside I just studied Software analysis and development for one year and complete it in Summer 1974, yet never worked in this sector, and now I get this Job at Siemens AG after 4 years of completing my study!

Small note: when I went to school to study computer programming, my German was very bad, yet I was lucky, because the teaching material was divided in to two type of materials: 1 is the technical side such as programming languages, where the majority of it was in English, and 2 it was the administrational part, which was in pure Germany and I had trouble understanding it. Therefore, in the technical side I had an average of 1.2 and in the administrational part I had an average of 4, total average 2.6. This mean I was a good in programming and bad in administration, but in reality, I just did not understand the material that was written in German, even though I was looking up most of the words in the dictionaries.

Mr. Högel was with no doubt not only the best employer I have ever had but also the best employer I have seen or heard of in my 67 years of life, he was also one extraordinary gentleman, and not only because how he treated me, but also how he treated the others, he never lost his temper when someone makes a severe mistake that cost him big loses, instead of getting angry he had developed a system, where everyone voluntarily places certain amount of money, depending on the mistake they made, which was maximum only a couple of Deutsch marks,  in a certain box, and when the box is full, we used to use the money to go out all of us for dinner or lunch, the idea was to teach his employee to be responsible and not to punish them!

How many people like that do you know?

I just know this man, Mr. Högel the original owner of Högel Studio Techniek in Unterschleissheim, Germany. No to forget the pastor Herbert Lange was also my boss, and he was also one of my best employers, yet I did not emphasize it because I worked there part time in the evening.


Mr. Detlev Fischer and the Fischer family, Unterschleissheim ()

Mr. Detlev Fischer is another gentleman from the above-mentioned congregation, at that time he was 24 years old, around 2 years younger than me, yet he had the heart of no other friend that I ever had. He was a true gentleman, open, polite, considered, family oriented, Christian oriented above all human oriented. He opened his heart and home for me during a severe persecution, where I was forced to be scared to live in the church housing because some not very nice person(s), with telepathy was/were manipulating my thoughts and placing fear in to my mind, while totally disturbing my sleep, yet at that time I did not know that it was telepathy, and I never thought about leaving the church, or my work in it, yet I was scared to be alone in this house even though it was not scary at all, and I  even asked Mr. Detlev Fischer to stay there with me for a while until the fear goes away, this is how nasty the hidden member of my fake family and the CIA that were around my life at that time and I did not know. Mr. Detlev Fischer did not hesitate and accepted to help me out. But also, his entire family, parents and 5 brother and sister were very kind and all of them were ladies and gentlemen like, from the 5 years old to the oldest of them.

Another situation, is when the agent Anita Disbray left me after 7 years, I September 1977, she took her cloth and left me with all the debt, which was on purpose enable to accumulate my problems as distraction of them. This mean I suddenly had more debt that I can pay a month, and Mr. Detlev Fischer came up to me once and gave me his saving account book (at that time the banks make entries in the savings account book as a prove of payment) and said take what you need to cover the debt that you have, which I declined, however the gesture is out of this world, especially that I know him just over a year and he trusted me with his savings!

Because I loved my friend Mr. Detlev Fischer and his family they damaged my relationship with them very badly, in 1978 and also recently through the website that they forced upon me between August 2006 and April 2012.

Contradiction: this is about a very bad setup, that I cannot prove and did not see, I just suspect. It is about my fake brother Named Mohamad Nashaat Naggar and his lookalike named Nick Naggar.



In December 1959 I was kidnapped from USA and taken to Cairo Egypt over Damascus, Syria (2-4 weeks), during which they caused me a total amnesia and filled my head with fake memory as if I was born and raised in Syria, falsified my identity to Syrian, then placing me with in a fake family that was set together from various families and the CIA as well as MI6 agents and then took me to Cairo, Egypt. Today I strongly suspect, due to countless situations that at least all adults in this fake set together family 16 adults + 6 children including me, had telepathy except me, and therewith in Egypt when they read my mind they see only the fake memory that these nasty people forced upon me. Each person of these fake family came to Cairo Egypt within the first 1-2 years and lived there for 1-10 years as my relative from Damascus, Syria. Later on, in 1965 they brought a man that they claimed is my brother named Mohamad Nashaat Naggar and claimed to be raised in Amman Jordan through my fake sister that was also first introduced to me a couple of years earlier around 1963, which was all lies. To make it short, in October 1969 they took me to Munich, Germany over one day brainwash tour in Frankfurt. After a few months all of my fake family that was around me in Cairo Egypt claimed to have left Egypt, and that includes my fake mother named Hyatt/Hayat Baroudi, my fake sister Fifi, my fake sister Moni and this fake brother named Mohamad Nashaat Naggar. Then in March 1970 and after a severe brainwash and setup to make me look as if I am a terrorist, they took me to the American military base in Munich named McGraw Kaserne, where a couple of month later around august 1970, they brought a lookalike of my fake brother and forced me to think that this is the same brother, the same they did with my fake mother and with one sister named Fifi that allegedly relocated from Cairo to UK and came to visit me in this brainwash control environment called American military base McGraw kaserne in Munich.

This new fake brother behavior was nothing like a brother and nothing like the original fake brother that was introduced to me in 1965, among others and starting 1971, 4 months after he was brought into my life by force of the CIA, he started to avoid me with all kind of tricks, but I did not think much about it at that time. And between 1975 and 1976, he was very hard to see or visit, and he claimed to be working for a company for free, where they send him to a city called Flensburg, which is almost the furthest city in the north of Germany. At that time, I believed him. He was allegedly working for this company from 1975 to 1976/1977. In reality, which I cannot prove, he was doing something else and did not want me to know it, possibly he was a soldier in the American military base or in a British military base in north of Germany. Therefore, I believed him being working for free and I felt sorry for him, and since the father of my new friend named Detlev Fischer is the personnel chief at Avon Cosmetics in the city of Eching, which was the headquarter either only for Germany or for entire Europe of Avon Cosmetics, and I laid down the problem of my brother that he is allegedly working for 2 years for free for this man, and Mr. Fischer made an appointment for him to go to Avon Cosmetics for an interview, but he did not go, after I repeatedly talked with him about it and told him they will pay you monthly salary and you do not have to go to Flensburg for free any more, then he agreed to go for an interview. And they hired him and gave him around 3 Thousand Deutsch mark at that time, which is very much equivalent today to 4 or even 5 Thousand Euro. In April 1982, Avon Cosmetics allegedly transferred this fake brother from Germany to New York-Rye headquarter. In reality he just switched me off in that I will never seek to visit him or seek his company because he is now officially in USA and I am in Germany.

Now I will jump to the end of year 1986 and after I was re-brainwashed, enslaved under the agent Najlaa Mahmoud and kidnapped to USA, I asked him for help and he refused to help me in any way what so ever, in matter of fact he scared me with his very wild and vicious German Shepard dog to prevent me of ever visiting him again, and when I asked him to see if he can find me a job at Avon Cosmetics, he said he may be fired from Avon Cosmetics and he will not get me an interview, then he kept on disappearing of my life to force me not to see him again.

Conclusion: Avon Cosmetics with or without the knowledge of Mr. Fischer the father of my friend Detlev Fischer, pretended to give my fake brother a job, just to get me of his back, because he was not the original fake brother but this one was rather either a CIA agent, MI6 agent or an American or British military intelligent agent, or just an American or British military soldier that they asked him to play this role for some benefit or another, or he just lives in Europe and exchange place with the original fake brother.

In short, my original fake brother never left Egypt, neither my 2 fake sisters or fake mother, and this fake brother was most definitely a conman and identity thief that was 100% arranged by the CIA and MI6 to not give me any idea’s to go to Cairo for a visit, which I did once in 1982, and I was severely attacked from all side and setup up countless times to prevent me not only to go to certain areas but also to never come back to Egypt. This is how these nasty agents and Arab royal family members behaves that were set by CIA, MI6 and other.

As I said I cannot prove it, but everything points to that Avon Cosmetics create a fake job for my fake brother to cover up for him and keep me of his back!

I haven’t seen this nasty person called Nick Naggar alias Mohamad Nashaat Naggar since 1994.


Siemens AG, Department SO-Sonder Projekte (Special Project), Neu Perlach, Munich, Germany ()


Pre explanation

I went to school to study computer programming because the labor office, called Arbeitsamt, refused to help me study what I want, but rather they wanted me to study something else in another city, which today I see as an attempt to separate me from the woman that the CIA enslaved me under and named Anita Disbray and 100% had telepathy while pretending to be stupid or even retarded  and suppressed by me. The reason I know that she for fact had telepathy capability is out of countless situation, but above all for all the memory gaps that I have during the times I was with her, which is 7 years. When a person with telepathy take control of a person’s mind, then the victim does not always register what is happening around him, and therewith will not memorize it, and I have far over 90% memory gaps with my 7 years with her.

I went to computer school named Bayerische Fachschule fuer Datenverbeitung and learned how to program IBM mainframe computer and learned 3 programming languages. However I was prevented to work, and also during the one year extensive programming course Anita Disbray set me up several time and destroyed my relations in the school to prevent me to have a friend, which she did many times before with the help of the CIA, because a hidden slave is always isolated, and she always made sure that I do not have a friend. Therefore, and after I finished the school in summer 1974 I was not able to work, because she and the CIA prevented me. Therefore, I was forced to work as a warehouse helper and car washer for car transportation company at that time called Kuehnwaldt that was transporting new cars for BMW and Peugeot, then in a warehouse for a department store at that time called Neckermann, both companies went years later bankrupt!!!

In December 1975 I was setup to become Christian and became officially Christian on Easter Sunday of 1976 where I was baptized. I was severely persecuted by my fake family and the CIA from the background, and that is why they set me up to become Christian. They want me to become Christian but not to understand the Bible or visit all these course, but I studied the bible extensively for 2 years using at least 5-6 bibles in German, English, Arabic, universal bible, Catholic bible, Martin Luther Bible, Jehovah Witnesses Bible, Mormon Bible and other religious historic books and compared them to my knowledge with the Quran and other religions. But they did not want me to learn all that, therefore they persecuted me severely to force me to stop and leave this town. In September 1977 I was finally separated of the wife that CIA enslaved me under on 20 August 1970, and since she had telepathy and most of the time (at least 90% while I am with her, and most probably 40-70% while I was not with her) was controlling me with it, I was neither registering it, nor I was building any intelligence nor self-confidence nor knowledge, nor experience. From my today viewpoint and when we separated in September 1977 I was 25 years old, yet with a brain of 12 years old, above all I totally broke down and did not know what to do or what to think, in short, I went almost crazy, and without the support of my new friends at the church, probably I would have went crazy!!

And to force me to leave this town I suddenly get a Job by Siemens AG as an IT professional in Mai 1978, where I had to travel with the bus nearly 1.5 hours daily to work from the small city I was living in and then back another 1,5 hour, which was 20 KM north of Munich while my new Job was in the south East of Munich in an area called Neu Perlach, Siemens IT headquarter. After a couple of month, I was set up through a Siemens AG new work colleagues to relocate to Munich and live with one of my new work females colleague, just to force me to leave the town where I became Christian. Now I live in the same city section as my work, around 5 bus stops from work=15 minutes. Later I had to separate of this woman, because of one reason only, I was forced by brainwash to live with her and it took me almost a year to recognize I am not belong here, that is the effect of the long year brainwash and telepathy control.


Main explanation

Siemens AG placed me in the new project Called Saudi Port’s Authority, which was in the begin phase, plan and offering. At this point and due to the severe persecution and telepathy attacks, I was totally suppressed, even though and through the church I gained a lot of self-confidence through all the good people, the new friends and all the priceless courses that I visited. But the brainwash and persecution that I had to go through enable to force me to leave that city, was so severe that my self-confidence was destroyed again.

My new boss at Siemens AG, said to me we are all busy and I do not know where to place you or what kind of work to give you (strange statement of my new boss, then why did they hire me???!!!), so here is your desk which was in another area. Where Siemens leased a couple of floors in a building called Rank Xerox in an area called Bogenhausen, around 6-8 km from the IT headquarter. Anyway, my new boss said here is your desk, be here every day between 8 and 9, keep yourself busy, learn the environment and I will see you in couple of weeks. This couple of week turned to 4 weeks, then they transferred me to the IT headquarter and the project Saudi Port’s Authority and a new boss.

I believe Siemens AG or someone there was monitoring me in this one month to see what I would do alone, I was between many colleagues, yet I was not working with them and was trying to learn their computer and program something I made up.

To make it short. Siemens AG was so patient with me, even though I lacked self-confidence and my IT School knowledge was 4 years old, beside the school no experience what so ever. I was totally shy, all I know what to say is yes, I was afraid to lose the job, and above all my brain and life experience and intelligence was a decade less than my age.

Through Siemens AG courses, which I visited maybe 20 between 1978 and 1981, and sending me on business trips to 5-6 other cities and 6-7 other countries, giving me responsibilities above my capabilities, giving me free hand to learn and to move around, in no time I changed from a 12 years old to almost my real age in 1981, which was 29 years old. Almost my real age, because you cannot catch up, when a person is constantly persecuted by his fake family and the CIA, beside the total amnesia that they caused me in December 1959 is irreplaceable, because what you learn of the parents, brothers and sisters, neighbors, school, books, media and life itself in the first 8 years of the life is 100% the basic of any logic and intelligence, where everything else will be built upon it, if there is no basis, then there is no building upon it and very unfortunately that is fact.

Here is where Siemens AG sent me to: Berlin, Karlsruhe, somewhere in the north of Germany to a Danish monitor manufacturing in Germany, I forgot the name, Erlangen, factory of Siemens AG in Siemens AG headquarter offices in Munich, Basel, Geneva, Dublin, Jeddah and Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and others that I forgot, however I worked with people in Canada, USA, UK, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, France, Iran, Russia, China, Syria, Libya, Tunis, ECMA-European Computer Manufacturer Association, ICL, IBM, Fujitsu, and many others. All that helped me more than dramatically.

Between the church, my new friends from the church, Siemens AG, my ex-German girlfriend and Munich itself, it became the only home I ever knew. They kidnapped me from USA in 1959, and since then, each member of my fake family avoided me, because they either have telepathy and did not want me around so no other can see what they doing to me through my eyes, or they have no telepathy they just know that I am not of the family and did not want me to know much about the family or get personal with them, and therefore each time any of them welcomes me, if it is in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Hamburg, or the UK they smile to my face and from my back they do everything unpleasant to force my mind voluntarily not to come back, and that is nasty!

Therefore, I never really had a home, except in these times between 1976 and 1983 in and around Munich, that became my home, where I felt comfortable and loved every one around my life, even the nasty fake family that helped enslaving me and kidnapping me from Germany to US, and very unfortunately the German government helped and I have countless proves for that.

Contradictions: Siemens AG, or at least the director of the department where I worked at that time, used me against my fake family, biological family and the CIA by sending me there where I am not supposed to go such as Saudi Arabia and therewith also Jordan, Geneva, Dublin and Cairo where in each of these 4 locations I was severely fought, set up and persecuted to never come back again, then they kidnapped me to USA and forced me to live as an isolated illegal alien not able to leave the USA, go forward in life or go backwards in life, and was stock in place and time, my brain was again under control and stopped to grow, just as they did to me in the Netherlands from 11 February 2001 and until I relocated in March 2016 to Den Haag/The Hague.

Yet what Siemens gave me, it by far overweight my suspicion that they used me against my kidnappers and no one can ever take that away from me what Siemens AG gave me. Which was IT experience and above all helped to grow my intelligence and knowledge in people and in the world.

 Thank you, Siemens AG.


UDF-Unternehmensberatung Dr. Fischer, Stuttgart ()


Pre-explanation: I worked for Siemens AG from Mai 1978 t 31.12.1981, then I was set up and forced to leave the company and made it look like as if I did that voluntarily. From January to April 1982 the setup to force me to leave Siemens AG continued as distraction of Siemens AG. Because they were sending me to Saudi Arabia, where many members of my fake family lives, however and today I strongly believe that they were living under a different identity as Saudi Arabian and Not Syrians and did not want me to see that. I cannot prove it except what they did to me while I was going to Saudi Arabia and Jordan, where I was not welcome by my fake family and they also had plan to kidnap me to USA to blackmail my biological family.

The Setup:  In December 1983, someone called me and said I heard of you and your specialty of designing multi-lingual computer systems and we have project that we need your help with it, just to translate a few things in IT. I went for the interview to the company called SCS-Scientific Control System a subsidiary of BP-British Petroleum. SCS was shortly after that project dissolved to cover their tracks in that they sold it to Deutsche Telecom and then it was dissolved.

In the Interview it turned out that they have a project named “Calypso” with the Syrian government (maybe sale or maybe free I do not know) to give them and train them on a satellite Computer system allegedly to control all borders of Syria including land borders, sea borders and airports, using the newest technologies that rely heavily on satellite because they needed to be able to check the identity and history of a person within less than a minute. This system was a shame for the entire the western world, because it was a slavery system as follow: It was supposed to store the person usual personal information, his relations to others, his profession, the employer, the doctor, the supermarket he shops in, his foot size, his religion, his pastor, the wife of the pastor (in Syria they call the Muslim pastor Sheikh), in other words his relation to every single thing in life and this to every single person in Syria and it was not for the border, they were lying, it was a computer system of a total control, I know that because I worked on the design with my colleague named Mr. Schutte an ex-Siemens AG employee and the German project leader named Mr. Schilbach (later replaced by another from Stuttgart named Mr. Kleiner a very vicious man, as vicious as the Syrian military staff that were on the project, he was the one who stole all my documents to prevent me of ever working with Arabs again), the brother or the first project leader named Mr. Schilbach had a brother a director at Siemens AG.

In the interview they said we like your experience and we like to hire you as a freelance consultant under one condition, that the Syrian project leader accept you, because they do not want any Syrian to be involved in this project because it is a secret project. And this statement it self and today I know it was a lie and a severe brainwash to force me to think that I am not known to the Syrian staff and also to confirm that am allegedly Syrian, because officially I had 2 fake uncles as Syrian consuls and both of them set me up in 1969 in cooperation with the CIA and MI6 to look like as if I am heavily connected to terrorism enable to give the CIA and MI6 a reason to persecute me allegedly to spy on my source of terrorism, but in reality they were isolating me by force of law and enslaving me as distraction of the fake family that they placed me within in 1959 and are their agents.

I met the Syrian project leader named Lieutenant Connell Labeed/Labied Salameh (a very sleazy man), and after a couple of minutes he said I accept you. Thereafter and very Suddenly I was surrounded by Syrians military staff and Syrian police staff that are in the project, and as polite and friendly as I was I welcomed them as a human being and an alleged country men not knowing that their intention was to brainwash me in cooperation with my fake family, where they used my fake mother as front and distraction of them and also of the CIA and MI6 that were all over this project and all over my life.

At that time, I had a girlfriend that I was madly in love with (and I still madly in love with today) and was planning on proposing to her. Suddenly I was forced to end the relation with my girlfriend on 17.10.1984, while I was surrounded with these evil Syrian military staff that were forced upon me by the CIA (American spy agency) and MI6 (British spy agency) and BND (German spy agency). To make it short both of us were set up, my ex-girlfriend and I, we were setup against each other’s to prevent us of getting back together which forcing us to get in a hand fight while I was driving my car where she next day claimed that I injured her severely, then she filed a report against me by the police and called my employer SCS and told them I am cheating them with their client, which I did not, however this set up created on the first look a big gap between this woman I am madly in love with and would have done anything not to lose her, yet they made it look like that she is to blame while made her see me that I am to blame as if I am a very violent man, which I am not, but I did not know anything about brainwash and telepathy at that time, neither that my family is not my family, nor that the CIA & MI6 is persecuting me, nor that they were planning on kidnapping me to USA and blaming it on these Syrian, just to blackmail my biological family, that I do not know who they are except that they are very much blackmailable, then they totally took control of my life and mind and on 24 December 1984 they brought the disgusting woman called Najlaa Mahmoud and enslaved me under her. The day 24 December was used on purpose to force my mind to think of the situation as Muslim and Christian problem!

Because my ex-girlfriend called my employer and claimed that I am cheating my employer with his client (the Syrian military!!!!), they immediately fired me the following day I believe either the 18 or 19 of October 1984 and forced my mind to blame my ex-girlfriend for that. However, they confiscated illegally all my private documents and research for multilingual computer systems that I researched and collected since 1978 and based on them I made a universal design for any one. These documents I brought with me from home enable to help the company SCS unaware that they are planning to brainwash me and enslave me under one of their agent and blame it on the Syrians. And therewith, this situation makes BP-British Petroleum and brainwasher, kidnapers, tortures, rapist, thieves and an organized crime institution just like CIA and MI6!!!

Related side note: my 2 fake sister are officially the wives of hidden Jordanian royal family members, that consist of several families which are B, A, M, T (partners in multi-local and international businesses, but also related to each others) and these four families control the followings at that time and partially also now, yet some of the company they control now through the other hidden Royal Jordanian families: Water company, telephone company, Electric company (built by Westinghouse, American company that a few years ago was dissolved after more than 100 years specialization), phosphor company that is owned in the hidden and used by American bomb makers in California, Petroleum company, the biggest construction company in Jordan and possibly in the Middle East, the biggest engineering company in Jordan and possibly in the Middle East, the biggest construction material company in Jordan and possibly in the Middle East, taxi companies, public transportation bus companies, Alia Jordan royal airline, Islamic Educational College of Jordan in Amman, Jordan, main distributors and resellers for Siemens AG, for GE, for DEC-Digital Equipment Corporation (the main computers used in the Calypso project), in 1995 purchased by Compaq Corporation, and in in 1990s Compaq was purchased by HP=Hewlett Packard, and the family of my both fake sisters are also the main distributer for HP, and all these companies are only a drop in the pocket of the other small and big businesses that they own and manage and are always to find either as CEO or as board members and chairman of the board, whereby some of these companies have branches in many so called Arab countries, UK, Germany, USA and other countries, but I did not know that at that time, I just discovered their Saudi branches at that time, which they did not want me to know. Last but not least, the United Kingdom established and own Jordan as we know it today and still control most of it just like also parts of Saudi Arabia, and other petroleum countries including Iraq, and it is in their interest to cover up for my fake family. In other words, BP-British Petroleum were the ones that stole my life work and therewith destroyed my profession specialties to prevent me to ever work with Arab companies and to not ever visit the members of my fake family, because they were pretending to be my family. This makes British petroleum, a brainwasher a thief, a kidnapper and destroyer of innocent people’s life, which is me, and above all and the most valuable thing for me was my ex-girlfriend named Adelheid Kuczka and they destroyed my relation to her over and over and over again, also through forcing me with brainwash and telepathy to write very negative pornographic wrong stories about my relation with her between December and April 2012, just to make sure that we do not get back together.

During the entire time with this project my behavior totally changed, I was suddenly forced to drink excessive alcohol, through all forced upon me business lunch and dinner partially with these Syrians and partially through SCS, but also and very suddenly I was forced to go to whore houses which I never did before, I believe the last time I went to a whore house was also the first time in the summer of 1970, while I was forced to be in the American military base for a re-brainwash, during which I was taken there by someone I got to know in that base, and I did not know anything about Munich and where these places are, and since then I know red lights means a whore house. But also I really loved my girlfriend and would not go to a whorehouse, however that was 100% telepathy to force my mind gradually to think that I am not satisfied with my girlfriend to prepare me to separate of her, and since roughly summer 1984 I kept on having thoughts of leaving my girlfriend, because she dresses like this or talk like to say this or that, all these thoughts I did not have prior to summer 1984. I get to know this girlfriend in end of March, just a couple of days before her birthday of 1981, through a friend named Mohamad Attar that allegedly originated from Syria, married to a German woman and I get to know him through the American military base in 1970 and then I did not see him until around 2 weeks before I moved to my new apartment in March of 1981, and then he helped me painting my new apartment and invited me for dinner where he also invited my ex-girlfriend and I get to her through him, while I get to know him through the American military that had my life totally under their control from 1970 and until September 1977 through the woman they enslaved me under and named Anita Disbray.

This was along pre-explanation.


The main text

After I was fired of this project Calypso, I was all broken up and did not know what hit me or what to think, because and very suddenly my very evil and most nasty fake mother just arrived a couple of days after I got fired, her name was Hayat or Hyatt Baroudi, and they used her as a front, the only thing is that everything that happened to me during that period left a big trail of the CIA + MI6 + the families of my 2 fake sisters in Jordan and to the rest of this very nasty CIA & MI6 fake family  in Saudi Arabia.

Around 7-10 days after I got fired of the project calypso and lost the best part of my life, which was my ex-girlfriend, I suddenly receive a call of unknown person Named Azok, offering me a job, he said he heard of me and he would like to talk to me and he will be in the Munich airport transit for 30 minutes and if I can meet him there, which I did, then he offered me a possible job at the company UDF. Until today I am not sure what his role was, he looks partially as employment agent, partially as a good business partner with UDF, but also, he looks like an agent either for the CIA, MI6 or BND-Bundes Nachrichten Dienst (German version of the CIA & MI6). In any case, I believe they looked at me and decided that they should quickly engage me in some activity enable to prevent me of thinking.

UDF Headquarter was in Stuttgart and they opened a new branching Munich, where I also worked starting November 1984.

All I can say about UDF, is that they were very gentlemen like with me, but I did not know what to do at this new job, and suddenly the Syrian project leader named Labeed Salameh offered me a project, and I gave this project to UDF, where I get Siemens AG and the Dutch Philips as well as the French Honeywell Bull to create a new piece of hardware that I designed especially for this new project, the piece of hardware was never developed and I do not know if they developed it later, because then I was kidnapped to USA 1 month after I got fired by UDF in August 1986.

One thing I never understood. The owner of UDF, called Professor Dr. Fischer, was a very smart and intelligent man and has several businesses while he also was the economic advisor to the prior German chancellor called Helmuth Schmidt, shortly after I was hired by him, maybe 2-5 months later, I can’t exactly recall, he was arrested and jailed unjustly, possibly because of me or possibly because the new governing party is revenging on the old ruling party, as they often do, which is very visible president Clinton and Trump, both were severely attacked of the opposite parties. The fact is the current chancellor was from the opponent party of ex-chancellor Helmuth Schmidt , and also the project Calypso was 100% illegal because Syria was on the embargo list, and since the project was large and the magazine called the Stern wrote an article about it after they came to the office of SCS and interviewed many, including me, where I was instructed by the German project leader to give them a demo of what I am doing, where shortly thereafter they published the article questioning why is this project secret and what are we really doing, during which we had around 8 top guests from Syria that were the police and military chiefs of various locations in Syria, and as soon as the magazine was published with this article the following day all these guests canceled all meetings and flew aback to Syria, and the following week or so, the German project leader named Mr. Schilbach was fired and replaced by the sadistic vicious Mr. Kleiner. Meaning the German government was doing something illegal and dragging me to it by force enable I get kidnapped to USA to be used as a blackmail object against my biological family, while simultaneously preventing me to ever visit the members of my fake family in Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, but also not to see some of them in Munich under another identity such as my fake niece Reem Bdeir alias the double of Princess Haya of Jordan, or both are one and the same person that lives 2 identities one of them as my fake niece Reem Bdeir and I have many situations in my past that proves that.

Professor Dr. Fischer was jailed for around 3 months and absolutely unjustly!

In around June 1986 I received a letter from UDF firing me 3 with month notice, which was August 1986, during a period of time where the CIA, MI6 and BND accumulated many setups against me as preparation to kidnap me to USA, which and very unfortunately they did in September 1986, where I lost my life permanently and was never allowed to regain or to save any of my prior relations or life in general, even today in 2018!

Never the less, UDF personnel from top to bottom, were always more than gentlemen with me, honest, straight forward, and most professional, there for I thank them, because people like that keep something nice in the memory, which gives hope for a better future and without these hopes I would be voluntarily dead by now.

Thank you UDF and thank you Professor Dr. Fischer!


Stevens Family of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Bridgeport in Fairfield & Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA ()

In September 1986 I was kidnapped to USA and had to stay with my fake brother that originally named Mohamad Nashaat Naggar and now is called Nick Naggar, in reality they are 2 different persons, the original named Mohamad Nashaat Naggar, never left Egypt in 1970 and was replaced through the CIA & MI6 with a lookalike that was forced upon my life like a virus in around august 1970. He allegedly studied in Jordan in the Islamic Educational College of Amman, which is theoretically and practically impossible, because he is not only rude, ignorant, sadistic and absolutely vicious but also anti religion. Beside I know the people who build and runs the Islamic College of Jordan, they are the family of my 2 fake sisters, and even though with my fake family has done me many harm from the background to never visit them again, yet I know that they are within each others are good to each other’s, and they would never raise a nasty person like Mohamad Nashaat Naggar alias Nick Naggar, they always stick together, and help each other’s, and that is very admirable, never the less they vouch for a CIA & MI6 agent called Mohamad Nashaat Naggar and his lookalike Nick Naggar against fellow Arab and fellow Muslim and that cannot be good. Therefore and based on that alone I concluded that this very nasty fake brother is pure MI6 and CIA agent in Egypt that in reality makes a very bad name for Muslims and in general for these families in Jordan, because in USA and to deceive me that he is from Jordan and that Jordan is to be blamed for everything, he had the name of his nephew named Samir B. that he allegedly was raised with since 1954, along his own name on the mailbox for letters and so on, but his nephew named Samir B. does not do these kind of shady businesses, among others because he does not need it, they have enough large businesses in several countries in the Middle East, I visited 2 of them in Saudi Arabia and in Jordan and I know that they also have in Oman and UAE also branches, so no need for this deceive, that alone shows how CIA & MI6 and their agents operate, they blame everything on others, and they place many indications in the way of their victim to make the victim believe it was this or that as distraction of their selves!

 I get side tracked. This fake brother set me up very badly and then asked me to leave his home as a part of a long term brainwash, I cannot prove that, but suddenly I found myself in a strange country, even if I was born in USA, but I did not know that at that time due to the total amnesia that they forced upon me in December 1959, this fake brother promised me to help me and promised me that everything is easy for him to do, then he refused to help me and asked me to leave his home and the next best thing to do was to call a church and ask for help, which I did call the Evangelical Lutheran church of Bridgeport on Park avenue and asked for help. The pastor said give me a couple of days to think about it. In a couple of days, he said, that I and my wife (the woman I was enslaved under) as well as my (fake) son can come and live with him until I can settle things, which we did, it was around mid-November 1986.

The pastor Stevens and his family were more than very hospitable, kind and very generous, yet this was not what I wanted and most definitely not what I needed, I needed freedom, and did not know how to get it because I was surrounded by fake people!

We were at the Stevens hone from around mid-November 1986 to around march or April 1987, then a new setup was forced upon me that really scared the pastor family and we were asked to leave, where suddenly I had to live in a homeless shelter and had no money to buy milk for the baby.

Mrs. Stevens told me in a very rude way and very unexpectedly, I want you all out of my home right now and with no discussion, and I do not care where you go, I was totally shocked and did not know what to do. Just shortly before that I was looking for a way to leave this evil woman that the CIA and MI6 enslaved me under and called Najlaa Mahmoud, and when they asked us to leave, and very suddenly I was forced to give the priority to how we can survive and forget leaving her for now, and for now and through all the forced upon me brainwash and stress they forced me I forgot to leave this nasty woman and forgot myself and was forced to give up my own will!

I tried several times to leave this woman Called Najlaa Mahmoud and I was prevented, which is very visible here.

Even though I am very thankful for pastor Stevens and his family to host us for so long, where my own fake family did not want to host me more than 6 weeks, and not one member but several.

 Yet I have to ask myself the following questions, no one answer them, so I have to look in my past for a plausible reason:

1.       When they ask us to leave, why did Mrs. Pastor ask us to leave in a very rude way and without giving me a warning, the correct way would be that the pastor take me aside and in between us tells me that we have to leave and possible give me an alternative?

The only answer I was able to find, is to make woman look bad and the woman I am enslaved under look good=brainwash

2.       Why, they asked me to leave just after all the doors to go back to Germany were permanently and officially closed in my face?

When I was kidnapped to from Germany to USA, the German government issued for me a temporary German passport for foreigners that was limited to 6 months, and just before they asked us to leave they suggested I should go back to Germany, where my passport was already just expired and I called the German consulate and asked them if I can renew it, and they said sure, just come along and we will renew it for you. I went to them in New York, and I asked for the woman that I spoke to on the phone and then I was told I should give them the passport. In short, then they took the passport and said we cannot renew it and we are confiscating it and good bye, it is very visible that they wanted me to know that all my doors to Germany are now closed as a part of destroying any hope I may have to go back home

If the CIA set me up, then they can also set the pastor family up or even the entire church. I lived with this family, and very unwillingly for around 4 months, and all I can say they are in one way or another are good people.

The situation was totally out of my control.

Even after I left them they helped me a couple of time here and there. Lat I saw of them was around 1989/1990


Texaco, Inc., downtown Houston and Belaire in Houston, Texas, USA ()



In December 1990 I was forced to relocate from Bridgeport, Connecticut to Houston, Texas.

My first job in Houston, I get within 1 week, and I found a very small add in the newspaper, that today I strongly believe it was set up by the FBI only meant for me, because the FBI entered my life several times until this point, but this is only suspicion  due to the behavior of the woman that they enslaved me under, she was nothing else than a forced upon me virus in my life, my jailer that reports anything to others to prevent me to be free, and in case there is someone like the FBI trying to get close to me then they take another measure to prevent that, which I will skip the details. I took this job and then lost it through this nasty woman in cooperation with my fake brother named Mohamad Nashaat Nagger and his lookalike named Nick Naggar, that was used as front shield for the CIA. In March 1991, I lost this job.

From April 1991 and until around September 1991 I was struggling for work and had an out of state 4 months project for the American congress during the Savings and Loans bankruptcy scandal, where countless banks went bankrupt and my job was at Gibraltar Saving in Semi Valley California to audit the IT and try to find inconsistencies in the loans, which I did. Then went back to Houston and used some of the money to purchase a PC.

I cannot recall how it happened, yet somehow in around September 1991 I get a freelancer job by Texaco, Inc, in Texaco building, downtown Houston. Texaco was purchased in 1999 by Chevron, and they kept the refineries and exploration and sold the gas stations to an Israeli businessman.

Later and while I was working on this location, I heard of a small project bid for a custom program that was needed by Texaco, Inc. in another location in Houston Bellaire. When I heard of the bid I was already 1 day late, and the bid was closed, yet I wrote an offer in one day and submitted it 2 days after the closing date with a letter explaining that my offer is the best, most reliable and least expensive, and hopped that I get this project. I think a work colleague that was all the times provoking me to anger me as a mean to get my attention to the American military where I was severely brainwashed and enslaved in 1970, he also, gave me this project bid. To my surprise my bid was accepted even though I did not offer them what they requested. They requested dBase developments and I offered FoxPro Development. This project boosted my self-confidence dramatically, and probably that is why they gave it to me. I worked on this project a couple of months until complete and then I was often called for maintenance, such as fixes or adding functionalities and this went on until around 1997. The project was called “Employees benefit”, where I created a program using FoxPro to calculate the benefits for each employee based on their length of employment and other factors.


The real text

In the first Texaco project in downtown Houston, I was given a free parking ticket to park in the Hyatt regency hotel, even though Texaco had their own parking in their own building, yet it has something to do with the name Hyatt which is the name of my fake mother Hyatt or Hayat Baroudi (=gun powder), while my direct supervisor was always provoking me and forcing me to think of him as a sergeant talking to a soldier (me), It was the way he talks, screams and tells me when I come to your office you should stand up and talk to me with respect, because I am your superior. After I while it was too much for me and I complained to the department manager, his answer was, to not mind him, he was in the army and has some issues, but he is really harmless. Later on, I understood that they are trying to tell me your mother is American army or work with the army, which I was able to verify with 100% proves of my past through all the setups she pushed me into, and above all she was the major hidden person that organized me being brainwashed and enslaved in the American military base McGraw kaserne in Munich in 1970-1977 and until I became Christian in 1976.

That was not enough they also showed me a way out or my problem, because everyone can see I am totally enslaved and do not know how to get out of it. To make it short, I was not able to think at home, and I did not know why, today I know because the woman I was enslaved under had telepathy and was preventing me to think, just as Anita Disbray that the CIA enslaved me under from August 1970 and until September 1977, also did to me.

Somehow unknown at Texaco gave me the idea, to rent another apartment and use it as an office, because office rental is much more expensive, and therewith I can go there to think and find a solution for whatever is making me unhappy. I did just that, and either coincidently or I was delegated to it, because that apartment that I rented directly on Westheimer road in Houston, Texas was the same apartment complex where my Texaco supervisor also lived. Just one or 2 days after I rented this apartment one of my fake cousins that usually lives in Saudi Arabia and named Hani Baroudi, calls me out of the blue saying he is in Houston and would like to visit me. I gave him my address (he already knew every think about me but pretended not to know) when he came to my apartment he said that he does not have enough money and has no place to sleep in. Somehow, I was forced to allow him to sleep in my new office apartment that I rented as an office to go there and think. That was in the begin of October 1991, where he said he just need a place to stay for a short period until he finds a job. But it was a lie, he was there for one purpose only to prevent me to be alone in this apartment, to make it short he never leaves the apartment and instead, he keeps acting as stupid and breaking the stuff I bought for this apartment, from coffee machine to bed to seats. In end of November he still is not moving, and he is always in the apartment. On the other side he may go out, but he lies to me and says he did not go out, if these people can read my mind and see what I want to do, then they can also see when I am going to the apartment and be there before me and claim to never leave the apartment. So far, I paid 2 months’ rent, yet for nothing and was not able to use the apartment as I planned. So, I decided to cancel the rent starting January 1, 1992, therefore and in mid-November I asked him to look for a solution because I am canceling the apartment by the end of December, and therewith and after he already stayed 6 weeks in the apartment I gave another 6 weeks to look for a place to live in. And I closed the apartment and he went away and never seen him again, yet a couple of months later he calls me to tell me that he met a Syrian girl in another state, and her father is a car dealer and are getting married, and I have no idea why he is telling me that, because I hardly know him, maybe I saw him 3 times in my life, when he was a baby in Cairo, Egypt around 1962, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in spring of 1982 and possibly one time in Germany, and now in Houston with this fake and lie situation to prevent me to be alone and think. Not to mention that in each time I met him in the past it was always in a very questionable situation I am having, and he was pushed in to my life during this bad situation. Possibly he is telling me these lie about him being in another state to place himself as if he is not in Houston and working for Aramco (this is only suspicion, but well founded), while trying to enforce to my mind that he is allegedly Syrian and love Syrian women. A couple of years later I was told by one member of this nasty fake family that he allegedly divorced his new Syrian-American wife the daughter of the car Dealer. In 2013 my fake sister in England told me allegedly he has cancer and went to live in Egypt, they all lie and deceive and therefore I do not believe anything I am told by any member of this fake family. I only believe it if I constantly see it!

In reality, this man is somehow related to ARAMCO, where one of my fake sisters also is related also to ARAMCO and her husband used work for them and ARAMCO headquarter is Houston, Texas. In other words he was living in Houston, or he comes a lot to Houston on business but never told me or visited me, yet he came to visit me only to destroy my attempt to be alone for a while and to think, and as this not enough, he claimed that I kicked him out of the apartment and put him on the street, as distraction of what he did to me while also distracting of my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Naggar and his lookalike Nick Naggar that forced me to leave his place while officially I have a wife and a baby, just to force my mind to be implicated in a new problem, which is homelessness as distraction of my attempt to leave this horrible disgusting woman and CIA agent called Najlaa Mahmoud, and why all that, to distract me of the CIA & MI6 agents that went to Egypt in 1960 with the help of an Egyptian government traitor called Dardiri Ahmad Ismael and general Ahmad Saleh Suleiman that not only helped cover up my kidnapping in December 1959, but also pretended to know me since my birth because he is allegedly the friend of my father that never existed and was made up. This Dardiri Ahmad Ismael was the one who took us to Cairo Egypt under a manmade scam situation on 15 January 1960. There were 16 adult agents that went during that year to Cairo Egypt, later in 1965 I was introduced to fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Naggar and in around August 1970 I was introduced to his lookalike Nick Naggar that was claiming to be Mohamad Nashaat Naggar=identity theft!

And therewith and so far, Texaco, tried several things to help me, from giving me the first job to getting me an extra project that lasted until 1997, to try to help me to think far away of home, to pointing out that my fake family is working with t American military and CIA and are persecuting, but also Texaco gave me the next hint!


The last hint from Texaco in Houston Bellaire

Texaco, Inc. Bellaire is on Fournace Place the crossing of “I 69” and “I 610” going south. It is an administration building complex that now is owned by Chevron, because Chevron bought Texaco in 1999.

In this office I had mainly to deal with 4 persons as follow:

1.       Mr. James Stewart as the department manager of the benefit department, with his own large office. This gentleman had a nit look similarities with my last boss at Siemens AG in Neu Perlach in Munich, Germany named Mr. Pohl (originated from Austria). Mr. Pohl had problem with one of his legs, that he always had the tendency to limp due to leg injury. Mr. James Stewart from Texaco had not only a slight look similarity to Mr. Pohl, but also had the tendency to limp while walking, possibly pretended to as a reminder of Mr. Pohl. This look similarity plus the limp plus all other things that happened to me with Texaco, meant that it was not at all a coincident, but a planned situation, the question how did they come to know about me working at Siemens AG and my last boss was Mr. Pohl?  I was not able to answer this question!

2.       Mr. Jim xxxx (last name forgotten) as the supervisor for certain sub department, with his own corner smaller office

3.       Mr. Gonzales, the user of the system that I developed, in his own cubicle

4.       Mrs. Jackie, the second user of the system that I developed, in her own cubicle

When they need me Either Mr. James Stewart or Mr. Jim xxxx calls me and make an appointment. Simultaneously to this James and Jim I had another client called Associated Canvas Products, Inc, in Channelview, Texas, around 30 KM from central Houston or 40 km from where I was forced to live and in this company the owner/boss was called James Brasher and his sales manager was called Jim Hemby, and as you see the first name of both are the same, James + Jim and both of them were coordinating from the background and without me noticing. And James in both companies are the top boss/owner, while Jim supervisor or of sale manager. Associated Canvas products, Inc. had many projects with petroleum companies, from building straps for their trucks to building huge tanks I think 5000 Gallons water containers for some petroleum company for Saudi Arabia, but at that time I did not associate the 2 companies.

One day I was called by Texaco Inc. in Bellaire, in around summer 1997, and went there, the office of Mr. James Stewart was empty, while Mr. James Stewart is now sitting in another office as a regular worker and did not even have a cubicle, as if he is degraded from department manager to a worker with a small cubical like workplace in another department. Business companies do not demote managers in to workers and no manager will accept it, therefore and today I see that as a hint only for me.

Then I was told the following that this is the last maintenance because starting in a month or so they will not need my program anymore, because they allegedly have a marketing partnership with the Dutch company Shell, and they will be using their applications, which it did not make any since, what does a joint marketing has to do with own employee benefits, maybe I missed something here, because the program I made is for all employees and not only for the marketing department!

Based on the behavior of the above employees and the behavior of the other Texaco, Inc. downtown Houston in Texaco building, they were trying to tell me something, just like their colleagues downtown, that at that time I never notices, which is about my fake brother, Nick Naggar alias Mohamad Nashaat Naggar, which is as follow:

1.       The Boss is pretending to be low graded, while he has a lookalike= my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Nagger and his lookalike Nick Naggar, whereby I was never able to differentiate between the 2, for one because I never saw them both in the same time next to each other and I never knew that they were 2. I understood this point a couple of years after I recognized that my fake brother are at least 2 different persons

2.       Possibly they were trying to tell me that the company Shell is the cause for me losing my 6 years long project by Texaco. Here too, I never saw it as such except recently after 2016, because my mind was totally under the control of uninterrupted brainwash since 1999, where here and then someone appear in my life related in one way or another to Dutch Shell in Netherlands since 2009 and indirectly I was forced to think that Shell is allegedly helping me from the background, I have at least 2 major situations around my life. That each extended 2-7 years since the year 2009, and when you think that someone is helping you, you think positive of them and cease to see the big picture. I believe that my fake brother either works for Shell or shell is covering up for BP-British Petroleum the source of evil in brainwashing me and kidnapping me from Germany to USA in 1986 using the illegal project Calypso  and forcing my thoughts with brainwash to blame it on the Syrians of the project Calypso, beside the project Calypso was internationally illegal because Syria was at that time under embargo due to at least they were at that time officially harboring  many terrorists that were wanted in Germany, UK, Israel and elsewhere in Europe. Not to forget that I worked around one year with the Dutch company Philips electronics to develop a special electronic product for the project Calypso because they had the optical disk at that time, and was needed for this project, meaning they too broke the law in working in this project. Me on the other side I was always an employee of a company or another, I never worked with the Syrian or any other government directly, except in USA, worked 3 times for the American government directly, one for the US congress in the Savings and Loan Scandal in 1991, which was under the direct control of the Congress of USA, and the other 2 times I worked for local government, meaning municipality of Bridgeport, where I had 2 small software development project with them.

Simultaneously to the above, and out of the blue I received another small software maintenance project near my housing on the edge of Houston towards Sugarland, this company was a petroleum distribution company, in other words whole seller for gas stations, it was a very odd project, because they did not really need me, yet they wanted me to see the environments. It was a family business, a father and his adults children and other relatives, I was the only none relative. They were from India. I strongly believe they wanted me to see how family behave towards each other’s, and that they also all have look similarities because they are brothers and cousins or nephews and not like my nasty fake brother, that was always finding ways to avoid me. They were clients also from Texaco. And I do not look anything like the members of my fake family, neither my fake sisters, nor my fake mother, nor my fake brother, nor my uncles, cousins, nieces or grand uncles=fake family!

Last note, and just before I was arrested and placed in a deportation jail in Houston, Texas, which was around June 2000, I met a person that with all means wanted at that time to get my attention to Netherlands and Dutch people and I never understood why. I met that man in a German Restaurant & bar that was owned by an Austrian in Houston, Texas on Westheimer Road, where I used to go there alone and drink a couple of German bier, and anyone who monitor me for a short period would know most of my habits, and here in this restaurant a man around 35 years old, while I was 48 years old and very sad due to all the persecution and heavy telepathy manipulations that were sacring the life out of me, which I will mention some of them at another page. And in this bar a man came and started to talk to me about European women and his wife, that she is Dutch woman and very nice woman, and he saw my lack of interest, and he said you don’t believe me, then he called with his mobile phone allegedly his wife and asked her to come over and a while later she came, and he asked me to go with him to introduce me to her, which I went to the entrance of the restaurant and bar, and he introduced me to his alleged Dutch wife that he kept on talking about her all the time and how nice she is and how nice the Dutch and European women are. Many years later I concluded that they were planning to take me to the Netherlands and this man was preparing me for it or indirectly telling me that, and since I was locked up for 13 years in the Netherlands, that was a very bad hint of that man.

Ironically, a couple of years later in 1994 I worked for Chevron IT department on Hayes street in Houston (now they moved to Bellaire to the old Texaco administration buildings), but I had a very negative experience, they were more like trying to destroy my self-confidence and I never found out why!

In short Texaco, Inc. tried to help me or at least forced my mind to think so, Yet I really enjoyed working with them and for them.


Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA ()

I did not work for Microsoft, neither directly nor indirectly.

Yet, what I saw through Microsoft, it went for most people unnoticed and it deserves a salutation and a big long applause. Don’t misunderstand me, there are a lot of things that I do not like from Microsoft, for example the advertisement is very disappointing, it is starting to be everywhere, from the standard free Windows games to Windows itself, where sometimes an add comes up about other Microsoft products, which is very distracting, above all I paid for the Windows operating system and I do not need to see advertisement on my desktop. And this was one of the very bad things I do not like about Microsoft. Another thing I absolutely dislike is that thy hide many things since Windows 8, such as the scroll bar in windows such as Internet explorer, which delays me and often cause me and others trouble, because when I want to scroll a page down I do not see the scroll bar, I have to click on it to make it visible enable I can move it, and when I click on it the page will move to the point where I clicked, often it is a couple of pages down or up and then I have to find the page location where I was before and that is really bad, I do not know what these designer were thinking when they made the scrollbar hide automatically. However, the good side overweighs the bad sides.

This is what I noticed, the hidden good side:

1.       The number one good job that Microsoft had started with was an “Open System” on the PC using MS-DOS for all manufacturers (prior to that it was PC-DOS only for IBM), if they did not do that, then today we would have IBM and Apple monopoly. Open system is very important, it allows thousands of other companies to build upon the open system, where by a monopoly such as we currently have with Apple, forces the user to buy  parts only from Apple, otherwise the warranty is voided, and so it was when Microsoft created MS-DOS parallel to PC-DOS for IBM, as a result, today I can go and buy parts for my computer from thousands different companies, from the USA to China, to Germany to Brazil and India, and that is also valid for the software, and there with all the Windows software today from the major companies, such as CA, SAP, Oracle, and thousands others is only possible because Microsoft was willing to go through all the trouble of being sued by many to create an open system and allow Sony, Toshiba, Siemens, Fujitsu, Compaq, HP and many others to compete with IBM, which lowered the prices dramatically, in comparison, Apple has no open system and is very expensive

2.       Microsoft is very innovative, in 1984, Microsoft already started to develop multilingual applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel

3.       Windows 95, was a miracle comparing to Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS, but the real good job that helped the entire world and came with Windows 95, remained hidden of most people, which is that Microsoft created “MSN-Microsoft Network” back in 1994 and offered it with Windows 95, MSN-Microsoft Network, was an internet service offered to everyone that has Windows 95 and can subscribe to MSN for either around 7 Dollars per month for around 15 hours internet per month, or for 19.99 Dollars per month for unlimited access to the internet, the only thing is needed is a telephone line and a so called modem, which at that time was to purchase from any IT store for around 30-150 Dollar. Prior to this MSN subscription there was many offerings, where I was subscribed to the internet for 60 Dollars per month plus usage per Kilo byte or website access per website, at the end of every month I would pay around 200 Dollars for the Internet usage, and if I am not careful I could pay much more than 1000 Dollars per month, because half of the websites were also charging either one time fees to view the website or a monthly subscription fees, which means I had to subscribe to 20 or 50 websites enable I can visit them, and that would cost me more than a 1000 Dollars per month, Microsoft broke all that, which allowed any one to afford the Internet, one of their competitors was AOL-America Online, which at that time I considered a cheat, because they lie to the people and say with AOL you have full access to the Internet, and in reality when you switch the internet on, you be automatically logged in to the website of AOL, and the website control what you see in that they subscribed to specific website as a whole seller, and then charge you each time you access any of these website and that was a cheat through misled information, therefore AOL was a bubble that blew up in their face a couple of years after MSN started to become very popular because there was no control and everything is free for one flat rate of 7 or 19.99 Dollar per month. Therewith I saved 180 Dollar every single month. Therefore, and without that concept of Microsoft that started in 1994 as beta and I joined it, we would not have Internet as we have it today, but rather much, much more expensive and more metered and more monitored and more controlled than today, just as they have it in some countries such as China!

4.       In USA, also in many other countries, people work hard to survive, some even have 3 and 5 jobs per week, which makes them tired, and in their free time they do not want to think or do anything, except relax, and that is understandable, if you work 8 hours as a main job, and then you have another job 2 hours in early evening and maybe another 3 hours late evening and a couple of weekend jobs, just to be able to make 1,200 or 1,400 Dollar per month and pay your bills, and that is for at least one third of the population of USA even today or especially today. What do these people do in their free time, they go to the movies? And here Microsoft came with the idea of offering 6-8 hours free training on their products accessible for any one at many movie theaters all over the United States of America and possibly also elsewhere in the world. Can you imagine an unemployed person that has no back ground education, can go to the movies for free to learn Microsoft products and even get free drinks and popcorn and hotdogs, during which he can learn something that will bring him out of poverty and into the IT world that will raise his income from 5 or 10 Dollars per hour to 30 or even 100 Dollars per hour, and then he does not have to work 3 or 5 jobs to support his family, and therewith can spend more quality time with his family, friends and build a social life for himself and his family while being able to buy his own home, his own good car and so on. And all that was at that time thanks to Microsoft innovation of teaching in movie theaters. I would have not believed it if I did not visit these offerings myself, not once but several times

5.       Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Back Office. Microsoft Windows Server is an operating system similar to Windows, but it was designed to serve many computers, and therewith you can centralize data on a hard disk and the server will manage the access and security to these data to countless computer users, prior to that there was Novel, which was only networking that relies on an existing operating system such as Microsoft Windows  or Unix, which was and still is an open system and a bit dangerous because anyone with a bit of Unix knowledge and programming experience can easily break into the system. Microsoft back office was several programs designed to work on Microsoft Windows Server, such as Email server, Internet Server, Database server and so on. All these technologies from Microsoft that came out in the begin of 1990 deserve a big and long applause because it was not only the software, which it existed before Microsoft brought them on the market, but rather the price was most important, it was suddenly very affordable to buy these technologies, prior to that it was only limited to large rich corporations or government, and very few of middle size companies, but Microsoft broke that and suddenly all mid-size companies can afford to buy these technologies and best of all even small companies can afford them, because prior to that it would have required an investment of at least 100,000 US dollar to use these technologies, but through Microsoft and very suddenly you can spend only 10,000 US Dollar to get these technologies and if you know how to, even only 5 thousand including the computer itself. This helped small and midsize companies dramatically in their administration work and gave them more time to be able to compete with their larger competition, that was not possible before

6.       Database is a computer program that allow the storage of information in table like manner and then be able to retrieve these information by searching by a column or even a cell of the table and the answer will be available within seconds and often in fraction of the second. This concept of software is very valuable for companies, where they can store all their information and retrieve them as needed in the sorted way they needed it in. Very unfortunately this technology was very expensive, even though there were several solutions such as dBase, Clipper, FoxBASE and later FoxPro, but they were built for Micro PC and had many limitations, I know that because I was among other specialized in them and also in larger databases for mainframe. Yet a good database requires a larger computer technology, such as minicomputer such as PDP 11-24 or VAX or even small mainframe such as IBM, Siemens, Fujitsu and so on, which would cost 30-200 Thousand to buy only the computer not to mention the very high maintenance cost, then you need to buy the software, and the best was at that time Oracle and I believe the prices starts at, at least 50 Thousand, therefore to have a database you would need at least 100 Thousand US Dollar for start only. Microsoft broke that price barrier by purchasing an existing database, I believe it was called Sybase, improving it, and renaming it to Microsoft SQL and started to sell it for under 500 US Dollars and above all it will run on a PC. Naturally the functionalities were by far not as powerful as by Oracle databases, yet with the time they improved it dramatically and it is now very strong competitor to Oracle, I believe the price today, is still very low, under 1000 US Dollar and it will run on any average PC. This also helped small and midsize companies to dramatically to better manage and use their own information for employees, sale, purchases, statics and so on

7.       Microsoft created a huge variety of free learning for anyone. Theoretically and practically a person with absolute no IT background can learn how to program a computer through one of the many of the Microsoft online offering, whereby many of them are free and are 100% sufficient to allow a novice to start learning from scratch and until professional level

8.       Microsoft frequently offers technology conventions worldwide for several days, unfortunately it is not free, you have to register and pay between several hundreds to over 2000 US Dollars or equivalent in other countries, yet it is worth every penny, you not only get to know the new technologies and learn how to use them in crash courses during these convention days, but also you see other IT professional and build a business network. I went once in 1994 to such a convention about Windows and FoxPro, where they introduced Windows 95, Windows NT and Backoffice and I was so impressed by them that I immediately started to learn them and get specialized in them, very unfortunately I had many trouble that prevented me to do that, among others I was working as a consultant by the company called Chevron, in the IT building on Hayes Road in Houston, Texas (now is owned by a school, I guess they relocated to Belaire section after they purchased Texaco, whereby I also worked with Texaco, Inc. IT department from 1991 to 1996 or 1997), and one month in Advance I gave the department manager in writing that I will be going to Microsoft FoxPro convention in San Diego and will be off work for one week. And I went there, very unfortunately when I came back they fired me because the manager claimed he needed me and I was not there. But it was worth it to go, even though I lost my job. Ironically, I also worked for American Express Travel Related Services within the same time period, which was in building behind Chevron, and they too fired me because I went to an IT exhibition in Houston, Texas for only 1 day, which was a pattern persecution to prevent me of learning and advancing in my profession. I got a bit side tracked. In any case, Microsoft technology convention is a blessing for any IT profession, because the professional can gain much more than the steep cost they must pay for the convention, especially if it is out of town, where there is also travel and accommodation expenses. I personally and at that time was able to specialize on Windows 95, Windows NT server and Microsoft Backoffice just because in the convention I was able to obtain the free software for training purposes and I even sold, integrated and maintained  for 8 years one of the first Windows NT server in Channelview, Texas for a small business. Therefore, and only through this project I covered the over 2000 US Dollar convention costs including travel expenses. And that is very good that Microsoft created these conventions, that are between 3-5 or more days.

These are some of the things that went for many or possible for most people unnoticed. I think that was much more than what the education TV has offered us since the invention of the TV, because the educational TV program have never really taught a person a profession, they just show how things can be used, or how a person can enjoy life through cooking a nice gourmet meal, what a bitty that neither TV nor any other publishing media such as newspaper or magazine has ever offered the teaching of a complete profession from A-Z, such as making shoes, being a carpenter or a smith and so on, they were only looking after their profits, not seeing the opportunity that they would have made much more money if they created such an opportunity to help others, they missed that.

I personally like to say Thank you Microsoft for the live educational sessions in movie theater and the educational videos, education booklets, education and total course to teach one subject or another in the IT, above all thank you for MSN in 1994 and thereafter that made it possible to break the price of the internet and make it accessible to everyone. Today I cannot live without internet. I do not chat much, I hardly use social media, but I use it to look for things, research things, to translate things to languages most people never heard before, in 1970s and 1980s I had to buy the dictionaries and pay a lot of money for them often 100 or more US Dollar or equivalent in German mark for one dictionaries, I think I spent nearly 5000 Deutsche Marks (equivalent to Euro) for dictionaries and encyclopedia that I lost all through kidnapping me from Germany to USA. Today I can check and verify everything within seconds from medicine to weather to transportation schedule to supermarket to department store or planes and so on and on and on. I know Microsoft did not invent the Internet, in matter of a fact the American military paid for the invention of the early stages of the Internet in around 1959, but Microsoft most definitely made the Internet accessible for everyone starting at just for 7 US dollar per month in 1995 through Windows 95, and therefore I thank you.

There are many other good things that came out of Microsoft, but the above are merely the things that impressed me most, because it helped millions worldwide and within one year, now they are Billion!

My respect and salutation to Microsoft Corporation and Bill Gates for the above innovations!


Unknown in Netherlands ()

I cannot list names, but I can list a few explanations!

The population of the Netherlands is around 17 Million. I was severely mistreated in the Netherlands from 11 February 2001 and at least until 1 March 2016. March 2016, I relocated to Den Haag/The Hague, where the sadistic persecution dropped by around 80%, among others because I voluntarily isolated myself of everyone due to what they did to me since 1999!

A bunch of nasty persons in the Netherlands do not represent the 17 Million population, among others because the nature of human is good, but also because most people are in one way or another suppressed and therefore they try not to suppress others.

In short, I cannot say that all the Dutch are bad, even though I was severely mistreated in the Netherlands, but also the statistics over the Netherlands are wrong, at least on Wikipedia.org, where it says 4.5% of the population are Muslim and that 77.39 of the population are Dutch, which is a catch 22 statement. In Netherlands and based on what I have seen since 2001, there is at least 50% foreigners, whereby these foreigners have the Dutch citizenship and not called foreigners anymore, yet you can hear it in their speaking accent, possibly there is more than 50% foreigners, but those speak Dutch with no accent and/or they are here as a second generation, yet they are still originated from other countries. I strongly believe that at the most 25% of the Dutch population are actual Dutch. The rest 75% of the real actual Dutch population not in the Netherlands but rather are all over the world doing business and/or colonializing other countries, and that is why the Netherlands has a system to integrate foreigners based on their need and through brainwash as they did to me and to thousands or even Millions of others, whereby some receive the citizenship immediately others after 2-3 years or officially after 5 years and I received it after 13 years and I know of others that did not receive it after nearly 20 years.

When I walk in a big Dutch city such as Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam or Utrecht, then I see 70% foreigners on the streets, in the busses and trams, in supermarkets and everywhere else, yet they call many of them Dutch or none Muslim, yet at least 50% of all foreigners in the Netherlands are Muslims, you can see it especially in women and how they dress, in that they cover up their head. In most supermarkets at least 50% of all employees are Muslims, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However what I think is wrong, is that on Wikipedia it says that there is only 4.5% Muslims in the Netherlands and that is 100% wrong, it is not my business, and Wikipedia does not collect and place these information on the Internet, but rather anyone can do that on Wikipedia.org, and here I ask myself why would someone place wrong information on Wikipedia making the Muslim community look much smaller than in reality it is, above all why would the Dutch government allow that????!!!!

I do not know, and I do not have the correct statistics, I only have an estimate based on what I see, also in the small villages and small cities that I was forced to live in such as Bellingwolde, Winschoten, Ter Apel, Dokkum, Gilze, Haarlem, Assen, in all these places you can see more Muslims than the 4.5% that they claim it to be. The 4.5% Muslim population, is possibly true in isolated villages such as Bellingwolde, but no way in any city with population over 50 thousand. My educated guess is that there is at least 15% of the total Dutch population as Muslims, possibly even 20%. No matter what supermarket I go to, the majority of employees are always Muslims. Here are the Major supermarkets: Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Aldi, Lidl, Plus, Coop, Spar, Dirk, Super De Boer, Hoogvliet.

Not to mention the Muslim supermarkets, where alone in the area I live in, there is around 30 small supermarkets, from one-man employee to more than 10 employees, and this only in my neighborhood in Den Haag/The Hague, my guess there is around 300 Muslim supermarkets in Den Haag/The Hague, whereby Den Haag/The Hague has a population of 500 Thousand, and one small supermarket would need at least 100 customer daily enable to survive and the larger ones maybe even 500 customers, and if I take a very conservative average of 250 customers per shop, then there is around 75 thousand shoppers, whereby some of them may not be Muslim, but also not all Muslims shop there, only the strict ones due to they have to buy their meat from them due to it is so called Halal meat (approved by God). This mean the none Muslim shoppers minus the Muslim Shoppers that do not shop by the Muslim supermarket but rather in the larger none Muslim store because they are much cheaper, come out even, which means that based on this small silly static of mine, there is at least 15% of the population that are Muslim. Usually where there is a large Dutch supermarket, then you will find several Muslim supermarkets nearby!

Now it is Christmas time in 2018, I live in a higher floor where I can see thousands of apartment, buildings and houses, and all I can say is that, when I look out from my window or from the other side from my balcony, I see only 1-2% of windows or balconies with Christmas decoration, and this is far, far and very far less than average of a so called Christian countries. The total decoration I see I can count with my 10 fingers. Yet, on Wikipedia it says there is nearly 44% of the population as Christian. I do not see this 44%!!!!

Now you have an idea about the actual Dutch population, many helped me now and then, here and there and from the background and I am very thankful for that, but I absolutely do not appreciate the wrong statistics, it just reminds me with my fake family that pretend to be Muslim, but they are not, it reminds me with the CIA & MI6, AIVD and BND that all work for allegedly Christian countries yet they treated me worse than Saudi Arabia treated me, that allegedly wanted to hang me or chop off my head because I allegedly voluntarily became Christian in 1976!

I have to ask myself why would they treat me so bad, just because I fell in love with Germany and in general with Europe and Christianity and I always tried to be a productive member of the society that they created and I was born into bowing to heir rules, trusting the justice and their laws that brainwashed me, enslaved me, kidnapped me twice rapped me repeatedly, deprived me of my freedom, destroyed all my relations, destroyed my profession and stole literally everything I ever owned since 1959 and repeatedly until I relocated to Den Haag/The Hague in March 2016 and above all, it was all done in the name of the law of Germany, USA, the UK and the Netherlands that are allegedly Christian countries???!!!

Yet I am very thankful for those who succeeded or did not succeed to help me from the back ground!


Various Dutch municipalities: Bellingwedde, Vlagtwedde, Amsterdam Assen and Den Haag/The Haag ()

With no doubt the CIA and FBI chocked my life in 1999 along with the parents of my fake son to separate me of my fake son in 1999, and therewith they forced me to be homeless enable to deport me to the Netherlands for a re-brainwash. Being homeless in USA is very tough, meaning you have to live on the street, under the bridge or in an old abandoned  building, all that is thanks to my fake family that arranged in cooperation with CIA and MI6 to be brainwashed and kidnaped in 1986 from Germany to USA to black mail my biological family while forcing me raise one of their hidden children and preventing me of ever visiting them again in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, USA, Switzerland, UK, Hamburg and elsewhere in Europe, while also preventing me to see them under their other identities as they come to visit Munich, Germany for pleasure or business, and that is as nasty as it gets. Not to forget my unknown to me biological family IN USA and elsewhere that absolutely do not care.

Talking about Arab generosity, they make a bad name for Saudi Arabians, Jordanians, Americans and British as well as for Muslim, Christian and Jewish. Period.

Therefore, I am thankful for the municipalities mentioned below for supporting me financially in the Netherlands, where since 2008 they pay for my housing, health insurance and pocket money for food and cloths, so much for Arab, American and British families loyalty and sticking together!

0.       My ground zero in Netherlands is 11 February 2001, where I was brought by force to the Netherlands and where they kept me isolated and locked up by force of law until June 2012 and in the hidden until I relocated to the city of Den Haag/The Hague in March 2016. Just as the CIA did to me several times before, in 1970-1977 by brainwashing me and enslaving me under one of their agent as cover up for their agents in my fake family and again 1984-2001, where they brainwashed me and enslaved me under their disgusting agent Najlaa Mahmoud enable to force my mind to hate all Arabs and Muslims (which it does not) and not to communicate with them and talk about my fake family that are working for the CIA and MI6. Since September 1999 they forced me to be homeless, jobless while severely attacking me with telepathy that scared the life out of me just to force me to run and bring me to the Netherlands for a re-brainwash and long-term lock up, which they did

1.       28 February 2008 to Mai 2012 in the municipality Bellingwedde, whereby I did not go to live there voluntarily, but rather the IND-Dutch Immigration and COA-Dutch immigrant housing management forced me to live there as a apart of a continuous brainwash and to force me to continue to write the website that they forced upon me in the refugee camp in the city of Dokkum from August 2006 and until 28 February 2008. Whereby I was severely tortured mentally and physically in the municipalities Bellingwedde and Oldambt and Veendam during the 4 years I was forced to live in the municipality Bellingwedde. Yet, I was fed and had a roof over my head in a very isolated village called Bellingwedde directly on the German border as a part of brainwashing me and provoking me that I am living on the border, yet I am banned of ever to enter Germany again, the country that I loved, because I thought it was my home, or the only home I ever had. Provocation is an important part of hidden slavery and forcing the victim, me, to write whatever they want, in my case the website!!

2.       June 2012 to Mai 2013. Municipality Amsterdam, where I was to relocate from Bellingwedde to Amsterdam, and in Amsterdam I did not know what to do, among others, because I was trying to understand what hit me in Bellingwedde and why I wrote the very nasty website and sent a couple of apology letters. Another reason why I did not know what to do in Amsterdam, was not only because I was severely brainwashed In Bellingwedde and prior to that and since 1986 as described with these pages, but also I was heavily persecuted due to the website, Jewish people were revenging on me, Muslim, Christian and Arab, from the dentist, to the dental technician to the car mechanic to the company that were supposed to help me start my own business, where I was totally incapable to, due to the severe brainwash, but also the company that was supposed to help me and was paid by the Municipality of Amsterdam, held me back instead of helping me forwards and this is how nasty the brainwash, even the police set me up a couple of time, whereby the police station was directly opposite my housing in Amsterdam. In January 2013 I was awarded the Dutch nationality earlier than what I was told in the municipality Bellingwedde, the passport I received in March 2013, then I was forced to relocate to the UK for one year, it was more or less escaping the persecution and the severe torture through the dentists and the dental technicians in Amsterdam, as continuation for Bellingwedde since 2008, and this is how destructive networking works in the Netherlands. Yet the municipality Amsterdam was supporting me financially and therewith I was able to pay for being not homeless, but remain country- and an actual home-less, a home where I can feel save, where I know everyone, and everyone knows me, which was stolen from me as they kidnapped me as a child in December 1959 and again in September 1986

3.       Mai 2014 to February 2016. Municipality Assen. In the UK I was not able to do anything, therefore I decided to return to the Netherlands, for one reason only, because I have the nationality. The only apartment that I was able to find in the Netherlands and while I was still in the UK, was in Assen, because I had no money and I knew that the municipality would have to help me financially. Very unfortunately I was attacked severely with telepathy and my sleep was totally disturbed and with disturbed sleep I am not able to do anything, on top of that I was not able to work. Last but not least there were only 3 dental technicians in Assen, and I went to one of them and he was on purpose creating a very bad denture for me, and kept on going back to him and he pretend to fix them in the other room, but really he never did anything to them, and therefore I was going to hem very frequently far above average frequently, and therewith he was making money through the insurance while torturing me, because when he does not fix the denture, then I have pain and when he does that on purpose week in and week out, then this is torture. I went to the other dentist, much more further away, 4 km far from my housing, and he done absolutely the same and even more, by registering and without my knowledge to the insurance that he allegedly re-build my dentures, which he receives much more money for it, and I have to leave the denture by him for at least 6-8 hours, usual one day, yet I never left the denture by him, I found out that he billed the insurance wrongly as I complained to the insurance and they sent me a list of all visits this dental technician and saw that he cheated. Meaning I cannot go to another technician and rebuild it for at least 2 or more years. The third technician office was never opened so I was not able to go to him and was dependent on these 2 torturers or go 30 or 40 km to a larger city. After nearly 2 years of torturing in around end of 2015, I decided to see if I can adjust the denture myself, and went to department store called Action (famous for being inexpensive) and bought a grinding/polishing machine for 5 Euro and tried to fix my denture myself, even though I have absolutely no experience and never tried it before, yet I was forced to, because all the complaints that I filed to the technicians and to the insurance company, partially in writing, where I went in these 2 years around 100 times to these vicious dental technicians , yet nothing helped. From the first try, which it took me approximately 10-15 minutes, I succeeded, and the denture stopped hurting me, yet my teeth gums (with no teeth) were sore and it took several days until they calmed down and gradually healed, even my cheeks from inside were injured and cut from the inside through these dentures. Since then, I never went again to a dental technician, except after I relocated to Den Haag, I tried twice to go to a dentist nearby and a dental technicians, the first refused to treat me, and the second wanted to me to have implant, and when I can’t even trust over 20 dentist and dental technicians in the Netherlands to fix my denture, where I fixed them myself in 10 minutes, how can I trust them to place denture implants in my mouth? Yet the municipality of Assen supported me financially and I had a roof over my head and did not starve!

4.       March 2016 to current in December 2018, live in Den Haag/The Hague. The persecution and torture dropped down by around 90%. Yet I was setup many times by the municipality and prevented to work. The torture dropped down dramatically because I do not go to dentist or dental technicians anymore and I adjust my denture myself once every 6-8 months using the machine that I bought in end of 2015 in Assen for 5 Euro. Yet the dentures still are the wrong dentures for my mouth and therefore when I wear them longer than a few hours they start to come very uncomfortable, yet no severe pain any more since I started to adjust the denture myself. Here too, the municipality of Den Haag/The Hague support me financially, and I have a roof over my head and do not starve.

5.       Sometimes in 2014 or 2015, Municipality Vlagtwedde. During my forced upon me housing in the village Bellingwedde, I was forced to take an offer of starting my own business through the municipality Veendam. I was living at that time in the Municipality Bellingwedde and they had some kind of joint venture with the municipality Veendam in the social sector as well as in treating refugees and I was a refugee living there by force. The offer of starting my own business was nothing else than a brainwash and holding me back while destroying any chance of me getting free and adding to my burden through a credit as a business start capital, whereby and in one way or another I was prevented to start a business, meaning suddenly I owe around 24 Thousand Euro that I was forced to use among others to relocate to Amsterdam but also to relocate to the UK. This money I have to pay it back to the municipality. In the meanwhile, the municipality Bellingwedde made a new joint venture or partnership with the municipality Vlagtwedde and created a new municipality called Westerwolde. The municipality Westerwolde called me in end 2014 or begin 2015, I cannot recall exactly and requested that I pay the money back, and we agreed that I pay monthly 25 Euro, which was very kind of them, because paying them any higher than 25 Euro per month means less food and cloth for me, and therefore I am very thankful. Yet I strongly believe that they should cancel the entire amount and pay me back what I already paid, because I was severely brainwashed, setup, tortured and on purpose held back and prevented to work. Yet I had a roof over my head and did not starve

Even though the above municipalities and compared to USA and forced to be illegal refugee and homeless, have supported me financially and therewith I always had a roof over my head and did not starve between February 2008 and current, yet life is much more than just a roof over the head and not starving, and I am trying to take active part in my life, yet I was 100% prevented since Mai 1984, which started in Germany, continued in USA, and continued again in the Netherlands!


VahonFM Surinam Radio Station, Den Haag/The Hague, Netherlands ()

Since I was not able and not allowed or prevented to work, I decided to work as volunteer in the IT sector. There is a special website for that in Den Haag/The Hague and started to work for the company VahonFM Radio Station that is meant mainly for people from Surinam. Surinam a country in South America, where the Dutch took many Asian, and in particular from India to South America for one reason or another. These group of people still maintain their original Indian language (Hindi/Urdu) and their own tradition, many of them came to Europe because they are allowed to have the Dutch citizenship.

Therewith the radio station is a very small station and have limited amount of computer, it is more like helping their follow Suriname people get in touch with each other’s. I did not work since 2000, my last job was Compaq Corporation in Houston, Texas, which does not exist anymore because it was purchased by HP-Hewlett Packard. Therefore, my self-confidence as well as dealing with people were very lacking. Yet thanks to VahonFM that allowed me to work with and for them, and above all trusted me with their entire IT system.

 All of the employees of VahonFM were super friendly, kind and very polite, real gentlemen and ladies. I am very thankful for them and for the 18 moths I worked for and with them, because it boosted my self-confidence and also it refreshed my ability of dealing with work colleagues and in general with people, especially after over 30 years of life torture, from brainwash, enslaving me, to raping and kidnapping me to USA, forcing me to live as enslaved partner under a most disgusting woman that the CIA and MI6 enslaved me under for 15 years while forcing me to live in USA as an illegal alien enable they can easily separate me of my fake son and force me to leave the USA, which they did. But also I was in USA 100% isolated of friends and family or any social life what so ever, then forced me to be homeless and locking me up from July 2000 and until I relocated to Amsterdam in June 2012, where I was lost between persecution torture and understanding what hit me in the municipality Bellingwedde and in general since they kidnapped me from Germany to USA as well as freeing my mind of their severe brainwash that they performed upon me since 1984 and especially what they forced me to write in the website, to force me to believe what They force me to write.

The director of VahonFM, named Mr. Fred Kartaram  is a jewel for the Suriname people in Den Haag/The Hague and surrounding area, because he is always busy either at his day job, I think he either works for the municipality or the government, and then he spends most of his free time at the Radio station, also on the weekends, talking to his listeners, advising them, and discussing with them life situations and problems.

Good job, keep it up and thank you VahonFM.


De Ooievaart & Ga Den Haag & City Mondial, Den Haag/The Hague, Netherlands ()

The companies De Ooievaart, Ga Den Haag and City Mondial are related.


De Ooievaart

Here too I worked as a volunteer. In centralizing and securing their IT usage, using Dell Server and Microsoft Windows Server. Here to the Boss, Mr. Kevin Moore is a real gentleman and always busy not only working in one thing, but everywhere, has an eye for details and perfection and does not shy to perform any work to keep the company running perfect. The last time I installed a server for a client was in Houston, Texas, USA in 1999 and in June 2000 I worked for 6 weeks for Compaq in the HA-High Availability department, which is making sure that a centralized server and no matter what is always running and secure, since then I did not work, yet several times refreshed my knowledge among others by purchasing an old computer server and installing it several times for myself as a training, using Compaq Server, Fujitsu Server and another Compaq Server, each bought for under 50 Euro and then disposed of and kept one for training purposes.

It was such a pleasure to work with a gentleman such as Mr. Kevin Moore. Simultaneously performing this small project boosted my self-confidence and refreshed my relation to work environment and I am very thank full for Mr. Moore for this opportunity


Ga Den Haag & City Mondial

I helped a couple of times in adjusting their IT system that consisted of less than 10 computers. Mr. Peter Duivesteijn is the manager and is an absolute a gentleman and hard working. He always running from one company to another to make sure everything is not only running smoothly, but also improving.

Here too, it was for me a very valuable time to work with and for them, that not only refreshed my relation to the work world but also boosted my self-confidence.

Thank you all for giving me this opportunity.


Foundation Vestia, Real Estate management in Den Haag/The Hague, Netherlands ()

If I say the only good thing that happened to me in the Netherlands is that I finally stopped smoking in February 2011 and my apartment in Den Haag/the Hague (through the company Vestia), it is what I feel yet it is not completely accurate statement, many other small positive things here and there happened to me, which I tried my best to list some of them in this page.

Since I was allowed to live outside the refugee camps and was forced to live in the village Bellingwolde, I had a lot of trouble with their housing services.

All in all, I had to deal with 3 housing management/administration companies as follow:

1.       Acantus Foundation, in Bellingwolde, February 2008-mai 2012, apartment in very bad shape as highlighted below

2.       WoonConcept Foundation, Assen, Mai 2014-February 2016, apartment needed a paint job and stuffing a few wall holes and flooring.

3.       Vestia foundation, Den Haag/The Hague, March 2016-current, apartment in very bad shape as highlighted below

In all 3 situations and in comparison, it was a good living environment, yet the state that I get the apartment was very miserable, except WoonConcept, it was not as bad as the other 2.

The state of the apartment was in the first and third apartments as mentioned above were not livable unless a major repair is done, by the first the floor cement was damaged with partially more than 5 cm holes, and therewith I was not able to place flooring until they fixed the apartment, and it took them over 6 weeks to come and fix it, and since it was winter the cement floor was very cold and made the entire housing cold. But also, it had a lot of wall holes and needed a very strong paint job, because it had moldy wall papers and damaged walls. After the initial and lengthy repairs by the first and the third, the maintenance service by all of the 3 companies was good.

The third apartment had the most problem, from over 5 cm deep holes in the cement floor and in several areas on the walls to countless small and very large holes, to metal coming out of the cement in the floor and hanging from the ceiling to very damaged doors and windows frames, partially moldy wood. This apartment had more than 50 problems that I had to complain about including damaged cement flooring & walls and therewith here too I was not able to place the flooring until they fixed it, and it took nearly 2 months until most of them were fixed, they refused to fix certain things such as the moldy doors, or painting the doors and windows due to they were severely damaged and some even were not painted, they were only with foundation colors, where you can see the wood through it, they said I should paint them and they only painted the entrance door and only from the outside, not from the inside. I did not paint them because it has to be oil paint and I am not very good in that, so I covered them with posters.

Netherlands economy relies to over 70% on services and to less than 30% on manufacturing. And for a Service Oriented country, they have a very miserable service in the apartments as it is highlighted above.

I do not know if it is always like that or they just did that for me as a part of persecuting me and giving me a hard time as revenge for the website that they forced me to write and publish in first of all.

Here are the problems:

1.       They do not inspect the apartments before renting them out, as a result they are in a very bad state, yet when I leave the apartment they check it and tell me you have to do this and that before you leave, including painting

2.       They do not clean the apartment and leave it dirty, I filled half of bucket with dirt before I even I moved my stuff to the third apartment

3.       They do not paint the doors or windows if they are damaged or moldy

4.       They do not remove severely damaged and moldy wallpapers

5.       They always leave the floor on cement

6.       Often the cement floor is damaged and must be repaired by a professional that mixes a special liquid cement enable to equalize the floor

7.       They leave all the holes on the walls

8.       They do not paint the walls if they are damaged

9.       The kitchen has absolute minimum, such as one cabinet under the sink and one above it, nothing else in the kitchen, not even cooking ventilator!

When a person has to always buy flooring, paints and other repair material, then it is very costly, and people will think more than twice before they relocate, especially those who live with minimum income, which are many, from unemployed to sick and simultaneously unemployed to retired with minimum income such as myself, and young people that just starting to go in the work world. Above all those who receive municipality support because they are too old to be accepted for a job. Relocation like that, means I have to pay to fix my old apartment, pay to fix the new one, pay transportation, pay flooring and others, which can sometimes go into thousands, that people often do not have!

In comparison with Germany or USA, where I lived 17 and 15 years respectively, they always clean the apartments/house. Paint it, fix anything that is broke and replace the carpet if it is not clean, meaning the floor has always flooring either carpet or PVC flooring but never cement flooring!

My apartment in Den Haag/The Hague, has a nice view because it is higher up, and it is not easy to get such an apartment, therefore I believe that someone from the background helped that I get this apartment, because I was the 5th on the waiting list and the first 4 did not like it, even it is spacious and can see the entire downtown and even other towns from my balcony or my windows. I like it very much. So, thank you for allowing me to have it.


Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka, last but by far not least, Munich, Germany ()

This is my dream woman. It is very possibly that I was setup to get to know her enable she can distract me of the church, and she not only did just that, but also and at one point of time she gave me an ultimatum: either me or your church friends, and I was shocked about this ultimatum and never answered it!

The second negative thing that she had is that she picks her eyebrows and therewith changing the shape around her eyes and entire face.

This were about the only negative thing I know or suspect about her!

The positive things:

1.         She was a very good mother, because she had a daughter around 10 years old in 1981, and she would always tuck her in bed and toll her a goodnight story

2.         She would never let her daughter have breakfast, lunch or dinner alone. The rule was, as long the daughter is at home, she will always prepare and have the meals with her routinely and on time, during which she would always discuss the problems, good and bad situations that her daughter may have encountered during school, visits to others or playing with others, where I have never seen such  a dedication before or even after in my entire life

2.       She is a very kind person

3.       Very generous

4.       Very considered

5.       Very hard working, she worked partially 3 jobs, in a bank as an in office messenger, later was promoted to deal with shares, was a baby sitter and she cleaned a home, all enable to have more time for her daughter and spend quality times with her, and not always sit in front of the TV, in matter of a fact, her TV was rarely used, and therewith she avoided that her daughter be only influenced and raised through a TV and that is not only smart and caring, but it is perfect

6.       Very smart and always looking to improve herself and her life

7.       Very humble, and she lives accordingly

8.       Most of the time never have make up on, and she really does not need it

9.       She has set her priorities straight, among others, no fancy stuff, no nail varnish, no makeup, no hair dresser, yet she looks perfect, and dedicate her time for her daughter

10.   She is a very gentle person

11.   She questions everything

12.   She loves debates and hot discussions over anything, there is no subject that she would say no I do not like to talk about that.

13.   No matter what, she always very responsible person and very disciplined person 

14.   She is very social

15.   She always remember others and send them at least a card on certain personal occasions, such as birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Name Day (only in some countries, each name has a day of the year), vacation card and so on, and when she gives a gift, and she does that all the times, then she is not only generous, but when you receive a gift from her you would be surprised to all the details, neatness and beauty of the package, then you realize that this woman has a lot of heart, thoughtful and loves you or likes you

16.   She is always dressed very decent and adequately, never sexy or so, and that make her absolute desirable

17.   She loves tidiness, cleanliness, including herself

18.   She gets, buys and keeps only what she needs and not what she desires or is on sale

19.   She eats only to have energy and not to follow her tong, yet she is a very good and quick cook

20.   She is absolutely feminine

21.   Her behavior is always lady like

22.   Her daughter was always her number 1 priority

23.   Priority 2, 3, 4…. Are always others and she place herself and need always at the end, when all are happy

24.   She buys little but loves quality

25.   She has very high moral values, where she is as tidy with her values as her tidiness in her housing and in her life in general

26.   She is a woman that is absolutely and fully capable to be a very good partner and not just a stereotype wife or a nanny to raise children or a cook for the family, or a house keeper, she is what she is, a beautiful human being!

27.   She is very humorous

28.   On top of all that, she is absolutely good looking and very appealing not only as a woman, but in general as a human being

29.   All of the above was when I get to know her in End of March 1981 and until 17.10.1984 where I was separated of her by force through the CIA, MI6 and my fake family

30.   I saw her again a couple of time in 2001 and 2003, she was still as beautiful human being as before, or even much more, yet she gained a lot on weight, I wonder why, but also, so did I. Over weight is often when a person let himself go as a big sign of unhappiness and unsatisfied life!


A note to the above: my fake family as well as the CIA and MI6 did not like that I saw all that with Adelheid Kuczka, because through these and many other characteristics and situation with her, I started to miss things not only in my own life but also in the lives of many of members of my fake families such as my nephews and nieces such as having routinely meals with their parents, discussing daily problems, being tucked to bed while listing to a goodnight stories, which helped me to recognize that my fake sisters are not the mothers of their alleged children, but rather are the nannies that pretended to be their mothers in my presence. And that was one of the reasons why I was separated of this woman by force, just as they did separate me of the church by force, where I saw many how they treat each other’s, above all how a real brother, sister, mother and other relatives behaves towards their other close relatives!


I not only learned a lot from her, but I had to fall in love with her, because I never met anyone like her, not before her and not after her.

Despite that Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka was raised in a Catholic orphaned home, while her mother was in the same town, she became a very beautiful human being as described above. On the other side, it is very possible that the CIA, MI6 and/or BND prey on young isolated girls like that, rape them to get them pregnant and then pretend to help them getting a job as a freelance agent. It is only a theory, but very well founded, they did kidnap me as a child, caused me total amnesia and placed me within a fake family called Baroudi, that consisted of 16 adult agents and 5 children under the age of 10, then they kidnapped me again as an adult 32 years old and forced me to be living as an illegal alien in the USA.

I was not only separated of her by force of brainwash and telepathy but also I was forced to write absolutely negative and wrong things about her, such as pornographic descriptions that I would have never made it up or even wrote it if it was true, therefore I strongly believe that those nasty people who forced me to write negative about her where the Dutch immigration forced me to live in the village Bellingwolde, are as follow:

1.       To destroy my relation with her once and for all enable to prevent me to continue to try to see her, even after they, the CIA & MI6 & my fake family set me up in 2003 to be banned of ever entering Germany again in my life, and I tried to lift the ban just to see her, but the municipality of Munich that set the ban for me, answered me as follow: this is a ban for life and is not removable. In October 2018, they lifted the ban dated backwards to 2014!

2.       Jealousy of my unstoppable love to Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka (!!): It is one of the many persons of my fake family and the family of the evil Najlaa Mahmoud, where the CIA, MI6 and BP-British Petroleum (that were covering up for my fake family in Jordan and Saudi Arabia that are hidden members of the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian royal families) brainwashed me between January 1984 and December 1984 to be enslaved under Najlaa Mahmoud enable she can control my life and use her as a front to remove me from Germany and kidnap me to USA which they did. Therefore, possibly she, the very evil and nasty CIA/MI6 agent named Najlaa Mahmoud or my fake son, and I am strongly suspecting both to have telepathy, because both repeatedly performed many severe damage to my life and forced me to do things I would have never done. I wrote very negative about Najlaa Mahmoud in that wanted website and I still write negative about her such as she is a CIA whore, and this is not a curse word but rather description of her actions for benefit, which is to keep me enslaved for 15 years and get paid for it, in one way or another, and no one can convince me of otherwise, because not only I hated her guts, I hated everything about her, her smell, her makeup, her clothing, her look, her being anywhere near my life, she is the filthiest person I have ever met in my life directly before and after the people that kidnapped me in December 1959 and in 1986 and repeatedly brainwashed me and enslaved me for their own need and purpose. Just imagine that she can read my mind and see what I think of her without me have to tell her, what do you think that she would do if she sees that my mind is full of negativity about her, and exactly that is why these savages CIA, MI6, BP-British Petroleum and my fake family selected her, to put her in a position being hated and she is torturing me because of that, and very possibly she and my fake son were the ones torturing me in Houston Texas where I used to wakeup 3-4 times a week for years, with a severe pain in my leg muscles, it was so severe that I wake up screaming for several minutes and scream God help, and then the pain would stops, it felt like as if someone is pulling my muscles with his hands. In Netherlands it stopped, and it happens to me very rarely, maybe once every year or 2, and the same with other sicknesses that were forced upon me in USA and all stopped as soon as I landed in Netherlands in February 2001, and without any treatment what so ever.

Who would want a woman like this animal called Najlaa Mahmoud after getting to know Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka but also seeing and socializing with many other women after I became Christian and met the majority of them in the church or through the church, and many of them had similar character as Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka!!!!

Najlaa Mahmoud is absolutely the opposite of all the description I listed above about Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka that was always a lady in behavior without having to have the title Lady and this even when she is angry or even very angry!

Just thinking about Najlaa Mahmoud makes me not only upset, but disgusted and angry, then quickly have to think about something else to calm myself down, Often it is the memory of Mrs. Adelheid  Kuczka or the church which not only it calms me down, but it is an absolute joy in my memory and I have been and will always cherish their memories and the couple of years I spent with them!

My apologies to Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka that I was not strong enough to defend myself against the brainwash and the telepathy attacks and writing very negatively about her, above all wrong stories and fake stories.

Last but not least, none of the people I am criticizing and complaining about, including Najlaa Mahmoud, my fake sisters and their many husband, daughters, sons, cousins, uncles and their wives or any other person of this fake family that I was forced to live between them since December 1959 or the evil CIA, FBI, MI6, BP-British Petroleum, IND or COA or those who were severely persecuting me and torturing me in the villages Ter Apel, Dokkum, Bellingwolde and Assen are not worthy of not only washing the feet of Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka, but also and absolutely they are not even worthy of bowing for her or kissing her shoes, and the list above of her character is the prove!

I am very thankful that Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka that she was in my life from end of March 1981 and until 17.10.1984. If any consolation, I never ceased to think of her, especially while I was enslaved under the evil Najlaa Mahmoud, Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka was always the light of hope in my memory!


Dutch Tax office (Belastingdienst) ()

I like to extend my thanks to the Dutch tax office (in Dutch Belastingdienst, which is the equivalent to the IRS in USA) for assisting me since I relocated to Den Haag/The Hague as highlighted below.



In 2014/2015 I was setup by the municipality of Bellingwedde and Amsterdam in that they report wrong income for the wrong year, which they reported my income of the year 2012 and to 2013 for the year 2014 and 2015, which made my income look like as if it was double what it was in reality and therewith jumped from 14,000 to 23,000, which prompted the tax office to request that I pay them back all the subsides that I received of them for the year 2014 and 2015, which amounted to around 6.000 Euro that now I owe the tax office.

In February 2016 in the city of Assen, just one month before my relocation  to the city Den Haag/The Hague, I submitted my year 2015 tax declaration online, and in the online declaration form there was a question if in the last 10 years I had any loses that I did not report to the tax office and how high were the loses, and I answered and filled in 18.000 Euro which is the investment sum that was also forced upon me by the municipality Bellingwedde as a business and was not successful and caused me these loses. Within 4-6 weeks the tax office deposited in my bank account 3.000 Euro as tax return for the reported 18.000 Euro loses of 2012. I was really surprised to have received this amount, which I totally did not expect, above all I was in a serious financial jam due to I had to relocate from the city Assen, where I was severely persecuted and also severely tortured mentally and physically, and had to relocate to escape these vicious attacks, but I did not have the sufficient funds to relocate, which was at least 1.500 Euro, but I took the risk of being behind in my payments just to relocate and escape the severe torture, therefore the 3.000 Euro that I suddenly, unexpectedly and very fast received of the tax office, helped me not being behind on my monthly bills such as rent, electricity, water, heating, telephone and so on. Very unfortunately and a few months later the tax office said, they made a mistake and I have to pay them back the 3.000 Euro, since I used it already to be current on my bills (and bought some necessities for the new apartment such as flooring, because it had only cement flooring, but also curtains due to it had very large windows and others) I did not have the money to pay it back to the tax office, this 3.000 Euro plus the 6.000 I already owed them as mentioned in the first upper paragraph, this mean now I ow them over 9.000 Euro. Since 2016 they were deducting some money of my income, until it was too much for me, and I had no more money to survive on and filed a complaint, there after they placed the collection of the first 6.000 Euro on hold, where they already collected around 2.000 Euro, which placed me in debt with my bank for this amount. Yet the 3.000 I am still paying it 50 Euro monthly.

Today I was wondering, how come the tax office paid me the 3.000 Euro within 4-6 weeks, even they say they made a mistake and I have to pay it back, but the 3 facts remain:

1.       They paid it in less than 6 weeks, instead of the usual 6-8 months!

2.       I needed money to relocate and was in financial jam because I relocated without having the money for it!

3.       The 5.000 Euro, as mentioned in paragraph 1, that they were deducting monthly of my income until I complaint and then they put the rest on hold for 3 years!

I concluded, someone possibly at the tax office was helping me, therefore I like to thank the tax office for their help!


My fake sister Fifi ()

I was kidnapped as 8 years old boy, by the CIA and MI6, in December 1959, where they placed me within a fake family set together out of CIA & MI6 agents mixed with Jordanian and Saudi Arabian royal family members. This family was 16 adults and 5 children, including me. Then they falsified my identity to Syrian and the identity of each member of these family to Syrian, and therewith, if something goes wrong, everyone will blame the Syrians and not the CIA, MI6, the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian royal families.

Not to forget to mention that they caused me a total amnesia in December 1959 as a mean to cut my history, where I came from, the language I spoke and above all my logic, which is everything I learned so far since birth, which is a tremendous and irreplaceable lose, that is impossible to recover!

On 15 January 1960 I was taken to Cairo, Egypt, where I was forced to live there until 10.10 1969. In this period of time most of the members of this fake family came to Egypt as an alleged relative from Syria, and therewith they were also using me as a fake prove that we are allegedly from Syrian. During this period and also later on they added many new fake relatives such as my oldest sister Suhair/Soso B., my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Naggar Nick Naggar, and many others including lookalike as replacement of this fake family members that never left Egypt after 1969, they just disposed of me!

During this period, I was severely mistreated from raped by men and women, which was planned brainwash by this fake family to force my mind to voluntarily not want to think about these times and therewith prevent anyone to question my origin and the fake family alias the CIA & MI6 agents.

On 10.10.1969 I was taken to Germany during a 3 month of a very sadistic brainwash and setup to relate me to terrorism just to give the CIA and MI6 a reason to persecute me under the pretention they are spying on me, but in reality, they were 100% isolating me to cover up for their agents and this fake family.

In March 1970 the CIA took control of my life, re-brainwashed me very sadistically and enslaved me under one of their agents named Anita Disbray that pretended to be British national, and maybe she had the British citizenship, but she also had an identical lookalike that I strongly suspect her to be Jordanian or Saudi Arabian hidden royal family members that was used to isolate me enable to cover up for the agents of January 1960.

In 1976 I was set up to become Christian, during which I was separated of this woman named Anita Disbray that totally had my brain under her control and during this separation I did not know what to do and went half crazy, yet my new friends in the church covered up for that while keeping me busy with many tasks and many new friends, which I did like or even loved because prior to that I was totally isolated and friendship was new to me!

In 1 June 1978-31 December 1981 and through my new employer Siemens AG I was sent on business to Saudi Arabia for the Saudi Port’s Authority, where I often stopped in Amman, Jordan to visit my alleged 2 sisters that were not my sisters but I was brainwashed and forced to believe that they are my sisters, today I know that these 2 fake sisters were nothing else than either only a nanny for hidden Jordanian royalty children or were a second, third or fourth wives and were also raising the children of other wives, while pretending to be my sisters. Therefore, they really did not expect to see me in Jordan and did not want to see me because I am not their family member neither were they Syrians but rather Jordanian royal family members. The same in Saudi Arabia, there was more than 20 relatives living in Saudi Arabia pretending to be Syrian, but they were Saudi Arabians royal family members and did not want to see me there because they were agents for the CIA & MI6 while living under different identities. I cannot prove all that, yet their behavior towards me and towards others point to all these above-mentioned conclusions!

31.12.1981 I was forced to lose my job to not be able to go to the Middle east and visit my fake family, and this to prevent me to discover the followings:

1.       My fake sister that I never seen her in my life prior to December 1959 and in Egypt she started to work at the Egyptian TV as News and other program moderator, and pretended to have relocated to Amman, Jordan in around summer 1961, which is a big lie and she never left Egypt, and in 1966 I was introduced to a lookalike that pretended to be my fake original sister, and this one now one or both of them lives in Washington D.C. with the fake Syrian identity!

2.       My fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Naggar never left Egypt in 1970 and the CIA & MI6 in cooperation of my fake sisters in Jordan introduced me to a new lookalike at the American military base McGraw Kaserne in Munich Germany in around August 1970, where I was forced to live in a controlled environment, where they brainwashed me and enslaved me under one of their agents named Anita Disbray

3.       My fake mother named Hayat/Hyatt Baroudi/Al- or El-Baroudi, pretended to be leaving Egypt with me, but she had another lookalike that exchanged places with her in the second half of December 1969 and the original one never left Egypt. She allegedly died on her birthday in end of March 2013 at the alleged home of my fake sister (mentioned in the next point) in Hove/ or allegedly in the hospital in Brighton, UK, but I did not see it and I was told that. I do not trust anything any member of this fake family and everything they tell me is a lie.

4.       My fake sister Fifi N. and her 2 children, allegedly get married to an Egyptian medical doctor named Alaa and relocated to the UK. It is very possibly she did not leave Egypt in 1970 and I was introduced to another lookalike (which is my guess) or she still lives in Egypt and has another housing in the UK. In 1980s + 1990s, she was living in Saudi Arabia

5.       Last but not least, I strongly believe that the fake family I was placed within in December 1959, all had telepathy and pretended to be one family, where they later all came to Cairo Egypt either for a longer visit or to live for several years, and later they were all over the world as an alleged Syrians that partially also lived in Cairo Egypt

6.       I strongly believe that some members of this fake family are originated from the following countries: USA, UK, Germany and Netherlands, these are the 4 countries where I was severely brainwashed, enslaved, tortured mentally and physically and over and over again kept as hostage by forcing me to live as refugee and illegal alien to prevent me to travel and visit my fake family that are in the Middle East, UK, Switzerland and above all in Germany= 7 years in Germany, 15 years in USA, 18 years in the Netherlands, 13 of which as refugee and illegal alien, and starting 2013 by preventing me to work enable to force me to be poor and unable to travel, especially that now and since January 2013 I have the Dutch citizenship, which is for me worthless, because I consider Netherlands just like USA a big prison and 100% controlled environment under the control of a very vicious and sadistic network of agents working for the AIVD (Dutch CIA like), IND (Dutch immigration), CIA, MI6 (British CIA like) and BND (German CIA like)

1984-1986 I was setup through the CIA & MI6 and dragged to a government illegal project with the government of Syria, then they re-brainwashed me, enslaved me under one of their agents that pretended to be Syrian and then kidnapped to US where they kept me on a short leash as an illegal alien not able to leave USA, to prevent me of visiting my fake family in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Germany and UK = CIA & MI6 spies that pretend to be Syrians, Jordan, royal family members that pretend to be Syrian, or visit the members of my fake family in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam Saudi Arabia that also pretend to be Syrians while they are hidden royal family members and simultaneously CIA & MI6 agents.

1986-2000 Was kept as isolated slave in USA raising a fake son that I was forced to believe it is my biological son, that has a lookalike and each of them is nastier than the other. During this period the CIA kept me by force as a refugee and an illegal alien with no rights what so ever. Then in July 2000 I was imprisoned in Houston, Texas in deportation jail until 10.02.2012, where then they took me by force to the Netherlands.

2001-2013 I was brought by force to the Netherlands, where I was severely brainwashed and tortured, mentally and physically and forced to live in over 40 locations between jails, prisons and refugee camps between Netherlands and Germany, while using a virus in my life, which is the lookalike of my fake son that was used as front for the IND-Dutch immigration and AIVD-CIA like organization, and also prior to that a front to the CIA and FBI in Houston, Texas from September 1999 and until July 2000, during which this person performed many damages upon my life. From August 2006 and until April 2012 I was severely brainwashed by the IND to cover up for what done to me so far and forced me to write my entire history , while simultaneously forcing me to write the wrong information and forcing me to attack literally everyone in the world, from Muslims to Christians to Jewish, to government to people neither I know nor they have anything to do with me, such as Bill Gates, British Royal family, Dutch Royal family, Scandinavian royal families, Kennedy family, Bush family, Rockefeller Family and the list goes on and on. Which in itself a long-term brainwash, not only by keeping me busy with the trash of their own mind, but also forcing many people to attack me right back, from Jewish to Turkish to whomever was attacked in that website that they forced me to create while they had me in their control environment in the refugee camp in the city of Dokkum and later in the village they forced me to live in called Bellingwolde, which they did something similar to me in the refugee camp of the city Ter Apel between 2001 and 2003. Therefore I was suffering of many attacks and torture as a result of this website that was forced upon me to cover up for the original agents, which is a domino effect, because once I discover one, then it will lead me to the next one and next one until I discovered that the German, British, US and Dutch government severely broke the laws not only by me through kidnap, causing me a total amnesia, brainwash, rape, torture and repeated kidnap enslaving me repeatedly under one of their evil agents, then locking me up for nearly 14 years between jails, prisons and refugee camps from July 2000 and until 2013 where then they awarded me the Dutch nationality, where I should have had the German nationality in 1980s and later the American nationality, yet they forced me to be a refugee since 1961 and that in itself is a long term mental torture that often lead to physical torture such as being homeless and sleeping on the streets in a very painful situations.

2016 I relocated to the city Den Haag/The Hague, where the persecution dramatically went down by 90%, but it is not enough, I want it to stop 100% plus I want justice.

What does all this have to do with my fake sister Fifi?

Let me start by saying that some members of my fake family and others think that with money and useless gold gifts they can blind their victim, and I admit for a short period of time I used to take this as a measure to think that this fake family loves me because they give me money as a gift, whereby this money that they give me is often to help me get out of problems that they pushed me in in the first of all and this amount of money can never get me out of the hole or pit they pushed me in to, but I always thought they tried, or better said I was forced to think that=brainwash. Or when I was setup to become Christian, these fake members started in 1976 to give me gold gifts, that at that time I saw only as a gift of gold, but it was a brainwash gift, which it was a gold bracelets or gold necklaces with Islamic signs, to show as if I am a fake Christian  or pretend to be Christian to force the members of the church to keep distance of me, which they did and I never noticed until recently, this while my fake family pretend to be moderate Muslim, in reality they are anything but kind or good or moderate, they are brainwasher, sadistic CIA and MI6 agents and the above listed history is the prove.

Not to forget, that officially I had 3 sisters, one brother, at least 11 nephew and nieces, 7 uncles (2 of which were also Syrian consul on the side, many countries do not hire a full time employee diplomat, but rather a foreigner that act as a consul in this foreign land and get pay for it while having diplomatic immunity to protect him or protect his fake identity, and there are many of these persons in my fake family),  , 1 aunt, over 40 cousins, countless second cousins and all of them are in many countries in Europe USA as well as in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, other so called Arab gulf petroleum countries, and many of them financially are far above average, some Millionaires and other maybe even Billionaires, yet they not only allowed that I be refugee from 1961 and until January 2013, but rather these sadistic people and CIA & MI6 agents pushed me in to these sadistic situations as cover up for kidnapping me in December 1959.

Now I come to my fake sister Fadia, but first, I absolutely do not look anything like my 3 sisters, my brother, my mother, my uncles, my cousins, my nephew and nieces, not my skin color, not my hair, not the shape of my body not my eyes, not my mouth, not my ears, not my fingers, nothing at all, above all absolutely not the way I think or behave.

Yet this sister called Fadia was the only one that sometimes stood by my side by far more than all of them combined, yet when push came to shove I was always alone and when I ask for the needed help, instead I receive a gift or a sum of money that is by far not even enough to shake my situation, and here is an example:

In 2000 when the FBI and CIA were severely persecuting me in Houston, Texas along with others that today I suspect to be my biological and/or fake family and wanted me to be scared and leave not only the city but the entire country, in this period of time I was for a short period in contact with this fake sister, whereby I did not know at that time that my entire family is fake family and that I was kidnapped in December 1959, and through the persecution and all the problems that caused upon my life which equals the CIA and FBI illegal method called operation chock, where they close the doors from all sides for their victims, me, enable to force their victim to go only in the direction they left open. In short, I was incapable to think under all these situations and pressure, and needed help, yet this sister did not give me this help. Or in 2001 when the American government brought me by force to the Netherlands, where I was being severely brainwashed in a controlled environment of the immigration authority and was not able to defend myself, except to leave this brainwash country, therefore I asked her to send me 500 US Dollars so I can escape this situation and go to my sister enable I can be free, work and build a life for myself after kidnapping me and keeping me as salve in USA for 15 years and then dumping me in the Netherlands as a mean of another brainwash and 13 years lockup, where now I am in a different country and they allegedly do not know me, but they did and they building upon the older brainwash. The answer of my fake sister was: are you sure you want to come to the UK, I can send you the 500 US Dollar no problem, but is this what you want?

What a stupid brainwash question is this?

Let us analyze this shortly:

1.       I was brainwashed enslaved and kidnapped to USA in 1986 by the CIA, MI6 and BP-British Petroleum, where they forced me to be as a refugee and illegal alien, where officially I have a sister and a brother and both did not move a finger to help me not being homeless, in reality I had countless relative of this fake family from the Khayat to Bdeir/Budeir to Baroudi, to Kheir, to Malas, and many more, yet they kept it secret of me

2.       I was used in USA to blackmail my biological family that until today I do not know who they are, yet and most definitely they fought me with everything they got and as a result I landed in the Netherlands locked up for 13 years

3.       In USA I cannot work officially, therefore I had to work unofficially

4.       In Netherlands I can’t work, and I am forced to be as a refugee in a country that smiles but locks up their refugees in controlled environment enable to brainwash them and adjust their brain to the Dutch way

5.       In the Netherland and to my knowledge I have absolute no relatives and no friends, and I am being forced to be a refugee again in the fourth country and this since 1961

6.       In the Netherlands I do not speak the language and I cannot express myself or know the environment

7.       I was brainwashed and severely enslaved since the evil CIA and MI6 and the BP-British Petroleum brainwashed me and enslaved me under their agent Najlaa Mahmoud and then kidnapped me to USA. Brainwash is a very sadistic deceive and lie stories. Now after 15 years of slavery I need to be with people I can trust

8.       In the UK I can be also a refugee where I speak the language, and I have a sister

Now, let us look at the above 7 points, which one is the best?

Which one is the most obvious choice?

number 8!

But she is neither my sister nor she really want me to be around, as a result I was forced to be locked up for 13 years in the Netherlands and now in 2018 I am totally isolated from real family, friends that I once had in the church and elsewhere, from work from my profession = this is not only as sadistic as it get, but also it is criminal!

Sure, I am sure I want to escape the lock up and all the things that are happening around my life and was not able to explain it and recognize at as a brainwash. She did not send me the money and I was forced to be dependent on this evil IND-Dutch immigration that not only brainwashed me and tortured me mentally and physically, but also locked me up until 2013!

And that was the best fake family member that treated me in this not very nice sadistic fake family and CIA & MI6 agents, therefore is not necessary to mentioned what the other caused me because it was even much, much, and much worse!

Never the less, and for the few hundred pounds that I get of her while I am forced to be locked up or forced to be unemployed as a mean of controlling my life, Thank you Fifi, I rather not having the money, and I much more prefer to have a real biological sister or a real biological family that I was deprived of in December 1959


Mr. Attar the general manager of Jeddah Port of the Saudi Port’s Authority in 1981 ()

When I was working at the Company Siemens AG in Munich from 1 Mai or June 1978 and until 31.12.1981, I was set in one main project called Saudi Port’s Authority. This project was a turn-key project to supply all ports, at that time, 14 ports of Saudi Arabia with complete computer systems including computer centers, training and maintenance, that started with 35 Million US Dollar in 1978 and continued even now to over 2 Billion US Dollar (this is based on what I read in the Internet). My employer and on the side set me in several other projects in Europe and in the Middle East, yet I traveled only to Saudi Arabia through this Saudi Port’s Authority project.

One of the many tasks I performed was to help one of the Saudi Port’s Authority managers, that was the director of the Jeddah Port in Saudi Arabia in 1981, to see Munich while he is visiting for a business meeting with the company Siemens AG. This gentleman was named Mr. Attar, very unfortunately I forgot his first name. He came with his wife and I believe 1 or 2 children. His wife was dressed from head to toe all in black and the only thing I can see is her hands and eyes.

Simultaneously to that I had a friend named Mohamad Attar. This gentleman I get to know through the brainwash period that the CIA & MI6 performed upon me in the American military base McGraw Kaserne in Munich (closed in 1999), in other words, I get to know him through the CIA & MI6 or they forced him upon me in late summer of 1970 and since I was allowed to leave that military base in around August 1972, I never saw this man again until around March 1981, where I get a new apartment indirectly through my employer Siemens AG, and Mr. Mohamad Attar contacted me in March 1981, even though I did not see him or hear from him since 1972. Then it turned out that he contacted me was a part of a setup to introduce me to a woman named Adelheid Kuczka that was meant to distract me by force of the Church that I totally fill in love with, now I also love Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka, and I did not recognize that she was being used against me as distraction of the church. This situation plus the following shows that the CIA and the BND are (the German CIA like organization) working officially together but really against each other’s, Where the CIA goal is to keep Germany under the control of USA and their allies since the second world war, while the BND is protecting Germany of negative foreign influences such as CIA & MI6. Not everyone in Germany is for Germany or for USA, the same is also in USA, not everyone in USA is for USA or even for the allies of USA!

Mr. Mohamad Attar, is very possibly an employee or agent from BND (the German CIA like organization), the reason I came to this conclusion, is because I was taken in March 1970 to the American military base named McGraw Kaserne under the CIA control and within the controlled environment of the military b, and since I was in Germany as refugee and the CIA, MI6 and my fake family set me up to look like as if I have connection to top terrorist enable to give the CIA a reason to take me to a controlled environment in the military base to investigate this connection, and they can do that only with the cooperation of the German government where I was forced to be a refugee, and there with the BND and most probably set Mr. Mohamad Attar on me in that military base and made it look like that I get to know him through an American military sergeant named Hamouri that allegedly is originated from Palestine, and that is the best cover for Mr. Mohamad Attar alia my fake friend!

Now back to Mr. Attar the director of the Saudi Port in Jeddah, one day and I have absolutely no idea how I came with this idea except that someone must have forced it upon me using telepathy, or Mr. Attar from Saudi Arabia possibly told me that he also have relatives in Syria as a mean to get my attention that my fake Syrian family are Saudi Arabian, then I told Mr. Attar from Saudi Arabia, that I also know another Mr. Attar in Munich that is from Syria and who knows maybe they are related and asked him if he would want to meet him, he said yes, therefore I called my friend (a CIA or BND agent, which I did not know that at that time) Mr. Mohamad Attar and told him I like to come and visit him with Mr. Attar from Saudi Arabia, maybe they are related. He welcomed us. Mr. Attar from Saudi Arabia including his all covered up wife and me, went to Mr. Mohamad Attar the Syrian. When we arrived Mrs. Attar the Saudi and all covered up in black suddenly took off her black cover, and was dressed all as colorful European with a skirt above the knees and a bit reveling blouse showing most of her arms and parts of her chest while having hair that looked like as if she just came from a hair dresser and a makeup as if she from Paris or Hollywood, in other words, she totally looks different than any Saudi Arabian woman that I saw so far. Naturally I expressed my surprised condition and talked about it, yet I am going to cut it short and come to the point, but first let’s look at other circumstances, In the meantime I went 2-3 times to Saudi Arabia and visited some members of my fake family, one of them worked allegedly as a judge for the ministry of interior and his name was Jawdat Baroudi and he was my fake uncle and one of the kidnapper and brainwashed from December 1959, while he also was the Syrian consul. All the family members that I visited at either their home or a place that they pretended to be their home and was forced to believe it was where they live, which is middle class and under. My fake family were fighting me constantly to never come and visit them again by pretending to be nice to me and smiling to my face yet from the background they were closing all the doors to force me not to be successful here and force me to never come back to the Middle East, a couple of years later I was kidnapped to USA.

Now back to the visit of the 2 x Attar families, one is from Syria and married to an alleged German woman and the other is from Saudi Arabia and married allegedly to Saudi Arabian, in reality she could have been Turkish, Mexican, Italian, Greek or whatever, because in these days there was a shortage on women in countries like Saudi Arabia and they were considering women as commodities and importing them from all over the world, all the qualification that was needed to be a wife of an alleged Saudi Arabian is to look good, everything else is not important because they can force the women to be and behave as they want.

Now to the conclusion of this stupid theater: They were trying to tell me that the women in my fake family, such as my sister, my cousins and others are not Syrians, but rather Saudi Arabians, because they placed me in a position to compare a wife of a Syrian, which was German, yet and since they have been married since the mid-1960s, and they travel frequently to Syria, at least once every year, she really became Syrian and behave as Syrian, yet the females in my fake family, if it is in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, UK or Hamburg, behave like the Saudi Mrs. Attar that was arrogant and completely the opposite of the Syrian Mrs. Attar that was totally humble. The females in my fake family they do not know how to be humble, and they not only are absolutely arrogant, but they spend a lot on the way they look and dress, many of them spend 2-3 hours on making their self-ready to go out, by working on their hair, nails and makeup, I call that stupid wasting their time and intelligence that they very much lack of on things that are also dead when they are dead, they concentrate on how they look instead on how they behave, which very much means that they concentrate not on others and they absolutely do not care a bit about the others, but rather they concentrate on their brainwashed brain that their goal in life is enjoy their selves through food, drink and complements that they look good, in reality they do not look good, the cloths, makeup and nail vanish might look good and they think it makes them look good.

As a result of this and other situations, these nasty fake family and CIA & MI6 agents work closely with the CIA + MI6 + BP-British Petroleum + BND to brainwash me and enslaved me under one of their most disgusting agents that have one thing in common with the females of my fake family, which is: she wakes up at 6 in the morning and before doing anything such as brushing her teeth, she cover her stupid face with make up to force my mind to think it is normal for Syrian women to do that, which is not true, most of Syrian women are real Muslims and not pretender, where they are often very humble and do not care about how they look but rather they care about that they look as a Muslim.

This small situations shows that whenever someone was trying to help me or get my attention to one thing or another, the CIA + MI6 + my fake family, and this + BP-British Petroleum would break all laws, decency, humanity, moral values, religious values to prevent their victim to understand in that they brainwash people, rape them, kidnap them, torture them mentally and physically and then pretend to love them and give them small gold gifts that you can buy in any corner for pennies or send them some money, just to blind the brain, yet their behavior is as rotten as it gets, they lie, they deceive, they fake identities, they have double and exchange places with doubles without telling others, they brainwash people, they pretend to be Muslim or even Christian or even Jewish to deceive people while making bad names for real Muslims, Real Christians and Real Jewish, they pretend to be Syrians to blame the Syrians for all their bad behavior and character or even for lack of their character.

Therefore, I would like to thank Mr. Attar from Saudi Arabia that was the director of Jeddah Port in Saudi Arabia for trying to get my attention to this situation, Very unfortunately when the CIA, MI6 and fake family like that, where some of them on top of all the bad characteristics have also telepathy that they also misuse to enslave others, in other words I was not able to understand this help or many other help attempts also through Siemens AG, due to the CIA & MI6 and this fake family were 100% controlling my mind, this is how nasty is the CIA, MI6, and fake families like that, that forget that they are human and others are also human, but think of their selves as wild animals and behave as such!


And some Others ()

I met many good people even in the evil village Bellingwolde and the municipality Scheemda or Oldambt and other surrounding municipalities, often I do not know their names and the rest I am not mentioning them by name because I do not want to hurt them with my complaint.

All of the above mentioned, are just an example to show you my own character, my sadness, my disappointment of the Dutch government, German government, US government, Jordanian government and Saudi Arabian government, the source of all evil in my life!

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