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All I want, is justice. and I want to know who is my biological family. If you want me to stop complaining then tell me who is my biological family and give me justice, which can be found in all the repeated complaint letters that I sent to the many government sections, offices and officals of those responsible, and many did not even answer. So, I will continue to complain and lay out who did what to me and why they did it, until you give me justice, which is a very reasonable request after all what you did to me!!

Note: This is not a threat, nor it is blackmail. I am Christian and as such I do not threat, I do not blackmail, I do not revange, I do not live by eye for eye, and tooth for tooth and I do not sue people, I just try to reason with them. If I am unsuccessful in my reasoning with them then I go to the next higher instance, and I am here at the highest instance, your boss, the one who elected you, the people in USA, UK, Germany and the Netherlands, the four countries where I was brainwashed in or by, enslaved and kidnapped, forced to be refugee in 4 countries from 1961 to 2013, 9 years in Egypt, 17 years in Germany,  locked up for 15 years by kidnapping in USA, locked up for 13 years by force in the Netherlands and Germany, not counting the kidnapping to USA and keeping me as slave and raping me for 15 years in USA, tortured me mentally and physically while destroying all my social and professional relations over and over and over again since 1960.

What is Telepathy?


What is telepathy?


The simple quick answer

Telepathy is the ability to communicate directly from one brain to another brain or simultaneously to many other brains, which is much faster than the common way of speaking or giving a speech or lecture!


We cannot be better than our teacher, which is God (or nature if believing in an invisible to us God is difficult), meaning we learn of what already exist and we try to imitate it and expanding it and build upon it, this includes animals that can go faster than us and we ride them such as horses, then we develop our own mechanical much faster and bigger horses=bikes, cars, buses. Or birds, we tried to imitate them and build planes and so on.


And so is with telepathy, we first forced pigeons to be our message carrier, then we build telegraph, phones and now we have internet where we can exchange not only text, but also voice, photos, videos, teleconferencing and entire history, and so can telepathy, just faster than our talking or even internet!



People imitate telepathy, because telepathy had limited reach distance, and they wanted to expand it, so they created from telegraph, to telephone, radio, moving pictures (movies and films) to TV and internet. The best example for that is the British Royal family that invested in late 1800 in the telegraph cabling between USA and Europe by a company that later became the AT & T (American Telephone and Telegraph), which is practically owned by the British Royal family, that also owns CNN-Cable News Network.


Extended answer

First thing first. Telepathy is a human capability and it is not supernatural, nor it is limited only to ugly human eating alien creature, they are human just like you and me. And as all human, there are good ones and others that learned from childhood to misuse the telepathy to enslave others. There are thousands of good persons with telepathy, they are the ones that build something and pull thousands or hundreds of thousands and some even millions of people out of poverty and slavery. Personally, I know many of those persons, I never met them, or at least not consciously, yet I see their work!


Telepathy is a hidden sense that many have. Based on my life experience and educated guess, which is based on my life and what I saw, there are around 0.05% to 0.5% of the population in each country persons with telepathy, people who are born with telepathy, while possibly others are being also born with it, but it is being disabled at birth, and you don’t even have to be in the room to disable the telepathy of a child, I believe they can do it even before birth. I call it circumcising the brain, because it has absolute the same effect as circumcision!


Telepathy is divided by scientist in several supernatural capabilities that no one can prove. Some of these alleged supernatural capabilities is telepathy = communicate on distance, telekinesis which is the ability to  manipulate objects with pure thoughts including the body of human and other creature, telepathy, is in reality a combination of senses or capabilities that we are forced to believe that it is separate supernatural capabilities of rare individuals or even aliens from outer space=brainwash.


Some of the listed below may seem difficult to grasp, because we are all raised to believe that this is not possible!


Be patient because now you know them you will start noticing some of these things.


It is just like passing by some sign, but you never noticed it, and suddenly you notice it and think, is this new, but it has been always here, it just did not interest you, because you were told it is not important!


Based on my life experience and what was done to me, a person with telepathy can perform many things, yet some know how to use their own capabilities more or better than others, it is just like one man train himself to be a champion in lifting weights and he can lift 300 KG, while a normal person can hardly lift 30 kg. Here is what a person with telepathy is capable of doing, and this is what is known to me that I experienced on myself but also saw the effect of it on others, but this does not exclude other things that I did not notice or did not see:

1.       Communicate from his brain to another person(s)’s brain, and this regardless if the other person has telepathy capability or not

2.       There are 2 ways that they use to communicate:

a.       Using a language, least used

b.       Using direct brain to brain communication to exchange information without a language, which is faster than a language. I am not certain how this scientifically works but based on what I have repeatedly experienced and based on the fact that the brain does no uses language, but rather exchanges memories through stored feelings, senses, stored voices, smells and so on, they can somehow place the state of their mind in the other persons mind by exchanging what is stored in the brain. For example, I am lost in the city and I suddenly see a map in my brain (as if it is from my memory, but I never seen this map before) that shows me the way, or an image of someone or the letter head of some letter and so on. Another example, if a person would like to discuss another person’s cloths, he would exchange the image of the person emphasizing his clothing by enlarging the image in the brain, while simultaneously, placing the brain expression of ugly such as vomit, and therewith in fraction of a second the receiver will understand that the sender is telling him “James were really wearing ugly clothing today”. Try to say that in a fraction of a second!

3.       Ability to force the brain of others to cease control of own body and mind and therewith this person can take control and force the other to do and say what he/she wants as if the other person is just a wireless speaker for his thoughts, and here to there are 3 possibilities:

a.       The controller knocks out the controlled one unconscious and control his body as he wishes, and therefore the controlled one will not memorize the situation and will not know what happened. It is as if the brain went to sleep and the body is a puppet controlled from distance, and later  the controlled one can’t remember a thing

b.       The controller leaves the controlled one conscious but powerless and without control of his own body, and therewith he can remember it and if he knows himself well he would recognize that he was forced by telepathy to this action or situation and can’t do anything about it!

c.       The controller leaves the controlled one conscious and on/off exchanges control over the controlled one, and there with the controlled one gets confused in recognizing what he really wanted and did do and what was forced upon him. Again, here it can be no problem to recognize who did what, if the controlled one knows himself well

4.       A person with telepathy can control body part, can control and move one single hair or several giving a person the feeling as if some insect is walking over the skin, or force the heart to pomp faster or slower, or even make the backside of a shirt move and a person would have the feeling as if a big spider is walking on the back and so on

5.       Can modify body part and emulate, simulate or create sicknesses or modify the hair color or change the shape of parts of the body, such as make black hair grey, white skin brown, or create a swelling in certain areas, such as face to have a wide cheeks and therewith change also it is own looks

6.       Can move or lift objects without having to be at the same location as the object, including your body or blanket or making something drop of the table

7.   Can force a dream upon you, in matter of facts all the dreams we have is through telepathy to influence our thinking, but also to stress us, because when a person sleep he supposed to regenerate and a dream will most definitely interrupt this process and make the person not have enough sleep, and that is why and since I discovered that, I ignore all the forced upon me dreams because dreams can be brainwash to force us to think this way or that way and take an action accordingly, which was often used very negatively upon me, an real example of a repeated dream of mine: a person I know is sitting on a chair looking at me as if he is my guard or guarding me, confounding me and holding me back by force and sometimes looking at the window, while I am in a bedroom sleeping and can’t move can’t get up and can’t leave the room, no matter how hard I try, I cannot do any of that. This dream was forced upon me maybe 3-5 times during a period  in end of  1999 to 2000 where I was forced by the FBI to recognize telepathy as telepathy and not hallucinations, while another group of people were trying to come between the FBI and me while protecting their selves, to make it short and within this situation, I was very much confused and scared of telepathy, while simultaneously took this dream as a hint that this person in my bedroom was persecuting me with telepathy and was the one causing me to be locked up unjustly for several years, as a result I wrote very negatively about this person. Today, even I never liked that person, because he was sleazy, yet I remain by the fact, which is I have no way of recognizing who is using telepathy on me, I can only guess based on certain situation and circumstances but most definitely not based on a forced upon me dream!

8.       Can make you pass out in less than a second

9.       Can make you wake up of your sleep at any time without doing anything except waking up your brain, then force upon you thoughts to prevent you of going to sleep

10.   Can react very quickly to prevent things of happening, such as a cup that drops or a car accident, which also happened to me more than once

11.   Can heal any sicknesses or cause any sicknesses, because can control and manipulate body part that I saw on myself and others many times over since 1959

12. You cannot see who is using telepathy with you or on you, he/she could be an old person, a child a man or a woman, a person with intellectual disability, can speak several languages and therewith can deceive you about his personality, an example: I learned more English in the Netherlands than:
12.1. 2.5 years living and working in an American military base +
12.2. 7 years as boyfriend and later married to an alleged English woman+
12.3. 4 years Working as IT professional in various countries in Europe and Asia, where English was the business language used +
12.4. 15 Years living in USA by force of kidnapping, where I was isolated by force of a severe brainwash

Yet, in Netherlands I learned more English than in all these places combined, and then because these persons that were controlling my life and persecuted me with telepathy between 2001 and 2016, wanted me to believe that they are Americans as distractions of the Dutch in Netherlands that were persecuting me since the American government forced me to be in the Netherlands enable I be re-brainwashed very destructively. Netherlands economy relies to over 70% on services, and they with no doubt offer brainwash services to Americans and others, and the best prove is not only me, but also many of those that were unjustly locked up in Guantanamo bay military prison, were brought to the Netherlands to be re-brainwashed, because the Dutch Government have their ways of destroying a human being by reforming his mind, while continue to smile and feeding the victim!

13.   I believe the distance of telepathy is limited, yet I do not know 100% how limited, I believe it is maybe 1-5 km, whereby some may be able to go a little further or much more further, such as a few KM to maybe 100 km or more, which I doubt, I think they use networking enable to force a person to think that a person with telepathy he know is 200 KM or even 5000 KM far is using telepathy on him from that distance, but in reality the network of the friend is near the victim and are using telepathy in the name of the person far away. There are many indications in our and my history that shows me telepathy distance is limited to 1-30 km +/- 20 km, I can be wrong, yet until I can find another prove it is like that. I can depend on God or nature, which it clearly says everything has a limitation and a person can’t scream further than his own sight, however there is always exceptions=nature & God!


That was in a nutshell telepathy as I experienced it since the year 2000 that helped me by force to recognize telepathy that was used upon me since the year 1959, including my fake memory from prior to 1959, which was forced upon me by telepathy, yet and since this was a crime, and a crime can never be perfect, no matter how long it last, I was able with certainty to recognize after the year 2000 that all my memories from prior to December 1959 were fake and that I had a total amnesia including loses of speech and language, that then as an 8 years old I had to learn from scratch and they covered it up by taking me from somewhere, most probably USA, to Egypt over Syria with fake Syrian identity, and claiming I just speak a different dialect of Arabic, which was a lie, I spoke no Arabic at all, they forced me to learn Arabic using telepathy in a couple of weeks, and it was not enough for an 8 years old and I was able to verify this situation between 1976 and 1978, where I was setup to become Christian enable they can blame anything that happen to me on my fake family that pretended to be Muslim from the Middle East, whereby and before I became Christian in Germany I was living 7 years in Germany, yet was prevented by the CIA to learn German, I went twice to top language school and paid the full tuition in both times I was forced to stop, and from 1970-1976 I learned maybe a few hundred words and sentences, yet after 1976 and until summer 1978 I learned German so fast, that today I have no doubt in my mind that many in that church helped me with telepathy to learn how to speak and understand German as if I was living there for 20 years, which boosted myself confidence dramatically, because my self-confidence was very low, far lower than average, due to all the brainwash and control schemes I had to go through, which I will lay down sometimes later!

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