My Fake family, the kidnappers

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This is about the family that kidnapped me and raised me with fake identity from January 1960 to 1969, that turned out to be my kidnappers and torturers, above all that they are con-people but highly connected in USA, Germany, UK and the Netherlands. I really do not care about them and I am not trying to expose them but rather I am trying to locate my biological family and the country that they kidnapped me from, which I am suspecting it to be USA (70%), Germany (10%), UK (10%) or Netherlands (10%). By listing the members of my fake family and the situations, I am hoping that someone will recognize the pattern or even me through these people listed below.



Short version

Members of my fake family in detail

My fake family the Muslims and their relation to Christianity

Locations of these fake families

Pretending to be other nationalities or religions

Najlaa Mahmoud and my fake son

Some of the brainwash setups, physical and mental torture



This is about my kidnappers that pretended to be my family, enslaved me and used me as a multipurpose decoy while preventing me to advance in life. For the details of kidnapping me, please see the page “Kidnapping children”.


I am loyal person and I used to love them all because I thought they were my family, and as it turned out to be, that they are not only not my biological family , but also are con-people, working for, working with and protected by the CIA & MI6 and their allies such as the German BND and the Dutch AIVD and some others, and all of them together not only held me back by force but also performed many very severe physical and mental torture acts on me, among others by forcing me to either be refugee or illegal alien in Egypt, Germany, USA and the Netherlands from 1960 and until 2013, which very much means as refugee and illegal alien I have no rights what so ever and they, with the help of the government of Germany, USA and the Netherlands can do with me what they want, among others they also did lock me up between the streets, jails, prisons and refugee camps from June 1999 in USA to June 2013 in Netherlands and Germany.


I sometimes mention that person x has telepathy, in reality I am not positive that he/she has telepathy but the situation that is created around me can only come from telepathy and in his/her presence meaning possibly someone want me to think that he/she did it, but person x possibly has no telepathy, yet the person that control him perform telepathy often very destructive actions and therewith person x become automatically the tools of unknown to me person that has telepathy and use it negatively against me in the presence of person x, and this makes person x as dangerous as the unknown person that has telepathy and there is no differentiation between them, they are both equally criminals and dangerous. On top of all that, I strongly believe that some of the persons that have telepathy are addicted to manipulating the lives of others, it is for them a game just like some people in particular children and youth are addicted to video games, and these persons are equally dangerous. The CIA and other similar agencies worldwide hire these addicted people to control and manipulate the lives of specific people such as myself. One major indication of these addicted, they do not allow people to be with them 24 hours a day, because they cannot concentrate on their victims, therefore they always find excuses to be alone at home or elsewhere, such as some of them like to play the role of a housewife or a houseman, others they just mix with people as little as possible, or if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend, they use them only as entertainment and not allow them to get too close or sleep over except occasionally. Others may be married to a slave and control his life, his sleep and spend only 2-4 hours a day with the partner. And this is important to know and to understand.


Short version

In short, they are not my family, they are my co-kidnappers, brainwashers, tortures and slave makers that literally not only repeatedly destroyed anything that I have ever built for myself, tortured me physically and mentally, but also stole everything I ever owned including my biological family, my home, any residence that I had in in the countries mentioned above, profession, social life,  furniture, clothing and above all also all my photographs with them.


In this page I will be listing them and some of the very destructive actions they performed against me either as a mean of brainwash by fear, or as a mean of holding me back by isolating me to prevent me of exposing them and their evil agents in Egypt and elsewhere. If I list everything, it will take more than a one thousand pages, therefore I will list only a few as an example.


I have no loyalty to them anymore, among others because they never had loyalty to me and also performed many severe and irreparable damages to me however and through my love to them, I repeatedly ignored it and forgave them=severe brainwash, but not anymore!!


Consider it this way: through their brainwash I was a sleep and did not know what was going around my life, now I am awake!


I will be concentrating mostly on situations that they performed in cooperation with American and European agencies such as CIA, MI6, BND, AIVD, Saudi Arabian and Jordanian secret services that were 100% established by the CIA, MI6, BND and AIVD, because they control these countries.


Last note. This family was set together out of members of the Saudi Arabian and Jordanian royal family mixed with CIA and MI6 agents, and when they established this fake family with fake Syrian identities between December 1959 and January 1960, they get other well established families in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and UAE to vouch for them, and I have to include some of them because they too pretended to be related to me, such as sisters or cousins, where they were most definitely not related to me, they are con-people, period and I challenge any of them to have a DNA test, above all my fake mother, my fake 3 sisters and my fake brother, as well as my 6 fake uncles and aunt but also my more than 11 nephew and nieces and over 35 cousins, the exact amount is unknown to me, because they kept it secret  from me because they keep on either kidnapping children and use them as they used me or bring some children from controlling families from USA and Europe enable they can raise them as an alleged Jordanians or Saudi Arabians to use them when they grow up in the government or in businesses such as petroleum, phosphor, and other natural resources that are owned secretly by the American and European controlling families, and the best example for that is ARAMCO, where their headquarter is not in Saudi Arabia but rather in Houston, Texas, USA. But also, they keep on marrying several women and have additional children, yet and officially and until 1986, I had 11 nephew and nieces and 35 cousins.


Members of my fake family in detail

This is my fake family that helped kidnap me in December 1959/January 1960 as described in the page kidnapping Children and covered up for it while used me as a multipurpose decoy and at the end used me to blackmail my biological family in USA.



List of my kidnappers and fake family members

Fake relative that covered up for the fake family




These people are allowed to kidnap children, cause them total amnesia, fill their head with fake memory, torture them mentally and physically, rape them as a apart of confusion and brainwash, kidnap them again when they are adult, all while forcing them to be refugees in countries they have total control and this for more than 50 years, and then lock them up for 13 years to re-brainwashing them by using the method whip and sugar, which is an old German saying when they lock someone up and then continue to whip him until he says yes to whatever they want, then they give him a sugar, meaning a reward, which it could be essential food to survive, as they often do with dogs while training them to be obedient, and exactly this is what the Dutch immigration and the Dutch AIVD (Dutch CIA) did to me from 2001 and until 2016, but also the fake family did the same to me in 1960s in Egypt, the CIA did the same in 1970-1972 in Germany, then again in Spring 1973 they enslaved me, for the second time under the same woman, under a mentally deranged Jordanian/Saudi Arabian woman named Anita Disbray, that pretended to be British or she is British related to members of the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian hidden royal family members. And they did the same thing again on 24 December 1984 where they enslaved me by force under a mentally retarded woman named Najlaa Mahmoud that had telepathy enable they can blame it on her after destroying all my relations in Germany and repeatedly making me look like as if I am a very violent man, especially with women. The only problem is that this evil retarded woman was brought allegedly from outside of Germany specially to enslave me, most probably they brought her from USA, Jordan or Saudi Arabia, while she was pretending to be Syrian that was living in Tripoli Lebanon.  When I say retarded I do not mean it as an insult, but rather in reality retarded, because she had one lookalike, possibly 2 lookalike that exchanged places with her and one of the 2 is 100% mentally retarded and one is identical lookalike!


Sorry I get side tracked, but it is important, and I will leave the above and go back to the subject below.


Beside these people are 100% my kidnappers and not my biological family, among others we do not look anything alike, and that is why they forced upon me a strange child that does not look anything like me, as a mean of brainwash to my mind to think that this is normal that children do not look like their parents, brothers and sisters do not look remotely alike, cousins do not lookalike, nephews and nieces do not look anything remotely like me.


Very important note:

1.     I never seen any of the members mentioned below in my entire life prior to 11 January 1960, in matter of fact I saw and meet most of them gradually and at various times that started in Summer 1960 and until 1968, later they kept on adding more people. The only persons that I saw on 11 January 1960 and I spent with them 4 days in the hotel in Damascus, Syria where they falsified my identity to Syrian and on 15 January 1960 they took me to Cairo, Egypt, and they were as follow:

1.1.   Me as Mohamad Nuzhat Najar, 8 years old

1.2.   My fake mother named Hyatt/Hayat Baroudi, allegedly 35 years old, because she claimed that she was 13 years old when she gave birth to my oldest fake sister (not in my life yet), that allegedly is 14 years older than me

1.3.   My fake sister Afrah/Moni Najar/Najjar/Abokurah/????, allegedly 12 years older than me

1.4.   My fake sister Fadia Najar/Nagar/Shawki/?????, allegedly 10 years older than me

1.5.   Mr. Saieed Al-Umary, around 60 years old, he did not go with us to Cairo, Egypt but rather he came in summer 1960, and he was not with us in the hotel, but rather he owned a movie theater next to the hotel and I met him once or twice at his movie theater enable he can later claim he knows us since ages

1.6.   Mr. Dardiri Ahmad Ismael, he was allegedly Egyptian originated from Sudan (black skin color) from the ministry of foreign Affairs (=Department of State in USA or The Foreign Office in the UK or Foreign Ministry in some other countries). He pretended to have been the best friend of my fake father, which was 100% a fiction identity, and is allegedly helping us to escape the tyrant grandfather, which was 100% a brainwash setup. He allegedly awarded us a refugee status and was allegedly paying all the hotel and travel expenses through the Egyptian governments, which also was a lie and brainwash.

1.7.   All others came into my life at various times in the future starting Summer1960

2.     In Syria and within these 4 days, they filled my head with fake history through dreams and then talking with me about it when I wake up as if it was reality, among others that we were living in an apartment/house in a section called Mazeh in Damascus, where I was allegedly also born and lived there until summer 1959 then we were allegedly had a lot of trouble with the landlord and were forced to relocate and live with grandparents in a big house, downtown Damascus, Syria where all in all 16 adults and 5 children under 10 years old lived. And I believed that all my life, until I started to analyze my life and discovered that I never had breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a birthday of any of these persons, or new years eve or happy new year of had visitors or we went out and so on, yet I have detailed memory of the persons that were living in this house, their names and relation to me and that they allegedly have been living there all their lives, in other words I was told these things either verbally or through a forced upon me dreams through telepathy, in any case it was all 100% lies and brainwash. And the only reason I was forced to know each individual who was living in this house, is because when we go to Cairo, Egypt, or even to other countries they used me as a decoy and if I am allegedly Syrian and was living with these people all my life, then they too are Syrians, and so I believed until I started to analyze everything I can think of in my past, actually I was forced to do just that, first by the FBI and INS between July 1998 and February 2001 and then in Netherlands by the IND, COA and AIVD, by among others forcing me to be living in a controlled environment between jails, prisons and refugee camps for 13 years!

3.     Note to the relocation in Summer 1959 to my grandparent’s house. The reason it is 100% a lie because there was no suitcase packing, no furniture packing, no kitchen packing, no packing what so ever of anything at all, as if they drugged me for a few days while packing. Then there was also absolutely no transportation of any kind what so ever from this alleged house to the grandparent’s house=fake memory, anything else is a 100% lie, because my memory is good and the prove for that, I still remember the details of what they forced upon me in January 1960. Later on, they pretended that my grandfather died in 1965/66 and they allegedly sold the house some time in 1970s as cover up for brainwashing me, because this house did not exist, or at least I was most definitely never in it or never in Syria except 4 days as mentioned above and 10 days ten years later in December 1969

4.     Escaping my alleged tyrant grandfather and moving into a hotel as follow:

4.1.   On 10/11 January 1960 I was sleeping in a room that was built on the second floor of the house of my fake grandparents, which had a big terrace looking on a small and very narrow street directly by the main entrance door of the house. The terrace was around 5-10 meters high.

4.2.   At 2 O’clock in the morning I was woken up by my fake sister Fadia that told me to be quite we have to leave this house quietly to escape grandfather because he is controlling our lives and we have no freedom in his house.

4.3.   Then my 2 fake sisters, my fake mother and I climbed down from the terrace to the street using a rope, which is impossible to climb down 7-10 meters using a rope, me as 8 years old, my fake 2 sisters that were allegedly between 18 and 20 years old and my fake mother that was 35 years old. A soldier would have difficulties to do that, I know I cannot. Small note, later I was given many photos and told this is this and this is that, one of them allegedly of my fake mother volunteering to the Syrian army to allegedly fight Israel in 1956. The photo shows several women standing in military style rows dressing military clothing in front some other man, allegedly the trainer. If this photo is true, then only my fake mother is capable to climb down the 7-10 meters using a robe!

4.4.   In the street there was a taxi waiting for us with some man

4.5.   The taxi took us to a hotel, where we stayed 3-4 days and then went to Cairo, Egypt with the plane

4.6.   The above description is what they forced upon my memory as among others coverup for being in the hotel for 3-4 days, the real reasons that we were in the hotel, and this is based on my educated guess based on my history with these con-people, is that we arrived on around 10 or 11 January, most probably from USA, where the CIA helped us get fake identities, or at least for myself, and then go from Syria to Cairo, Egypt as an alleged Syrians coming from Syria. Anything else is not possible, therefore this is the truth!


List of my kidnappers and fake family members

Note: All the persons mentioned below, also in Amman, Jordan, they treated me to my face friendly, but from my back they did everything to prevent me of ever visiting them or succeed in doing any business near them, and that is valid in the UK, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, USA and very unfortunately also in Germany and in the Netherlands. But also, they performed severe brainwash and very destructive setups to make me look as if I am connected to terrorism.


Below are the members that were allegedly living in the house of my grandparents where we supposedly lived from summer 1959 and until we allegedly escaped and moved into a luxury hotel somewhere downtown Damascus Syria for 3-4 days and then flew to Cairo, Egypt with fake Syrian identities.


Members of this fake family, that I was forced to memorize as if they were living in this middle to upper class house, but for Syrian it was most definitely upper class or even wealthy people house, meaning wealthy people:

1.     Me as an alleged 8 years old, I am not sure of my age because they falsified my identity to Syrian and gave me 2 different birth dates, 10.10 1952 and 17.10.1952 and claimed I was born on 17.10.1952 and they had to falsify it to 10.10.1952 enable to make me one week older and  illegible to go to school because I was allegedly 7 days too young to go to school and therewith they made me 7 days older, which was not only a lie, but also to confirm the lie that I was in school in Syria, which I was most definitely not, but what can a child with a total amnesia say to his alleged mother and sisters when they tell him these lies?  He just accepts them as facts!!

2.     My fake mother, named Hayat, or Hyatt that had at least one person that she exchanged places with possibly 2 and one of them was identical lookalike, she was allegedly 35 years old

3.     My fake sister-1, named Fadia with neck name Fifi, allegedly 10 years older than me, meaning 18 years old

4.     My fake sister-2, named Afrah nick name Moni, later changed Moni to Mona, which is not a nick name, but rather Arabic female first name and it means “hope to” or “Semen” or “Sperm”, she was allegedly 12 years older than me, meaning 20 years old

5.     My fake sister-3, named Suhair or Seu-seu or So-so or Su-su, she, allegedly was 14 years older than me, meaning she was 22 in 1959, she was not in this house at this time, however she was introduced to me after 1962/63 in Cairo, Egypt as my oldest sister from Jordan while she was allegedly visiting Cairo, and this was also a lie, because today I believe that she was a nanny of hidden CIA & MI6 agents mixed with Jordanian royalties, just like my other 2 fake sisters

6.     My fake brother, Mohamad Nashaat Naggar with nick name or Shoe-Shoe or Sho-Sho or Shu-shu, allegedly 3 years older than me, meaning 11 years in 1959, he was not in this house at this time, but was introduced to me later on/or after 1965 in Cairo, Egypt as my older brother that was allegedly raised by my fake sister Suhair Bdeir/Budeir in Jordan, and now he came to study in Egypt, but he was possibly the son of King Hussein of Jordan and a brother or half-brother to the current king of Jordan named Abdullah, but this is what I was forced to think, what is real is that the CIA, MI6 were 100% covering up for him in 1970 to at least 1982, while severely brainwashing me, isolating and then enslaving me under their agent named Anita Disbray and this by force of the German law in the American military base called McGraw kaserne in Munich, Germany were I was dragged there in a very sadistic and most tortures brainwash set up just to cover up for among others and especially for this nasty fake brother = 100% CIA & MI6 agent, but also they covered up for my entire fake family for so long, among other by kidnapping me from Germany to USA in 1986 where they kept me as an illegal alien and a slave for 15 years and then dumped me in Netherlands by force for a re-brainwash and another 13 years lockup

7.     My alleged grandfather named Kamel Baroudi, possibly 60-65 years old, he had a lot of similarities to Mr. Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi citizen, but it was not him, possibly his father, older brother or cousin or even I am forced to relate him to this person as distraction of the CAI and MI6, therefore I will stick only to the facts. His stature small under 165 cm. Mr. Kamel Baroudi mustache was longer and the further away it goes of his mouth the thinner it gets, until it is as thin as needle, and stands out of around 2-4 cm away of his face.

8.     My alleged grandmother, named Samiya or Samiyath Baroudi, allegedly from the family Khayat meaning in English Tailor/Taylor, in German Schneider, in Dutch Snijder, where and directly after kidnapping me to USA they were trying very hard to blackmail my biological family, by forcing me through the evil agent that the CIA, MI6 and BP-British Petroleum enslaved me under on 24 December 1984 and named Najlaa Mahmoud to prevent me to work in IT and forcing me to work in tailoring, among others by using a real tailor shop called Scott and Suzanne Shields in Bridgeport and Westport, Connecticut USA and simultaneously forcing me to relate the Tailoring to Syrians, by getting some Syrian man involved. The alleged brother of this fake grandmother called Fuad Khayat/Tailor also written Taylor, came to Egypt in around 1961/62 for a few months and then allegedly went to USA, but also and simultaneously there was a tailor as our neighbor in Egypt allegedly was Syrian Jewish that allegedly converted to Islam and his name was Faris, I can’t recall his full name, he became one of the most famous tailors in Cairo, if not the number 1, today I am positive that he was also a CIA & MI6 agent, because my fake mother confirmed his fake Syrian nationalities by claiming to know him as a neighbor from Syria, where I am more than positive that she lied, among others because they had absolutely nothing in common, not even a discussion about a person that they commonly knew on top of that and between 1960 and 1961, we get to know many persons allegedly their neighbors from Syria such as the family Queder/Koueider, and this tailr named Faris and another 3-4 other families, and my fake mother claimed that all of these were their neighbors from Damascus, Syria and I believed it, today, I see it was too excessive that 5-6 neighbors suddenly are around our life in these circumstances=false

9.     The brother of my grandmother named Fuad Khayat/Tailor/Taylor/Schneider/Snijder, He was not in this house at this time.he allegedly had his South American speaking parrot at the house of my grandparents that I am describing above. He was not in this house at this time, just his parrot, which is a brainwash trick only for me enable I can associate him with as the same person in Cairo Egypt in around 1961/62, where he lived for a few months along with a parrot, that supposedly is the same parrot as the one in this house of my grandparents in Damascus, Syria, not to forget that all my memories of this house are 100% fake. This man was around 160-165 +/- 5 cm tall and wide bone structure, white, he was dark blond/grey haired and blue eyes and white skin, unlike his alleged sister, my grandmother, she had brown hair, later grey, darker skin color and brown eyes, but also as short. The only thing they had in common is their height. I strongly believe that he was an American business man with businesses in several countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Germany and at least his home country USA, where he later told me that he is going to live with his children in USA and was waiting in Cairo for his visa, which is a lie, in Syria and at that time there was an American consulate and no consulate in the world will give a Syrian a visa to their country while he is in another country, except if he is accepted refugee or he lives there!!

10.  Oldest alleged uncle-1, named Mamdoh Baroudi, possibly the same age or even older as his father and much taller, with his lookalike alleged cousin named Jameel Baroudi in Cairo, the father if an ex-famous Egyptian actress named Shams Baroudi that was married to a Saudi Arabian prince for one month and then divorced and suddenly became all Muslim and tried to stop all of her movies of being published, which was a mass brainwash trick to show as if she became all religious through her Saudi husband and to force all those who look up to her and to her second husband to become like them strict Muslim, which was 100% mass brainwash for the Egyptians by the Saudi Arabians + CIA + MI6, because her father was 100% Saudi Arabian royal family member that pretended to be the cousin of my fake mother from Syria!!!

11.  The wife of Mr. Mamdoh Baroudi, named Jamilah, allegedly died in 1960

12.  The son of Mr. Mamdoh Baroudi, named Basam Baroudi (later became Dr. Basam Baroudi), allegedly the same age as my fake sister Fadia, 18 years old, he too came to Cairo, along with his much shorter cousin, I believe end of 1960 or 1961 to allegedly study general medicine, while his cousin to study dentistry. This cousin was very much lookalike of the sadistic surgeon that pulled out all my teeth at the Martini hospital in Groningen, Netherlands on around 12 July 2011. He looked so much like him, he could be his son!

13.  The daughter of Mr. Mamdoh Baroudi, named Hiyam, very lookalike of Geraldine Chaplin, around 16 years old, later I was told that she allegedly living in Jordan

14.  My alleged uncle-2, named Jawdat Baroudi, an American/Saudi Arabian pretending to be Syrian, around 40-50 years old

15.  His fiancée, named Mona Tabaa, did not live with us I was told about her

16.  My alleged uncle-3, named Badeaa Baroudi, origin unknown, is most probably, German, American, British or Dutch that was living somewhere in or around Saudi Arabia while also pretending to be Syrian, age around 35-45 years old

17.  The Wife of Mr. Badeaa, name Suaad

18.  The son-1 of Mr. Badeaa, named Bashaar, around 3 years older than me, 10-11 years old

19.  The son-2 of Mr. Badeaa, named Basel, around my age, 6-8 years old

20.  The daughter of Mr. Badeaa, named Sammer or Summer, around 1-3 years younger than me, 5-7 years old

21.  My alleged uncle-4, named Jalal, origin unknown, possibly Jordanian/Spanish yet pretend to be Syrian, around 32 years old

22.  The wife of Mr. Jalal, name at the moment forgotten

23.  The son of Mr. Jalal, named Ghasan, age possibly 1-4 years old

24.  The daughter-1 of Mr. Jalal, name Rima, age 1-4 years old

25.  The daughter-2 & The daughter-3, were born at a later time in 1960s or 1970s

26.  My alleged uncle-5, Dr. Farzat Baroudi, was not in this house at this time, yet I was severely brainwashed to think that I knew him since 1952. In 1969 and on a forced upon me visit to Damascus Syria where he was present, I was brainwashed severely to think that he was in this house in December 1959, yet he was not and I never seen him in my life before the year 1968, where he suddenly appeared in Cairo Egypt as my uncle from Germany and is here to write his doctorate over something Egyptian!

27.  Others, yet they did not live in that house and most definitely I never saw them in that house, yet I was brainwashed to think that they often came to visit, such as my alleged aunt named Eftikar Kheir, my alleged great uncle named Fuad Khayat, that I strongly believe he was Saudi Arabian/American that lives multiple identities with different names and nationalities, and a couple of others


Out of the 26 listed fake family members, only 21 allegedly lived in that house for the period of allegedly 6 months from summer 1959 to 10 January 1960, just to force my mind to think that they are all Syrians and I know them since my birth in 1952.


All my life I thought that was true and reality until I started to analyze my life and recognized it as all lies and brainwash, this shows how powerful is brainwash in combination with telepathy that forces a person to believe his fake history for over 50 years!!


One of the oddest things, which I never thought of at that time and until after the year 2000, is that all of the above persons did not look remotely like each other’s, like brothers and sisters usually do. Exception, is some children, excluding me, I do not look like any of them, I do not look like my own fake sisters, fake brother or even fake mother!


All of the above came later and within the first 1-2 years to Cairo Egypt and lived there for 1-10 years, with the except of Mr. Badeaa and his wife & children, Hiyam and Samiyath, and all of them relied on using me as a decoy that we are all allegedly from Syria, because I was the only one without telepathy and those Egyptian with telepathy can read my mind and with a few questions they can see what is in my mind, and I recall very well that one older man came to my school in 1960 and asked me to get in his car, and then looked at me and asked me a few questions, I do not recall the questions, but rather I recall how he examined me with his eyes, he was most definitely not pervert, but rather a serious researcher as if he was a policeman or some other person want to know who am I, I never seen him after that, but I was set up several times thereafter and I did not understand it at that time, and therewith I was used as if these persons are not a CIA and MI6 agents, but rather allegedly harmless Syrians, which they were most definitely not Syrians, nor were they harmless, at least not to me and not to my ex-girlfriend in Germany and nor to some members of the church where I was baptized in 1976.


Fake relative that covered up for the fake family


Najar Family

Baroudi Family

Khayat family

Kheir family


Bdeir/Budeir family

Edelbi Brothers

Malas family


Barq Family

Azraa family

Dardiri Ahamd Ismael family

General Ahmad Saleh Sulaiman family

Shawki Family

Queder/Koueider Family

Khodor Family

Mahmoud/Al Jadied family

Khodari family, Egypt Air CEO and his alleged niece Esmat

My fake son

Mohi Sabri and family

Assassa family


Important name Note: in Arabic sometimes, they write the word “The” before the name, which is in Arabic “ا” pronounced as “Al” or sometimes is also written as “El”, which is wrong, yet when someone write something wrong, it tells that he is writing it as he is pronouncing it, meaning from different dialect = different area. And that is why the Arabic names below are written twice one time withoutا” such as the name “بارودي”/ “Baroudi” and one time withا” such as the name “البارودي”/AlBaroudi that is often written in other variation to distract of the other fake family members such as: Al Baroudi, Albaroudi, Al-Baroudi, El Baroudi, Elbaroudi, El-Baroudi, Baroudi, Baarodi, Baroudi and so on, and that is why I am writing it in Arabic also, because there is usually only one way to write it in Arabic, which is as it is pronounced. This deceiving method is especially used to make it difficult for security agencies to search names and files in their database that are alphabetically sorted, and the names are often or mainly stored in English language or other Latin languages, such as European countries, USA, South America, Australia and some Asian countries.


Najar Family (النجار / نجار)

I never met any one of them. The alleged husband of my fake mother and the father of my fake 3 sisters and brother that each is 100% from a different parent, is allegedly Abdulhamid Najar that allegedly was working as a judge for the British government in Sudan and Egypt and retired to Syria in in 1950 and allegedly died on January 1953, 3 months after my birth, how convenient.


I was told that I have cousins of the side of this fiction father, that are in Damascus, Syria, I have 2 fake memories of these fake members, one of his alleged mother coming allegedly to only visit me as I was under 8 years old, while totally ignoring my alleged sisters sitting me on her lap, typical fake memory through telepathy. The memory has no beginning and no end and no other details. Another memory is that my alleged mother took me to their house in downtown Damascus, Syria for some reason or another, and she allegedly went in and I had to wait outside, very odd situation=fake, but easy to remember.


When I asked my mother about the mother of my father, she said she did not get along with her and that is why we never visited each other, yet they brainwashed me to have in my memory she is visiting us dressed all in black.


As I was in Germany, this evil woman that pretended to be my mother performed many damages upon my life, among others by telling me fake stories, one of them is that the house where my cousins live in in Damascus, Syria is property of my alleged father, and that she allegedly suing them to get out of the house enable she can sell it or they buy the house of her, and therefore she allegedly needs a power of attorney from me to evict them, I really did not want all that, but these people are con-people and liars and have telepathy and with it they can force a person to whatever they want, in any case she then get a power of attorney from me, what for I have no idea, but the main thing is that this conversation was around the time that they were severely brainwashing me through BP-British Petroleum between December 1983 and September 1984 and enslaving me under the CIA whore Najlaa Mahmoud, therefore I concluded that she possibly had a power of attorney to have support through the German law to brainwash me and kidnap me to USA as distraction of the evil CIA & MI6, BP-British Petroleum and the rest of the fake family as described with as the hidden Jordanian and Saudi Arabian royal family members. On the other side, there were many situations around my life in Germany that looked like as if some people around me are pointing their fingers to Americans, Saudi Arabians and Jordanians royal family members, and this situation of the house selling and the power of attorney, is forcing my mind and others watching me to think that we are related to Syria, which very much means the opposite!


Last but not least, and when I stick to the facts I know, then I know only 5 persons that have the Arabic name Najar, which are my fake 3 sisters, my fake brother and me with a falsified identity since January 1960, yet each of us have absolutely different name spelling as follow:

1.     Me as Mohamad Nuzhat Najar, which is the only Arabic correct translation to English with the exception of Egypt that pronounce the letter “J’ as “G”. Note that the name Najar means Carpenter

2.     My fake oldest sister is named Suheir Bdeir/Budier, 14 years older than me

3.     My fake middle sister is named Afrah Najjar, 12 years older than me

4.     My fake youngest sister is named Fadia Nagar, 10 years older than me

5.     My fake brother fake name is Mohamad Nashaat Naggar, he is 3 years older than me


On top the following odd behavior:

1.     Each has a different name as highlighted above

2.     Each one of them 100% does not look like the other

3.     Each one of them speaks badly against and behind the other, except for me, I speak openly to all of them, and these pages is the result of them conning me and the Dutch government brainwashing and locking me up continuously from 2001 to 2013, and then brainwashing me on and off until current in 2019

4.     Each one of them and to my knowledge does not interact with the others and allegedly live in a different country or state

5.     Since they are pretend to be Muslim Sunni, and in the book of the Muslim Sunni named “the holly conversations”, in Arabic spoken as “Al-Ahadeeth Al-Sharifah), it has an example, where one asked the profit Mohamad who is more important my brother (and sister) or my son (and daughter), and the profit answered him: you cannot get your father and mother from grave to make you another brother and sister, but you can marry ex-amount of women to make you children, therefore the brother (and sister) are more important), meaning you have to not only be brotherly or sisterly to them and be kind to them, but you have to cherish them by being honest and treat them as you would treat yourself. Yet each one of these fake 3 sisters and fake brother is not only that they are con-persons but planned and performed a lot of damaged upon my life on purpose, among others in cooperation with the CIA and MI6. But none of them adhere to this rule of the profit. Therefore, they are not only not Muslim, but also and most definitely not my biological brother and sisters, but rather con-people and my kidnappers from January 1960. And if anyone would like to dispute that, then let him speak to the alleged speaker of God that all my fake family pretend to be following while forcing everyone else to follow it and punish them or even kill them if they don’t!!!


So much about the fictional Najar family!


Baroudi Family (البارودي / بارودي)

See above section “List of my kidnappers and fake family members” and the below section under Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia


I coincidently discovered that some members of the government in Connecticut USA are from the Baroudi Family.


Khayat family (الخياط / خياط)

My fake grandmother named Samiya/Samiyath Khayat and her alleged brother Fuad Khayat, see above section for more details


The only 3 Khayat family members that I know, is my fake grandmother Samiya/Samiyat Khayat and her alleged brother Fuad Khayat, and his sister (first name do not know) they used to call her Umrateb, which means mother of Rateb, and Rateb supposedly her oldest son. Whereby they absolutely do not lookalike, except maybe the height, he was white while his sisters were darker skin color, he had gray dark blond hair, while the sisters had brown/black hair and later all gray. He had blue eyes, they had brown eyes, while he was outspoken, they were very deceiving, while he had his children allegedly all in the USA, while they had all their alleged children allegedly in Syria as fake family members as I get to know them and as described above under “List of my kidnappers and fake family members”.


On top of that, I was with no doubt used in USA, between 1987 and 1998 as a blackmail object against the Taylor/Tailor family that is translated in Arabic to Khayat, and this black mail was created in Bridgeport Connecticut as well as in Houston, Texas, among others by forcing me to go to an expensive restaurant called Fuad next to another Restaurant called Palm on Westheimer Road in Houston, Texas, where I really did not want to go there, among others because both were far above my budget. Above all, and each time I am being used in these situations, someone else create an opposite brainwash situation to force my mind not to understand and force my mind to go a different direction, such as in the restaurant Fuad, and for one reason or another the chef cook came to my table and sat with me and talked to me, asking me how I like the food and if I have any recommendation, I was really pleasantly surprised by that and I did not understand at that time the real meaning of him being so friendly to me, but today I understand, the main reason was to force my mind to think that he is Iranian that was allegedly working in UAE made some money to open this restaurant, in other words to distract my mind from Fuad Khayat and Saudi Arabia through  Iran and UAE, and this is one of several other situations at this restaurant!


All I can say is that the Khayat and Baroudi families are one of the nastiest families I have ever seen in my life, directly after the CIA, MI6 and my fake brother Mohammad Nashaat Naggar and his lookalike Nick Naggar as well as the Bdeir/Budier and Abokurah families in Jordan.


Kheir family (الخير / خير)

My alleged aunt’s family that in reality I never seen in my life before until I saw her and 3 of her children in Amman, Jordan, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Munich, Germany.


However, they were twice in my fake memory, one time in an alleged woman gathering, where the aunt with, my grandmother and other unknown women were having a woman gathering with my mother in the fake house in Mezah-Damascus, Syria, another time I was allegedly visiting them alone at their house that was allegedly 200 meters far from our alleged housing in Mazeh, Damascus, Syria. Not to forget to mention that the CIA & MI6 & BP-British Petroleum whore Najlaa Mahmoud, that the CIA & MI6 enslaved me under on 24 December 1984, pretended to have been living at the house of my fake aunt Eftikar Kheir as distraction of USA, Saudi Arabia and UAE, because they were at least 2 lookalike, in matter of fact I am sure that they were at least 3 lookalike of the CIA & MI6 whore Najlaa Mahmoud!!


The members of my fake aunt Eftikar kheir are as follow, please note, I never seen these people before around 1981, yet they brainwashed me to think that I knew them all my life since 1952:

1.     The alleged sister of my fake mother named Eftikar Kheir, she looks nothing like my fake mother. When she talks she had wicked/crocked mouth that tend to influence her mouth and lips to go more to her left side each time she talks (!!??) In my entire life I saw her only once with her alleged daughter named Fatina allegedly while she was visiting in Amman Jordan as I was visiting sometimes between 1981 and 1985. She had brown eyes, yet, 3 of her children had blue eyes. I believe that she was a nanny for hidden royalty children, among others because she claimed to be pregnant with her daughter named Fatina, while she was above 50 years old, whereby her husband allegedly died a couple of months after making her pregnant!!!!

2.     The husband of my fake aunt, Mr. Kheir, I do not know his first name, He was allegedly dentist and he allegedly were using one of his house rooms as a dentist office

3.     Oldest daughter named Fariha Kheir, marriage name is unknown, allegedly married to a wealthy man, I strongly suspect her to be a wife or one of the wives of some Saudi Arabian, Omani or UAE royal family member. Never met her in my life, yet I know how she looks due to the fake memory they forced upon me

4.     Farhat Kheir. I had him once in my fake memory, allegedly he was driving a motorcycle and I am on the back seat, where my foot allegedly get inside the wheel, which practically would have cut at least a piece of my leg off, this is typical telepathy forced dream, where they create odd situation to force their victim to remember it as painful and stop thinking. I met this man only once allegedly while he was visiting in Amman Jordan in around 1981/82. He allegedly lives in Oman or Abu Dhabi.  He pretended to be married to a Syrian Islam teacher that was teaching in Oman or Abu Dhabi. From the one time I met him for a couple of hours he was a very sleezy, deceiving and lying person, because he absolutely hates religion. Yet he told me that along with a story that he once was upset with his wife and took the Quran, teared it apart and jumped on it several times. Then his wife allegedly went to the police and they arrested him and wanted to hang him, yet the Bdeir/Budeir family that had business branch in that country, made a deal with the government and they allegedly released him, total fabricated story and I believed it. This is one of many stories and actions that this fake family have told me or performed for one purpose only to force my mind to hate Muslims and Arabs to avoid them and therewith not to speak with them about my fake family. Another story that he told me just to place it in my head that he is Syria, but he is not, allegedly he was drafted to the military, and the officer wanted him to clean his shoes, he refused and then he allegedly hit the officer, then they jailed him and he escaped and they arrested him and brought him back to the army and forgave him because it was war with Israel and they needed him, but then he escaped the army and they arrested him again and again, at the end they told him get out of the army, you are too much trouble for us. Something like that would never happen in a country like Syria/ Yet this is typical fake stories told by con-people, and best of all the people around me, which was my fake sister Suheir Bdeir/Budeir and her alleged husband Seif Aldi Bdeir/Budier, confirmed both stories, by saying yes, yes that is true!!

5.     Faihaa Kheir, I have her once in my memory as I allegedly visited their home, which was fake memory. My Employer Siemens AG sent me 3 times to Saudi Arabia, I believe one of them, someone gave me her phone number and I called her and visited her, but she was not welcoming, and created several situations, which I will skip to make me feel uncomfortable to not visit her again. She was most definitely Saudi Arabian and looked nothing like her alleged mother. She was shorter than her mother, around 160-165 cm, 40 kg, dark blond, blue eyes and had some similarities to the woman that the CIA enslaved me under between 22 August 1970 and September 1977 that was allegedly British and named Anita Disbray, which I believed until after the year 2000, where I started to analyze my life and recognized that she is either Jordanian Saudi Arabian, or a twin sister that is Saudi Arabian or Jordanian, meaning married to some locals. Faiha Kheir came once to Munich, Germany, where she stayed at a stranger’s house, which was Dr. Sami Assasa that pretend also to be Syrian with German citizenship and is under 160 cm yet looked more Indian/Pakestani or even Iranian. Dr. Sami Assassa was married to the sister of my uncle’s wife, named Jawdat Baroudi, therewith me as direct first cousin, he is considered a stranger, also others that came from Saudi Arabia or Hamburg they would stay at his place, both fake uncles of mine, which shows not only that I am not of this fake family, but also that this sleezy Dr. Sami Assassa, has purchased a new house in an area called Gruenwaldt, around 3 km from Munich, and this house is not only isolated but have 3 times more rooms than he uses, meaning he uses is house to cover up for these people.

6.     Fikrat Kheir. Never met him, but he was once in my fake memory. He is allegedly 14-16 years old in 1959. Allegedly he took me on a trip in summer of 1959 to a mountain adjacent to Damascus, called Mount Al-Muhajreen (immigrant mountain), where I allegedly dropped down from the mountain and some man half way on the mountain caught me of falling the whole way down, where I allegedly injured myself and was taken to hospital in a military style jeep car, no memory after that or before that, this is another typical telepathy fake memory

7.     Fareed Kheir. Never met him, he was allegedly around 3 years old in 1959. Yet they placed a fake memory about him, he allegedly loved to play with feet, any one comes to visit them he would go up to them take their shoes off and play with their toes, another stupid typical telepathy fake memory

8.     Fatina Khier, met her once as described above. She was allegedly born 1961 when her mother was around 55 years old. It is typical lies that they say when a nanny pretended to be the mother of one of the hidden royalty children


All-in-all, the members of the Kheir family that I met are con-people and very nasty people.


Abo kurah/Abokurah/Abu Qoora (ﺃبو قورة)

The “اﻟ”is not usually used in this type of name. Abo means father of, Korah means forehead=Father of forehead.


The allged family of my fake sister Afrah Najar/Najjar/Abokurah/????. This is the sister that went with me to Cairo Egypt after 11 January 1960. I never saw her in my life prior to that, nor I had any memory what so ever of her. The original one allegedly went to Amman, Jordan to help the other older sister Suheir Bdeir/Budair by her birth of Reem Bdeir the double of princess Haya of Jordan or both are one and the same person that has other identities one of them is Reem Bdeir.


In short, this fake sister Afrah disappeared in around 1961 and never saw her after that, then I was told that she gets married in Amman, Jordan and would not come back, in 1967 I was introduced to her look alike named Mona Abokurah that also called her self Afrah. I believed it at that time, but it was 100% not the same person.


The Abokurah family, I met first time in Amman, Jordan in 1967 as I was sent there for 2-3 months summer vacation as preparation for my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Naggar alias Nick Naggar to come to Cairo Egypt, that I never saw in my life before 1965/1966. Very unfortunately I have some conflicting memory about him in Jordan, either because the telepathy manipulation or I was stressed so much that I can’t recall it or even never met him in Jordan in 1967, and it was just forced upon me fake memory to force my mind to think that he was living in Jordan.


The Abokurah family:

1.       Mr. Abdalghani Abokurah, the official husband of my fake sister Afrah Najar/Najjar/Abokurah. I believe he is member of the royal family. He was the CEO of Alia Jordan Royal Airline. He was an architect and had several architect offices, he claimed to have had contract to build hotels for Sheraton hotels, he was either the chairman of the board or member of the board by several companies, among others also the Islamic Educational College of Jordan, where his name along with Mohamad Ali’s name engraved at the entrance. In 1980s he claimed to have allegedly purchased Campbell Soup company, but Campbell soup company is a public company and cannot be purchased unless someone buys all shares on the market, which he did not, this alone shows that he was a big deceiver and a con person. Officially he had additional house in Washington D.C, and another in Tennessee, were he also has several businesses. I strongly believe that he also had additional residence in Germany because he allegedly studied in Germany, and also had businesses there, but also in the UK, but he kept it secret of me and pretended to be in the hotel each time he come to Munich and meets me for the purpose of brainwash. With absolutely no doubt he had telepathy and can not only read people’s mind but also force them to think what he wants, and therefore he sacrificed one of his alleged children named Khalid Abokurah, that was used as target practice for telepathy by his other children, which totally drove Khalid Abokurah crazy. He does not care, because he has possibly over 20 children or even much more under various names and in various countries. He also had additional business and residence in Lebanon, where he was also keeping an extra car Jaguar Type E and since I strongly suspect their alleged friends Joseph Azra and Ali Barq to be drug lords, possibly that was his main business in Lebanon, where they possibly use the Airline to smuggle drugs, but this is only suspicion. Last but not least, I strongly suspect him to be some kind of a diplomat and that is why he has a residence in Washington D.C., and if this is true, he would be not the only one that hide his side business from me

2.       He had allegedly 2 sisters between 30 and 50 years old in 1980s, however they did not look anything like him

3.       Allegedly he has only one brother that is allegedly a medical doctor and lives in Los Angeles, California, USA and no other brothers, which was a big lie, these people usually have at least 10 and sometime a few dozens of brothers and sisters

4.       My fake sister Afrah Abokurah. I strongly believe that she was the nanny for hidden royalty children. Allegedly lives in Washington, D.C. since 1987. In 1987 and while the family was on a trip to Washington D.C. She allegedly my fake sister escaped her tyrant husband by refusing to go back to Jordan and asked for divorce, since then she and some of the below children lives in the Washington D.C. residence, where she allegedly applied for political asylum and was granted it. I know that Mr. Abdalghani Abokurah had 100% telepathy, I met him at least 20 times between Jordan, Egypt in 1960s to Munich Germany, and if she was really his wife and planned to divorce him and stay in Washington D.C., then he would have new that as soon as she started to plan it, therefore she lied, and her children also lied. It is the same scam as they did when they kidnapped me in January 1959 and claimed to be escaping the tyrant grandfather, for details see the section “Kidnapping Detailed Version” in the page “Kidnapping children”. The question here is: why does her alleged ex-husband have additional residence in Washington D.C. and not somewhere else where it is more profitable, such as New York city, or Houston, or Chicago, or Los Angeles where his brother allegedly resides???? Possibly he is a diplomat, to cover up that he is royal family member. Also, I strongly believe that they manipulate and force people with telepathy to do things they do not want to such as they did to me, countless of times. This fake sister is a criminal, because she not only helped in covering up for kidnapping me as a child in January 1960, or if this one is just a lookalike, which I strongly suspect, then she is also a criminal for stealing the identity of my original fake sister, but also helping in brainwashing me, enslaving me and kidnapping me from Germany to USA, among other by using her alleged daughter named May Abokurah. She is most definitely only a nanny for these children, yet she pretend to be their mother, and maybe she is the mother of only one of them, but not all, I lived in their house for several times each for a few days to couple of weeks when I used to visit them from Germany at their residence in Amman, Jordan, and they way they all behaved, including their 2 housekeepers from Sri Lanka, was most odd, which I did not understand at that time, today I do, she was not the mother, but the nanny. If she was my biological sister, then she would have cared about my wellbeing, but instead she is most definitely doing something very bad in Washington D.C. to other people as they did to me

5.       These are the official children of my fake sister Afrah Abokurah, all the information that I did not see myself can be wrong because they lie about everything, even their birthdate and birth place:

5.1.   May Abokuray, born around 1962 in Amman, Jordan Allegedly lives between Washington, D.C., Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Is a very dangerous woman and here are two brainwash incidents that shows that:

5.1.1.     After I became Christian and started to work for Siemens AG, that started in 1980 to send me on business to Saudi Arabia, I always made a stop in Amman Jordan, to visit my fake 2 alleged sisters, during which they were severely brainwashing me by using women, and that was performed by my 3 fake sisters as well as their husbands. Her in Jordan my fake niece May Abokurah, and each time I come to visit them, she would dress totally inappropriately, not by Arab standards, not by Muslim standards and most definitely not by European standards, by among others dressing a short see through nightgown, where I can see half of her breast and also the underwear, that was the worst way she used to dress, other times were similar but nightgown or as much see through, yet very revealing

5.1.2.     In summer 1983, I went from Munich to Amman, Jordan especially to visit them and also I was trying to start a business between Germany and the Middle East, where they were severely fighting me from the background and pretending to be fighting me because I became Christian, yet all from the background and to my face big smile with crocked eye look, but in reality they were fighting me from the background because I am not from this family and they were using me as a multipurpose decoy and they did not want me to visit them because they are not my family. Anyway, everyone knew I used to love to play Squash, so this May Abokurah, introduced me to her alleged friend named Randah Mufleh that allegedly loved to play Squash, so I played twice with her. She was a very short sleezy woman, maybe 150 cm short, very dark skin and thick lips, after 2 weeks I was traveling back to Germany and on the day before, this May Abokurah, asked me to go with her to King Hussein club (a multipurpose sports club, including swimming, tennis and other) because allegedly her friend Randah Mufleh wanted to tell me something before I go back. I went with her, and as soon as Randah Mufleh saw me, ran up to me and kissed on the lips and said she loves me and gave me a photo of her to remember her. I did not know what to think or how to react, which is a very nasty telepathy trick to force you to stop thinking enable later you think you like it or you agreed to it, in reality I was madly in love with my girlfriend named Adelheid Kuczka. Anyway I went back to Germany and then this insect called Randah Mufleh calls me and asks me to send her back her photo, and here too I did not know what to think, then suddenly May calls me and ask me to send her photo, then my 2 sisters from Jordan Afrah Abokurah and Suhair Bdier/Budier called me and asked me to send her the photo back. Then my third sister from the UK called Fadia Nagar calls me and asked me to send her the photo back. I never understood the situation until recently: Number-1: they wanted not only to force my mind to think that I am in love in Arabic women, but also to force anyone who is listing to me such as via telepathy or via hidden Microphones, where I have absolutely no doubt what so ever that there was hidden Microphone in my apartment in Germany as well as in USA, therefore everyone will think I am in love with this stupid limited horizon ugly insect called Randah Mufleh. Number-2: her name is Mufleh, there is a Palestinian family called Mufleh and they are in leading position in PLO and Hamas that both are marked as terrorist groups, and this I found out after the year 2006, while the Dutch IND were brainwashing me very sadistically since 2001 as coverup for this fake family, therefore they wanted to give the German BND who planned them (most probably are the ones planting the hidden microphones, or even just listing to my telephone calls especially to or from the Middle East), will get conformation as if I am connected to terrorism, and how started this terrorism setup? It was the CIA, my fake mother, my 3 fake sisters and 3 uncles, for details see the page Kidnapping Children section “More details, the pattern of forced relocations during kidnapping and brainwash” point 2. This set up was one of countless. Coincidently the Jordanian Ambassador in the Netherlands is called also Mufleh. Shame on you to waste your intelligence or the lack of it on things like that. All these persons are nothing else than parasites that feeds on innocent people. Number-3: this insect and parasite called Randah Mufleh was brought specially to force my mind to think that she is related to king Hussein, because she is under 150, darker skin and thick lips, in reality she looked like one of this imported housekeepers from Thailand, Philippine or Sri Lanka  that they in Arab countries call khadama/Khadma, meaning servant = slave, that would do anything for a Dollar or two. It was a distraction of May Abokurah and the rest of my fake family that in reality are from the Jordanian royalty=con-people and slave makers and I have hundreds of proves for that

5.2.   Abdallah Abokurah, born around 1963/64 in Amman, Jordan, studied something in some university I believe in Nashville, Tennessee, USA while his brother at the same time studying in Washington, D.C. Allegedly lives in Washington, D.C.  since 1987

5.3.   Ghasan Abokurah, born around 19666/67, in Amman, Jordan, studied in Catholic University for architecture since begin of 1980s. Allegedly lives in Washington, D.C. or nearby since 1987

5.4.   Khalid Abokurah, not sure about his birthdate, possibly 1968/69, Very smart and intelligent young man, last saw in 1987 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In around end 1990s he was allegedly placed in a hospital for mentally insane in Cairo, Egypt, enable to have a reason not to visit him, I wanted to verify that and I called the hospital once and talked to him, I believe it was 2015, I wanted to help him, but I am in trouble myself, as you can see of my complaint. Just as they did to the official Jordanian prince, I believe his name was Mohamad, and was locked in a hospital in Switzerland for a few years. He was used as a target practice for telepathy by his brothers and sister, and therewith he was doing things that he was forced to, which I did not understand that at that time. Each time when I am with him, he was absolutely calm and loved to make conversations, yet when his brothers or sister are around then his behavior dramatically changes to be unacceptable=100% they were doing that to him and forcing him to do things, such as spell drinks on the waiter shoes, through the TV on the floor, through garbage from the windows and the list is endless, yet when they are not around he is absolutely a gentleman!

5.5.   Zaid Abokurah, not sure of his age, possibly born end of 1970. Allegedly lives in Washington D.C.  since 1987 as an IT professional


Bdeir/Budier family (البدير / بدير)

This is the family of my fake alleged oldest sister Suheir Bdeir/Budier.


This is the family that helped not only kidnap me and cover up for it, but also used me to blackmail my biological family as well as my twin brother/sister and this is 100%, because I recently recognized one of the reasons why I was prevented to ever go back to Cairo, Egypt, not only because some members of my family that claimed that they all left Egypt in 1970, but also and the number 1 reason, is because I was used as place holder of a twin, or even not twin, but a lookalike that went to Cairo Egypt immediately, after they took me to Germany in December 1969, and the family Bdeir set me up to go to Egypt in 1982 by using their friend the Syrian ambassador to the Arab League named Zafer Sawaf/Alsawaf that was the head of the Arab League sub organization called ASMO-Arab Standardization and Metrology Organization, headquartered in Amman, Jordan, and this evil Mr. Zafer Sawaf asked me to go to Egypt to see if I can get them to agree to the Arabic IT standard, because at that time Egypt was boycotted by the rest of the Arab countries because they made peace with Israel. So I went to Egypt, and I was fought severely through various setups from all side: police, family members and other, that literally, when the plane lifted of Cairo airport going back to Jordan, I started to take my deep breath and saying thanks God I am out of here. All the times I thought because they did not want me to see that my fake brother, fake 2 sister and fake mother never left Egypt, but in reality they did not want me to see my lookalike nor make others that know him see me, he was and with no doubt a CIA & MI6 agent that was covered by the Bdeir/Budier family, among others because of a photo: in 1960 they gave me many photos, claiming it was from my past, one of these photos, was allegedly me celebrating a birthday of my niece named Basma/Basmah/Basmath Bdeir/Budier marriage name Alami. This photo show one looks like me that was around 6 years old, along with maybe another 10-20 children around a table with birthday cake and all the children have birthday hats on. All my life I believed it was me, until I realized it was not me, because of literally thousands of reasons, among others how they all treated me, but also how I was treated when I went to Egypt in around April 1982, where after that trip I lost my job again. until 31.12.1981 I was employee at Siemens AG, then I was set up several times to lose my job and blame it on myself, just because my employer sent me to Saudi Arabia and I believe I excelled for the first time in my life at my job, and that thanks to what I learned at Siemens AG. Then at my new job called ADV/ORG, I lost my job because I went to Egypt, and who sent me the Bdeir/Budier and Abokurah family using their friend the Ambassador Dr. Zafer Sawaf that allegedly was related to them, later I was kidnapped to USA to never visit this fake family and/or ever go to Egypt where they had their agent named Mohamad Nuzhat Najar taking my place. Additional prove, is that the Dutch IND brainwashed me to write that I was a place holder of ex-USA president George W. Bush, and also the reason that I was fought when I went to Egypt in April 1982, is because my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Najar/Naggar, 2 fake sisters Fadia Nagar/Shawki/Ali and Afrah Najar, and fake mother still living there, and may be they are, but then why hide it from me, I was living there with them for 10 years; and I had no chance to think for 4 years where the Dutch IND forced me to live in the village called Bellingwolde, because they forced me to live in a village where they can control me and no one will help, because it is a village controlled by a couple of families that live there since decades or centuries. And therefore, I never really questioned much why was I fought when I went to Cairo, Egypt April 1982?


Not to forget to mention how the Bdeir/Budier family helped the CIA, MI6 and BND in setting me up in December 1969 to look like as if I am highly connected to terrorism, and then repeated the process several times their after, at least 5-6 times between 1980 and 1994. Which was the last time I saw them in Houston, Texas, USA.


But also claimed to have been raising my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Najar that was nothing else than a very vicious and sadistic person and then the CIA replaced him in Munich Germany in August 1970 with the lookalike that later called himself Nick Naggar.


All I can say is the family Bdeir/Budier are sadistic destructive family. Period.


All the above is related to the Bdeir/Budier family that set me up very destructively, over and over and over again, since the first time I saw them in around 1962/63 as they came to visit Cairo, Egypt, where I was being used as a place holder.


My fake sister Afrah Najar allegedly went in 1961 to Amman, Jordan to the Bdeir family

My fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Naggar allegedly was raised by the Bdeir/Budier family

My fake sister Suheir’s family, the Bdeir/Budier familie

The alleged patriarch Mohammad Ali Bdeir and his family Bdeir/Budier family



My fake sister Afrah Najar allegedly went in 1961 to Amman, Jordan to the Bdeir family

The fist time I ever hear of this family was in 1961, when my fake sister Afrah Najar allegedly went to Amman, Jordan to help my fake sister Suheir Bdeir/Budier with the birth of her alleged daughter Reem Bdeir/Budier.


At that time, my fake sister Afrah Najar I saw her for the first time in my life in the hotel in Damascus, Syria directly after kidnapping me on 10/11 January 1960. I have absolutely no memory of her from prior to that. This fake sister was working at the Egyptian TV as a TV-news anchor and other TV programs moderator. She was absolutely arrogant, has 100% telepathy, very selfish, and would not mix with any of us, meaning my fake sister Fadia, me and my fake mother.


I keep on using the word fake, that I feel fake myself, and that is true, because they kidnapped me on 10/11 January 1960 and falsified my identity to Syrian and took me to Cairo Egypt on 15 January 1960 as fake Syrian. Therefore, it is very possible that this fake sister Afrah Najar had already the job at the Egyptian TV, and went to Egypt especially for that, while pretending to be member of our fake family. My future has repeatedly confirmed this conclusion.


In 1967 I was sent to Amman, Jordan for an alleged summer holiday to my fake sister Suheir Bdeir/Budier, and on this vacation they brainwashed me for many things, yet here I will only mention the things related to this fake sister named until now Afrah Najar with the nick name Moni for Monica:

1.     The new fake sister is 100% lookalike of the older one and is now named Afrah Abokurah with the nick name Mona. And since Mona is an Arabic name and not a nick name, I am guessing either is here real name is Mona or she just added this fake nick name to force me to think that it is the same sister and to distract me of the original nick name Moni=Monica

2.     This sister is by far not as arrogant and is not as violent, the reason I know that for fact, is because one time the other fake sister named Fadia wanted to borrow one of her cloths, and she talked to her down as if she is her servant, and said these are mine, and these are yours, you must never touch any of my stuff, and said that in a very threatening manner. On the other side this new one is a nanny and possibly also the second, third or fourth wife of her employer, where I strongly suspect that she also raises children of some of his other wives, because they planned to send them to USA as her children, which they did

3.     In 1967 and when I was sent to Amman Jordan on an alleged vacation, I was given the old hand-written cookbook of this fake sister to allegedly give it to her in Amman, Jordan, because she allegedly forgot it. Which I did. This was to force my mind to think that the Afrah Najar from 1961 is now Afrah or Mona Abokurah in Amman, Jordan. What is most strange, is the following: when she allegedly went in 1961 from Cairo for only a couple of weeks to help her alleged pregnant sister Suheir Bdeir/Budeir, she either took with her all of her stuff and clothing, and in this case she already planned not to come back and she acted and lied about everything else,  or she left most of them and just took enough for this period, in any case, they did not send to her, her alleged rest of clothing and other private thing, because this was an official relocation and as such they will take everything and not only some. It is the absolute same concept as we allegedly relocated from our apartment to grandparents’ house, which was in the city, Damascus, yet we did not pack, and we did not move suitcase or even furniture, I just was told that=fake memory. The only difference is that here in Cairo is not fake memory any more, but they are lies and brainwash situations

4.     My fake sister Suheir Bdeir/Budier is merried with the Bdeir/Budeir family, and they are very wealthy and very large family, if not the wealthiest and the largest in Jordan, therefore they would not need help from another sister in delivering the new born, she is not midwife, they among others own hospitals, but also they have an inhouse house keeper, meaning she is there 24 hours per day, and as I saw it in Jordan, Suheir Bdeir/Budier is also a nanny for hidden Jordanian royalty children, and that is fact, because of at least the following 2 points, Point-1: her alleged daughter Reem Bdeir/Budier is the double of Princess Haya of Jordan, or both are one and the same person, just Princess Haya of Jordan has 2 identities enable she can mix with the general public, among others also in Egypt and Europe, or even in Houston, Texas, USA where she always pretended to be my niece Reem Bdeir that is originated from allegedly 2 Syrian parent and living in Jordan, and this is one of the things they used me for as decoy uncle. Point-2: my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Najar/Naggar that was allegedly raised since 1954 by my fake sister Suhair Bdeir/Budier in Amman, Jordan and then came to Egypt to go to school, and the Bdeir family allegedly paid for his private school but also paid for his private housing, because after around 6 months of living with us, he moved out to live in his own apartment and the Bdeir/Budier family allegedly paid the rent, and paid for a house keeper, for his food and pocket money, and his private catholic school name San (=Saint) George, while his alleged mother alias my fake mother lived in the opposite building and I went to a public school. In short the Bdeir family, and if they really paid for all that, then they really can pay for one of their own new born to be taken care of very well in one of their own hospitals, this makes the Bdeir/Budier and Abokurah families not only liars but also brainwashers and slave makers, kidnappers of children and perform severe criminal acts that are immoral, unethical, inhuman, Islam and in general anti any religion as well as anti-humanity!


On 15 January 1960 I was taken to Cairo Egypt as a decoy Syrian, meaning as a child and with all the fake memory that I have, people will believe that we are from Syria, and therefore my fake mother, my fake 2 sister that kidnapped me to Cairo, Egypt on this mentioned date as well all others that came there after and pretended to be related to me as brother, uncles, cousins and so on, were using me as a decoy that we are allegedly from Syria.


In September 1986, I was kidnapped from Germany to USA, where the lookalike of my fake sister Afrah Najar, named Mona Najjar/Abokurah including her children were also using me as a decoy, as if she is originated from Syrian and is my sister and her children are allegedly from her Jordanian, husband, which is all false, she was the nanny of these 5 children possibly she is the mother of 1 or 2 of them, above all she is absolutely not my sister.


Using me as above mention in Egypt and 26 years later using me again in USA, whereby in both cases they used the absolute same deceiving scheme as follow:

1.     On 15 January 1960 they pretended to be escaping our alleged tyrant grandfather to Cairo Egypt with the help of the Egyptian government, and Mr. Dardiri Ahmad Ismael

2.     In 1987 in USA, she pretended to be escaping her tyrant husband to Washington D.C. with the help of the American government and me as a decoy, while forcing me to believe that the Syrian government wanted to kill me for allegedly stealing 5 Million US Dollars of them, whereby I never went to Syria except twice 2-4 days in on 10/11 January 1960 and 10 days in around 15 December 1969, and I never worked directly with them, and never had any access to their money, in short it was a setup by the evil CIA, MI6, BND and the Syrian government during the project Calypso, in any case while my fake sister was accepted as an alleged refugee, I was forced to live as an illegal alien to prevent me of ever visiting the members of my fake family in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and above all in Egypt, where I strongly believe that they also used me as a place holder for a twin brother or an identical lookalike cousin, which I discovered that this is a pattern in their behavior, where they raise persons in one country to force their mind to be loyal, while forcing their look alike to live in the country they want them to bne an agent in, and then they dispose of the look alike and bring the other one to take his place, and that is also what they do in Germany and in USA.


And that is not good

My fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Naggar allegedly was raised by the Bdeir/Budier family

The first time I ever saw this fake brother was in 1965/1966 in Cairo, Egypt as I was told that he was allegedly raised since 1954 by my fake sister Suheir Bdeir/Budier in Amman, Jordan, and was going to school called “Islamic Educational College of Jordan“ in Amman and now he is allegedly coming directly from Jordan to Cairo to go to Egyptian private catholic high school. And I believed it, but today, I know it was a lie, among other because of the followings:

1.       He was already in the Islamic Educational College/school, which is for grade-1 to grade-12.(=elementary to high school) and in Cairo he went to the grad-10 to grade-12 (high school) at the Catholic school called San George in a neighborhood called Safeer in city section “New Egypt” in Cairo, Egypt, which it does not make since to go to school for 9 years, while living in an upper class family, then go to a catholic school to finish 3 years school in a low class family!!!

2.       He, and only in my presence, pretended to be strict Muslim and against Christians. While going maybe 1-4 times in 6 months to Mosque and occasionally prayed at home, where strict Muslims pray 5 times per day, 7 days per week and go at least on Friday to the Mosque

3.       He was very selfish, arrogant, very vicious and sadistic and the first thing he did when he arrived is beating me up very badly using a wooden stick of 1-2 inches diameter and around 150 cm long, I was allegedly 13/14 years old while he was allegedly 16/17 years old. Which totally shocked me. I never understood why he did that. Until recently:

3.1.    First to show me who is the boss in the house

3.2.    To make me understand that we are not friends and to avoid him

3.3.    Third not to interact with him in anyway what so ever, because he planned to live somewhere else after a while and did not want me to visit him

3.4.    To force fear upon my mind, fear and shame are important tools of brainwash

3.5.    To leave it in my mind that he is strict Muslims and not a CIA/MI6 and/or Jordanian/Saudi Arabian royal family member

3.6.    To force others who would read my mind to think of him as Syrian that was living in Jordan and is my bad brother that was Strict Muslim and very sadistic

3.7.    To make bad name for Muslims, as if all good Muslims like him, which they are most definitely not

4.       He 100% had telepathy, because and since he came I had a lot of severe problems as highlighted below

5.       My fake mother and this sadistic fake family planned to rape me by men and disgusting old women as a mean of brainwash to force my mind to be shamed and feared of talking about it or talk about anything related to that time, enable to force my mind to forget my past, but also because they already planned to enslave me under disgusting women, and therefore they forced upon me severe disgusting women, among others by taking me to whore house and forcing me to have sex with a woman that was around 40-50 years, fat and very smelly, later when they enslave me under a woman that looks younger and smells nicer, then my mind will accept her as better than before. Also, by using telepathy they forced me to have semi-sex with the housekeeper, that was also very disguising and very smelly. See slavery in Germany and the section “The American Military base McGraw kaserne brainwash”, which was just 1-2 years later, and they 100% planned for it, and here and now was the preparation for this severe brainwash. Semi sex means, I did not know how to have sex, therefore we did not have intercourse, yet I was forced to think that we did. This is how nasty is total amnesia, where you lose all the knowledge of the past and start all over, while enslaved by sadistic people that prevent a person to grow his own mind

6.       6-12 months after arriving allegedly from Amman, Jordan, he moved out and lived in his own apartment as an alleged first or second year high school student. While we were living directly in the opposite building, yet I never visited him in this apartment. The reason of moving out, allegedly he did not get along with the boyfriend of my fake mother named Mohi Sabri, yet Mohi Sabri 100% DID NOT have telepathy, and my fake brother 100% had telepathy and the description of these points shows that. Prior to the arrival of my fake brother, Mohi Sabri, the boyfriend of my fake mother, was a very nice and gentleman like, friendly and kind person. He was a police office with the rank, starting as first lieutenant and last I knew is that he became major. The police in Egypt has similar ranking as the military. Yet as soon as my fake brother arrived, they conspired to rape me and started with Mohi Sabri as following: I went to my mother room, and they were having sex, but I did not know that and I did not know what sex is, then I asked them what are you doing, then Mohi Sabri get out of the bed naked and left my fake mother in bed and took me to my room and raped me and while saying this is what we are doing. This was 100% my fake brother’s telepathy force, there after I was repeatedly raped by many men and 2 women. After the year 2000 I realized that my fake mother and my fake brother had 100% telepathy. Therefore I realized that this woman here and now while Mohi Sabri is raping me, and very possibly has no telepathy, or had telepathy yet using it to get him to rape me, but I believe she had no telepathy, therefore, and among others, I came to the conclusion that there are 2 lookalikes that exchange places as my fake mother and one of them possibly does not have telepathy, later on and after the 2000, I realized that they were 100% 3 different persons that pretended to be my fake mother Hyat/Hayat Baroudi and exchanged places at different time also in Germany, and the last I saw the original one was in Egypt in around 1961-1963, and the last I saw of the second one was around 1971/72 in Munich, Germany, the last I saw the third one was in 1987 in Bridgeport, Connecticut and just 6-7 months after kidnapping me from Germany to USA, and she took a huge part on that covering for the CIA, MI6 and the BP-British Petroleum that were covering up for the hidden Jordanian and Saudi Arabian royal family members that were pretending to be my sisters, my nephews and nieces, my uncles and aunt and my cousins as described within this page

7.       In around begin of August 1970 and while the CIA had already isolated me and forced me to live in the American military base McGraw kaserne in Munich, Germany, they brought a lookalike of my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Najar/Naggar that pretended to be the original fake brother from 1965/66, and this in it self is a very strong pattern of using me as a decoy brother of my 3 fake sisters and then they disappear and another lookalike takes their place, where the originals were always from the CIA/MI6/BND/AIVD and the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian royal families, and the replacement are just nannies or a person they picked or selected through a computer system, where they store in advance lookalike of people they use or protect and cover up for, and the best case for that is the Bdeir/Budier, Abokurah, Malas and Kheir Families as well as the Baroudi family that are directly related to the Saudi Arabian, such as Jameel Baroudi in Egypt the father of the famous actress Shams Baroudi and Jordanian royal families such as Reem Bdeir alias princess Haya of Jordan as well as my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Naggar that was allegedly raised by the Bdeir/Budier family and the Bdeir/Budeir family are 100% hidden Saudi Arabian and Jordanian royal family members and that would explain why my fake brother was so sadistic and most vicious person I have ever seen, as well as his lookalike named Nick Naggar

8.       Mohamad Nashaat Naggar has a lot of look and height similarities to King Hussein of Jordan, and was also as short

9.       Last but not least, I strongly suspect Mohamad Nashaat Nagger to be the son of King Hussein alias the brother of the current king Abdullah. Among others because of the following reasons:

9.1.    All the description above

9.2.    My fake sister Suheir Bdeir/Budier that allegedly raised him, was nothing else than a nanny for 3 other children and one of them was Reem Bdeir alias 100% either the double of Princess Haya of Jordan, or both are one and the same person, or they are cousins, or nieces

9.3.    My other fake sister Afrah Najar/Najjar/Abokurah was raising hidden king Hussein children, or they were their nephews and nice because their official father Abdulghani Abukurah is the hidden brother of King Hussein, even though he was much taller than him, yet they are brothers from most probably different mothers. Their children look almost identical to King Hussein as he was young

9.4.    I was setup very destructively by the Jordanian secret service between 1981 and 1985 to prevent me of ever coming back to visit my fake sisters

9.5.    I was setup very destructively in 1983/84 by my fake niece May Abokurah and her alleged friend called Randah Mufleh. Randah Mufleh and based on her look and situations is very possibly one of the hidden daughters or younger cousins or niece of King Hussein

9.6.    The professions and businesses of my 2 brothers-in-laws families, Bdeir/Budier and Abokurah are businesses that can only be of the royal family, such as Alia royal Jordanian airline, Telephone Companies, Water companies, Jordan Petroleum company, Phosphor company, instruction(s) companies, engineering companies, private school Islamic Educational College and the list goes on and on=Royal family

9.7.    The fact that the CIA/MI6 persecuted me to death from 1970 and until at least 2013, whereby at the beginning they were 100% working with the Bdeir and Abokurah family to brainwash me and enslave me in 1970 while forcing upon me a lookalike of my original fake brother

9.8.    My fake brother and as he came to Egypt had photos and posters all over our joint bed room of king Hussein.

9.9.    My fake sister Fadia Nagar as well as her 2 first children that were allegedly born in Egypt not just do not look anything like their official Egyptian father that had African manner curly hair, but also the resemblance of the 2 children to Jordanian royal family members is undeniable while my fake sister herself, look is very similar to several royal family members

9.10.  And many others


Today I still ask myself the same question again and again: If the Bdeir/Budier family raised my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Najar/Naggar alias Nick Naggar in Amman, Jordan, and he really went to the Islamic Educational College of Jordan in Amman, then he would be most definitely not as nasty as I am describing above. But he is very nasty person, as nasty as any top criminal, therefore I am having problem believing where he was raised and where he went to School, because this is 100% not Islam, neither the way the Bdeir/Budier family behave towards their brothers, meaning they would have also raised him to love his brothers and sisters just as Islam specifically says brother is even more important than own son, because we cannot get the parents back to generate another brother, but we can generate countless children (this is not what I think, I am just quoting Islam), therefore we must treat our brothers and sisters good, but he did not neither my fake sisters did. This was a quote of the book of Sunni called “The Profit Conversations” (in Arabic: "أحاديث الرسول"), as I was forced to learn it for 10 years in the public school in Cairo, Egypt), while he was in a private catholic school. On the other side I strongly suspect him to be a CIA and/or MI6 agent, my guess he is from MI6, above all I strongly believe he was raised in the UK or USA, or even the Netherlands or Germany, but most definitely not in Jordan, because he is as vicious as the CIA/MI6 and BP-British Petroleum were to me, if this is true, then the Bdeir/Budier, Abokurah and the Malas families have covered up for him and for his employer the CIA/MI6 and BP-British Petroleum against me, and that makes the Bdeir/Budier, Abokurah and the Malas families as nasty as him, because they covered up for him and also used me, while setting me up several times in my life very destructively.


That was some of the major description and situation of my fake brother Mohamad Nashaat Naggar, not mentioning his evil lookalike Nick Naggar that performed a lot of damages to my life in USA as a part of a scheme to force me to be locked up in USA and never to go back to Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, or even Germany, the UK and Switzerlands, where my fake and very vicious and nasty family dwell, while the lookalike of my fake brother was covering up for the CIA, MI6 and BP-British Petroleum that brainwashed me and enslaved me under the CIA whore agent named Najlaa Mahmoud and then kidnapped me from Germany to USA in 1986, where they forced me to be an illegal alien for 15 years as a mean of hidden lock up and preventing me to travel and visit members of my fake family that are working with and for them since at least the second world war, which is about the time that Saudi Arabia came to shine just after Adolf Hitler disappeared!!


My fake sister Suheir’s family, the Bdeir/Budier familie

These are the members of my fake sister Suheir Bdeir/Budier and where they lived and where I saw them first and last.


I strongly believe that the Bdeir/Budier family are hidden royal family members out of Jordan and Saudi Arabia.



1.     My fake sister Suheir Bdeir/Budier, I am strongly suspecting her to be a nanny and housekeeper for hidden royalty children that are also CIA/MI6 agents. First time I saw her was around 1963/64, where she came to Cairo Egypt with her alleged husband and 2 children Basma/Bosma and Samir/Sameer plus the newly born named Reem in 1961 for a visit, I cannot recall where they were sleeping, most definitely not at our apartment, otherwise I would have remembered. Therefore, they were either in a hotel or at other relatives or even at their own hidden additional residence in Cairo

2.     Seif/Seef Aldi Bdeir/Budeir, whereby Seif means sword and Aldin mean the religion, together means “the religion sword” or “Sword of the religion”, most strange first name I have ever hear of, it sounds more Chinese or American natives (red Indians) where they oft name persons based on their actions or their behavior or their look. He was around 45 years old in 1963, because I was told he was allegedly 10 years older than my fake mother. He was around 150 cm tall, while all of his children are above 170-182 cm tall, He had thick lips and similar to king Hussein

3.     Basma/Basmath Bdeir/Budier/Alami, female allegedly born 1954, married to Makram Alami, that both allegedly get to know each other’s in around mid-1970s at the university Lafayette, Indiana, USA. The Alami family claim to be Palestinians that allegedly escaped Israel war in 1967 and came to Jordan, with nothing, and suddenly they own currency exchange institutions in Jordan, Kuwait and others, but also in 1970s and 1980s they were the main food suppliers to airplanes in Amman Jordan airport, but also own other businesses. I do not believe that they are Palestinians nor that they were poor, it is very possible that they claim to be Palestinians as a political move to show that the Jordanians royal family is married to Palestinians and as a mean of peace treaty. Under normal circumstances I think it is great that people from different nations get together as one family, yet I believe that the Bdeir/Budier family do not care about anyone else except their selves and I have many situations in our live that proves that!

4.     Samir Bdeir/Budier possible, male born around 1965/58

5.     Reem Bdeir/budier, female allegedly born in 1961. I suspect her to have been the double of princess Haya of Jordan alias one of the wives of Sheikh


The alleged patriarch Mohammad Ali Bdeir and his family Bdeir/Budier family

Mohamad Ali Bdeir/Budier is allegedly the brother of my fake brother-in-law Seif Aldin Bdeir/budier.

In 1980s, I was told that he had 24 simultaneous jobs, most of them as chairman of the board among other of the following companies/Institutions: Electric company, telephone company, water company, Phosphor company, Jordan petroleum company Jordan Construction material company, some engineering/architecture company or companies, some hospitals, some banks, Islamic Educational College of Jordan and others.


In a kingdom, no one can have so many influential positions unless he is member of the royal family. In most kingdoms, the royal family is divided in to several parts, the most important 2 are the public and visible royal family members, and they are a few; the hidden royal family members that control the business market and they are much larger, other parts includes armed forces and security agencies higher officers, higher religious leaders and the rest are a mixture of many sectors or even those that do not want to be involved in controlling the people!


Also, it is important to note, that many of the companies that he and his family control have branches in several countries in the Middle East as well as in USA, Europe and possible elsewhere.


I met Mohamad Ali Bdeir/Budier several times only in Jordan: in summer 1966 in December 1969, and a couple of times in 1980s.


In 1980s I tried to open business between Germany and the Middle East, also in Jordan and also with 2 companies that were under his control, electric company and Islamic Educational college, yet I was prevented by among others him to succeed, which I did not understand at that time, but today I do, it was because they are not my relatives but rather they are my kidnappers and did not want to have me near them.


Last but not least, I never seen Mr. Mohamad Ali Bdeir/Budier prior to 1967, yet I had a fake memory of him, which point to that someone was trying very hard to relate me to his family by force, while placing it in my mind that he possibly has telepathy, just incase when I grow up and discover telepathy, then I blame everything or many things to him and his brother, and below is the 2 fake memories of him and his brother from prior to 10/11 January 1960:

1.     Sief Aldi Bdeir, he allegedly came to visit us from Jordan in Damascus, city section Mazeh in Syria. In this visit he took me alone on a trip somewhere far away of Syria to a restaurant directly by a fast running water stream and small water fall. I believed this fake memory all my life to be true, today I only have to ask myself only 2 questions to find out if this is true or fake: for 1: why came all the way from Jordan and then take only me under 8 years old on a day trip and not bringing his wife and children or taking my fake mother and my fake 2 sisters with us? But also, why didn’t he bring my fake brother with him, he allegedly was raising my brother since 1954 in Amman, Jordan = fake memory

2.     I was with several members of my fake family, among others Mohamad Ali and his brother Seif Aldin Bdeir/Budier, my fake mother and my fake sisters. We were in some city called Fardoos (paradise) in Syria, setting on an outside wooden bench around a table (similar to the German beer garden bench and tables) the entire location looks as if it is modern as if we are in Europe. I was playing alone and bored and there was a movie theater next to us, and I asked them to give me money to go to the movie theater, but they refused, then went back on plying by myself nearby, and then I found some money bills and took them and went back to the family and told them I found this money, can I now go to the movie theater, and they all laughed and said yes. This is a fake memory, I was in Syria twice a few days in January 1960 and 10 days in December 1969 and in both cases I did not see a modern place as in this fake memory, meaning who ever placed this fake memory in my head he is from USA or Europe, and he placed images in my head of these areas that are not to find in Syria at that time. On top of this, they were trying to make me think that I was in Syria all my life and know this family since 1950s, which is not true, I saw only a couple of them sometimes around 1962/62 and the rest I saw for the first time in 1967 in Amman, Jordan. But also, they want to place it in my memory that we are allegedly all Syrians and that they are not related to the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian royal families. The money that I found was placed in my head that it was not coincident, but rather they made me find it!


These persons that placed all these fake memories in my head are mentally sick and dangerous for the wellbeing of others!


Edelbi Brothers (الإدلبي / إدلبي)

I only know the 2 brothers, Haitham and his younger brother. First saw them in Summer 1966 in Jordan, they were the neighbors of my sister, I strongly believe that they were brought from Europe and raised by a nanny that pretended to be their mother!


In 1980s, both brothers directly and indirectly set me up. Haitham was allegedly Airforce office and pilot at the Royal Jordanian Air Force, which very much means British military, because this is what Jordan is, British under cover. Later on, in 1980s he set me up by reinforcing the CIA and MI6 set up, by claiming to me that he allegedly left the Airforce and now he is allegedly international weapon dealer, and he also sells to Palestinians. Is not enough that these nasty people set me up in December 1969 to look like as if I am highly connected to Palestinian terrorists, but also, they keep on refreshing it. What is strange, is that the Jordanian government and officially would never allow Palestinian to get weapons through them, because they raised against Jordan in 1970 in the so-called Black September, which lead to a short civil war in Jordan, Jordanian against Palestinians. Since Haitham Edelbi introduced me to the Chief of the Jordanian Al-Mukhabarat (a combination of CIA-like and FBI-like), that set me up several times very destructively, meaning he was working closely with the Jordanian government and would never sell weapons to Palestinians, this means he told me wrong information that he allegedly sell weapons to Palestinians, just to make me be more suspicious in Germany and to give the CIA, MI6 and BND more reasons to isolate me while pretending to be spying on my fake family. On the other side his brother was an attorney, and was the consultant for some business preparation that I was making with my other brother-in-law Abdalghani Abokurah, which later turned out to be, no business at all, they were just toying with me, while implicating me, destroying my self-confidence, brainwashing me and preventing me of ever coming back to the Middle East to visit this nasty fake family. Shortly their after I was kidnapped to USA where they forced me to live as an illegal alien for 15 years and then locked me up in the Netherlands for another 13 years, and if these nasty kidnappers were my biological family, then no not only my business would have succeeded, but also no one could have kidnaped to USA, which was nothing else than a lock up for 15 years and to keep me away of my fake family, and another 13 years in Netherlands=28 years lock up, between forcing me to be illegal alien, or to live by force between refugee camps, jails and prisons!


So much for the good Edelbi brothers


Malas family (املص / ملص)

The Malas family are related to the families of my 2 fake sisters and also claimed to be related to my kidnappers the Baroudi family. They are also a very big business partners with all 3 families. Not to forget to mention that the Baroudi family that pretended to be my family since birth, yet I never met them in my life until after 10/11 January 1960, and several members of this fake family are Jordanian royal family members that have several nationalities and have several identities.


The first time I saw the Malas family was in summer 1967 when I was sent for 3 months summer vacation to my fake sisters, that I consider them as criminal, because I strongly suspect that I have a twin or even triple brother and/or sister, and they were hiding it of me while using me as place holder for one of them.


The Malas family and in 1967 had their house next to the building where my fake sister Suhair Bdeir/Budier used to live on Jabal Amman (Amman mountan neighborhood) directly opposite the Islamic Educational college of Jordan, where they are also members of the boards of this college. I went a couple of time to their house and played with their children in their garden.


In October 1969 I was taken to Germany. In December 1969 I was taken on a brainwash and setup tour among others also to Jordan, where they setup me up to look like as if I am highly connected to Palestinian terrorist and then took me back to Germany on around 15 January 1970, arriving in Germany one of the sons of Mr. Abo Maieen Malas (I forgot his first name, they call him father of Maieen) picked my fake mother and me of the Airport in Munich and took us to the Hotel Maria, a no star hotel. I forgot the name of this son, but he was one of the children I played with in 1967, and he allegedly is studying in Munich university, where I went in November 1969 to learn German in a school that was specialized for the university and was called Deutsche Sprach und Dolmetscher Institute Muenchen (German language and translation institute of Munich), which was right in between the university buildings. Yet I was prevented to continue to learn German. And I was forced to be homeless in February to March 1970, which was planned by these people, also by these Malas family member that picked us from the airport in Munich and I never heard of him again!



Alami (العلمي / علمي)

The family of my fake niece Basma/Basmath Bdier/Budier as heighted above. I do not trust this family with anything, among others because I believe they are not Palestinians, and also helped in setting me up in 1980s, among others in transferring 5 thousand US Dollar to my fake brother from Amman, Jordan to New York, to help my alleged brother integrate quicker in USA and buy his own house in Bridgeport Connecticut, yet he did not need the money, they just wanted to make sure that I have no money when they kidnap me from Germany to USA to be dependent on the situation that they forced me into and not be able to use money to come out of the trap that they created for me. Once I was in USA in their trap, and I saw no alternative except to ask for the 5 Thousand US Dollar back and therefore I aske the Alami family to send me prove of transfer to sue my brother and get my money back, but they refused to send me the prove, and I started to contact the bank that received the amount in in New York enable to get the prove with out them, and when they saw that I am serious, because the bank was working with them, they gave me part of the money, around 3 thousand and four hundred out of the 5 thousand.


Today, I see that the reason my fake brother asked me to lend him 3 thousand US Dollar to allegedly buy his first house, was a trap and a setup that I never saw it until today: I send the money through Alami family that pretended to be Palestinians and owned a currency exchange business, to my knowledge and at that time with branches in Jordan Airport, downtown, other locations in Jordan, Kuwait and Lebanon. And since the CIA and MI6 claimed to have been persecuting me because I am allegedly connected to terrorism, this transfer reinforces that, because I was forced to use an official Palestinian company and did not do it in Germany through a German bank. But also, they wanted to make sure I lose all my money.


I know one thing for sure, both Palestinians and Jewish/Israelis have at least one thing in common, which is: they stick together and do not setup their family member that loves them and look up to them!


Barq Family (البرق / برق)

Mr. Ali Barq along with Mr. Joseph Azraa were the best friends of my brother-in-law Seif Aldin Bdeir/Budeir, the husband of my fake sister Suheir Bdeir/Budeir. First met him in summer 1967, he was allegedly the Lebanese consul in Amman, Jordan until I last saw him in around 1985. In 1967 I was sent for around 4 weeks to Lebanon. And around 10-14 days at the home of his parents in the village called Jubail in English also called Byblos, around 40 km north of Beirut. They were farmers and had a large mountain farm. In December 1969, I believe I was taken there for around 2 days, and I absolutely do not know why, except to confirm my relation to the Barq family during a set up to make me look like as if highly connected to terrorism. And it is very possible that this farm had also illegal drugs. This area is famous of so-called Hashish, a plant that is stronger than cannabis. For detail of the set up see the page Kidnapping Children section “More details, the pattern of forced relocations during kidnapping and brainwash” point 2. While I was visiting Jordan in 1967 and in 1969 I saw him almost on a daily basis, on my trips and after I became Christian I rarely saw him, yet he was allegedly Lebanese consul in Amman Jordan from at least 1967 to 1985/1986 the last time I saw him, which is most odd, I never heard of a consul being in one country for so long, unless he was working for the Jordanian royal family, especially that my brother-in-law Abdalghani Abokurah had additional residence and business in Lebanon, throughout 1960s while he was simultaneously CEO of Royal Jordanian Airline called Alia!!!!


Azraa family (العذرة / عذرة)

Mr. Joseph Azra or Azraa or Azrath, was a Christian and one of the best friends of my fake brother-in-law Seif Aldin Bdeir/Budier. He was Lebanese and married to also an alleged Lebanese woman named Hind, that was much shorter than him and was around 150 cm tall. In Summer 1967 and in end of December 1969 I saw him on a daily basis. After 1980, I saw him 1 time per week, I believe because I was set up to be Christian and now here they distant their selves of all their Christian friends to show me that they are allegedly strict Muslims, which they are most definitely not. They just want others to think of them as Muslims.


In 1967 I was sent for 3-month summer vacation to Jordan, 4 weeks of which I was sent to Lebanon, 2 weeks of which I spent with the family-in-law of Mr. Joseph Azrath, between Tripoli and their farm somewhere in the north of Tripoli high in the mountain. The brother-in-law of Mr. Joseph Azrath was named Elias. He was allegedly petroleum engineer working for some local petroleum company in Tripoli. Today I know that Lebanon does not have Petroleum, but rather it had pipelines of petroleum coming from Iraq and other countries ending in the Mediterranean Sea to be shipped with tankers to Europe and USA, therefore he was working for some foreign company as follow:

The Lebanese pipeline was built and operated by the Trans-Arabian Pipeline Company. It was founded as a joint venture between Standard Oil of New Jersey (now ExxonMobil), Standard Oil of California (Chevron), the Texas Company (better known as Texaco, now a part of Chevron), and Socony-Vacuum Oil Company (now part of ExxonMobil), however, it eventually became a fully owned subsidiary of Aramco.


If you notice in the above-mentioned companies, 4 of which were related indirectly to my kidnapping in 1986 from Germany to USA: Texaco, Chevron, Aramco and Exxon, whereby with Exxon the only connection I have is that I was brainwashed in the Netherlands to attack the Rockefeller family and Exxon. Note: The Rockefeller family established the biggest petroleum company in the world, that later the US congress forced to split it due to the massive influence they had, they split among others into Exxon, and Chevron, and Chevron have purchased Texaco. This is about all I know about the Rockefeller family and Exxon, and this information is from the Internet and


Back to Tripoli in Lebanon, I strongly believe that the Bdeir/Budier and Abokurah families set me up to look like as if I am not only allegedly related to top Palestinian terrorist, but also to drug lords, and the reason they did that is because they are wealthy and since they were suing me as a multipurpose decoy, among others to relate their royalty children to me as a fake Syrian and distraction of royal families, and drug lords spend money as carelessly as royal family do, because both get their money easily and out of slavery!


In 1967 and to set me up to look like as if I am related to drug lords, they sent me to Lebanon, where I was forced to spend at least 10-14 days at 2 different farms north of Beirut and north of Tripoli. And while I was in Tripoli and to make sure this stick to my mind, because it is also a distraction and a brainwash to my own mind, Mr. Elias and his younger brother took me for fishing early in the morning, around 6 o’clock and drove somewhere a little bit south of Tripoli, where they allegedly had a cabin by the sea, then we all went in to the sea with a some floating device, they left me alone and they dived with harpoons to allegedly fish at the bottom of the sea. I believe I was maybe 2 hours floating alone, and it was cold, and I was shaking. Then they came back up with some fish that could have been caught in under 15 minutes. I never understood how they can keep me floating like that, I was not able to go back to the shore, because I did not know how to swim, nor I had a boat, just a small floating piece of wood. After the year 2000 I tried to understand this situation and the only plausible reason I found is that they tortured me by leaving me alone for 2 hours in the cold water, for one reason only, to keep it like that in my mind that I was there with some drug lords.


I do not know for fact if they are drug lords or not, I never saw drugs or told about drugs, except I was setup multiple times with drug related situations, also in Germany, therefore I concluded that they left it like that in my memory enable to let others who has telepathy and if they ask me about Lebanon and can read my mind and see what I relate too, then they will conclude I was at drug farms and/or drug lords and not royal family pretending to be Syrian and Lebanese or even foreigners that are now drug lords in Lebanon and elsewhere!


Dardiri Ahamd Ismael family (درديري / الدرديري)

Dardiri Ahmad Ismael was a member of the Egyptian government and pretended to be the friend of my made-up father named Abdulhamid Najar. In short, he was a lair and he was wrongly vouching for us that we are allegedly Syrians, and since there was the CIA and MI6 involved my entire live with me and my fake family, this means that this man was also a CIA & MI6 agent.


The first time I saw this man was between 01/11 and 15 January 1960. He allegedly helped my fake mother my fake 2 sisters and me to escape the house of my alleged tyrant grandfather Kamel Baroudi at 2 in the morning, placed us in a luxury hotel for 3-4 days and then flew from Damascus, Syria to Cairo, Egypt, where he hosted us for 4 weeks until mid-February 1960.


Mr. Dardiri Ahmad Ismael was allegedly Sudanese origin, dark black skin with 2 strong cuts of each one finger long on his checks. He lived on the corner of corner of El-Orouba street and El-Nozha street in a one family house in the city section of Cairo called Masr Algadiedah/Al-Jadiedah (New Egypt). He was married and had children, one of them was a daughter around my age. I believe he had a sexual affair with my fake mother, because I recall the only 2 times that he ever visited us, alone, which was between 1960 and 1962, then my fake mother would aske me to leave and go buy something from a far place, by the time I come back after an hour or so, then he is gone. Never seen him after that, except once in news after 1980 that he was some kind of member of Egypt representation in the UNO.


He was with no doubt covering up for my kidnapping in 1959 as well as covering up for the fake identities of the Baroudi family as well as my fake mother and 2 fake sisters.


I had him once in my fake memory as follow: allegedly he came from Egypt prior to 1960 to visit us in Damascus city section Mazah, Syria, during which he allegedly brought me a gift, but no gift for my fake 2 sisters or my fake mother. The gift was a tricycle. This is a typical fake memory, where a person come to visit us, but does not care about any one else but me, just as above is mentioned with my fake brother-in-law Seif Aldin Bdeir, but also the alleged mother of my none existence and made up father, that she allegedly come and sit only with me and not with my sisters, and when I asked my mother about that, she said, because I look a lot like my father and I remind her with her son that she loved very mush, another typical lie of this criminal woman that pretended to be my mother. In fake memories they make persons treat only the victim, in other words I see people do some thing for only me, not for my sisters, my mother or other relatives or to neighbors or friends and so on, which 100% equals fake memory, because it concentrate only on the victim and not life itself, life consist of many and not only me, the victim!


General Ahmad Saleh Sulaiman family (سليمان / اسليمان)

This family hosted us for 4 weeks after we arrived in Egypt and were hosted in the first 4 weeks by Mr. Dardiri Ahmad Ismael from 15 January to 15 February 1960, and them the family Sulaiman hosted us from around 15 February 1960 and until 15 March 1960, where we then get our own apartment in Alhigaz street 111.


Mr. Ahmad Saleh Sulaiman was a general in the Egyptian armed forces, I believe Army. He was married to a woman called Amira Baroudi, the alleged cousin of my fake mother. Amira died around second half of 1960, and he married her sister named Elham Baroudi, and both sister totally contradict each other’s in look and behavior, which is typical for fake family members that were set together as spies. Amira was white and light eye color, very polite and lady like. Elham was darker skin and very sleezy. General Ahmad Saleh Sulaiman had 3 children of his wife Amira, oldest son named Bahaa, around 20 years old in 1960 and was in the Egyptian navy, somewhere around Alexandria, daughter named Najlaa that was teacher and later married to a teacher and allegedly divorced, for a while she lived very close to our apartment in Cairo. She was around 18 years old in 1960, youngest son named Alaa and was around my age, 8 years old in 1960. I strongly believe that Alaa had telepathy, among others because the following reasons:

1.     He had a dog, cat and a mouse, and none of them chased the other, which is most odd. Later on, he added a snake. It is a common way for young people with telepathy to have at least one animal, or more enable to use it as a target practice of telepathy. Also, people with telepathy love to be in controlling positions, as distraction of telepathy, while being able to control many, such as in the arm forces, police or security agencies, and all of them had these controlling positions, Alaa later was a police officer, his brother a navy officer, his sister a teacher and his father a general

2.     In 1960 to at least 1961 he was in the same school as me, just in different class. I strongly believe that he manipulated another student to through a red building brick at my head either because for some reason or another he did not like me, or as a scheme to show as if I had a total amnesia due to being hit on the head. And this while I had a fake memory from 1959, that I allegedly was taken by my cousin named Fikrat Kheir to a city section in Damscus called Jabal Al-Muhajjereen (immigrant mountain), where I allegedly fell of the mountain, and half way while I am falling, more like rolling dwon, some unknow man having allegedly picnic caught me with his hands, where then they took me to a hospital but no memory of the hospital or how I get to the mountain. It is typical fake memory, falling of the mountain and half way down someone catches me! It was meant to give me mind a reason why I do not have memory from prior to 10/11 January 1960

3.     In 1982 and when I went to Egypt on business, someone with telepathy was attacking me very viciously, the attacks were so severe, that I was not able to think or concentrate, simultaneous to that I met this cousin and he told me so many fake stories that at that time I believed and was discussed of them, later and after the year 200, I started to recognize that these stories were not only lies, but were meant to perform damages to my life by placing very negative and criminal information in my head to allow the CIA to continue to persecute me allegedly for terrorism and illegal drugs, but in reality isolating me of the rest of the population. Here are some of these fake stories;

3.1.    When I arrived in Cairo, they prevented me to leave the airport for many hours, then they apologized and said, we just confused you with someone else, as if they were testing me to see if I am recognizing that I have a twin in Cairo. Later on and when I told this cousin that I was help in the airport for many hours, he said why didn’t you call me, I could have get you out immediately, because I work in Airport security

3.2.   He claimed to help illegal drug smugglers to smuggle drugs and pay him fees. Who would say that to some cousin that he does not like and does not know that much, and met him maybe 5-10 times in his entire life, unless want to leave it like that in his memory to implicate him and help the CIA and MI6 to persecute him

3.3.   He is allegedly going to marry a very ugly and fat woman, and his sister Najlaa his going to marry her brother, because they are rich. Who would make himself look as disgusting as that, unless want to show he is allegedly poor and would do anything for money

3.4.   And other stories


Shawki Family (شوقي  /  الشوقي)

This is the family of my fake brother-in-law that passed away in around 1966/67. This brother-in-law name was Afaf Shawki, He was dark skin, light brown and curly black hair and black eyes.


Mr. Afaf Shawki, around 160 cm short, was our neighbor on Alhigaz Street 111, apartment 7 (out of total 8 apartment, where we were apartment 5), Masr Algadiedah (city section called New Egypt), Cairo, Egypt. We lived on the second floor next to his apartment. He was living there with apartment mate from Canada, both were pilots at Egypt Airline. Later in 1961/62 he gets married to my fake sister Fadia Najar/Nagar/Shawki and allegedly had 2 children of him, yet the 2 children do not look anything like him, one is blond and blue eyes and around 180 cm tall and the sister is around 160 cm, brown/black eyes and silky hair, and both do not have curly hair, yet the father did.


Mr. Afaf Shawki was very aggressive and short tempered, which is typical for persons that do not have telepathy, yet their partner has. He then went to Yemen as a pilot trainer for at least 2 years and then came back. I believe here where my fake sister disappeared, and another lookalike took her place. The one that was married to him had deep dimples on her cheeks and a double left tooth (2 teeth on top of each other’s) and had the nick name Battah=duck, the new one does not have all that and her nick name is Fifi. Mr. Afaf Shawki father name was Hamed, his mother name was I think Atifa. Had 2 or 3 brothers and a sister, one of his younger brothers was named Elwee and was also a pilot, his sister name was Elweeah, and another brother named Atef. One of his brothers and his sister had blue/grey eye color, ore gray than blue (=black + blue). Mr. Afaf Shawki died around 1966/67 in a passenger plane crash on a routine flight over Sinai. After he died his brand new self-built house and financial belonging allegedly went to his parents and not to his wife and 2 children, and that is not normal, as if they had an agreement!


If all the above is true and his alleged 2 children are not from him, then he was 100% killed to use his name for a hidden royalty’s children.


The children name, alias my fake nephew and fake niece: female, the older one Esmat Shawki, male Essam Shawki, whereby both children do not look like their mother, which very much means she was their nanny that pretended to be their mother, while Mr. Essam Shawki looks almost identical to my fake uncle Jawdat Baroudi that was living in Saudi Arabia and was allegedly working as Law consultant to internal affairs judges in Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia, and prior to that allegedly a Syrian Consul (diplomat) in Amman, Jordan. Both now adult children allegedly live in the UK as allegedly born in Egypt with their alleged younger half-brother Tareq Ali!


Queder/koueider family (قويدر / اقويدر)

Queder also written as Koueider. Were introduced to me in 1960 in Cairo Egypt as alleged neighbors of my grandparents’ house in Damascus, Syria, just as another 2-3 Syrians that were also introduced to me around the same time as an alleged neighbor of my grandparents in Damascus Syria, how convenient!


All the people that were allegedly originated from Syrian and were introduced to me, while confirming the fake identities of my fake mother, my 2 fake sisters and myself, were either neighbors of my grandparents or were the cousins of my fake mother, in reality they were just covering up for our fake identities, and I believed it to be true all my life until 2001 where I was severely brainwashed by the Dutch IND and forced to examine my entire history to use me against my fake and biological family, while also systematically destroying my life by among others locking me up for over 13 years between jails, prisons and refugee camps.


The Queder/Koueider family were living all of them in one building pf 2-3 floors between 66 and 82 Abou Bajr El-Sedeek street, around 900 meters where my fake sister Fadia Shawki lived directly opposite the Almaza Airforce Airport.


We never had strong connection to this family, maybe we visited with them 4-5 times in 10 years. In 1960 they owned a juice and sweet shop downtown Cairo, later opened another one on Ibrahim Al Lakani street in the city section Mas Algadiedag (Nw Egypt), thereafter they opened more.


In around 1965/66 I was setup to escape from home, where one member of this family named Adam set me up to go to a person that allegedly would help me escape to Europe, and I must admit I had no idea about Europe except what I learned in school, which was not much. The person was nothing else than a setup, then I was forced to stay overnight at the Queder/Koueider family house, where Mr. Adam rapped me, then sent me to another person that allegedly would help me to escape to Europe, this person was a student at the university of Ain Shams and was a school friend of Adam, where later the police came and picked me up from his apartment, the police was headed by Mr. Mohi Sabri the boyfriend of my fake mother Hayat Baroudi, and not to forget that my fake mother conspired with Mohi Sabri to ake him rape me, where I am not sure was it before or after the escape situation, I guess just before. Conclusion, I have very clouded memory of these situations, which point out that I was severely stressed while someone was manipulating me with telepathy. All in all I strongly believe I was set up to escape and where they toyed with me and giving me a very bad memory to force my mind not to want to think about these times and what was going around me, while placing these situations in my mind for later for others who has telepathy and can read my mind, while simultaneously they can always uses these situations in the future to remind me with it using telepathy, where I would think I am remembering it myself, just to force me to feel a shamed. Shame and fear are very important tools in a brainwash. But I cannot be ashamed that someone else did some nasty things to me. Today these nasty things helped me confirm that I was kidnapped on 10/11 January 1960 and that my fake family used rape, torture, beatings as mean of brainwash!


Khodari Family (الخضري / خضري), Egypt Air CEO and his alleged niece Esmat

In Cairo, Egypt and in around 1968, my fake sister Fadia Najar alias Fadia Nagar alias Fadia Shawki, introduced me to a young 19 years old lady named Esmat Khodari, while I was not yet 16 years old. She was the alleged niece of the CEO of Egypt Air, that was the alleged friend of my fake sister because he was allegedly helping her after her husband the Egyptian pilot named Afaf Shawki died in a place crash, I believe it was summer 1967, and so I was forced to think at that time. The daughter of my fake sister is also named Esmat, she was a toddler at that time.


The reason that she introduced me to this young lady, is to force my mind to think that she was helping me not being homosexual, which I was not, they conspired to rape me by men and disgusting women as a multipurpose brainwash, on the one side to force my mind not to want to think about my time in Egypt out of shame, on the other side because my job as a multipurpose decoy in Cairo, Egypt was no more required and they planed to take me to Germany and enslave me under a CIA & MI6 woman agent, which they did, therefore no matter how un suitable this future CIA & MI6 agent is, I will fall for her, because she would seem to me as an angel from heaven after all these rapes they performed upon me.


It is a very strong pattern by some persons with telepathy that are extra nasty, that they force their victim to do something wrong or bad enable either to pretend to be helping him/her or revenging on him/her, I saw that repeatedly in my life, and here is one related to this person named Esmat Khodari: my fake mother locked me up in the apartment to prevent me of visiting Mrs. Esmat Khodari, just to force my mind to want to go, and then she forced me with telepathy to climb from our apartment through the drainage pipes, it was impossible for me to do that, yet I did it


Mrs. Esmat Khodari was allegedly from another city called Port Saied and allegedly during the 1967 war with Israel her parents died/killed through an alleged Israeli plane bomb, strange my fake sister was living directly opposite the Egyptian Airforce Airport called Almazah, the entrance was just across the street of her apartment, yet during that period I did not see one Israeli plane bombard the Airforce Airport!


Mrs. Esmat Khodari had another younger sister named Yasmeen/Jasmin (around 17 years old) and younger brother forgot his name (around 15 years old, roughly my age). I never had sex with her, she kissed me once. I was very shy and had zero self-confidence, among others because some nasty persons were manipulating me with telepathy but also because they caused me a total amnesia 9 years earlier and ever since prevented my mind to grow. I went out with her a few times. Her uncle forgot his name, and while he was the CEO of Egypt Airline, he also owned a building downtown Cairo next to a movie theater named Metro that he allegedly also owned. They lived in the last 2 floors of the building that was maybe 10-15 floors. Later I was told that her brother was killed in a tram accident on my birthday 10.10.1969, which is also the date that they took me from Cairo to Germany for a brainwash. After I was taken to Germany I tried to maintain contact with her, but I was prevented as a mean to force me to cut all my contacts and my history of prior to January 1970 through a severe brainwash slavery by the CIA and MI6 at the American military base called McGraw kaserne in Munich, Germany. In December 1969 my fake mother took me on a very destructive brainwash tour from Germany to Damascus Syria with the car over Austria, former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey then 10 days in Syria where she and others implicated me as if I am related to the terrorist group PLO enable to give the CIA and MI6 a reason to take me over from the German government, where she applied for political asylum for me. In this trip, then and after 10 days in Damascus, Syrian she took me to Jordan for another 10 days, then Lebanon for a couple of days, then Cairo Egypt for a couple of days, where my fake sister took me to the alleged new housing of Esmat Khodari, and she was standing outside waiting for us, later I thought maybe it was no her home she just went there because she does not want me to know where she lives, or maybe she is married, in any case it was a very odd situation. She claimed to be living somewhere else because she allegedly had problems with her uncle. Never seen her after that.


Here are highlight summary of situation related to this person:

1.     Her family name Khodari is also a name of a famous radical Egyptian Sheikh (Muslim priest), was this coincident or did they want to relate me to Islamic brotherhood to give the CIA & MI6 more reasons to isolate me?

2.     This is only a theory: it is very possible that my twin when he took over my place was then her either husband or friend, so everyone would think it is me, which is a strong pattern that I discovered by this fake family

3.     Between February 1970 and August 1970, the CIA severely brainwashed me and then enslaved me under one of their agents named Anita Disbray, that I was forced to see as an angel from heaven, officially she was from London 4 years older than me and was working in the computer department of the American military as so-called Data Typist (dead profession). It is very possible that she was much older, maybe 10-20 years older and this due to many reasons, among others because the CIA forced me to think that she is young, just 4 years older than me and it was not very hard to force me to think so, she was short, between 150-160 cm short/tall

4.     The church, where I was setup to become Christian, created several situations to force my mind to think about Esmat Khodari from Egypt, as if they were using me to blackmail someone, today I believe that they placed an older lookalike in my place in Cairo Egypt or maybe not older same age, maybe even a twin brother. I had no logic at that time to understand anything, that is why they caused me total amnesia, enable to control me and what I think and above all to prevent me through my prior experience to understand anything, such as the age of a woman. During this period, I was separated from this CIA & MI6 agent that kept me 100% isolated by destroying any friendship I may begin, and she did that many times over and I never understood why I am losing friends, and I did not even notice that I am being prevented to advance in life. She was 100% my guard

5.     On 24.12.1984 the CIA & MI6 with the help of the BP-British Petroleum subsidiary named SCS-Scientific Control Systems, at that time it and to my knowledge it was the biggest IT consulting company, yet it was dissolved as cover up of the illegal project Calypso with the Syrian government where they Delivered satellite computers to help the Syrian government to control the population by maintaining all their info including private info,  relation info, medical info, business info, professional info, religious info and the list goes on and on, where they dragged me by force to this project to brainwash me and enslave me under another CIA & MI6 whore agent and then blame it on the Syrians and that I allegedly became Christian, then kidnapped me to USA as slave for this whore agent that had telepathy otherwise I would have not even looked at her on the street, she was a disgusting woman or even a disgusting human being. What does evil woman has to do with Esmat Khodri? Her alleged daughters married to their cousins with the name Khodor from Lebanon, which was a multipurpose blackmail for someone, among others to remind me of Esmat Khodor, and she forced me to think about her, but also as a black mail for my fake sisters that took me on vacation in summer of 1967 to Jubail and Tripoli, Lebanon to 2 different farms, that today I strongly suspect them to have been drug farms to for others to think that these people are not Jordanian and Saudi Arabian or even American or British or German or Dutch agents, but rather drug lords. This is only a conclusion based on countless other situations. Also, to blackmail some petroleum company that had petroleum engineers in Tripoli, Lebanon where I spend a couple of weeks with them, and just recently I discovered that they were working on the Lebanese pipelines that was built by Americans to transport Iraqi petroleum over Syria and Lebanon to the Mediterranean Sea and then transported to USA and Europe. So these engineers that were allegedly brothers-in-laws to Joseph Azrah that was a very close family friend to my fake sister Suhair Bdeir and also their business partner and possibly he was also related to them family wise, he and his entire family were Christians. These people were not Arabs, they just were working for a long time in these countries and learned to speak Arabic, but I did not know that at that time. One of them was named Elias, and he hated Arabs that he taught me and tried to train my mind to repeat after him: Arab are stupid and brings the plague, they are blue and green stupid…”, no Arab will even say that in a joke, at that time I thought it was funny because it rhymed. This CIA & MI6 whore agent named Najlaa Mahmoud pretended not to know anything about USA and that she allegedly does not know anyone in USA, except 2 that she heard of, allegedly one of the president Assad brothers lives in Houston, Texas, and allegedly one of her cousin changed his religion from Islam to Christianity and ever since he allegedly had problems and had to escape to USA, maybe that bitch was trying to make me think or make others think that I am both these persons, a hidden brother of ex- Syrian Hafez Assad, which I am not, and I had a lot of problems since I became Christian in 1976 in Germany, where they forced me to leave Germany, which was 100% kidnapping, they is the evil CIA & MI6, BP-British Petroleum and my fake family, to among other to use me as a blackmail object against my biological family, which they did, that then resulted me being forced to live as an illegal alien for 15 years in USA and then was forced by the American government to be locked up another 13 years in the Netherlands. And in USA the CIA & MI6 whore agent Najlaa Mahmoud, turned out to have more family in USA than I count, she had family members in Allentown Pennsylvania, Bridgeport and Fairfield, Connecticut, Houston, Texas, Semi Valley, California and in other areas

6.     Her uncle was the CEO of Egypt air, while my fake brother-in-law named Abdalghani Abokurah, a hidden Jordanian royal family member and a multi-business man was the CEO of Jordan airline called Alia, later was replaced by another person named Ghandor, while simultaneously someone that I must also know was the CEO of the Saudi Arabian Airline called Saudia, I do not know who the CEO at that time was, except that I was setup very destructively at least 6-7 times by Jordan Airline and Saudi Airline between 1981 and 1986 to prevent me to go to the Middle East and blame it on the government that pretended not to trust me as cover up for my fake family that were members of the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian royal families while others were CIA and MI6 agents in Egypt and other countries such as my twin brother or lookalike cousin or just look alike, but also my fake mother, my fake brother my 3 fake sisters and my fake 6 uncles


Mahmoud/Al Jadied family, the CIA & MI6 agents’ family

This is the alleged family of the CIA & MI6 whore agent named Najlaa Mahmoud. She allegedly had the following family members, and this as far as I can recall:

1.     Her mother, name unknown

2.     Her father name unknown

3.     Her older brother name Mahmoud Mahmoud

4.     Another brother name Jameel Mahmoud

5.     Another brother name Munier Mahmoud

6.     And other brothers and sisters


Most of them were in the Syrian government or the Syrian military.


All I can say is that I was severely enslaved using telepathy and I had no chance to get free of these evil people. If would have seen this parasite called Najlaa Mahmoud on the street prior to being enslaved under her, I would not even look at her, she looks disgusting, behaves disgusting, talks disgusting, dresses disgusting and apply disgusting make up and nail vanish several times a day. I have no doubt in my mind what so ever that she has a lookalike that she exchanged places with, the lookalike is the actual mother of my fake son called Abdulhamid Najar.


Someone tried couple of times to help me get rid of her, but it was unsuccessful because I was totally confused, that she is in my life. The confusion was that I say something but I did not want it, in other words someone was forcing me with telepathy, starting by the evil fake mother as front of the even more evil CIA & MI6, but also the many hidden family members in Germany that I did not know who they are, but today I know that they were controlling my life.


One time some one unknown gave me the idea, which was not really a good idea because it did not work, which is to invite her oldest brother named Mahmoud Mahmoud, and when he comes I then would tell him I do not want your sister to take her with you to Syria. And this in itself was a telepathy brainwash trick to force my mind to think of one possible solution that will fail then I give up. The brother allegedly accepted my invitation and set a date to come, and on the night prior to his arrival this disgusting and dangerous woman called Najlaa Mahmoud said that her family is calling her on the phone and while she speaking with them she started to cry and scream and hit her self and was all over the floor, it took me a while to understand what was going on, her brother Mahmoud Mahmoud allegedly just died in a car accident. Which was supposed to make me feel sorry for this bitch, she had telepathy and she force me to think what she wants. Naturally her brother did not die that time, this situation was in the beginning of 1985, then and very suddenly I was being surrounded by people such as my nephew my fake sister, both from the UK, the very sleezy, nasty and evil Dr. Sami Assassa, her alleged new Syrian friends and more such as the nasty and evil Lebanese Business man George Estifan that was distracting me of my evil fake uncle Jalal Baroudi in Geneva Switzerland, Mohamad Sheikho and his bitch wife and a couple of others, note, I never saw or knew these people prior to 1985 they all were like parasite and leeches surrounded me and I had no chance to escape them except 3 chances (see below), and therewith they were 100% distracting from the CIA, MI6, BND, BP-British Petroleum and my fake family. Ever since they totally destroyed my logic, self-confidence and my profession, my entire life where then I was kidnapped to USA and forced to live as an isolated illegal alien for 15 years, not able to travel, visit my friends in Germany or my family in Europe and in the Middle East, whereby my family turned out to be not my family but rather my kidnappers and my German friends or Friends in general in Germany turned out to be not my friends, but rather were pretending to be spying my me and my alleged terroristic and illegal drug relations in the Middle East, which were all setup by the CIA & MI6 in cooperation with my fake family. In USA and at the beginning they prevented me with all means to work in the IT sector to not get any ideas and remember what I was working on before brainwashing me and kidnapping me to USA and discover what, how and why they did to me what they did to me.


The chances I had to escape these criminals were as follow:

1.     Some one with telepathy to help me get free of their control, which was impossible because they were too many of them protected from the background by the CIA, MI6 and BND

2.     A family to protect their members of these situations, but my family turned out to be my kidnappers

3.     The church that I loved and trusted with all my heart, yet they not only allowed everything to happen, I believe they helped, which is confirmed in the future between 2001 and 2004

4.     The German government, where I lived in Germany and I loved Germany and trusted the government with all my mind and heart, yet they dropped me like a hot potato because in one way or another the benefited, at least in that I would never recognize that they sold me out to the Americans and the CIA in 1970 and mistreated me when I was underage, I was under 18 at that time, but also they forced me to be in controlled environment at least 4 times 1970 to be forced to live in the American military base McGraw Kaserne in Munich, 1972 set me up to live in a student home where many strange things happened that today I believe it was either BND (similar to CIA ) or BKA (similar to FBI), they set me up to become Christian, they set me up not to get a permanent status in Germany, such as the German nationality or even a permanent residence permit, I lived there 17 years and then they forced me to think because I was allegedly nasty to my German girlfriend Adelheid Kuczka and I allegedly hit her, which I did not, they set me up with her as distraction of the church because the man who introduced her to me and named Mohamad Attar was working for then and spying on Arabs and Palestinians while pretending to be working as a smith for a small company, They were the ones that set me up to be in the illegal project Calypso, where they very much helped in brainwashing me and kidnapping me to USA and the list goes on and on. This is very tough on me because the last 2 resorts that I trust was God represented by the church and Germany and very unfortunately they dropped me on purpose


Here are some of the brainwash situations that she performed against me in cooperation with the CIA, MI6, BND, BP-British Petroleum and members of my fake family, note that this CIA & MI6 whore agent named Najlaa Mahmoud was forced upon me on 24 December 1984, where I never seen her before:

1.     My fake mother came to visit me in around July/August 1984, during which she performed many preparation brainwash setups in cooperation among others with the CIA + MI6 + BND + BP-British Petroleum, which I will skip, but this fake mother had 100% telepathy and was through and through evil, and she was not the same woman as the woman that I was placed with on 10/11 January 1960, yet she was 100% one of my kidnappers. I had no chance against telepathy

2.     Here you can see clearly that the BND (the German equivalent of CIA) helped in enslaving me under this CIA & MI6 whore called Najlaa Mahmoud. I was forced to invite her to come to Munich, even though I am a foreigner and had no permanent status and they never allow guest-workers to bring their families, but with me they made an exception with out me asking them for it, and this in itself is the first prove, the second prove is that, and even though I send an invitation to her in end of October 1984, the German consulate in allegedly Syria gave her the visa on 24 December 1984 as a sign that it is because I became Christian. And that is the second prove. And here is the third: She arrived around 17:00 hours, meaning she was in the consulate in the morning, went home packed and went to the airport by around noon enable to catch the plane and be in Munich by 17:00 hours, 4 hours flight. As she came my fake mother, the whore agent and I went to a restaurant that I never went to before, it was right next to a dormitory, where I lived for around 3-5 months in the winter of 1972 during a setup by the German authority directly after the terrorist attack on the Munich Olympics of 1972, where they separated me of the CIA agent Anita Disbray for the purpose to investigate my alleged links to PLO that performed the terrorist attack on the Olympics, not to forget that the CIA + MI6 + my fake family worked hand in hand to set me up between December 1969 and January 1979 to look like as if I am highly connected to PLO. Back to this dormitory where I believe was set up by either BND (similar to CIA) or BKA (similar to FBI), this dormitory was on Turken street, and since I left the dormitory in 1973 and moved in to live with the CIA agent Anita Disbray in the city called Lohhof/Unterschleissheim around 20 KM north of Munich, I never went to this location, maybe in the last 10 years I coincidently drive through, but by no mean I knew a restaurant there, this mean someone picked it up and forced me with telepathy to go there, and the only reason I can think off is for one reason or another to remind me with the dormitory. The fourth reason: until 1983 I was drinking very moderately alcohol, 1-3 times per week, 1-2 glass or wines or biers. During the illegal Calypso project that was forced upon me to brainwash me and enslave me then kidnap me to USA, I suddenly was drinking too much alcohol and on a daily basis, with business lunch, with business or private dinners. Excessive alcohol is essential in certain brainwash situations, and the CIA and their agent that I was enslaved under named Anita Disbray trained my mind on alcohol and I change it to moderate or occasional drinker immediately after I became Christian, a side effect of Christianity, the reason I mentioning that is to show the pattern of the CIA & Mi6 brainwash. Back to the restaurant where my evil fake mother and this CIA & MI6 whore Najlaa Mahmoud were forced upon my life and in the restaurant Najlaa Mahmoud drank gin tonic (mainly drank by British!), I stock to the routine that they brainwashed me on at the illegal project calypso, which is heavy red win, at that time Brunello was my favorite, I believe I drunk 2 bottles, then a couple of grappa with the desert. In short, I was much more than tipsy definitely drunk and I remember that my eyes were hazy, anyway after dinner we set in the car and I drove, and suddenly a car come from the opposite direction directly towards me, and I turned slightly to the right side they did the same, then I turned slightly to the left and they did the same but this time I see blue light flashing on this car, it was a police car, I was still within around 100 meters of the restaurant, the road was one way and I was drunk, t make it short the examined me, took my driver license and went to the car to check me out, while one of them was standing next to me guarding me, then the other one came and said I am giving you only a warning, I want you to turn the car a around and drive in the right direction and I will stop the traffic until you finish, I did and I drove towards my apartment, the police car was driving behind me for around 1 km and then they disappeared. After 17 years living in Germany, I can most definitely tell that the police in Germany is very responsible and very protective and would in no way allow a person to drive in this situation, because it is dangerous for the others, yet, one of them let me go while his colleague asked him why, he just waved. Here, to I have 3 possible explanations: Possibility # 1: it was Christmas Eve, and maybe they wanted to let go because of Christmas, which is absolutely impossible for German police to do such a thing, because it is dangerous for me and fo4r the others. Possibility # 2: Someone called them and asked them to let me go, here too it seems unfeasible but possible because they knew that someone next to me had telepathy and has me under control, even when I am drunk! Possibility # 3: one of these evil ladies forced the police man with telepathy to let us go. Long story, but it tells a lot!

3.     In 1981, I purchased a painting of a red-haired naked woman hanging in my living room. The painting was 30 x 50 cm and purchased it in Munich-Schwabing, where artists always sell their products on the side walk. And when I saw that painting it looked a lot like my girlfriend and that is why I purchased it. In 1984/85 the CIA/MI6 whore agent Najlaa Mahmoud, replaced the painting with another painting of herself laying down naked, her painting was 75 X 175 cm, it looked very disgusting. She threw away my painting without asking me

4.     This CIA & MI6 whore agent named Najlaa Mahmoud, pretended to be moderate and does not mind eating pork or drinking alcohol, and she never prayed as Muslims do, and very suddenly in around 1987/88 and in USA, she stopped drinking alcohol and eating pork, and would only eat so called Halal meat (kosher meat for Muslims) that she does not buy by Muslim supermarkets, but rather by Jewish supermarket (which was one of many things to force my mind to think of her and my fake family as Jewish or Israelis and not British, Americans, Germans, Dutch criminals that enslave people while pretending to be Muslim), on top of that she started to pray 5 times a day, where each time she take her make and nail vanish off, and pray, then apply her makeup and nail vanish on again, and this 5 times a day, some times less nail vanish. She claimed that my fake sister Mona Najjar alias Mona Abokurah the identity thief that took over the place of my original fake sister name Afrah Najar alias Moni Najar since 1967, and therewith she makes my fake sister looks as if she is Muslim, but she is not, she wants everyone else to be Muslim but everything she performs is 100% against humanity and therewith also against Islam, because she is not Arab, she has fake identity as everyone else in my fake family as described above and under the page “Kidnapping Children”. When this fake sister taught the CIA & MI6 whore Najlaa Mahmoud how to pray? Allegedly when we visited her for a couple of days in her apartment on Hawthorne Dr, Washington, D.C., where shortly before she came to Bridgeport allegedly to visit me and my fake brother, yet when I took her to the house of my fake brother (I was not speaking to him due to he set me up, lied to me and helped in kidnapping me from Germany to USA as coverup for the CIA + MI6 + BND + British Petroleum), anyway in around early summer 1987 this fake sister came to visit me, and she called my fake brother and made an appointment to go and visit him, and when I took her there, he refused to open the door or speak to her, what is this for a family (?), this alone shows that we are not brothers and sisters or we are all (excuse my language) fucked-up? In short this point alone shows that the CIA & MI6 whore Najlaa Mahmoud has or had another at least one lookalike that exchange places with her.

5.     I had an photo album of me and my ex-wife the CIA agent that I was enslaved under from August 1970 and until September 1977, this photo album, would show how much I was brainwashed, on age page I have gathered my alleged photos since birth (which was given to me gradually after January 1960 and until 1970s)and place my photos on the left side page while on the right page placing the photos of the CIA agent Anita Disbray on the right side page, and this page by page sorted by age since allegedly my birth, the problem with this photo album was the following:

a.     Any photo of me prior to January 1960 it was not from me it was from my twin and that is fact.

b.     The photos of Anita Disbray are the photos of a CIA agent under cover that exchange places wit another lookalike from the Middle east

c.     The way I was forced to create the photo album was 100% slavery brainwash by telepathy to force my mind to think that I love Anita Disbray and cannot live with out her and I have countless proves that I was brainwashed by the CIA and her to think this way, also I was forced to place her name even on the back of my car!

6.     What happened to this album? This was the first thing that this evil ICA + MI6 whore agent Najlaa Mahmoud did, which is allegedly thrown away this photo album without asking me first, just as she did with the painting as mentioned above. This was done as cover up for the CIA agent as well as for my twin that went to Egypt on after I was removed from Egypt and took my place, where they used me as a place holder for him, and no one will know that it was not me, except a few

7.     Systematically prevented me for years to work in the IT field and to be precise started in Germany in 1985 and ended when the FBI get me a job as a part of setup brainwash by the company Dun & Bradstreet in around 1989, this means from 1985 to 1986 she was systematically diminishing my work in IT field and in USA and was 100% prevented to work in IT field to prevent me to go back to my specialty which was designing and developing multi-lingual hardware and software, which get me in trouble with the CIA and my fake family in the Middle East in the first of all, because I was going to the Middle east on business for my employer and visiting members of my fake family, which they did not want to so the evil CIA + MI6 + BND + BP-British Petroleum and my fake family conspired together to remove me from Europe and force me to live in USA as illegal alien not having the right to travel and visiting them while they were using me in USA as a decoy brother for my fake sister in Washington D.C. and using me to blackmail my biological family that I still do not know who they are except that they are very influential and very much blackmailable, while also forcing me to raise one of their hidden children called Abdulhamid Najar/Najjar/Nagar/Naggar. There was countless situation where I had problems to get into the IT field and never understood why, today I know that bitch was sabotaging all of my attempts with the help of my fake family, biological family and the CIA, not to forget the massive connections or networking of the evil company BP-British Petroleum that dragged me by for to the illegal project Calypso to brainwashed me, enslave me under the whore Najlaa Mahmoud and then kidnap me to USA where they have a huge market and huge business network, while they are business partners with members of my fake family in Jordan and in Saudi Arabia=organized crime company

8.      In 1985-1986, this evil CIA & MI6 whore named Najlaa Mahmoud, kept on bringing new person in to my life that are allegedly Syrian, I cannot even remember their names, and therewith and while I am being forced with telepathy to be with her, the new one including the criminal Dr. Sami Assassa  kept me busy and distracting of trying to escape the situation and dump this bitch

9.     1986-1990, every while, maybe 1-3 month this evil CIA & MI6 whore agent called Najlaa Mahmoud kept on bringing new people in to my life, sometimes with the help of others, such as my employer (often do not know what they are doing to me), CIA, FBI, fake family members and even my biological family that I do not know who they are yet, and therewith I was not able to make any friendship in USA, I was isolated by force in the alleged name of Islam, but in reality in the name of the evil CIA, MI6 and my fake and biological families.

10.  There are many other small and even many major brainwash situations that I may add later


Khodor/Chodor family (الخضر / خضر), the CIA & MI6 agents’ family

These nasty persons were introduced to me in USA as the family members of the CIA & MI6 whore Najlaa Mahmoud as follow:

1.     Her alleged daughter that was allegedly 15 years old in 1988 Suzanne Khodor, I believe she was intellectually disabled + her allegedly husband cousin that married her allegedly as underaged which is illegal in USA, named Mohamad Khodor and calls himself Mark Khodor. This man was very sleezy, he was a thief, he called himself a businessman and sells used cars, buy them from the government in Auction, pays with bounced checks and sell them then pay the government, and when he needs spare parts he goes in night time and steal them of his customers, he did that to me twice. In USA crimes are higher than in Western Europe so people would not notice that their car dealer stole their wheels or even entire cars. The way I discovered that by him coming up to me and asking me to get his car from impound garage, then I received letters from the car registry about cars being registered in my name or in the name of others yet at my address, then many client tried to sue him because he sold them things different than he promised, then some client went to his home to kill him, and he left his wife and daughter and escaped from the window. They get divorced in the mid of 1990s

2.     The cousin and brother of Mohamad Khodor, named kamal Khodor. I strongly suspect him to be working for the CIA. Officially he was a reception manager at a 5 star hotel in Houston Texas, called Omni Hotel, and was arranging for me a special room in Christmas days, where the CIA & MI6 whore agent named Najlaa Mahmoud would exchange places with her lookalike the actual mother of my fake son, so she can spend a couple of days with him, I believe she is from some Arab petroleum royalty. I never noticed these changes until I was forced to be locked up between jails, prisons and refugee cams for 13 years in the Netherlands and was forced to analyze my past to understand what brought me here, in other words, the Dutch IND forced me in their own controlled environment to recognize what they did to me and then locked up for a long time to force me to cool down. His wife an alleged Syrian that I strongly believe had telepathy

3.     Daughter named Rima Mushref living in Allen Town and married to Salem Mushref while she also was allegedly under age and was not even 16 years old, they all allegedly faked their age enable to be in marriage legal age=fake identities. They live in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Salem Mushref had countless family members in Allentown and else where in USA. He was either in USA since infants age or was born in USA. He was allegedly working as some kind of car mechanic or car mechanic computer maintenance man. His main hobby was to be muscle wise as Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he was 70% there. Neither he nor his family were nice people

4.     Her son Nawar Chodor married to his cousin named Rima Chodor an alleged born in USA and raised in Syria and then get married to him and came with him to USA, she claimed that she had an uncle that was teaching or was a professor at some university in Florida. Nawar Chodor opened his own car repair shop where he also sells used cars

5.     Some relatives in Semi valley, California that were working for a big weapon manufacturer either Northrop or Lookheed Martin.

6.     Others hidden from me but most definitely lives in Houston, Texas and Bridgeport Connecticut


My fake son

Named Abdulhamid Najar. Later he was called Anas and later Mido. He was born on 25.03.1986 in Munich, Germany and I was forced to believe that he was my biological son of this CIA & MI7 whore agent named Najlaa Mahmoud.

Before I go any further here are the reasons why this person is not my biological son, first a comparison between him and his alleged mother the CIA & MI6 whore agent Najlaa Mahmoud:

1.       She has big teeth, the son does not

2.       She has a big mouth and you do not, and here I do not mean big mouth in speaking but rather the size, he does not

3.       She and all her children are under 170 cm, he claims to be 175, but this is my height and he is around 5-7 cm taller than me

4.       She has at least 30 cm big bottom towards the back (ass, bottom cheeks), in other words her ass is the ass of a 150 Kilogram person, also all her children has it, he does not have it

5.       Her children that I saw are not from the same father, if she claims anything else she is lair, yet each one of them has some similarity to her, he does not have any, except some of her character, which is lying, Deceiving, acting and make others feel sorry for him

6.       She has wide big feet, above average wide and big feet, he does not

7.       She has short toes and big nails, he has long toes and smaller nails

8.       She has darker under nail, he has lighter color under the nails

9.       The distance between her ankle to her knees proportionally are much shorter than average, whereby the distance between his ankle to his knees proportionally are much longer than average

10.   She has a very silky thin and totally none dense hair, more than average, meaning the distance between each hair, his hair is thick and dense

11.   Her hair is dark brown, his hair is dark blond

12.   Her cheek boons are above average wide and high up, his are absolutely not

13.   Her hand finger are short, his are long

14.   Her skin color, and the skin color of all her children are very light brown, his skin color is bleached white

15.   Hair nose and ears proportionally are bigger than her face, his are absolutely not

16.   Her shoulder is straight and looks wide, far above average, his are not and proportionally are same as his body and height

17.   Her voice is soft and shallow, his is much deeper

18.   Her eyes are dark brown, so also all her children, his are light brown

19.   Her eye brows and the eye brows of all her children that I have seen are thin, his are above average thick and this is about the only thing similar to me

20.   The upper jaw of hers children and cousins is larger than the lower and at least 1 cm more forwards than the bottom one, his are not, I saw 3 cousins of hers, because her children are married to their/her cousins and that is why they all lookalikes

21.   Her 2 daughter Rima and Suzanne have narrow jaws and teeth, he absolutely does not

22.   She and her daughters have a mustache, I strongly believe his daughters will not have that because he does not have hair on his fingers as they do, but this is only a guess.

23.   And others


Now comparison to me:

1.     I have split shin, he does not

2.     I have large eyes, he does not

3.     I have green/brown eyes, he has light brown eyes

4.     I have average white skin, he has bleached or pale white skin

5.     My nails are wider than his and the skin color under them is the same as my rest of the body skin color, he has different skin color under his nails

6.     I have larger ear lips, he does not

7.     I have a lot of hair on my hands, arms and legs, he does not

8.     The color of the hair on my skin goes from dark blond to pale blond, he hardly has hair on the skin

9.     I have larger nails than he does

10.  My fingers and toes are bid shorter than his

11.  I was 176 cm, now I am 174 because of my overweight since kidnapping me from Germany in 1986, he is at least 180 cm, his alleged mother the CIA & MI6 whore agent is 170 cm

12.  I do not like to lie, he does all the times

13.  I am Christian by believe and trust the church because I trust in the teaching of the new Testament, even if couple of churches did me wrong, he does not believe in the church, but uses the church financially and believe the church has to help him

14.  I am polite and do not like to insult others or use bad language, the only language he uses is street vulgar English. He is very rude, unappreciative, ignorant and arrogant, I am absolutely not

15.  He is addicted either on telepathy or playing games, I believe on telepathy, meaning he spends most of his time pretending to be playing computer games, while he is manipulating the lives of others, just as the evil Najlaa Mahmoud did, my fake mother did and Anita Disbray did

16.   And others


Above all the following is just more confirmation:

1.     The CIA & MI6 whore Najlaa Mahmoud was 3 months away from me, allegedly in Syria to allegedly make her high school diploma that was early summer 1985 to mid-summer 1985, which was the time of conception June 1985, she was nowhere near me and this is fact

2.     She and others brainwashed me to think that this is my biological son, among others by blaming me that she had cesarean section, which is one of many strategies she used to force my mind to think it is my baby, while forcing me to feel bad about her alleged situation

3.     They did not allow me to be with her during the delivery, even though I asked, which was in the Sendlinger Frauen Klinik in Munich (hospital) and therefore I can’t verify if the baby came out of her, and this is a major government hospital in Munich, but the government did much worse to me

4.     The CIA & MI6 hides the children of their agents in similar way as they did to with me and used me as a nanny for a child that is not mine and above all with out my approval, through forced slavery by brainwash and telepathy control and that is as criminal, illegal and inhuman as it gets

5.     From 1986-199 the CIA & MI6 whore Najlaa Mahmoud behavior towards this fake son was absolutely not a mother like, but rather a nanny like

6.     From 1999 to current the behavior of this fake son is absolutely not the behavior of a son, but rather of a person that is willingly are being used against me and also in this period of time, the behavior of this fake son is absolutely not the same behavior as the one from 1986 to 1999

7.     The behavior of his alleged relatives from the CIA & MI6 whore agent Najlaa Mahmoud family shows that they are not his family

8.     He repeatedly lies and says against me things that are not true, which are very similar to the complaint I am filling against my fake mother, 3 fake sisters and their families, my fake brother, uncles and cousins that are in reality my kidnappers, which very much means that he is echoing my complaint

9.     He threatened me several times to be perform physical attacks against me, no one will do that against his alleged father, unless he is either paid for it, has some advantages through that. He is mentally sick, or it is a mean of forcing me voluntarily to stay away of him while he is blaming it on me. Later I will add physical proves on how I was good to him and how repays back someone that is trying to help him


Mohi Sabri and family (الصبري / صبري)

My fake mother and around 1961/62 introduced this man Mohi Sabri as her alleged new husband. In Egypt and other Arab or Islamic countries, no one is allowed to interact with the opposite sex unless they are married by Islamic law, which is simple and can be performed anytime and anywhere by any Islamic Sheikh (=priest/pastor) within 5-10 minutes, just have to pay the fees, which are low. In other words, you cannot have a girlfriend, or a girl cannot have a boyfriend, so they all get married and when they separate, they divorce. In other words, the marriage of my fake mother was nothing else than a coverup for having a boyfriend.


Mohi Sabri was allegedly the brother of the famous Egyptian actor Sameer/Samir Sabri, and therewith I have 3 persons related to me to be professional and famous actors: Samir Sabri, Shams Baroudi the alleged daughter of my fake mother cousin named Jameel Baroudi that looked very much like my oldest fake uncle named Mamdoh Baroudi, a Saudi Arabian hidden royal family member,  yet Mamdoh Baroudi he does not look like my mother or the rest of this fake family. The third one is Mr. Yassin Bakoush, known under the name Yassino playing as a co-actor with the famous actor Duraid Lahham also known as Ghawar. Mr. Yassin Bakoush was introduced to me around 1982/83 in Amman Jordan by my fake sister Suheir Bdeir/Budier and her friend the alleged Lebanese Consul in Amman, Jordan, in a brainwash setup to force my mind not to associate lookalikes, in that they invited me to the apartment of Mr. Ali Barq, during which he had another guest and immediately I recognized him and started to laugh and said this is Yassino, my fake sister took me to the side and said no this is not Yassino, this is a Kurdish businessman, and do not tell him that he looks like Yassino, otherwise he will be insulted, because Yassino is stupid and this man is very smart. Another purpose of this brainwash setup is to leave it as additional Kurdish in my mind as distraction of Jordanian royalties and also to make it look like that the CIA only works with Kurdish and not Syrian, and this Kurdish setup was in addition to other brainwash setups to force my mind to relate them to Kurdish.


Mr. Mohi Sabri had a sister living on Hafyza Al Alfi Street, where there is one long building almost opposite another building on Nazih Khalifa street, where in 1960/61 my fake mother introduced me to many alleged Syrians that were in Syrian Airforce and were in Cairo with their families as exchange officers during the so called Syrian Egyptian Union, that lasted less than 3 years, from 1958 to 1961. I suspect that people who are agents or hidden royalties and sent to other countries as families, they often live next to other people that are also agents or hidden royalties and each confirm the fake identity of the others, it is a pattern in my life between 1960 to 1969 that was repeated many times in Egypt and in Jordan, but also later in Europe.


If I take out that Mr. Mohi Sabri rapped me once around 1965/66 and I contribute that to my fake mother and my fake brother and possibly my identical twin that I never met, then Mr. Mohi Sabri was a very kind and gentleman, it was a system since 1960, whenever I have a friend they would destroy my friendship with him, and Mr. Mohi Sabri was with no doubt used unwillingly and forced with telepathy to rape me. He was also very troubled person and did not know what to do. He was a police officer in the rank second lieutenant (1 stripe), then second lieutenant (2 stripes) as I get to know him in around 1961/62 and in 1968 he was Major (one star). He often was sitting there and playing solitaire, and this is one of the signs that a person is being controlled with telepathy, that forces their victim to do something that does not need thinking enable to force the victim to think about certain things they want or force the victim to think about the past enable to learn his history or learn from his history.


Today and when I try to analyze the reason for Mr. Mohi Sabri rapping me once in 1966 in a very odd way, where I heard noises in my fake mother bed room and I went their and saw both of them doing something under the blanket, and I asked them what are you doing, Mr. Mohi Sabri come to me naked and took me to my bed room and rapped me and said this is what we are doing. I do not think that Mr. Mohi Sabri was a pedophile. If he was, then he would have done that at earlier time since 1962. He was not drunk nor under drugs. Above all and later on his behavior towards me changed, he was nicer as if he w3as trying to make it up to me and fix the problem. So, what made him do that?


Since I am more than positive that someone using telepathy forced him to rape, then I have to analyze the others around my life and what benefit they would have from that, the very clear benefit, is to discredit him, destroy my relation to him, where I tried to escape home after that, but also use it as a brainwash method to force me to be not only a shamed, but also confuse my feeling and knowledge, as a part of a continuously stressing me and my life with things I do not know how to deal with, where I did not know what sex was until that time, where they forced me to have the wrong idea about sex, that a couple of years later they used it against me by enslaving me under a CIA agent named Anita Disbray that was sexually totally uninterested, which lead me to conclude that she was too old. The following persons have possibly benefit of this situation, please note, that I strongly believe my entire fake family that was forced upon me on 10/11 January 1960, including my fake mother, and fake 2 sisters and later in 1966 my fake brother had 100% telepathy:

1.     It is very possibly that my fake sister Fadia Najar/Shawki/Nagar, and around that time exchanged places with another look alike that does not have her cheek dimples nor her double tooth, but I cannot prove that, except through circumstances that were odd, among others changing of behavior and if this is true, then it is in her interest to brainwash me to not notice and be busy with the forced upon me situations, and I have many other situation in the future and in the past that confirm that. Even if she did not exchange places, she is my fake sister and is also in her interest the older I come the more I be brainwashed to not notice that I was kidnapped on 10/11 1960 and placed within a fake family. Not to forget that the official husband Mr. Afaf Shawki died in around summer 1966

2.     My fake sister Afrah Najar with the nick name Moni, that was working for the Egyptian TV and had her photo on the cover of top Egyptian magazine with the title “Open the TV to see this beauty”, and in 1961 allegedly she went to Jordan to help her Sister Suhair Bdeir/Budier by her delivery of her alleged daughter Reem Bdeir/Budier the double of princes Haya of Jordan. I believe that my fake sister Afrah Najar never went to Jordan, she stayed in Cairo, which is huge, at that time had population of least 5 Million, and the chance that I met her is one in a Million. She had telepathy and can tell where I am, and therewith can avoid me seeing her. There was a reason why these people changed my identity and their own identities and then go to Egypt as fake Syrians, which was to be an agent or a hidden royalty in Cairo, Egypt. In 1967 I was set up to meet her replacement named Mona Abokurah alias Mona Najjar that was also a nanny for 5 hidden royalty children, one of them was used as a target practice for his brothers and sister, which drove him crazy and they locked him up in a mental hospital in Cairo Egypt and not in Jordan or USA where they can visit him, children for them are tools and worth less than money. This fake sister replacement that is nothing else but an identity thief just like the other fake family members, lives allegedly since 1987 in Washington D.C. to help cover up for the other 4 hidden royalty children that are living either on and off or permeant in and around Washington D.C. for one purpose only: to stel the freedom of others as they stole it from me, in other words to manipulate people with telepathy and enslave them to do what they want and need. Which is not good

3.     My fake mother exchanged places with her lookalike. My fake mother telepathy capability I saw several times, but I did not understand at that time, here are two incidents: she was cooking and deep-frying food when the oil pot fell on her arms, body and legs. It was boiling, and I was standing next to her seeing the bubbles, yet she had absolutely no injuries of any kind what so ever. Another time, I came from school and her alleged Aunt named Umrateb the alleged sister of Fuad Kayat/Taylor/Tailor, came allegedly from Syria to visit us, and I met her at our door knocking at the door, but no one was opening. I had no key, this alleged grandaunt that I never saw before, I told her maybe she is at my sister’s house and took her to my sister’s house, which was around 2.5 km, no one was at home, so she left. I went back home, and my fake mother opened the door and said she did not want to open the door for her because she does not like her. In the same evening my cheek swelled for around 5-7 cm, as if I have a whole apple or even a mango in my mouth I was taken to hospital and given some medication, the swelling disappeared gradually and within one week, I strongly believe that that woman or even my fake mother caused this swelling as punishment either because my fake mother did not want to open, or my mother did that to me because I took her aunt to my sister.

4.     My fake brother that arrived in Cairo, Egypt around 1965/66 and was totally against me, and performed many things to destroy myself confidence. Not to forget he claimed to be my brother that allegedly was raised since 1954 by my fake sister Suhair Bdeir/Budier that was nothing else than a hired nanny for hidden royalty children. These people have 20 and often 200 children and cannot raise them by their selves so they place each couple of them in a private housing with a nanny, king Saud of Saudi Arabia, and based on Egyptian newspapers of the 1960s, had allegedly 105 children of 45 wives and they hide it and claim it was only 45 children, which is bad enough. On top of all that I was placed in a public school in Egypt with the exception of one year, while he was in a private catholic school after allegedly being in an Islamic school in Jordan called the Islamic Educational College that was built and managed by my fake brothers-in-law from the Bdeir/Budier family and Abokurah family and both are related to Saudi Arabia royal families. Also, and approximately after 6 months he lived in his own apartment and had his own housekeeper that cleaned and cooked for him, while we were living directly in the opposite building

5.     My twin brother or twin sister that I never met, nor I was told about, yet I suspect that I may have, based on many reasons, yet number one is based on a burn that is on my upper left leg, which was a clear manmade burn of the flesh to differentiate me of someone else. If this is true or not I do not know, I just suspect it based on many brainwash situations, such as using me to be a place holder in Egypt for 10 years and then removing me from Egypt in 1969 and taking me to Germany, where the CIA and MI6 took the control of my life by force and kept me in the American military base called McGraw kaserne in Munich, Germany for nearly 2.5 years, during which they severely brainwashed me and 100% brought a lookalike of my fake brother and then enslaved me under a woman that had one thing in mind to isolate me of the rest of the world, which she did, among others be continuously destroying any new friendship I may have as a mean of isolation and to prevent me of learning something new. Why would the CIA do something like that to me? Possibly to cover up for my twin, among others to force my mind to concentrate on my fake brother, where the Dutch IND did absolute the same and forced me to think that I was being held as a place holder for ex-US president George W. Bush, which is absurd, but it was a good distraction of me being used as a place holder for my identical lookalike, or even not identical but lookalike, the flesh burn on my upper left leg says identical lookalike! But I cannot prove it. He or she would most definitely benefit of all the brainwash situation and rape mentioned above

6.     Last but not least, all those who were used to conform our fake identities and were in Cairo, Egypt 5-20 years earlier than us, would benefit of my brainwash because they do not want me to think and realize that they are not only liars but also doing something illegal and against the country they are living in, such as:

a.     Dardiri Ahmad Ismael and his family

b.     General Ahmad Saleh Sulaiman and his family

c.     Basheer Queder/Koueider and his family

d.     Jameel Baroudi and his family, a hidden Saudi Arabian royal family member

e.     Or others


I strongly believe that Mr. Mohi Sabri was forced with telepathy to rape me, because his behavior prior to rapping me and after rapping me speaks for it.


He lived with us in our apartment part time, meaning he stays for a couple or a few months, then he disappears allegedly either living with his sister or is on assignment south of Egypt.


Sometimes in 1968 he disappeared. And my fake mother was allegedly looking for him. In spring of 1969 her alleged brother Dr. Farzat Baroudi that allegedly was studying in Koln since 1959, Germany found him for her. How odd is that. She was always claiming to want to hide her relationship with Mohi Sabri of her family and anyone we knew, yet she tells her brother, which it turns out later that it was a brainwash set up. Therefore, she allegedly went to Germany to visit her brother and Mohi Sabri that was allegedly living in Frankfurt. And this is the lie they told me, he allegedly went to Turkey for a vacation, and from there he allegedly went to Germany and applied for political asylum.


Her brother Dr. Farzat Baroudi that was living allegedly in Koln, Germany, and I never seen in my life before, he came to Egypt to allegedly write his doctor work, during which I met him once or twice.


My fake mother came back from Germany sometimes late spring 1969 and sent me to my school English teacher to have private lessons and learn English because she is taking me to Germany to study there, they placed it in my mind that she is following her love Mohi Sabri, that today I see him as a victim as I am also a victim of this very destructive family. If you want to take someone to Germany to study, then you send him to learn German and not English and if you send someone to the Netherlands you teach him Dutch and so on, but they want me to learn English, and I did not question it. In reality they planned that I be living among Americans in Germany and that is why they wanted me to learn English, where I did live in and around the American military base for nearly 2.5 years not knowing how to speak Germany. The English I learned from the private lessons, were worthless, because someone was always forcing me not to concentrate, and therewith and after nearly 3 months of private lessons, 2-3 times per week, I hardly learned more that 50 words and a few sentences for the street usage, where in the American military base I learned 3 times as much in the first week!


On 10.10.1969, my birthday, my fake mother took me to Frankfurt, Germany where we had to wait until late afternoon in some café until Mr. Mohi Sabri came to pick us up. He took us to his apartment, a one room apartment with bath and kitchen corner, we stayed there overnight and the next day in the morning we took a train to Munich and ever since I never seen or heard of Mr. Mohi Sabri.


I am not sure, but I believe that this man I met in Frankfurt was not Mohi Sabri, among others because the following reasons:

1.     He was at least 20 KG thinner

2.     He was shorter

3.     Darker skin

4.     Maybe he seemed to me shorter and darker skin because he is 20 kg lighter.

5.     My fake mother and Mohi Sabri had sex on the night of 10.10.1969, what is odd about that is that his apartment was one room and we all slept on the floor and while I am turning my back to them they clearly were having sex. Who would do that when a a6 years old, just turned 17 is sleeping on the same mattress, beside they were officially separated since spring 1968, and allegedly they met just 3-4 months earlier and now they are that desperate to have sex while I am laying down next to them?  I believe they had sex just to convince me that this is the same Mohi Sabri as the one from Egypt, maybe it was another sick brainwash of them that I did not get to remind me of being raped by Mohi Sabri in around 1966. I do not know for fact except it is a very odd and fishy situation

6.     If my fake mother was so desperate to find her lost since 1968 boyfriend, why then did she find him in Germany, dump me in Germany in the arms of the CIA and went back to the Middle East instead of staying with him? Whereby I have no idea where she was in the Middle East, I just hear rumors, she is in Egypt, she is now in Saudi Arabia, she is now in Germany, she is now in Jordan and so on. I really do not know where she really was, except I know she had at least 2 lookalikes that she exchanged places with in Egypt and in Germany and that is one of many crimes that she performed

7.     Possibly this fake Mohi Sabri is maybe Russian origin and they are trying to relate me to Russians, which they did many times, also the FBI in USA set me up many times to think that I am related to Russians or even originated from Russia


Assassa family (عصاصة / العصاصة) and Eglani (عجلاني / العجلاني)

Dr. Sami Assassa, is one sleezy person and was helping them to cover up their identities while setting me up repeatedly to look like I am doing something not good either against my Employer Siemens AG or against Germany or as if I am doing illegal things. This man was introduced to me by my fake mother Hyatt/Hayat Baroudi after that they set me up to become Christian enable to have a public reason to persecute me and this time allegedly in the name of Islam. Sometimes in 1977 or 1978 my fake mother asked me to take her to visit an alleged relative in a city called Bad Wörishofen, which I did this man Dr. Sami Assassa (none medical doctor)was allegedly married to the sister of the wife of my uncle named Jawdat Baroudi that I know he is a CIA and MI6 agent and member of the Saudi Royal family that consist of Americans. British, Dutch, Germans and others. No way that the American and European government will allow people that are anti-Christians and anti-Jewish and anti-anyone who is not Muslim-Sunni, control the majority of petroleum worldwide unless they are using them and the Islam religion wrongly as a mean of fear tactic to enslave people as many before them and after them did and will do!

Dr. Sami Assassa is married to a woman from the family Eglani. She was and is as sleezy as he was and is. Dr. Sami Assassa has an oriental carpet store in bad Wörishofen, then sometimes end 1970s relocated to Munich and opened a shop for oriental carpets on Promenadeplatz directly opposite the hotel Bayerischer Hof, which is a very expensive shopping area. Later the Syrian Airline opened next to him.


Mr. Assassa had telepathy and was is a very nasty and dangerous man, because he forces others to do things they do not want to do. He had 2 brothers-in-law allegedly in Alexandria, Virginia, USA, which is less than 10 km from Washington D.C., and I did not think anything about it at that time, but today, where the lookalike of my fake sister Afrah Najar alias Moni, that calls her self Mona Najjar/Abokurah, lives in Washington, D.C., while the sister of the alleged son-in-law of the CIA whore agent called Najlaa Mahmoud that was keeping me as slave in USA by force of the USA law and the sick and organized crime institution called CIA that is also located in Langley, Virginia and it is almost within walking distance from all these people that lives with fake identities and fake relations since at least 10/11 January 1959.


Mr. Assassa introduction to me was for one purpose only, to help distracting me from the church. But why, if my own fake family set me up to become Christian enable to have a reason to persecute me in the name of Islam and this in Germany with the help of the evil CIA, MI6 and BND and persons such as this criminal called Dr. Sami Assassa that was used as distraction of the CIA and MI6 while he was also working with them. These kinds of people would sell even their mother for money and power.


My fake family needed me only to be Christian on paper and not really Christian, because they believe to posses the knowledge of life and that all religions are wrong and there is no God, except them and their allies and their opponents that are with equal capabilities. But I was learning too much of the church, above all I was having friends, that I urgently needed in this hidden life of slavery, but also I was reading a lot, 80% religious books and comparing them, other 20% mixed books, such as German and Austrian novels or even encyclopedia that I purchased for several Thousand from Bertelsmann publishing; Someone was sabotaging my life and this evil Dr. Sami Assassa was one of them, here are 2 very destructive situations that he created around my life:

1.     I was employee by Siemens AG, where I had to travel on business, among others to Saudi Arabia, this evil Dr. Sami Assassa knew when I am traveling to Saudi Arabia, he approached me and asked me to do him a favor,  in that I take with me a couple of diamond to his brother-in-law alias my uncle Jawdat Baroudi that was working for the Saudi ministry of Interior as an internal affair judge and/or consultant. Which I did. Later on I was forced to think that he used me to allegedly smuggle some diamonds to Saudi Arabia to place it in my mind that he and my uncle are smuggling diamonds as a mean of survival, just to distract me of the fact that this evil uncle and his fake brothers are nothing else than CIA & MI6 agents while also being members of the Saudi Royal family. I do not know the actual value of these diamond, I am not an expert but based on my life experience they were all together around 2-4 carat, and since this evil Dr. Sami Assassa was also selling Crystals from the former Czechoslovakia, then and very well they could have been fake, an additional purpose was possibly that I get caught at the Saudi Arabian border, where they would have placed me in prison and through the key away, but I was not caught. Also, it makes me look like I am smuggler and doing something illegal in Germany. This nasty and crocked man supposedly goes to Amsterdam once every months or so, purchases diamond and bring them with hired armed guard, a person of this criminal state of mind as Dr. Sami Assassa would never trust one like me with 2-4 carat diamond or even with 10 Dollars, because they he is criminal and very mistrusting to honest people, therefore I strongly believe it was a fake diamond, which very much means it was 100% a destructive setup as described.

2.     He forced me to give him an internal telephone book of my employer Siemens AG, which very much means that Siemens AG would not trust me anymore. This internal telephone book had the name and the rank of all employees, where it says what position each has, such as director, supervisor or manager and what department, I know I struggled not to give him this book, but I am, as everyone else, powerless against telepathy. Shortly thereafter I was setup to lose my job at Siemens AG, not because of this incident, even though that is what they wanted me to think, but because they wanted to prevent me to ever go back to the Middle East and in particular to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt where these criminal members of my fake family have different identities and did not want me to see it, above all they did not want me to see my lookalike in Cairo Egypt named Mohamad Nuzhat Najar!

3.     The above is only 2 of many or even countless set up performed by this nasty and very dangerous man named Dr. Sami Assassa, most probably he is dead by now, because he was 15-20 years older than me at that time, which makes him above 85 years old now, but his wife and at that time 4 daughters are raised by him and are as nasty and dangerous as him, in matter of fact they are the bad climates/environment to our lives!


My fake family the Muslims and their relation to Christianity

The easiest and quickest way to show that this family is fake and that they helped and planned in setting me up to become Christian enable to have a reason to persecute me, brainwash me, enslave me under the CIA whore Najlaa Mahmoud and then kidnap me to USA for 3 reasons:

1.     To use me as a blackmail object to blackmail my biological family

2.     To use me as a decoy for my fake sister and her fake children as if she is my sister from Syria, while in reality her children are hidden Jordanian royalties and that is why all of them look almost identical to King Hussein when he was in their age, photos are on the Internet. Now they live with fake identities in Washington D.C. and who ever live under fake identity for so long then there is a purpose, and it is not good, possibly to force people with telepathy to do something they do not want as they did to me, because this is 100% their specialties

3.     To force me not to leave the CIA whore Najlaa Mahmoud, because they forced me to be always busy surviving while forcing me to be illegal alien for 15 years

4.     To raise one of these nasty people’s hidden child, where they severely brainwashed me to think that the boy I raised since birth is my biological child, they even forced me to give him the fake name of a fiction character, which is my father Abdulhamid Najar, that never existed in my own life. Whereby this child I strongly suspect him to have telepathy, because he fists the pattern of this fake family, meaning they get a nanny with telepathy to raise him and teach him how to use telepathy without being noticed by the other, in this case it was the CIA whore Najlaa Mahmoud that pretended to be the mother, while they select a father that has no telepathy and enslave him as the father to cover up his relation to the biological parents, because this is what they do, hide a child and let him be raised under different name and then when he grows up used him in certain position where no one know he is related to them and to others either in the government or in business to cover up the mass slavery and claim it is all democracy and freedom, which I never seen in my life except for a 4-5 years in Germany from end 1977 to end 1982.

5.     To prevent me to visit members of my fake family, especially if I go to them without notice, meaning surprise visit, where I can see thing they did not want me to see, such as, that my fake brother was never in Jordan


Now to the relation to Christianity:

1.       The Abokurah family

1.1.      Mr. Abdalghani Abokurah best friend and simultaneously his attorney in USA is a Christian Afro-American named Kalhon or Kalhoni

1.2.      Mr. Abdalghani Abokura, far over 90% of all his businesses in various countries rely 100% on Christians and Christian companies

1.3.      His son Mr. Ghasan Abokurah was studying at the Catholic University of architecture in Washington D.C.

1.4.      His other son Mr. Abdhalah Abokurah was studying also in a Christian university in Nashville, Tennessee

1.5.      His daughter May Abokurah/???? (her marriage name is unknown to me), was trying to seduce my mind as a mean of brainwash by dressing very revealing nightgown each time when I visit, to force my mind to think I love Arab Women and in particular Jordanian, whereby I did not fell for this brainwash because I used to love my German girlfriend Mrs. Adelheid Kuczka, whereby each of her toe nails is worth more than all of them put together, yet the brainwash setup is absolutely not Islamic above all that she used her insect and parasite girlfriend named Randah Mufleh

1.6.      And this is only what I noticed, but they were preventing me to mix with them to not notice other things, such as they are 100% Christian origin, yet only by name and are protected and covered up by the CIA & MI6 & BND & AIVD

2.       The Bdeir/Budier Family

2.1.      The best friend of my fake sister Suheir Bdeir in Amman was a Christian woman called Abla, I believe she was a teacher

2.2.      The best friend of my fake-brother-in-law the husband Seef Aldin Bdeir/Budier was the Christian family Mr. Joseph Azraa and his wife Hind Azaraa that were from Tripoli Lebanon, Where I strongly suspect him to be a half-brother of my other brother-in-law Abdalghani Abukurah and King Hussein, while his family in Lebanon where in petroleum pipeline business, from Iraq to Mediterranean sea, while and very possibly they also had a big drug farm in the mountains north of Tripoli, where they took me to in 1967 as setup to fill my head with that as distraction of them being of Jordanian Royal family. and their family that were from Lebanon, of the above sister

2.3.      Mr. Essam Bdeir/Budier the oldest son of Mohamad Ali Bdeir/Budier and the brother of Omar Bdeir/Budier, was married to an American Christian woman

2.4.      My fake nice Reem Bdeir/Budier was studying in a Christian university in Lebanon called American university of Beirut

2.5.      Her sister Basma/Basmat Bdeir/Budier/Alami was studying in a Christian university in Lafayette, Indiana, USA

2.6.      Her brother Mr. Samir Bdeir was studying in 2 Christian universities, one in Leeds, UK and the other in Dallas, USA

2.7.      Over 90% of the businesses of the Bdeir family relies on Christians business partners, such as General Electric, Siemens AG, HP-Hewlett Packard, Shell, BP-British Petroleum and many others

2.8.      My fake sister Fadia Najar/Nagar is related to the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian royal family. Yet she hides that, and that is why I am adding her under the Bdeir/Budier family

2.9.      My fake sister Fadia Najar/Nagar best friend in Egypt was a Christian named Nadia and her family

2.10.   My fake sister Fadia Najar/Nagar children all went to Christian schools and not Muslim schools in the UK even though there were countless Muslim schools in the UK and in Germany at that time, later they also went to Christian universities in the UK

2.11.   y fake sister Fadia Najar/Nagar children pretended in my presence to work in Gastronome, where they serve Italian food in an Italian Restaurant that also included a very big bar with all kind of alcohol, where in Quran it says, and I am quoting out of my memory: it is forbidden to drink alcohol, buy alcohol, sell alcohol, carry alcohol or sit with people that drinks alcohol, end of Quran quote. Please see also next point

2.12.   Each person mentioned within drunk in my presence alcohol and sat with Christians that drink alcohol and drunk with them alcohol and this in Lebanon, Jordan and Germany until 1976, where I was setup to become Christian among others by them, and thereafter they performed many brainwash setups to distract me of the past, such as my fake sister Suheir Bdeir, her husband Seef Aldin Bdeir and 2 of their children visiting me in around spring 1977 in Germany, and we all went to a fast food place, and we ordered food and drink, and I ordered bier, then my sister tells me no this is not allowed that you sit with us and drink bier, especially that my husband is strict Muslim, I did ignore her ignorance, among others because when I first saw them in Egypt in 1963/64 and we went to restaurant together they would order bier named Stilla, I did not ordere that at that time, I was just 11 years old. Then in 1967 when they took me to Lebanon Mr. Seef Aldin Bdeir/Budier would always order a bottle of Arak, a Lebanese anis drink with 40-65% alcohol, similar to the Turkish Rakı, and to European Absinthe, and to Greek Ouzo, and to French Pastis. Same thing as they came to visit me a couple of times in Germany and prior to setting me up to become Christian. Simultaneously Mr. Abdalghani Abokurah would always order a bottle of Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky, yet both families Abokurah and Bdeir/Budier persecuted me allegedly because I am Christian and also established and control the Islamic Educational College of Jordan with its several branches in various cities and force every one else to live a Muslim while they do not and if I would pick the worst none Islamic behavior that they did, then it will be what one of the most important rules of Sunni Islam: your brother is more important than your son,, meaning treat him well, and I was treated very viciously since kidnapping me as an 8 years old on 10 January 1959

3.       The Baroudi Family

3.1.      My fake uncle Dr. Farzat Baroudi in Hamburg since allegedly 1970 and prior to that in Cologne, Germany allegedly since 1950s and is married to Christian German woman named Anna

3.2.      My fake cousin named Rima Baroudi the daughter of my fake uncle in Switzerland that pretended to be a full time employee of the Syrian government as Syrian consul, in reality he was doing it part time and very possibly he is a hidden Jordanian royal family member, while his Daughter is not only married to Christian Swiss, but also lives in Paris and I saw commercial for women brows in Swiss magazine, where this fake cousin was wearing the sexy bra

3.3.      All the children of my fake uncle Jalal Baroudi went to Swiss school and later Swiss universities

4.       They work for and with the CIA, MI6, BND and AIVD against their alleged own family member that looked up to them, trusted them and loved them until I discovered it was all forced brainwash love, respect and lookup to, above all they are not only not my biological family, but also they are my kidnappers, and that can’t be good!

5.       There are many more, but You get the idea!