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All I want, is justice. and I want to know who is my biological family. If you want me to stop complaining then tell me who is my biological family and give me justice, which can be found in all the repeated complaint letters that I sent to the many government sections, offices and officals of those responsible, and many did not even answer. So, I will continue to complain and lay out who did what to me and why they did it, until you give me justice, which is a very reasonable request after all what you did to me!!

Note: This is not a threat, nor it is blackmail. I am Christian and as such I do not threat, I do not blackmail, I do not revange, I do not live by eye for eye, and tooth for tooth and I do not sue people, I just try to reason with them. If I am unsuccessful in my reasoning with them then I go to the next higher instance, and I am here at the highest instance, your boss, the one who elected you, the people in USA, UK, Germany and the Netherlands, the four countries where I was brainwashed in or by, enslaved and kidnapped, forced to be refugee in 4 countries from 1961 to 2013, 9 years in Egypt, 17 years in Germany,  locked up for 15 years by kidnapping in USA, locked up for 13 years by force in the Netherlands and Germany, not counting the kidnapping to USA and keeping me as slave and raping me for 15 years in USA, tortured me mentally and physically while destroying all my social and professional relations over and over and over again since 1960.



The simple quick answer

Networking is when a group of people get together and agree to help each other’s in a specific situation such as a common goal, profession, business, war, peace, or other things. Sometimes it is misused, and it is intended to hurt others and for hidden slavery!


Extended answer

There are many networking all over our lives. Here are a few of them, from top to bottom:

1.       Countries get together for a common goal such USA-Untied States of America that started around 200 years ago by force of civil wars to get people together under one common rules/laws, which was an imitation of the UK-United kingdom that was united by force since centuries!!

2.       Countries get together for a common goal such EU-European Union, that originally started as a common business and marketing market for all members without the need to pay custom or having visas or requiring permission of any kind

3.       Various government agencies, such as police agencies get together to share their knowledge about crimes, terrorism, illegal drugs and much more enable to keep people safe, example police, sheriff departments, FBI, EDA, CIA and others have a common computer access to certain information, which they did not always have

4.       Medical professions having a medical association that protect them against many things, such as unjust laws and lawsuits but also to promote their intentions of helping others medically

5.       Workers unions that protect workers of being underpaid or having unjust working rules, in short to protect against forced slavery

6.       Christian Churches and other religions getting together to protect the freedom of religion without having to be forced to follow a certain religion such as many countries do, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and a few others

7.       In USA there is an association called NRA-National Rifle Association, that originally was intended to be for protecting a person’s right in USA to have a rifle for protection and hunting, and therefore all members that are weapon owners get together to protect their right to continue to have a weapon, and this is one of the most powerful networking in USA, that in reality can turn against the interest and safety of the USA, especially if (BIG IF)) this organization is controlled by a foreign power that like to build an internal army against the USA in case of a civil war or external war against them, then they will use the hidden internal army!!!!

8.       And many more

9.       Yet, some misuses networking to hurt and enslave others, for example Mafia. Even though and by police standards Mafia is very bad organization, however Mafia is by far not the worst, which you can easily read in these pages

The Networking works like that: a group of people get together and agree to unite their knowledge, businesses, profession, possibly also finances, their connections to family and friends as well as some of their time to help each other’s in certain situations, for example when one of them is unemployed, then the others will help him find a suitable job ASAP-As Soon As Possible.

Very unfortunately, networking is often used for crime and/or hidden slavery, where a group of people agree to keep certain persons as slaves for certain jobs/goals and this group of people can expand to various society classes and profession also to include controlling authorities such as police and defense agencies, for example CIA, Immigration authorities and so on. This is very visible in these webpages.

A real life example of networking, one of many that was used on me recently, and continuously from 2000 to 2016 are a very nasty networked dentist and dental technician, in all the jails, prisons, and refugee camps that my fake family, my biological family, the CIA, FBI, AIVD, INS-American immigration, IND-Dutch Immigration, Germany immigration, that pushed me into this 13 years of lock ups to re-brainwash me, and from 2008 to 2012 in the northeastern region of the Netherlands, where the Dutch immigration forced me to live as a final destruction of my life, and the dentists and dental technician in these area, conspired together to torture me, which they did, and among others they pulled out all my teeth, even they were healthy, then I tried hard to sue them, yet the attorneys that I hired were their family and/or friends and they toyed with me while wasting my time and preventing me of suing them, I even wrote complain letters to the insurance company and several government agencies, but this is the Netherlands, the land of slavery, they all ignored my criminal complaint and were constantly trying to brainwash me and force my mind to think that pulling all my teeth is good for me and they were helping me.

The torture was so severe that I constantly looked for another dentist or dental technician, yet I was confined by the evil Dutch immigration to live in an area where they all are one family working with the immigration authorities to brainwash refugees, as a result I continued to go to another dentists or dental technicians in other cities and villages all in all I was mistreated by these savages in 8 cities and villages, and that continued even when I was able to leave this most sadistic area and relocate to Amsterdam, yet it was all the same, also in the city of Assen, until I stopped going to the dentists and dental technicians and started to fix things myself. In this process I visited between 30 and 40 dentist and dental technicians.

It is like wild west, you complain to the sheriff, and he does what the mayor says, and the mayor is the brother of this and the cousin of this and the friend of that or the partner of this and is related from the background to the immigration authority that pays a lot of money for brainwashing refugees to force them to be formed as they wish them to be!!

That is in a nutshell one of many very sadistic Nazi like slavery network! that forced me to live in pain for 4 years in this village, not mentioning the prisons and refugee camps, where the dentists tells me we are not allowed to treat you tooth, we can only pull it out, and since I had severe tooth ache, I had to agree, by the time I was forced to live in this village where they severely tortured me by networking, I have already lost aeound 5 tooth and in the village they took all the rest out by force of brainwash and tellepathy, during which the first 2-3 they took out with out anesthetics while I screem and the dentist says, oh that hurt, I am sorry let me give you another anesthetics and then he gives me pure water and I screem again and that went on for around 40 minutes. That is torture first degree and I was not able to do anything about it, not filling a police complaint not sue them nothing, they were in control of my life these sadictic people!

And this was one networking torture method of many in my life!

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