Slavery in Germany

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Note for me: The fake US Dollar Setup on 11.10.1969


Munich and suburban areas in Germany 10 October 1969 to September 1976.


A very important note: Within this and other pages, I mention that CIA, MI6, BND and AIVD, pretend to be investigating my alleged connections to terrorism and/or other crimes, hereto, no one has ever came up to me and said we are going to investigate you for this or that, but rather they left a trail of pretending to do so as if they are doing it without my knowledge from the back ground by monitoring my movements and/or setting on me one of their agents that pretend to be my friend or even girlfriend, or even and possibly having cameras and microphones in my housing, if this true or not I do not know, because I never discovered a microphone or a camera, nor did any of their hidden agents around my life came up to me and said, I am not really your friend, I was just pretending to be spying on you,, but rather it was a conclusion based on a situation or a setup around my life. It is all to force me to think that I was mistakenly persecuted because they suspected me as connected to top terrorists, and this from 1970 and until 2012, which is a very nasty, sadistic and most destructive brainwash method!


This is how my fake family get rid of me once they had no more need for me in Egypt, and set me up several times to look like as if I am connected to drug lords and terrorism enable to give the CIA and MI6 the power to take control of my life in Germany by pretending to be spying on the source of terrorism and drug lords, but in reality they were covering up for their agents as well as members of my fake family that were hidden members of the Jordanian, Saudi Arabian, UEA, Kuwait and Oman Royal families that are originated from USA and Europe, including but not limited to Germany, UK and the Netherlands where they forced me to live under their control in in these mentioned countries. In the first 3 years after bringing me from Egypt to Germany for re-brainwashing me and enslaving me under one of their female agents that was allegedly British enable she can keep me under control and isolate me of others that may help me get free or talk about my fake relatives in Egypt and Jordan, whereby and until the year 2000 I thought that these were my biological family since birth and that I was living in Syria all my life, until I started to analyze my past by force because between 1999 and 200 the FBI was severely persecuting me, and then brought me to the Netherlands by force where I was locked up for 13 years between jails, prisons and refugee camps and during this period where I was forced to recognize my past in the control environment of the Dutch IND.


Note-1: Please note that some sections are repeated in other pages.

Note-2: I cannot see telepathy, and therefore I do not know who is using it. Is it the person with me now or another person with telepathy is using the person that is with me now as decoy and performing telepathy attacks on me, in the later case, this makes both equally dangerous for me?

Note-3, Very important to note: to be fair, even though during the period of 10.10.1969 to roughly September 1972 I was officially in Germany, yet I was forced over 90% of the times to live under the control of the American military in and around  the military base McGraw kaserne, thereafter I was living in the German environment yet controlled by the agent Anita Disbray that they enslaved me under in August 1970 and until September 1977, where they used the church and my fake mother to separate me of her in a very nasty setup, where every one was blaming the other, and I had no idea what was going on, because my fake mother was covering up for the CIA and this evil agent.



Taking me to Germany on 10.10.1969

Setting me up as if I am connected to terrorism and other crimes

Forcing me to live in the American military base for a re-brainwash

Setting me up to become Christian

Using me as a blackmail object against my fake family members in the Middle East

Re-brainwashing, enslaving me and kidnapping me to USA between January 1984 and September 1986




Germany lost the World War 2, and ever since and at least until late 1990s, they were controlled by the so-called World War allies, which were among others: USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Ex-Soviet Union and others. Ex-Soviet Union controlled East Germany, all others controlled West Germany and divided Wet Germany in sectors, each country controlling some sectors, such as Bavaria and other parts were USA sector South Western side of Germany was France, Middle to north Germany was UK and so on. I was forced to live in Bavaria, that was totally controlled by American military.


Also, the World War 2 was going on in the Middle East, where the above-mentioned countries including German Nazis were all over the Middle East and each one of them was trying to protect their own self-proclaimed territories from Yemen and Saudi Arabia to Iraq and Syria and from Morocco to Egypt. When they ended the World War 2, many of the military stayed in the Middle East as further protection, whereby some of the military were even before in these Middle Eastern countries from prior to World War 1 (one). My life showed me that these military that stayed in the Middle East, changed their invasion and colony strategies to avoid further wars by integrating their self in the so called Arab societies and became the hidden arm and voice of the Americans, Europeans and some even the Ex-Soviet Union, whereby and to my knowledge the ex-Soviet Union were severely struggling to maintain some of their territories such as Yemen, which cause wars, ever since and until today, they even divided Yemen in to north and south Yemen, then it was reunited again. Today they are using Saudi Arabia and Iran as a proxy war between both Western and Eastern power countries.


These persons who stayed in the Middle East and integrated their self as Middle Eastern became hidden spies and hidden royalties from Jordan to Saudi Arabia and form Oman to Iraq, and the same in North Africa and in particular in Egypt, that was through and through American/British I know that because I was forced to live there for 10 years from 1960 to 1969.


What does all the above have to do with my complaint?


Simple members of my fake family are these hidden agents and hidden royalties working with and under the protection of the CIA, MI6, BND, AIVD (Dutch version of CIA) and others. These hidden agents and hidden royalties are being constantly updated and upgraded, this means they send new ones with fake identities as reinforcement but also to make sure that they stay loyal. And the way they do that is that they send them as employees for some companies to Jordan, Saudi Arabia or other countries for a couple of years then and when their Arabic is good enough they send them to the other country, such as Egypt, Syria or others, I know that for fact because this is my fake family consisting of 16 adult and 5 children that were set together in 10/11 January 1959 and sent to several countries and when we arrived in Egypt the older agents and hidden royalties confirmed our identities as if we were their relatives and close friends from Syria, which we were most definitely not, but I did not recognize that at that time. Also some of them possibly are being send to Germany and other countries as hidden agents that pretend to be Syrian that were living in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. And that too was 100% fake, because all of them are hidden agents and have fake identities just as each members of my fake family.


In Egypt they used me as a decoy that we are allegedly from Syria, where they caused me total amnesia and forced fake memories upon me among others by telling me stories and I believed it to be reality and the Egyptians when they examine me, or even later the Germans or Americans will find only the fake memories that I am allegedly born in Damascus, Syria from 1952 to 1960 and then in Egypt from 1960 to 1969. In reality I was kidnapped around 10/11 January 1960 where they took me to a hotel Damascus Syria, brainwashed me, falsified my identity and took me to Cairo Egypt on 15 January as an alleged Syrian, and that is fact. Period.


What they did to me in Egypt you can read here and there, if I ever get to it, I will write my slavery life in Egypt, but for now I going to describe my slavery time in Germany.


Therewith, the origin and the birth place of all known to me members of my fake family are 100% Americans, British, Germans, Dutch and possibly also from Italy and other European countries. In Egypt I met hundreds of these people that pretended to be Arabs, yet they were not, in matter of fact they were constantly creating mass brainwash situations, one of them a very famous Egyptian Comedian duo named “Abo Lamaa and Khawaga Peugeo”, they were famous in all Arab countries, where the first pretend to be a smart Egyptian and the second a smart European speaking Arabic, while in reality both were stupid.  What is important here is that Khawaga Peugeo, in reality he was Egyptian or even Syrian, was speaking Arabic with a very, very big dialect and very lacking vocabulary, and this made it very clear that Arabic language is very difficult to impossible to master by foreigners, therefore no Arab will ever suspect one of these hidden agents and hidden royalties that they are foreigners and as a confirmation to this, many go publicly in TV, and other media and explain why foreigners cannot speak proper Arabic, which was all mass brainwash.


Additional important note to the above, these new comers that pretend to be Arab but from another Arabic country are often brought from other countries where the Europeans and Americans have military bases or control a country, such as Japan, Indonesia, Honk Kong, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Greece and the list is huge, where they are all together the Europeans and Americans have military bases in nearly every country in the world, and therewith if it ever comes out, then they blame it on the other country.


Another very negative and destructive acts these agents and hidden royalties do to distract of their selves is that they pretend not only to be Muslim, but they promote Islam in a very violent way, while they, their selves, do not follow the religion that they force upon the others, with the exception when they are in public!


I know that was a long introduction, but it is also a pre-explanation of these very destructive people, such as my fake family that not only enslaved me in the name of Islam, but also kidnapped me, rapped me, tortured me and prevented me of ever advancing in life, and this no matter what I try, as soon as they notice I am advancing in life, they popup in my life and destroy whatever I am building for myself and others, just to keep me busy restarting to not notice their destructive behavior not only to me, but also with thousand and Millions others, that they perform also in Europe and USA, and my life is the best prove, and what is very sad and painful about this, is that agencies such as CIA, MI6, BND and AIVD help them do that, distract and cover up for them as well as protect them, here too my life is the best prove, such as when I started to be free and build a life for myself in Munich, Germany, they came all over my life in 1984 re-brainwashed me, enslaved me under the CIA & MI6 whore named Najlaa Mahmoud and removed me from Germany by kidnapping me to USA using brainwash technique, telepathy and fear, where in USA I was forced to live as an illegal for 15 years under the control of their evil agent that always sabotaged whatever I tried to build for my self while she was protected by the CIA and FBI, then they dumped me in the Netherlands where I was prevented to advance in live by locking me up for 13 years between jails, prisons and refugee camps, thereafter I was 100% prevented to work, and here I am complaining about all this!


Taking me to Germany on 10.10.1969

For details please see the pages “kidnapping children” and my “Fake Family”.


Here I will be just listing highlights and reminders of these pages>


My fake mother Hyatt/Hayat Baroudi and from around 1962/62 had a boyfriend in Cairo Egypt, named Mohi Sabri. He was police officer.  He disappeared in 1968, he was on and off living with us, for 2 weeks to 4 months, then he disappears and come back and disappears and come back. After he disappeared my fake mother allegedly looked for him and allegedly found him through her fake brother named Dr. Farzat Baroudi that was living in Koln Germany and later in Hamburg, Germany.


In Spring 1969 she went to Germany allegedly to see her boyfriend, then she came back in Summer 1969 and sent me to private lesson by school teacher to learn English, allegedly because she is going to take me to study in Germany, usually you teach people the language of the country that you are taking them to, in my case it was German, but she sent me for 2-3 months to learn English and not German and that was because she was going to deliver me to the American military, which she did. I did not learn much English through these private lessons, because someone with telepathy was constantly persecuting me and distracting me of concentrating. However, I was able to memorize around 50 words and sentences for the daily use.


On 10.10.1969, my birthday, my fake mother and I took the plane from Cairo, Egypt to Frankfurt, Germany. We arrived around noon, my fake mother took me from the airport to a café somewhere in Frankfurt, I do not know how she was able to do that, because she claimed not to speak any foreign language, which is typical for these hidden agents and hidden royalties. The reason I find it difficult to do that, is because enable to go from the airport to the café, you have to be able to read the one thing or another in German, anyway. In the café we waited for several hours until her alleged boyfriend arrived and took us to his apartment, a one room apartment. This Mohi Sabri lookd totally different, he seemed to me a bit shorter and darker skin, the original was white and had a lot of look similarities to a German politician named Jürgen Möllemann, even his hair and mustache style, above all he was at least 25-30 kg lighter, and they forced me to think that this person is the same person as in Egypt, just lost a lot of weight. The 3 of us slept on the floor, because he usually sleeps on his couch, which is for one person only, and while I am sleep and giving them my back they either pretended or were having sex, which is totally unusual and unethical, therefor I suspect that this person was not Mohi Sabri, but rather a lookalike and them having sex was only to force my mind to think it is the same one. On the next morning my fake mother and I took the train to Munich, where we went to a hotel called Maria on Schwanthalerstraße in downtown Munich.


I was sent a couple of times to work in the so called Gross Markt Halle (fruit and vegetable market distribution), sort of a daily job for 3 Mark an hour. Today I am guessing or suspecting that this fake mother was already another lookalike and was using me to blackmail someone, because they claimed that the family of my fake original mother were working in sale and distribution of fruits and vegetables, where later I recognized that it was a lie.


My fake mother registered me in a school to learn German, a few years later I was able to recognize that it was one of the top schools. I was registered to learn German in a 3 months course, 5 days a week from 8 in the morning to 13 hours.


I went there only a couple of days, at the most one week, then my fake mother said that she allegedly ran out of money and need to go to Syria to get some money, which I believed her at that time. But today I have the following question:

a.       Why didn’t her alleged brother Dr. Farzat Baroudi not help her get a room and save money instead of the hotel?

b.       Why didn’t her alleged brother Dr. Farzat Baroudi not send her some money?

c.       Why did she had to go to Syria to get money, even though and to my knowledge she had no money, therefore she wanted to get it allegedly from her family in Syria

d.       One Month later I recognized that this family had a very big influence in Germany, which was repeatedly was confirmed, but I understood all that only after the year 2000.

e.       Why did she place me in school that and to my knowledge at that time was around 400 Deutsch Mark (equivalent today to at least 1000 Euro) for 3 months, when she had to withdraw me after one week?


There are many possible answers for the above questions, yet only one is valid: Someone told her to relate me more to Syria and implicate me as terrorist and related to drug lords and then bring me back enable the Americans can take me over from the Germans, which was the CIA and the American military headquarter in Munich called European Exchange System, that I believe was the headquarter of the American military administration in Europe inside the American military base called McGraw Kaserne, closed  in 1992.


And therewith, she immediately started by and out of no where she suddenly know a person called Bssisso that was an alleged Palestinian and used car dealer, where he arranged for our trip from Munich to Syria through allegedly his client that was allegedly is Kurdish (allegedly the only allies of the Americans in Syria = CIA and American military), bought several cars and tucks of him and going to drive them all with his friends to Syria this week. They loaded cars on some of the trucks and we all drove to Syria on around 10 December 1969.


He took us with him, they were a convoy of around 4-6 cars and trucks. The Kurdish man was around 155-160 cm tall, and something was very wrong with his face, possibly injury or he was born like that, I cannot exactly recall.


It took us around 4-5 days to reach Damascus, over Austria, former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Syria, where we made one hotel stop in Sofia, Bulgaria.


I suddenly was sick and had allegedly high favor, and past out in the hotel and wake up the next very early in the morning, maybe 4 o’clock, where my fake mother was placing some cold towels over my forehead. Today I strongly believe that this lady is not the same lady as from last night, and if this is true, then they forced the sickness upon me enable she can wake me up by placing these cold towels enable to force my mind to get used to her as the same woman from last night. If this is all true, then I concluded that these evil people did that on purpose to implicate me with ex-Soviet Union. The entire situation was totally messed up and very odd.


Arrived at the Syrian border they held us many hours, maybe 10-15 hours, and confiscated my fake Syrian passport and said that I am drafted to the military and have to register myself in Damascus.


End of first trip to Germany from 10.10.1969 to around 10.12.1969


Setting me up as if I am connected to terrorism and other crimes

Arriving in Damascus, we stayed in an apartment allegedly belong to my fake uncle Jalal Baroudi that I saw for the first time in my life around end 1960 as he came to Cairo as an alleged Syrian diplomat for 1-2 years, during which I hardly saw him, maybe 1-2 times.


I was 10 days in Damascus Syria. This is my second time in Damascus, the first time was around 10 years earlier directly after kidnapping me from USA, taking me to Damascus, Syria on 10/11 January 1960, placed me in a hotel with my fake mother (Hyatt/Hayat Baroudi) and 22 fake sisters (Fadia Najar and Moni/Afrah Najar), caused me a total amnesia, falsified my identity, told me fake stories about my past that I believed all my life to be true and after 3-4 days all 4 of us flew to Cairo, Egypt.


I was confined to the apartment or specific areas only. I was not taken to the following areas, that if I was Syrian it would have been 100% must, which are:

1.       My grandparents house, that I never visited in my life, yet I can describe it almost to smallest details and this because they brainwashed me to think I lived there for nearly 6 months

2.       My aunt Eftikar Kheir, the alleged sister of my fake mother, in reality she was neither her sister nor she was what she claimed to be, she was nothing else than a nanny for hidden children of agents and Arab royalties. My aunt house was allegedly in Mazeh right next to a hospital, but all this out of my fake memory

3.       Our house where we allegedly lived since my birth in an area called Mazeh, just around 100-200 meters of my fake above mentioned aunt

4.       Taking me to visit other relatives. As far as I recall I went twice to visit relatives, but it is a very questionable memories, and since I discovered at least one fake memory was forced upon me during that trip with my fake uncle Dr. Farzat Baroudi, then these two visits were most probably also fake memories

5.       Also I did not see my fake uncle Jalal Baroudi and his alleged family, they claimed that they were in Moscow as Syrian Diplomat, which I do not believe anything they said to me, they are the biggest liars and deceivers above all they are 100% con-people and a can person always conform a lie with another lie, and that is fact, and here is one, later in Germany they told me that this fake uncle is now transferred to Switzerland, and during his transfer he shipped all his belonging to Syria, but the ship allegedly sank and he lost all his belonging and his family belonging. They always like to create dramatic lies to force others to feel sorry for them


What is important is who was there:

1.       Me

2.       My fake mother Hyatt/Hayat Baroudi that possibly was a lookalike of the original lookalike!!

3.       My fake uncle Jawdat Baroudi, that last saw him was in 1967 in Amman Jordan as I was sent there for a summer vacation, and he allegedly was a Syrian diplomat and consul in Amman, Jordan, and now he tells me that he was fired of of being a diplomat because he allegedly had an argument with him, and now allegedly looking for job

4.       My fake uncle Badeaa Baroudi, he claimed to have taken over the business of his father, which is a whole sale and distribution of fruits and vegetables, which I do not believe any more, I possibly saw his children

5.       My fake uncle Dr. Farzat Baroudi, and this is the second time that I meet him, the first time was 8-14 months earlier in Cairo. He performed a severe brainwash situation upon me that forced me to think that I knew him all my life since birth and that he was also living in the grandparent house in 1959 from summer and until sometimes where he allegedly went to Germany to study in Summer or late summer of 1959. But later I recognized that it was a fake memory forced upon me and that I never saw this man before around 1968/69 in Cairo, Egypt as my uncle that lives and study in Koln, Germany and now again in December 1969.

6.       This is it for a big family that consist of over 200 persons


Linking me to terrorism by force

To the problem, now I am in Syria and allegedly I am drafted to the military until the war with Israel is ended, which is indefinite, at least that is what these criminals told me, and therewith I cannot go back to Germany to study, where I really fell in love with Munich from first sight, where everything is organized, polite and flow nicely. Thereto, my evil fake uncles Badeaa + Jawdat + Farzat + Baroudi + my fake mother had allegedly the only solution, which is if I volunteer to fight Israel with the PLO, then the Syrian government allegedly would then grant me permission and excuse me from being drafted to the Syrian military and will issue for me a travel document to go to the PLO front in Jordan and with this paper I can travel and leave Syria to Jordan, and in Jordan my fake sisters will get me another passport and with it I can then travel back to Germany to study.


My fake uncle  Badeaa Barouid took my photo and a couple of days later brought me a so called PLO volunteer ID, then my fake Jawdat Baroudi took me twice to some allegedly governmental office, one is was allegedly the secretary of the minister to get me excused of the military, but was allegedly unsuccessful, the send office is to register me as PLO volunteer and to get me a travel permit to PLO in Jordan, which he did.


Here is my memory very fuzzy: thereafter went with the car to Amman, Jordan on around 25 December 1969, a few hours’ drive 200 KM, where I stayed for 10 days at the apartment of my fake sister Suheir Bdeir/Budier, they played games with me such as sending me back to Syria to get the passport or stay here to study and not go to Germany, these were only mind games, it was already decided what to do with me, which is to hand me over without me noticing to the American military and the CIA, which they did.


Here too my memory is fuzzy: Took plane to Beirut for a few days, where I was sent to visit the Barq family that I get to know in 1967, they had a farm in an area called Jubail also called Byblos around 40 km north of Beirut, where the trouble in Lebanon was just about to start and I get caught in one of the violent demonstrations in city center and was hit by a police man, and went running to the hotel. It was only 2-3 days and then with my fake mother to Cairo, Egypt. This trip and very possibly was to link me illegal drugs, because the farms around this area and north of Tripoli were famous for illegal drugs, where they did the same to me in 1967 to make the Egyptian police think that we are drug lords and nor colonialists.


Back to Egypt, allegedly and coincidently meet my fake sister Fadia Najar/Nagar/Shawki in the Airport, allegedly she was there to take picture of her blond blue eyes 3-5 years old son named Essam Shawki. Fir all I know she was there either to pick us up or she her self just arrived from another country and is hiding it of me.


In Egypt I have very fuzzy memory, nothing much happened, except one important thing did not happen:

1.       I did not see my fake brother

2.       I did not visit any of our alleged relatives except my fake sister


On around 15 January 1970 I and my fake mother flew back to Cairo Egypt.


Conclusion: I was taken on a brainwash trip to relate me to the followings:

1.       Kordish

2.       Russians

3.       Palestinians

4.       Terrorism

5.       Drug lords

6.       And to reinforce my relation to the criminal my fake uncle Dr. Farzat Baroudi, that shortly thereafter was back in Germany living allegedly in Hamburg


All in all, it was a very confusing and brainwash trip where I had to go through 10 countries be set up and go back to Germany with in 30 days, just to be locked up in Germany as an asylum seeker for at least 7 years, where I cannot travel or go anywhere or do anything without the permission of the government!!


Back in Germany

On around 15 January 1970 my fake mother and I arrived in Munich. At the Airport there was one of the members of the Malas family waiting for us at the Airport, he was around 20-22 years old, I guess I knew him from 1967. I cannot remember his first name. But what is important here is the following:

1.       This young man’s name is Malas, and later on after the year 2000 I discovered that the Malas family supported and financed the terrorist group PLO, which very much he picked us up just to associate me to him and to confirm the terrorism setup

2.       This young man and with no doubt had telepathy, because of the followings: 1-2 days later after we arrived he took us to show us Schwabing section, where all the major entertainment is, during which he was lecturing me that the women here are easy, and he said just grab one of them, just look at me, here we were in a building I believe was called Chita 2000, and were going down the stairs and another lady was going up, he went up to her and kissed her on the lips, she slapped him, No one with his right mind with do something like that unless he is on purpose teaching someone else wrong things. This Malas family was a wealthy family and can afford it to send their children to study anywhere in the world and it is very possible that the Palestinian Malas is a different family than the Jordanian Malas family. My guess that there is many families that are not related and are called Malas, yet It was 100% planned to implicate me, period.


After the Airport he took us back to the same hotel Maria on Schwanthalerstraße in downtown Munich. Later I recognized that this area has a lot of Arabs and agents spying on them.


The following day my fake mother took me to an organization called Free Mason in German is called Frei Maurer, they were on the same street more towards the center. She showed them some certificates and some medals of my alleged father that allegedly was member and Master Free Mason and asked them to help me because allegedly my father died 3 months after my birth. They said they cannot help me because I do not have residence permit and they suggested that the quickest way is to apply for political asylum, then I have a residence permit then they can help me find a job.


The next day she took me to main police station, that at that time was also the immigration called KVR-Kreisverwaltungs Referat on Ett street directly downtown of Munich and applied for me for political asylum, but apparently not for herself.


They made an appointment for me for an interview where they can get a translator, which I believe it was in the same week


I have no idea how all this happened without being able to speak German or even English, either my fake mother spoke German with them or she had a piece of paper that she handed out to them.


The Interview

I spoke only school Arabic and maybe 50 English words and sentences.


At the interview there was a translator, that was Palestinian, how convenient, was that coincident or was it to remind me of what I have to say, I have no idea, but my life and in situation like these it was almost perfectly planned.


I told them what happened, that the Syrian confiscated my passport and I joined the PLO enable to get a piece of paper to go to Jordan, and from there my sisters get me another passport and then I went to Lebanon to visit my friends, then to Egypt to visit my fake sister and back to Germany


They gave me a piece of paper stating I am legal and have 3 months political asylum residence permit, which they kept on renewing it by 2-3 months until the summer of 1976 = 7 years lock up not able to visit any one of my family, and this process these criminals repeated it with me 3 times, in 2 additional countries, a5 years USA and 13 years in the Netherlands.


And there with, there was the question how my uncle can get me a PLO ID unless he is highly connected to PLO, which marked me as linked to the top terrorist group in the world at that time named PLO-Palestinian Liberation Organization, ever since they repeatedly reconfirmed this setup and reinforced it over and over and over again even in USA and in 1994, where they claimed that my niece is going to marry a Palestinian and move to USA somewhere in Pennsylvania. Later on, my fake son told me that her husband allegedly killed her and buried her in the woods, where then the FBI allegedly found her and her mother allegedly went to USA to get her children because her husband went allegedly to prison, where I do not believe any of this, among others because I believe to have discovered, but I cannot prove it that this niece named Reem Bdeir/Budier is the double of Princes Haya of Jordan, where they used me since 1963 as a decoy for the hidden agents and royalty children, this mean they come to visit me and move a round freely in Egypt, Germany or else where as my alleged relatives that are originated from Syria and no one will kidnap them  ro attempt to perform any harm to them because they are the hidden son or daughter or cousin or brother of the King of Jordan or Saudi Arabia or what ever country these people are from, because their identity is 100% fake and they can do that because most to all royal family members are automatically diplomat and protect by international laws, which is a free license and free ID card to perform any crime they want, and that is the truth, period.


And therewith, the following persons worked and conspired together to set me up as related to Terrorism, drug lords and ex-Soviet Union:

1.       My fake mother Hyatt/Hayat Baroudi

2.       Dr. Farzat Baroudi

3.       Jawdat Baroudi’

4.       Badeaa Baroudi

5.       My fake sister Suhair Bdeir/Budier, and since she was only the nanny, then it was Seif Aldin Bdeir/Budeir, his brother Mohamad Ali Bdeir/Budeir and their entire family

6.       My fake sister Afrah/Moni Najar alias Afrah/Mona Najjar/Abokurah, and since she was nothing else but the nany that pretend to be the mother of hidden royalty children, then it was the Abdalghani Abokurah and his entire family that are close business partners and the Bdeir/Budeir families, the Malas Family and others

7.       The Malas family, see below, that were also business partners and relative to the Bdeir/Budier and Abokurah families

8.       My fake sister Fadia Najar alias Faidia Nagar alias Fadia Shawki

9.       Last but not least the CIA and the American military as well as the BND that planned all that and told my mother to take me back to Syria and implicate me and then bring me back


The entire setup was designed also to force my mind that I was persecuted only because they suspected me to be related to terrorism and crime organizations, which is not true


Forcing me to live in the American military base for a re-brainwash




Preliminary brainwash March 1970 to June 1970

Pretending to be spying on my past 1970-1977

Enslaving brainwash June to August 1970

Enslaving me under the agent Anita Disbray 1970 to 1977

Forcing upon me a new lookalike of my original fake brother 1970

Forcing upon me another lookalike of my fake mother 1971

Forcing me with brainwash to be alcoholic March 1970-1977

Pretending to be investigating my connections to Terrorism and drug lords 1970-1973

Other brainwash situations 1970-1986



Now I am back in Munich and it is almost the end of January, where the “The Free Masons” kept their words and get me a job at a company called Schalt Bau pressingpowder plastic into electric plugs, because my piece of paper that says that I am awaiting a refugee status, it allows me to work  as long as I apply at the labor office each time I change my job, which they considered it a work permit, and therewith and every 2-3 months I had to renew 2 papers: my residence permit as refugee applicant and renew my work permit and this for 7 years, to keep their slaves busy where they can and as long as they can.


After around 2 weeks meaning in the begin of February, my fake mother gave me a couple of hundred Deutsch Marks and said she sis going back to the Middle East. I was totally shocked because I did not know what to do and did not speak the language.


The money was not enough to pay the hotel around 700 Deutsch Mark per month and wait until I get pay from my new employer, just worked there for a couple of days, and I get paid monthly, this mean in on 1 March.


To make it short, the details are written in the paged “kidnapping children” and “My fake family”.


Yet they created many brainwash situations to get me away of Arabs and even to force me to dislike Arabs, Palestinians and Syrians, which is a very mean and nasty way to force a person to stay away of certain group of people, such as some group of Syrian I met in the Arab restaurant and they found out that I am sleeping on the street, they invited me to sleep at their hotel room, they claimed to be on business here, it they were 4 persons most of them were sleeping on the floor including me, I slept there either 1 or 2 nights, because the next morning one of them claimed that I stole 200 Deutsch mark form him and threaten to beat me up, I denied it, the others prevented him of beating me up, then he went to the police and filed a claim against me, where the police came and arrested me (that was number 1 arrest) and placed me in prison for 1-2 days to question me, then they released me. This situation plus the situation 1-2 days before my fake mother left, suddenly she met another allegedly Syrian woman that allegedly advised her to live me alone to collect some experience, and that is why she allegedly left, all these makes  a person dislike these people and throw them all in one pot and think I hate Syrians or even all Arabs, but that is a very nasty and mean brainwash to force me to stay away of them not discover something or to talk with them about my fake family. All that is planed and it seem like it was routinely performed, based on a system, nasty system I may add, this is neither human, nor Christian, nor Islamic, nor Jewish nor American nor German, but it is CIA and Military intelligent criminal acts against a person that they kidnapped, caused him total amnesia enable to control him better, which is me!


I was forced to be homeless within one week after my fake mother left, which was also 100% planned, then I was living on the street of Munich, which was very cold in this time of the year. I also lost my job, I was sleeping between toilets and the train station café, I was arrested twice, until I met a Lebanese man named Miguel (Christian Lebanese for Michael), and he took me to the American military base to sleep in the library of the university of Maryland, then I was arrested (second time within 2 weeks). And then went back voluntarily to sleep in the library because I did not where else to go. Then a German married to an American sergeant named Doris Hayes helped me get a job in the Military base, where they also supplied me with a room to sleep.


This is how I landed in the American military base called McGraw Kaserne in around March 1970, today I know it was all planned by these nasty people as a part of a brainwash, among others to make me love Americans and hate Germans, because with the Germans I was placed on the street in the winter, was arrested twice, slept in the toilet and in the train station, where they noticed and asked me to leave or someone made them notice. It kept me busy, desperate, destroyed any self-confidence that I may have, which at the most was maybe 5-10% and made me look at the American military as my savior not aware that they planned all that just to get me under their own American controlled environment in the middle of Munich, Germany.


Their goal was to distract me of my past, what is my past?

1.       I was kidnapped on 10/11 January 1960 from USA and taken to Cairo over Egypt to use me as a place holder for my look alike that took my place after I left in October 1969 or January 1970, and that is why my evil fake mother went back, so everyone else will think that my lookalike named Mohamad Nuzhat Najar/Najjar/Nagar/Naggar (these are variation of my name translated from Arabic to English or even Latin languages) His birth date is 10.10.1952 or 17.10.1952

2.       I was used as a decoy for my fake mother and fake 2 sisters that allegedly we are one family that went from Syria to Egypt on 15 January 1960

3.       I was used as a decoy of any one of my fake family that come to Egypt and pretend to be my cousin, nephew, niece, uncle and so on, such as: Dr. Basam Baroudi and his cousin that came shortly after us to allegedly study general medicine and dentistry, mu fake uncles: Jalal Baroudi, Jawdat Baroudi and Dr. Farzat Baroudi, where each of them lived in Cairo at least 1-2 years at various times, my grand uncle named Fuad Khayat/Tailor/Taylor that I strongly suspect him to be American in disguise

4.       My fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Nagar that claimed to be raised by my fake sister Suhair Bdeir/Budeir and I strongly suspect one of the following two or even both: the son of king Hussein an MI6 or CIA agent that was heavily protected by the CIA, MI6, BND in Germany and even the FBI in USA

5.       The 4 lookalikes of my of my original fake mother Hyatt/Hayat Baroudi and my original 2 fake sisters Fadia Najar and Afrah/Moni Najar as well as my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Nagar alias Nick Naggar. These 4 lookalikes systematically replaced the original, at least 3 of them while I was held for a brainwash and slavery at the American military base McGraw Kaserne, which were my fake mother my fake sister Fadia Nagar and my fake Brother Mohamad Nashaat Naggar

6.       The family in Cairo that vouched for us that we are all Syrians, because they their selves were not Syrians, but rather Americans and Europeans such as Dardiri Ahmad Ismael and his family an Egyptian government member, General Ahmad Saleh Sulaiman, the Queder/Koueider family in particular Bashier/Basheer and his brother Jameel Queder/Koueider

7.       And others that I forgot their names


All of the above were agents and hidden royalty members from various countries also Arab countries, and the CIA was doing their best to force my mind to forget my past, among others by forcing me to lose all my belonging between February and March 1970, because I was forced to be homeless and they were allegedly thrown away, in them I had photos from Egypt but also things that reminded me of my brother-in-law in Egypt that was a pilot in the Egypt air named Afaf Shawki and I have at least one big reason to believe he was murdered through a sabotaged passenger plane that crashed in 1967 over Sinai and every one allegedly died, while I am claiming that his official 2 children alias my nephew and niece are not his children, but rather the children of two different parents one of them is my Fake uncle Jawdat Baroudi that I strongly suspect him to be Saudi Arabian originated from USA just like his alleged uncle named Fuad Khayat/Tailor/Taylor that lives somewhere in USA, possibly in Houston, Texas, close to the Petroleum.


Preliminary brainwash March 1970 to June 1970

I was isolated in Egypt and had no long term friends because the fake family always prevented it, such as going to school and requesting that I be placed in another class because they do not want me to interact with my new friend named Sameh because allegedly he is Christian, and that is a decoy setup to force everyone else to think that we are Muslims, but the result stays the same, all my friendships are systematically destroyed, and here at the American military base changed the strategy for a short while as highlighted below.


Suddenly I have new friends, such as the family Hayes that get me a job, I believe her husband may have been MI-Military Intelligence, his name was Steven Hayes and had a sun named Mark Hayes. Then another family named O’Conner family, the mother was German and spoke bad English and they had I believe 2 children Lenard (around 19 years old and used always plays drums), Yvonne (was around 15 years old) and a younger boy or girl name forgotten. The father was allegedly sergeant stationed in Vietnam and they chosen to be in Germany, then they brought a Lebanese young man named Raja, that allegedly just arrived with his brother possibly named Munier that was living in the German area, another from UK named Vincent that is originated from Singapore and his parents are Chinese and Malaysian, and a couple of others. Raja worked as a waiter in the American military hotel on the lake Chiemsee.


All the above while I was working at the so-called Mess Hall, it is a free restaurant for the American soldiers, and I was cleaning dishes and helping in other areas such as preparing food.


I believe they were monitoring me for around 4 weeks to see how they can further go on with brainwashing me. I must admit I fell for it and loved having friends, that I never had before because they prevented me by force.


I was under age, when they took me to Germany, I just turned 17 and that is why I was not allowed to earn more than 400 or 500 Deutsch Mark based on the German laws and was not allowed to work more than 35 or 40 hours per week, everyone else worked nearly 65 hours per week, and the American military was treating all none Americans that are working for them based on the German Law. Therefore, the money was little, and had opportunity to work on the side cleaning the apartments after the family leaves it, they hire someone to clean everything including kitchen utilities and bathroom, it was a weekend freelance job, that one of my new friend named Vincent invited me to do it with him and we get around 50-100 Dollars each from the American military family. This it happened when the soldier or office is transferred to another city or even back to USA.


A small note to the above, the German law prohibited companies to make persons under 18 work too many hours or earn more than 400 Deutsch mark per month, yet they allowed brainwashing them torturing them, place them in harsh conditions and force them to be homeless and sleep on the streets in the middle of the winter then enslave them to prevent them to recognize that they did all that to them and to prevent them also to complaint about it!


And therewith I was busy learning my new environment while they were preparing me for a brainwash to enslave me under their agent Anita Disbray, which they did as described below.


Here are the steps of this preparation brainwash:

1.          They were building on the Egypt brainwash, which is very clear here, just a reminder, they raped me with men and disgusting women from 1967-1969, which was a multipurpose brainwash, on the one side to force my mind to be a shamed, to force my mind not to want to think about these times and therewith I would never understand them, to force upon me wrong teaching of sexual life or even love, to prepare me to be enslaved under the CIA/MI6 agent named Anita Disbray in 1970

2.          I was busy with my new friends, which are:

2.1.          The American Sergeant family Hayes

2.2.          The American Sergeant family O’Conners

2.3.          The alleged Lebanese Raja

2.4.          The alleged Singaporean Vincent

2.5.          A very suspicious person that pretended to be my friend until 1977, an Afro-American named Ray Thomas, he claimed to be working in the military Administration building, where also the Agent Anita Disbray was working, he claimed to be ex-military police, but he behaved like CIA or MI-Military intelligent

2.6.           An Afro-American named Norris, last name forgotten

2.7.          My German work colleague at the Mess Hall a German named Fritz Gurr

2.8.          My German work Colleague named Mama Luisa she was the super visor for hosting the soldiers, while the chef cook was called Fat Daddy (he was not a friend but rathe my boss). Today I see that all as a brainwash: Fat Daddy, Mama Louisa, brother Thomas, Brother Norris, which was an Afro-American solidarity calling, yet for me it was a brainwash: My family is not here, as distraction of the past family. Until this point of time, it was planned for me to never go back to the Middle East ever again, and that is why the new family calling each other’s as relative, living in the same building just in different rooms or even sometimes in different building

2.9.          My Italian work Colleague named Vittorio

2.10.      And a couple of others that I forgot their names, all the above were new friendships from March 1970 to around June/July 1970=4-5 months, where I was kept busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Most people gradually disappeared of my life as apart of the brainwash to enslave me under the agent Anita Disbray as described below.


Pretending to be spying on my past 1970-1977


Enslaving brainwash June to August 1970

June/July they started with women brainwash, these women had one job only to make me see the CIA agent Anita Disbray as an angel, which I did, below are the women as I remember them, please note I was totally shy and had no self-confidence what so ever, meaning I would have never approached any woman at that time, I did not know how to!


I believe that some the women were brought to see if I can associate them with someone, for example, I suspect my fake uncle named Jalal Baroudi, that pretended to be a full time Syrian diplomat, was Spanish origin, therefore they brought Spanish woman, then they tried again with another Spanish woman with a little child to remind me of the children of this fake uncle, but I did not associate anything, among others because they caused me total amnesia in January 1960, and ever since I was prevented by force to grow any logic or intelligence, among others by not allowing me to have friends.


Here are the women that were forced upon me roughly in June/July and until the last one, which was the CIA agent Anita Disbray on 20 August 1970, and the reason I remember the days, because I was setup to know her 4 days before her birthday, which I believe it is on 24 August:

1.          Spanish woman, new work colleague since 2 days, she was 40-50 years old, I was practically forced to have sex with her through my bus the new Chef cook, I forgot his name, he was white and fat, I will skip the details. This was one of the most disgusting situations in my life, not only that she was old but also, she looked disgusting and above all she smelled even worth. Since she was new, and she disappeared 2 days later, I have no doubt in my mind that she was brought from somewhere only for this brainwash sex

2.          Turkish woman, I saw her one time before she approached me, she was around 25-30 years old, and was also very bad experience, she kept on following me for a week then she disappeared

3.          Young German lady, that was working for the Americans and had a broken

4.          Young Spanish lady that had a daughter around 8-10 years old and lived in an area called Hasenbergl in north of Munich, where I was sent to help out for a few days in the American food storage warehouse, and she was working there, today I believe I was send there just to make it to look like I met this Spanish lady coincidently!

5.          Young Danish lady, around 17 years old and was working as a nanny for an American officer or sergeant, and I believe to see if I associate her with my fake sisters that were nothing else but nannies of hidden agents and royalties children, even my new fake mother and very suddenly came and started to work as a baby sitter for an American sergeant, which was no coincident, as if she either confirming the other nanny or distracting of her. This Danish Nanny, was very sadistic and was helping them brainwashing me by teaching me wrong things, in that each time I go out with her, she takes me to the push and start toying with me, above all she used to bite my lips so badly that the following days would swell and all around my mouth be red as is I have some kind of a sickness. I went out with her for around one week and then she disappeared. in USA in end of 1999, I was set up by someone, that I do not know for sure who it was to be with a lady originated Honduras, while I was working for some small company where the owner wanted me to think that he was CIA and was in Honduras during a period of time where I was being forced to leave USA, and this Honduran lady named Vilma Bonilla came to my room in the hotel and when we kissed she started to bite my lips very hard on the lips, while simultaneously someone was forcing memories upon me over McGraw Kaserne  and this Danish young lady and other situations, in short in USA they wanted to force me to think that these evil and nasty persons were from McGraw kaserne or from Germany and wanted to help me separate of this CIA whore agent Najlaa Mahmoud

6.          Afro-American young lady. An Afro-American young lady that was working in the American cafeteria within the McGraw Kaserne, and while I was purchasing some fast food, she asked if I would take her out for Ice cream, I said yes

7.          Young American lady, going back to USA. Also, in the same Cafeteria as above, a young lady 17-20 years old, came and set next to me and started talking to me, and we had a conversation, even though my English was not that good, yet by now I have vocabulary of maybe 1000 or more words and can form sentences. I met with her 3-5 times, and then she said that her family is going back to USA, and if I want to marry her and go back with them to USA, she can arrange for me to go with them, but somehow I declined, and I do not know how I declined, because my mind was trained to say yes to everything, and the word “No” was not in my vocabulary, this was the result of total amnesia and preventing me to grow my own logic and intelligence= hidden slavery. Any way she was allegedly very disappointed and left. What is odd, is the Lebanese friend named Raja that I also get to know right here in the military base, get married with an American girl and went back with her to USA in around end summer 1970, and I even helped him twice, once to get him out of jail because he escaped with his girlfriend named Thelma to Austria, and there they caught them and locked him up while sending her back to the military base in Munich, then I went with a professor named Charles that was teaching Math on the University of Mary Land in that military Base, paid the 700 Deutsch Mark fine to the Austrian Immigration, get him out of jail and brought him back to Munich, He had a brother in Munich that refused to help him. The reason they escaped because the father of his girlfriend Thelma used see him as a nigger and also call him nigger and would not allow him to see his daughter, but later he agreed to their marriage. Another time I gave him I believe 400 or 500 US Dollars (I purchased in the military base) to take with him to USA, and that was my entire savings from working 7 days a week, I never heard of him after that. Who knows, maybe he too was kidnapped and was used as a place holder and multi-purpose decoy as they did to me, and that would then explain him being in the Base and set up to go to USA and tried the same with me, yet someone prevented me to go!

8.          Young American lady, I met her in the American movie theater in the military base, where there were 2 theaters, one in working area and another much bigger in the housing area, approximately 1.5 km apart wanted to be an actress, we went out twice

9.          Two girls with Vincent Sir Vince, in a so called gaststaette on the side of the military base. It is a German non-expensive restaurant and bier bar, I went there with Vincent the Singaporean, and Vincent said he has a surprise for me, he has invited 2 university students to have dinner with us, which they did and get me drunk that I can’t remember what happened after that, except I wake up the following morning on my bed

10.      German lady, Uschi with south American, a German lady that kept inviting me to go with her and make a lot of gestures for me to do something with her, as if she wants me to think I should ask her to have sex or kiss her, which I did not, but then she said, we are friends right nothing more.

11.      The CIA agent Anita Disbray. I was sitting and eating in a restaurant called Wienerwald that is famous for inexpensive grilled chicken, it was right on the edge of the American housing area in Perlacher Forst, I saw her prior to that a couple of times. She was sitting on the opposite table, and either she or someone else placed the following thought in my head: she will not approach me, I must go to her and ask her to join me and I struggled with these thought for 5 or more minutes and then I went to her and asked if I can join her. We met a couple of times thereafter, and she said you are handsome, I said what is does this means, and she said good looking, so I replied, you are very handsome too, where she started to laugh and explained that this is for man only. This is how good my English was on around 30 August 1970. She was around 150-150 cm tall, and very polite above all she treated me much better than the others, and therewith I immediately saw her as an angel, and so it was in my mind, and I even used to think of her as the queen of my life= brainwash until the year 2001, where I gradually started to understand the brainwash. Below I will list some of the continuous brainwashes that was performed upon me between August 1970 and spring 1973 (and even in 1975) to force me to be and stay under her control


All of the above for a person that had a total amnesia and was prevented by force to build a logic or intelligence enable they can control me much easier, is not possible to happen coincidently as described above.


And why all this?


To cover up for:

1.       My lookalike or twin that tool my place in 1969 and very possibly is very destructive person in Egypt and else where

2.       My fake family members that each is originated from different family and all together pretend to be one new family

3.       To continue to use me as a decoy for their evil children and their selves

4.       To prevent me of understanding this scheme, which will lead to seeing through other situations

5.       To prevent Europeans and Americans to recognize that those fake members of my family are nothing else but members of Americans and European families that hide their children in other countries under different names and then bring them to Europe and USA as an alleged stranger to help them from the background, be it as government official or as an external supporter, and therewith one family could have at least 20 members in the government that helps them suck the national budget for their own selfish interest


Enslaving me under the agent Anita Disbray 1970 to 1977

Their actual reason for enslave me under Anita Disbray was to keep me under control, where she would always know what I am up to and can destroy any situation that can be harmful for them , such as being friend with Arabs and Muslims, where then I would talk about my family, and eventually it will come out that there is another person using my identity in Egypt and elsewhere, but also to cover up for the 16 agents and for kidnapping me in 1960 and so on.


They cannot say that this the above is reason, so they made up reasons:  They pretended to be investigating my alleged connections to terrorism, which was made up based on a set up by them, and also pretending to be investigating my alleged connections to drug lords, and ex-Soviet Union.


It is very difficult to prevent someone from talking to people about his past, therefore they needed a chain, and that was their agent Anita Disbray.


After brainwashing me with the not very nice women as mention in the previous section, now they come to the point of enslaving me under their agent.


Best and easiest if I just list the situation as they were forced upon me as follow:

1.          Malcom the fake fiancé. After a couple of weeks of knowing, she claimed that she had a fiancé named Malcom and he is allegedly in the UK. She claimed to be from Wembley, London, UK. She said to me now I know you I am going to end my relationship with Malcom. Then she said: He already send me a letter that he is coming to Munich for the October Fest and then I will end my relationship with him. Which she did and made sure that I saw him. Where he allegedly met with her in the same restaurant then I get to know her. And I was sitting on another tables, suddenly he gets up and left alone. The whole thing was a scam to force my mind to think that she preferred me that a man that was much better situated than me, which it became a pattern in my life by all these women that they set on me to either isolate me to distract me of the church. And I fell for this scam, because I was 17 years old, with total amnesia that was not allowed to recover from it and therewith I had not experience to use for situation like that, and exactly that is why these criminals cause total amnesia to their victims

2.          Systematically isolating me of others. Suddenly I was losing all my new friendships that I made between March and August 1970, systematically and one after the other, even the new forced upon lookalike of my original fake brother continuously avoided me.

3.          Destroying friendship. Here is an example of forcing me to lose friends as mean of isolating me and controlling my life: in around March I get to know Vincent Sir Vince (I am writing it as I was pronouncing it at that time). This man that was allegedly from Singapore and was allegedly studying psychology in Australia and now allegedly studying Psychology in London, UK. This incident was in August/September 1970. I went with Anita Disbray to a restaurant in Chiemsee to visit another friend named Raja. By Chiemsee there was an American military hotel for military staff only. Chiemsee is a lake around 75 KM southeast of Munich and around 50 km west of the Austrian border. While we were at the restaurant, that was mainly used by the employees of this American military hotel, and for some reason or another, Anita Disbray told me that Vincent is trying to take her away from me, and I went to speak with him and suddenly I found myself in a hand fist fight with him and he claimed that I hate him. I never saw him after that. Please not I am neither a fighter nor I have experience in it nor I had the courage to start one, on top of that I was 100% drunk because I drunk countless biers and shots, which I was forced to learn, as it is mentioned below, actually I was brainwashed to drink excessively and I was doing so until I became Christian in 1976, and thereafter I cut it down dramatically to only 1-2 times a week of each 1-2 drinks.

4.          The MP incident. I was sleeping with Anita Disbray at her room in the American military housing where each of us had a separate room. This incident was to force us to have a reason to live elsewhere. The military police came to her room and took both of us to the American military police station, which is directly next to the German prison called Stadelheim. In the police station they terrorized my life and scare the life out of me, among others where there where 4-5 MP-Military Police men and one of them started talking bad to Anita Disbray and the I said please speak polite to her, and the next think he did was to take his gun belt of and come towards me and he said “and if I don’t what are going to do about it”, to make it short they were placing both of us in a bad position as a mean to force my mind to bond with her, it is a very nasty brainwash method. After an hour they released us. Anita and I were walking back to our rooms, and she said to me, that one of the MPs was warning her against me and saying that I am just using her to get the citizenship, and I said did you believe him, she said yes and I slapped her because she forced me to while forcing me to think that I am insulted because I allegedly love her for her self and not for the citizenship. Suddenly one of the MPs come out of the woods dressed this time as civilian and came towards us and said did he hurt you should I take him back, she said no thank and she said it was her fall, then he went away. I strongly believe that this was also a brainwash setup to force my mind to bond with her even more, which I did. Please not she was officially British Citizen, we were in the American military base in Germany, while I was forced to be an asylum seeker in Germany and during this period or asylum period I cannot leave the country. meaning her British citizenship is worthless to me, and I did not even think about it at that time, in matter of fact, my mental state and due to all what they did to me since January 1960 and again since January 1970, I was not only not able to think but also I was not able to think ahead or plan anything, except survive the moment=severe brainwash and hidden slavery side effect. This shows how these nasty people brainwash innocent people.

5.          The Police incident in Fasanenpark (1 km from American housing). This need pre-explanation. After the incident above Anita Disbray and I relocated to our own apartment allegedly in the German sector, which was also a deceive. We relocated to an area called Fasanenpark, which was less than 1 km from the American area. Please note, when the American wan the war 1945 and established their selves in McGraw kaserne, they gradually expanded by letting many military staff that ended the military time to relocate from the military housing to the nearby areas, and therewith between 1945 and 1970 (25 tears) there were more Americans surrounding the military base than Germans, among others because there was American movie theater, American shopping center, American cafeteria, American bars, American dance, all around the military base was American and many of them spoke so well German that it was not easy to impossible to recognize that they were Americans and for me it was most definitely impossible, because I spoke no German, however in the 2.5 years in and around the American base I learned how to differentiate between American, British, Australiana and Canadian English but little knowledge about the German. This mean even though I was living in a German sector, but I was most definitely surrounded by Americans that were working all over, in the supermarket, pharmacy, gas station and so on. During this period the lookalike of my fake brother also moved from the American military base to live in the nearby city named Unterhaching, which was around 2 km from where I was living in Fasanenpark. He had my fake mother as a guest. This was around End 1972 begin 1973. My fake brother to visit us and started to complain to me and crying saying that my fake brother hit her. I was shocked, I dropped everything and went to his home walking, I had no car at that time, and then told him very threatened don’t hit our mother again. and went back home. The next day both of them came to visit us. As far as I recall Anita and I went to the supermarket, that was 500 meters away, near the train station, to get some food. When we get back my fake mother and this lookalike of my original fake brother, locked the door from inside and would not let us in to our own apartment, and I had no idea why. After more than 15 minutes, or even 30 minutes of trying to convince them to open the door for us, we gave up and went to the police station that was next door. And asked the police to help us to get into our own apartment. The police said now it is too late and we do not want to open the door by force at this time of the night, otherwise the neighbors will be bothered and invited us to sleep in one of their jail cells until the morning, which we did. In the morning the police waked us up with coffee and went with us to our apartment and knocked at the door as the police, they immediately opened the door and claimed not have hear us, we had the key and do not need them to hear us, it is our apartment and they locked it on purpose from the inside, but why? This is why: First reason: To create a confusion, which is very important in a brainwash, especially contradicting situations (paradoxes) are essential during any brainwash and this was 100% a paradox as follow: my fake mother complain to me that my alleged brother hit her, and I threatened him, and the next day they are both friends and are against me and against my alleged girlfriend that they helped that I be enslaved under her control! Second reason; is to force my mind to bond with Anita Disbray even more while feeling a shame of what these allegedly family members did, which really is obligating me to try to make it up to her=severe brainwash. Third reason: and most important, is to dislike my family enable to force my mind to not want to go and visit them. Fourth thing: these two criminals are nothing else than the lookalike of the original from Egypt, both came to my life again in the American military base, which is a controlled environment to force me to believe that they are the same persons as from Egypt while using telepathy by force of the military and no one will dare to help me against vicious people like that. They came into my life by force of the American military one after the other, first the fake brother in around September 1970, then the fake mother around spring 1971, then the fake sister Fadia that now is called Nagar and not Najar or Shawki around summer 1971, last but not least the fake sister Afrah/Mona Abokurah not Najar any more (later Najjar) late summer 1971 or spring 1972. And therewith they are proving to my mind and to others as if they are my alleged family.  Fifth reason: to show as if Anita Disbray has no telepathy, whereby today I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that she had and if she still alive then she still has it, and that is fact, on the other site, my fake mother and fake brother that set me up and forced me to go to the police to gain access to my own apartment, are lookalike of the original fake brother and fake sister and therewith they possibly do not have telepathy, the original one most definitely had telepathy. This mean possibly they were manipulated into this situation by telepathy!!

6.          The Olympia separation incident. September 1972 and directly after the terrorist attack against the Israeli sport’s team, where they killed a few and took many hostages to blackmail the German government, to set Palestinian prisoner free. I do not believe in coincident within my life. Therefore it is only one of two possibilities, either they were pretending to investigate me or they were really investigating me with out telling me in that they create a setup and force me into it as the following one to allegedly investigate my connections to the PLO, and that shows how sadistic and vicious is the CIA, Mi6, the Bdeir/Budier, the Abokurah family and the Baroudi family, including my fake mother and fake sisters, fake brother and fake evil uncles that set me up in December 1969 to look like as if I highly connected to PLO just to give the evil CIA and MI6 a reason to isolate me by pretending to be investigating me with out that I notice. Here is the set up: I just started a new job, outside the American military base in the BMW factory right next to the Olympia park. It was Friday and I had an appointment with Anita Disbray to pick her up from work and then go out with her for dinner and movie. I waited for her but she did not come, so I called her at work and she told me she is not coming and she is ending our relation, I will skip the details, then I was forced to relocated somewhere else because I cannot afford the apartment by myself, somehow I found a room downtown Munich that was with other 4 or 6 in a room that had 2-3 2 floor beds. My memory is a bit fuzzy over these times, somehow I thought I would use the situation as distraction of the separation with Anita Disbray and learn German, so I registered in the same school that my fake mother registered me in in November 1969 and a couple of weeks later withdraw me to take me to Syria and set me up as connected to the PLO enable to give the CIA & MI6 a reason to control my life while pretending to be investigating me from the background. Then through the school somehow, I get the possibility to get a room in a dormitory of the university of Munich, where I was placed in a room with an American named Russell, he was allegedly Mormon from Utah. To make it short, it is very possible that I was setup by the BND to be in this situation as a mean of being in a controlled environment, because any place where I am not alone and have to share my housing and be dependent on others it automatically becomes a controlled environment, because other can control where I live and who lives with me, what I do and where is my income comes from. I can recall that I was going to school and to work 5 days a week from 8 in the morning and until 13:00 hours school and from 14:00 hours and until 23:00 hours work at BMW, somehow and after a couple of weeks I was not able to continue, it was too much for me, especially because at work is a hard physical work, where I carry a heavy machine 5-6 hours per day while I am standing. Anyway, I had to stop going to school or I was forced to stop, and since I was repeatedly prevented to learn and was forced not to have any strong ties to Germany, such as forcing me to live in American military base, preventing me to learn German and mix with Germans except what is in the American military base, or even be with a German girlfriend, in matter of fact this is a very strong pattern in hidden slavery (such as they did to me) which is force a person to move from one country to another, among other not allow him to have a long-term friendship, and therefore it is very necessary to prevent the hidden slave to have a local ties and force him to have only foreign girlfriend, such as in my case Anita Disbray. The only German girlfriend that I was allowed to have, was against me. Each German woman I was forced to be with had at least one goal to put me off of liking German women, whereby I really live German women, because of many reasons, which I will skip. Back to the setup. I was sharing a room with Russell. And one day I was struggling with thought that I am missing Anita Disbray, and as if without her  I cannot live, and wanted to commit suicide, and took some bills, I cannot recall what they were, I just recall I took a few bills and not the whole content of the bottle, and when Russell came I started to want to go to sleep while I am talking to him, and simultaneously I had the thoughts that I want him to know that I am committing suicide because I cannot live with out Anita Disbray. All this is telepathy manipulations, because it is not my way, was not my way and it is not my way today, anyway I passed out and woke up in the hospital they were pumping my stomach out. In the hospital I was also treated through a psychologist, but the most important part was that I get to know a nurse that somehow, I had a date with her. She was around my age but mentally much more advanced than me, or better said and due to what they did to me, I was mentally behind. She was very nice young lade and I fell in love with her, she was nothing like Anita Disbray, she was more outgoing, energetic, and very warm hearted. We went out a couple of times and then she invited me to go with her to her parent’s house in another small town, I believe it was Kaufbeuren, which is around 85 km west of Munich, and I did go with her. She had a very nice and welcoming parents. A couple of days later and while we were together in a subway station I started to cry, and she asked me why, I said “I cannot live with out Anita Disbray, or something like that”. She was very disappointed and left and I never seen her again. This too was a very evil telepathy control, and the reason am positive about that. Is because I really started to fall in love with this beautiful young lady. She not only introduced me to her parents, but also to her friends that were also very warm hearted and welcoming, and suddenly I had new friends, but this time real Germans and not through the evil CIA and the American military base. I have nothing against Americans in general, I am just disgusted and of the CIA and the American military intelligent that performed all these sadistic situations against me. I never forgot that young lady. Very unfortunately I cannot dismiss the possibility that she was set on me by the BND as a mean to get into my life to see the origin of my alleged connection to terrorism drug lords that I was setups to look like as if I have these connections. However, I turn it the CIA and Anita Disbray are very nasty, sadistic and evil, above all they worked closely with the CIA whore Najlaa Mahmoud that was forced upon my life later as mentioned below. Conclusion of this long situation, is that I suspect that the evil CIA & MI6 and through setting me up to look like as if I am connected to top terrorist and drug lords just to take me of the hands of the Germans, also lied to the Germans and pretended to be brainwashing me to talk about my past, and by bringing the lookalike of my fake family members, they possibly claiming that they are preventing them to get to close to me. However, the Germans authorities are not Stupid and after a while they realized these is something wrong because they are getting no where with me and they were trying their own methods in this mentioned setup, but I have no prove for this!

7.          The marriage with Anita Disbray. After the abovementioned setup, and somehow, I came back together with Anita Disbray, possibly by forcing me with telepathy to say that. I know it is tough for some people to understand and believe in telepathy, but this is the truth. Then I was forced to marry Anita Disbray, where the German judge said I cannot marry you because we respect the laws of other countries and in your country, Syria it is forbidden to marry  a foreigb partner without the Syrian government approval, and he sent me on a wild goose chase in that he asked me to get an approval of the Syrian Embassy, that at that time it was a part of the Pakistani Embassy in Bonn!! I went there, and they refused to give it to me. The judge said “if you write me a declaration that you knowingly ignoring the Syrian laws, then I will approve your marriage”, which I did write this piece of paper and we were officially married based on the German law and by a German judge. Then Anita Disbray allegedly quite her job at the American military administration and worked for the German company called Hurth and we get an apartment together in the small city called Unterschleissheim, where I also get a new job at a transportation company called Kuhnwaldt car transportation company. Both Kuhnwaldt and Hurth do not exist anymore. And therewith I was forced with brainwash and telepathy to be enslaved under this very nasty woman that always pretended to be shy and helpless and very quiet as coverup for her telepathy, while also show others as if I am controlling her and suppressing her, which is absolutely impossible, for one because I was severely brainwashed to say yes only and submit to others!

8.          The total isolation through friendship destruction

8.1.            The Greek from Kuhnwaldt

8.2.            The Iranians

8.3.            The Hungarian

9.          The reinforcement

9.1.            The neighbor woman

9.2.            Leila

9.3.            The Greek woman

10.      The fake friend John Mueller

11.      The Christian setup

12.      The separation

13.      The deceive with the baby

14.      The divorce

15.      The black mail in Saudi Arabia

16.      The brainwash in Jordan

17.      The destruction of the evidence, among other through the CIA & MI6 whore agent Najlaa Mahmoud


Forcing upon me a new lookalike of my original fake brother 1970



Forcing upon me another lookalike of my fake mother 1971




Forcing me with brainwash to be alcoholic 1970-1977


Pretending to be investigating my connections to Terrorism and drug lords 1970-1977


Other brainwash situations





Setting me up to become Christian



Using me as a blackmail object against my fake family members in the Middle East



Re-brainwashing, enslaving me and kidnapping me to USA between January 1984 and September 1986