Slavery in Egypt

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First thing first: All I want is to find my biological family and as long as I do not for fact know who they are I will complain about this vicious sadistic, kidnappers, brainwashers, rapists,  tortures that terrorized my life from 10/11 January 1960 and until I was able to relocate to The Hague/Den Haag in the Netherlands in March 2016, where the physical torture went down by around 80-90%, but everything else remains and I want it to stop 100%, but also I want justice!


Now I am 67 years old and forced to live dependent on the Dutch government represented by the Dutch IND, COA in many refugee camps and in many villages and last represented also by “Stichting Welzijn” (Foundation Wellbeing), they dissolved recently as coverup, and all together tortured my life from February 2001 and until I was able to relocate to The Hague, Den Haag in March 2016!


In Short

I was kidnapped shortly before 10/11 January 1960, by the CIA and MI6, they caused me a total Amnesia, brainwashed me and took me to a hotel in Damascus, Syria and placed me within a fake family that consisted of my fake mother Hyatt/Hayat Baroudi around 34 years old, fake sister named Fadia Najar 18 years old, fake sister named Afrah/Moni Najar and in a few days they brainwashed me by using telepathy to think that I was living in Damascus, Syria, since my birth in an area called Mazzeh and in summer 1959 allegedly relocated to live with my gran parents downtown Damascus, Syria in a big house with a6 adults and 5 children including me. These 2 out of the a6 adults were allegedly my grandparents Kamel Baroudi and Samiah/Samiat Baroudi (birth name Khayat/Tailor/Taylor) the rest 14 of these adults each of a different family and all together are from various countries most to all of them are diplomat because they are either CIA & MI6 agents or members of royal families among others from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Oman. Therefore, they all have immunity, and all are 100% under the protection of the CIA, MI6, BND, AIVD as well as the equivalent agencies of these countries mentioned above.


 Until recently I thought I was kidnapped in Summer of 1959, and placed in the grandparents’ house, until I recognized with certainty that it was just before 10/11 1960 and all memories that I have prior to that are 100% fake, by either telling me a story ad then force me to believe it is my real history or forcing the fake memory through telepathy while I am sleep and when I wake up they ask me do you remember this and that as if it was real and therewith I was not able to distinguish between real memory and fake memory and stories that they forced upon me as my history, especially because they caused me a total amnesia. Enable they can not only better control me, but also to prevent me to know where they kidnapped me from, what language I spoke, who were my family, friends and neighbors, what school I was in and so on.


After falsifying my identity to Syrian, they created a very nasty brainwash situation that was mixed between fake memory and reality, to force me to think that we escaped our grandfather that was allegedly a tyrant and limited our freedom, enable to go to the hotel until we can fly to Cairo, Egypt. It was a fake brainwash situation, for details see the page “Kidnapping me as a Child”.


On around 15 January 1960 we left the hotel to Cairo Egypt, where we stayed 4 weeks at the house of Mr. Dardiri Ahmad Ismael that helped cover up our fake identities. He was black allegedly originated from Sudan and was a member of the Egyptian government.


On 15 February 1960, we relocated to the house of the Egyptian general named Ahmad Saleh Sulaiman, that was also covering up our fake identities and his wife was allegedly the cousin of my fake mother Hyatt/Hayat Baroudi.


On 15 March we relocated to live in our own apartment on Al Higaz street number 111 in Cairo city section Masr Algadiedah (New Egypt) on the same side and close to the Heliopolis Hospital.


From this time on, they continued bringing people to confirm as if we are all from Syria, such as Mr. Saiied Al-Umary in Summer 1960, an alleged Syrian and owner of a movie Theater next to the hotel we were in. Many persons in Cairo that were and today for me liars, at least 20-30 of them. My fake sister and her alleged husband from Jordan in around 1962/63. My fake grandfather around 1966 that pretended to want to take us back with him to Syria and take care of us there, and others.


From end 1960 and until 1968, many of the members of this fake family that pretended to live all together in the house of my fake grandparents came at one point of time or another and lived anywhere from 3 moths to 10 years and using us as confirmation as if they are Syrian. For details see the page “Kidnapping me as a child.


In 1965/66 they brought another person and forced me to believe it was my brother with the name of Mohamad Nashaat Najar (later named Mohamad Nashaat Naggar and later named even named Nick Naggar) that was allegedly raised in Amman, Jordan by my fake sister Suhair Bdeir/Budier and was allegedly until now in the Islamic Educational College of Jordan that among others was built by my 2 fake brother-in-law’s families such as Mohamad Ali Bdeir/Budier and Abdalghani Abokurah, and both of their names were engraved at the entrance, at least until the last time I saw it in around 1985. Yet I strongly suspect him to have been a CIA/MI6 agent and possibly also the son of King Hussein, possibly he was a body guard for yet to come a person.


He went to a private school called San George while I was in a public school with the exception of 1-2 years they also placed me in a private school after her arrived, but then they pulled me out and placed me back in a public school. After 6-12 months he moved out and lived in an apartment by himself in a building directly opposite us, ever since I never saw him again. I was told that my fake sister was paying his rent, his housekeeper, his private school and pocket money, allegedly because he did not get along with the boyfriend of my fake mother named Mohi Sabri that pretended to be married to him, which today I know it was a lie, because Suhair Bdeir/Budier is not my biological sister but rather she was a nanny for hidden royalty children and children that they bring from Europe and USA to train them from this age so they can take control of something or another. They did not ask them if they want that, neither they asked me for permission to kidnap me and take me to Egypt as fake Syrian!


In Egypt I was totally isolated and was not allowed to have friends, among other in end of 1960, where my fake mother went to school and asked them to separate me of my new friend named Sameh, allegedly because he is Christian, and she does not want that they brainwash me with Christian things. This alone was to show as if this whore woman that pretended to be my mother is not Christian or Jewish or Hindu or even atheist but rather pretended to be Muslim just like all single member of this criminal fake family and that is at least the one thing I am most positive about. The way she behaved she was like a whore, all what she had in mind is destruction and cover it up with situations like that.


The only time I had some friends, was when I was forced to live with my fake sister Fadia Najar, that later was replaced by another named Fadia Nagar/Shawki. And even this was not for a long time, it was very short and limited to one summer, and this fake friendship was shortly thereafter in one way or another destroyed, just like all other friendships that I ever had.


This fake mother caused so much damage to me mentally and physically (without touching me) that I cannot believe that a woman is capable to do that to a child.


Ever since this evil fake brother came I started to have even more trouble that before, such as I was raped by this boyfriend of my fake mother named Mohi Sabri, and until recently I thought he raped me, which he did, but someone forced him with telepathy, I discovered many things in my past that proves that. Between my fake mother and fake sister and this new fake brother that was more than sadistic and savage, he was and still is a criminal in disguise just like the rest of them.


Until 1969 I was prevented to learn, prevented to understand the Quran, I read it more in detail after I became Christian between 1976 and 1978 along with the Bible, Torah and many other religious books in English, German and Arabic. And that os why they among others prevented me to understand the Quran, so I do not recognize that they are not Muslim, and that is also why they isolated me by force, so I do not learn anything from anyone else. The only time I succeeded in school is when they placed me in the private school for 1-2 years, where my grades jumped from D, E and F to A, B and C. in Egypt they mark the grades percentual, and my grades were mainly between 40-60, in the private school and in the first year it was 80% and in the second year was 91%. Then they placed me back in the public school and my grades went dramatically down to under 70%.


Hidden slaver depends very strongly on lack of knowledge, and therefore they were trying their best to prevent me to learn anything what so ever. Today, and they only thing that I strongly know what I learned 10 years Egyptian school, is the Arabic language, basic math and basic everything else.


1968 the boyfriend of my fake mother disappeared. Simultaneously I was introduced to a new man that claimed to be my uncle from Germany, his name was Dr. Farzat Baroudi, he claimed to know me since birth. The fact is that I never saw this evil fake uncle ever before in my life prior to 1968 as he came to Cairo allegedly to write his doctorate about something or another in Egypt. The boyfriend was later was allegedly by this fake uncle, in Frankfurt. Allegedly the boyfriend went on vacation to Turkey and from there escaped to Germany and allegedly applied for political asylum. Allegedly, because that is what these liars and brainwashers told me, and I do not believe anything from them unless can see it for myself. The first thing a liar says is: I do not lie. So do I, I do not lie, how can another person differentiate between us: Through the truth that can be verified!


What happened there after in Germany, see the page “Slavery in Germany”.


This was in short, my slavery life in Egypt. Details will follow!



On 10.10.1968. my alleged birthdate I was forced to relocate to Germany in one of the most sadistic brainwash set up that a person can imagine, which lasted until March 1970 at the American military base named McGraw Kaserne.