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The short text

Between August 2006 and April 2012, I was severely brainwashed by the IND (Dutch Immigration Service), COA (Dutch Asylum Seekers housings organizers) and later by Stichting Welzijn (works for the IND and COA) in Winschoten, Noorderpoort College (works for Stichting Welzijn) in Winschoten, Dental Technicians (volunteer brainwasher and torturer, who knows maybe they too get paid for it ) in Bellingwolde, Scheemda, Winschoten, Veendam and Groningen severely tortured me and pulled out all my teeth as well as others. All organized by COA and IND. This brainwash forced me to write a very bad and most destructive website that was full of lies except the relation between me and my fake family they were true, everything else is absolutely false, which was a long term brainwash by forcing all those that I was brainwashed to write very negatively and very vulgarly about them to persecute me and revenge about these wrong and vulgar information, therefor and after I relocated to Amsterdam and realized what happened and I tried to send apology letters, but I sent less than 10, instead of over 1000. In 2017 I sent over 100 apology letters and now I am publishing the apology letter because I cannot afford to send 1000 apology letters. Another goal of the website that they forced upon me between 2006 and 2012 was to destroy all my relations, because they forced me to literally attack everyone I love, look up to and respect in Germany, USA, Netherlands and in many other countries. Another goal of this website is to show as if I am mentally sick, another goal is to destroy my chances for employment, which is very visible through my complaint where they systematically prevented me from working since April 1999, with the exception of a couple of setup employment through the FBI  in Houston Texas, which was a part time 2 months by a company called “Interior Technologies” owned and operated by Mr. Kamron Kirkconnell, November 1999 to January 2000 and later 6 weeks by Compaq Corporation in Mai/June 2000, today it is HP-Hewlett Packard, where they were forcing my mind to blame the Syrians for all my trouble, whereby the project that they used to kidnap me from Germany in 1986 and called Calypso had DEC Computers and Compaq Corporation purchased Dec Computers in mid 1990s. Ever since June 2000 I was prevented to work by the FBI and later also the Dutch IND.


This brainwash was designed to make a person angry, desperate, hopeless and feel being alone and welling to do anything to get out of the situation, and they do that by mental torture and physical torture while continuously provoking their victim, me, to keep him going in the direction they want, in this case continue to write about my past while oft they force me to write things does not concern me nor it interest me and that is why they locked me up in that evil village called Bellingwolde, where no one would help but on the contrary, as if one is passing by and see that someone being kicked, they too jump right in the party and start to kick me (this was a figure of speech).


You can skip “More detail text”, it is just the above in more detail!!


More detail text:

From September 1986 and until 1999 I was severely persecuted and set up very destructively by the FBI due to the CIA & MI6 in cooperation with my fake family set me up to look like as if I have connections to top terrorist, top drug lords and a crime organization family similar to the Mafia, and I did not even notice it. The reason that the CIA + MI6 + my fake family set me up to look like that, is to give the CIA a legitimate reason to persecute pretending to be researching my connections, in reality they were covering up that they kidnapped me in December 1959 from USA to Egypt over Syrian and placed me with a fake family that consisted of CIA & MI6 agents mixed with hidden members of at least the Jordanian and Saudi Arabia royal family members and that I can prove because I know their names and I know who covered up for them at that time, whereby they almost have a sign all over their heads that says CIA + MI6 + Jordanian Royal family + Saudi Arabian royal family + UEA royal family (I can’t prove this one except through the marriage of Princes Haya of Jordan to Sheikh Maktoum, the prime Minister of the UEA).


When I was taken to Germany on 10.10.1969 and had to live there for 17 years as a refugee, many people tried to help me against these groups, or at least they pretended to do, and that is why (and among others) the CIA + MI6 + my fake family decided to re-brainwash me and kidnap me from Germany to USA, which they did in 1986. In USA either the CIA set the FBI on me for the same set up, which is I am allegedly connected to top terrorist, drug lords and Mafia like family, which is all lies and only distraction of the fake family that they set me within in December 1959. Or the FBI get my records from Germany and saw that I was marked as mentioned with these fake connections to terrorist, drug lords and Mafia like family, which was 100% based on the CIA & MI6 and my fake family setup from December 1969, and decided to persecute me for the purpose of allegedly to know more about these connections.


The FBI persecuted me very publicly and very destructively from the day I was kidnapped to USA in September 1986 and until they brought me by force for a re-brainwash to the Netherlands in 11 February 2001, I just did not see it all the time, I just saw what they wanted me to see. I did not even notice that I was setup to look like I am allegedly connected to top terrorist, drug lords and Mafia like organized crime family, not only because they did not tell me, but because they tried their best to hide it from me while they were doing it, to prevent me of clarifying the situation and defending myself, and also for the future to force my mind to think that all what happened to me is because they suspected me based on a misunderstanding, which was no misunderstanding, it was a very mean, cruel and sadistic setup by the CIA, MI6 and my fake family and later also the American INS and the FBI.


The FBI was not able to get too close to me in USA due to the CIA and the family of the woman they enslaved me under and called Najlaa Mahmoud prevented them. Therefore, and when the FBI + the American INS brought me by force to the Netherlands, they had one goal in their mind, which is to brainwash me to say everything I know about terrorism, drug lords and the mafia Like family or to force me to think so or to force me to say what they want, which they did all of the above!!!


To do that, they performed a severe brainwash in 3 steps, very unfortunately I am not positive about all the responsible ones in these 3 steps, yet I am positive about some of them which is very visible in the below 3 steps, which is based on the brainwash sequence and location:

Step-1: June 1999 to 10 February 2001 in Houston, Texas, USA, this step in itself started in July 1998, which I will skip until June 1999, which was divided also in several steps, separating me of the woman named Najlaa Mahmoud that the CIA & MI6 enslaved me under starting 24 December 1984 (Christmas eve to force my mind to think it is all because I allegedly became Christian) while making it look like that I am the bad one, the next step is separating me of my fake son and bringing a look alike of my fake son, which they did in around September 1999 through my attorney called William F. Harmeyer  that they plant in my life especially for this purpose in around January 1996 through a very destructive setup and they knew I will fall for it, among others because his name is German and I loved and trusted anything from Germany. The following step was to severely re-brainwash me to not recognize the switch nor the what they are doing to me by creating a tsunami of problems (unsolvable) upon my life between April 1999 and June 2000 that forced me to want to voluntarily run away and escape the torture by leaving the USA. This was a combination of the FBI, INS, CIA, ARAMCO and members of my fake family that lived in Houston, but I did not know that at that time, and possibly also my biological family that I am guessing to be very influential in USA, Germany, UK and in the Netherlands, not to mention their influence in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt!


Step-2: 11 February 2001 and until August 2003, Netherlands 3 x jails, prisons and later 4 refugee camps + 3 location in Germany by force of brainwash of the IND in cooperation American INS and FBI, where I was severely brainwash to talk about my entire history in the refugee camp Ter Apel, and therefore they used the lookalike of my fake son that calls himself Guenther Najar, where I was brainwashed to warn him of the danger of my fake family and tell him everything bad I know about them and what they did to me, which is at that time, only that they conspired to brainwash me and kidnapped me from Germany to USA to keep me away of the German churches and my friends, while I was prevented to discover the other reasons, among my complaint I also talked how they used the illegal project Calypso to brainwash me and kidnap me to USA and blame it on the Syrian, and since this project was illegal and secret involving top government officials and top companies in Germany, USA, UK and the Netherlands, they decided to lock me up for another a few years to not talk about this project, and that was one of the reasons why they dragged me by force in 1983 to this project, to force me to be under the so called national Security secrets ad therewith they can persecute me as they see fit. The brainwash was so severe that I was so angry, sad and disappointed and could not stop talking loud about my anger, sadness and disappointment above all of the German government that not only allowed that I be brainwashed and kidnapped from Germany, but also severely helped lock me up in USA as slave of their agent called Najlaa Mahmoud, while some evil person with telepathy was often preventing me to talk about certain things and forcing me to be very vulgar and use faulty language, and I believe this person was the lookalike of my fake son that has telepathy and is very cruel, sadistic and vicious person, because what he did to me in USA, was all the above: very cruel, sadistic and vicious person, there is a 1% chance that it was someone else that forcing me to think it is the lookalike of my fake son


Step-3: August 2003 to June 2012. This step is divided into 3 steps as follow:

Destruction of my self-confidence, isolating me, shocking me, forcing me to lose all hope, forcing me to be absolute desperate, which they did similar in step-1 (for 19 Months) and Step-2 (30 months), but not as lengthy, because step-3 was almost 9 years + the hidden torture and scare tactic used on me in Amsterdam to force me to leave to the UK and then back to Assen where I was severely tortured in the hidden until I relocated to Den Haag/The Haag in March 2016, which is additional almost 4 years until march 2016. In this brainwash, I was often forced with telepathy to say things that I would have never said because it is not true, in short in jails and prisons they forced me to attack the government and make me look like as if I am a dangerous terrorist enable to have more reasons to lock me up longer. After locking me up in over 30 locations between jails, prisons, and refugee camps until August 2006, I was a walking hopeless godless dummy, how they did that is not the subject. From August 2006 and until 28 February 2008 I was forced to be in the refugee camp Dokkum, where I was forced to write down all my history and publish it on the internet. The IND, COA and the adjacent police forced me by brainwash to do that enable they can read my history, and then forced me to write wrong information and crazy information that not only it does not concern me and it does not interest me, but it also attacks, Jewish, Muslims, Christians, Royal families from Scandinavian, Benelux, UK, American families that I either never heard of before or never paid any attention to them and therewith I have no idea or knowledge about them. This forced upon me website confusion was for several reasons, 1. To read what I write over the Internet and then it is not visible that the IND, COA and AIVD is forcing me to do that. 2. to cover up for my fake family and the so called Arab Royal families that are nothing else but servants to the CIA, MI6, AIVD and their bosses that tortured my life since I was kidnapped in December 1959. 3. To force me to never think about my past or talk with any one about it, which is very visible with the content of this website and the torture that they repeatedly performed upon me during writing the website and thereafter.  4. to use me to attack their opponents, which I do not know who their opponents are, except it is a few of the several hundred that they forced me to attack, possibly it is the Rockefeller family, the Bush Family in USA and the Windsor family in the UK    5. To force me to be persecuted on the long term by all those that I was forced to unjustly attack, from Royal families to Jewish to Muslims to Christians to Microsoft, to Shell, to Philips to Siemens, to Chevron, to Exxon, to Texaco, to my fake family and all the countless people they forced me by brainwash and telepathy to write about as cover up for their agents within my fake family and the hidden Arab royalties. In 28 February 2008 they forced me to live in an isolated village called Bellingwolde where I was forced to go to school for an alleged integration, but it was nothing else than a continuous brainwash, because among others they forced me to be almost 3 years in integration course and that was not only sadistic, but cruel and absolutely criminal, and thereafter they toyed with me while literally torturing me mentally and physically, that I lost all hope to ever get free until I was setup by the municipality Bellingwedde to relocate to Amsterdam, where the brainwash and severe persecution and torturer through the dentist and dental technician continued and I was forced to spend much of my time trying to find another dental professional that does not torture me by causing me pain on purpose.


After June 2012 in Amsterdam I realized what happened to me in that evil village Bellingwolde and the surrounding villages Winschoten, Scheemda and Veendam and felt so bad about the website and wanted to write apology letters but for some reason or another, I was only able to send a couple, under 10 apologizing for the website.


In Amsterdam the attacks and persecution in the hidden continued that I was willing to go anywhere just to escape them, where in another pages I will list what they did to me during that period for one purpose only to force me to be on the run and forget what they did to me and blame it on myself, which is one of the most used strategies in my previous repeated brainwash since December 1959. And therefore, I was forced to relocate to the UK in Mai 2013, where I was not able to do anything because among others the MI6 and my fake family were persecuting me with their network, while they pretended not to know anyone in the UK where they allegedly have been living since 1970!


In Mai 2014 I had to relocate back to the Netherlands, because I was not able to survive in the UK with all the persecution among others through the family of my fake sister that is protected by the MI6 and the CIA. therefore I relocated to the city of Assen, where it was the fastest way I was able to find an apartment at that time, which possibly was prearranged!!


In Assen, the dental technicians mistreated me to severely, in addition that the municipality played games with me, and I was not able to work. In March 2016 I relocated to Den Haag/The Hague in the hope of protection through all those government, royal family and the many embassies in Den Haag/The Hague. IN Summer 2016 I thought of writing apology letter and complaint to the government, yet in one way or another I was prevented, until I succeeded in November 2017, where I sent many complaint and over 100 apology letters.


A copy of this apology letter you can read below.


Apology Letter


Letter of apology Part-1 and Part-2, see index below under "Note"




The below letter I sent to as many persons or individuals as I can financially afford, the only difference is the blue text and within these brackets {…}, which I have modified for the website and added more text as underscored, which is more generalized and not personalized.


And since I am financially not able to write to you all, I am publishing this letter to all the rest, and please accept my apologies that I did not write to you personally, it is due to either I don’t know your address or I can’t financially afford it due to I was financially severely setup by the same individuals that enslaved me and brainwashed me, so that the Tax office has more control over my life than it should, and this even though I am not allowed to work since the year 2001, and now suddenly I ow the tax office around 7000 Euro, where they then cut my financial help (social income called Huurtoeslag en Zorgtoeslag, meaning rent and health insurance subsidies), which will dramatically hinder me on paying my already minimum monthly bills such as rent, water, electricity and Internet. But also, I am now almost 65 years and too old to be able to be accepted for a job, but also due to that brainwash website that was forced upon me, scares employers of hiring me!


This note is not in the letter




Click here for Letter Part-1 (Sent via post mail)

Click here for Letter Part-2 (did not send part-2, via website only)



 Letter Part-1 (Sent via post mail) (go top)


Dear name of recipient,

Hier with and with this writing I would like to submit to you my sincere apologies.

This letter is addressed to you because you, your government member(s), royal family members and or members of your country were falsely and unjustly accused, attacked, misrepresented and/or denounced with wrong information on the website called “wanted” that were published between January 2007 and April 2012, which was founded on brainwash and slavery that was forced upon me during that period.

In particular, I would like to submit my sincere apologies to the ???????? for spreading wrong information about them and or attacking their person, their politics, their religions and/or accusing them with wrong information, wrong relations to the wrong persons, group of persons or institutions.

Please note that I already have filed several complaint reports to several responsible officials/authorities against the responsible who enslaved me, brainwashed me, enslaved me and forced me to write the website and I expect their revenge for trying to be honest and straightforward man, though I would greatly appreciate your support and protection.

The content of that website called “wanted” was not from my thoughts, not from my plans, not from my own brain, the entire website was against my belief and it was not what I believe, not from my faith as a Christian, not from my upbringing through a faithful moderate Muslim family (that are members of one of the best Middle East allied countries to Europe and to the USA), not from my liking, not from my heart and not from my vocabulary and not from my knowledge in matter of fact I find the entire website as most appalling. You and in your position are easily able with just a phone call to see through my entire past, where I came from, where I was, where I lived, my medical records, my friends, people surrounding me, my ex-employers and what is my character, then you will come to the only one conclusion: it was not me who wrote these pages, yes it was my hands based on forced upon me brainwash by illegal methods, unethical methods, immoral methods, inhuman methods and above all also with a so called supernatural methods, that are not at all that supernatural to the many of us human who have them such as telepathy control, which I absolutely don’t have, therefore I can’t defend myself against a group of human beings that have telepathy and are networked together to manipulate and control others and to enslave people as they enslaved me for so long. Since kidnapping me from Germany in 1986, they have been performing many very destructive acts against me while using me against others and literally kept me as slave to their liking between 1984 and current, where I am having severe and very destructive problems caused by them, even today in July 2017, among others writing to you this apology letter that I tried many times since 2010 to write to you, but I was prevented over and over again, on the other hand I rather go on with my life than writing to you, but with their continuous destructive persecution to me I have no other choice but to write to you. Destructive persecution is one of several brainwash methods to force their victim to complain, and once the victim starts to complain they take over and force the victim to write whatever they want, either based on the brainwash they performed upon the victim prior to that or by using telepathy force or both. I hate to admit it, but I am their victim in both situations!!!!!!

As more explanation to their current persecution, is that they want to force my mind to think that they are punishing me because I allegedly voluntarily created this website called “Wanted”, while simultaneously keep me busy with all the problems that they are causing through this website and/or they cause me almost on a daily basis, among others preventing me of recognizing the real situation to prevent me of confronting them and their evil methods, that apparently they use often, this is based on their behavior, which is well planned and organized routine brainwash methods and strategies. I was once a good IT expert, now I am brainwashed with brainwash experience!

I am not writing to you to complain, but rather to apologize for all that wrong information I was forced to spread about you. The above is merely a short explanation of me being forced to write the wrong information about you. Please note that you are one of those I was forced by brainwash and telepathy to unjustly to attack, as a mean of extracting information of my past while blaming it on me and therewith causing the destruction to my own life while using me against their opponents. That is why I am contacting you, because it is the best way enable to set the records straight; and if there is anything else, beside my sincere apology, that I can do to make it up to you, then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will always be at your service.

Please find it in your heart and mind to see through these very destructive schemes that forced me to write what they think and not what I think.

I am not your enemy, in matter of fact I am no one’s enemy, because I see good in most people, even in those who done me wrong for so long. However, those who enslaved me and forced me to write their thoughts are your enemy and the enemy of most human.

Due to the limited financial situation forced upon me since kidnapping me from Germany in 1984, which is also to keep me by force poor and under their control and manipulation, I can’t afford to send you more information via post mail. In addition to the rest of this letter (additional 1 and half page), there are many prove pages as attachments, therefore I ask you kindly to download these pages from the secure webpages that I created especially for that, which is highlighted below as attachment.

I thank you for reading my apology letter. I sincerely hope for your understanding and forgiveness. I know that you are a very busy person that is why I ask you to excuse me if I was not able to make it any shorter, and this is due to the long year of brainwash and slavery since 1984 to 2001 in USA and February 2001 and until current in July 2017 in the Netherlands and partially also in Germany and the UK.

Should you require any more information, then please do not hesitate to contact me at any time, until then I wish you all the success in any venture that you may start and while wishing you all the best, I sincerely hope to hear from you.

With my sincere regards,


My Signature

Michael Najar aka Mohamad Nuzhat Najar



All attachments are online and require a password to access it. Please do not access it from a public place, such as from a public PC, or a PC that you DO NOT own, because it contains sensitive information and I really like it to remain for your eyes only, also I strongly recommend to use “InPrivate Browsing”/”Incognito Windows”, which is explained under the link below. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Link to all attachments: http://xxxxxxxxx

The Login ID is:            xxxxxxxxxxx

The password is:          xxxxxxxxxxx

All are with small letters


Letter Part-2 (did not send part-2) (go top)

I absolutely do not discriminate against anyone, regardless of their race, religions, authenticity, color, gender or anything else that I might have missed, above all I never ever characterize an entire group the same as the bad behavior of one of their members, in other words I would never think that all Americans, all Saudi Arabians, all Chinese, or all of any other group are bad, just because a couple of Americans, Saudi Arabians, Dutch, Germans have treated me bad, therefore I would never say that all Syrians are Bad, all Americans, all Muslims, all Jewish, All Christians, all Dutch, all Germans are bad, or generalizing any other group,  and most definitely I would never ever write that the family that raised me so graciously are bad or criminals, even if they were but they are not, where by I was forced to write in that website called “Wanted” all that and more of their negative thoughts not mine. In matter of fact I love Americans, Germans, Arabs, Israelis, English, Dutch, Syrians, Africans or any other nationals or religions and above all my family, because they all and always bring color and enlightenments to the lives of others.

 I am politically NOT oriented, NEITHER fanatic religious, because I know that no one can help it being born within certain environment in anywhere in the world, neither the poor, nor the middle class nor the rich can help it.

 Personally, I rather have you as a friend than not a friend, especially that within this slavery period they literally destroyed everything in my life, from family relation, friends relations, church relation, girlfriend, profession, hope, love, ambition, self-confidence, pulling out my entire teeth in the most sadistic way, disfiguring my face and body, in other words you name it they did it to me or destroyed it in my life, even raped me for 15 years from 1984 to 1999, above all they brought me life full of fear and destruction while I am always on the run and forced to move or relocate over 60 times, 50 times alone since kidnapping me from Germany in 1984, while terrorizing my sleep, which is a very nasty method to enslave a person due to none sufficient sleep will  lessen the concentration and the free individual will. Often, I ask myself: what am I doing now and here, which is their way to force me to run away and be always busy running away of them, which is a very mean, sadistic and nasty slavery strategy.

 I hope you accept my apology and be my friend, because I can really use one in this never-ending dread times.

 The attachments below are for your information as an additional prove that I did not do any of that against you, but it is also as prove because most of the people that were mentioned within that appalling website called “Wanted” were described wrongly and that you can easily verify, that all those people and institutions mentioned in this website are good people and good institutions that I have either great love for them, great respect to them or both, with the exception of a handful of persons hiding within these pages that caused me a lot of grief and forced me to write the website against you. I rather create a business that is financially beneficial for me and my community than attacking others, but they prevented me to work since the year 2000; enable to keep me under their control, because without work there is no money and with no money I can’t be free of them. Now I am almost 65 years old and still trying to get free of them.

 Additional point to set the records straight and to make my situation absolutely clear, and that too you can easily verify, which is that I and the family that raised me have absolutely no connection what so ever to terrorism, illegal drugs, Nazi (I was born 1952), Mafia, organized crimes and as I mentioned before I was raised by a moderate faithful, respectful and peaceful Muslim family, that I always looked up to with most respect not out of fear but rather out of respect of what they made for their selves and for their communities, and this family consist of engineers who builds roads, buildings, schools, manage parts of airports, successful business people in the Middle East and elsewhere, some of them are medical professionals and builds and own hospitals for healing and not for destructions. Others are diplomats to build and maintain peaceful communications with other nations and that too you can easily verify without me having to mention their names!

 Please take a moment to evaluate this: who would voluntarily write a website that would place him in a spot light of craziness, while describing himself and everyone he ever knew since birth with all kind of negative destructive characteristics, above all describe himself as not qualified for anything?

 Hier too you will come to only one answer: No one!

 I am an IT professional since the day I started my study as mainframe programmer in 1974 in Germany and went to many countries, worked with many companies in over 20 countries and over 10 US states, and traveled to even much more countries and US States, lived in Egypt for 10 years, lived in Germany for 17 years, also if not voluntarily yet lived in USA for 15 years, lived one year in the UK, and since almost 17 years living in the Netherlands, worked with at least 15 of the world’s top 500 fortune companies, and I loved each one of them because they all enriched my life, and this alone shows that I am not only sane but also as intelligent as it can get and would never create such a disgrace to humanity website called “Wanted” not voluntarily and not out of anger and most definitely not as revenge, not only because I do not believe in revenge, which is destruction and I believe in constructive life, but because I am absolute pacifist since 1976, beside I absolutely have nothing to revenge to or against the family I was raised by, in matter of fact I can only look up to them and learn of them!

 As additional proof, please feel free to research my “” profile, and then you will find that a person who was around in the world and have a large family as mentioned above and friends in Germany, USA and other parts of the world, has only friends from slavery time and location (where the account was also created!!) as well as friends linking him by force to ex-Soviet Union or current Russia or even Mexico, and the rest you can figure out yourself!!!!!

 The only reason that I am allowed or can now write these apology letters and filling a complaint is because I am in The Hague and I strongly believe that some members of the royal family are making it possible and I am thankful for that!

 Last but not least, I would like to ask you kindly to call off any networking that may have been set to harm me as a revenge for that website, because in this case you would be doing me very wrong, because I am absolutely innocent of this or any other crime. Personally, I believe revenge is beneath you and that you would not waste your time on that and against me, but after all the continuous brainwash and suffering they put me through since 1984, I don’t know any more who to trust, and that is another reason why I am writing to you, to build a bridge of trust and friendship that I urgently need!!!

 I thank you for reading my apology letter. I sincerely hope for your understanding and forgiveness. I know that you are a very busy person that is why I ask you to excuse me if I was not able to make it any shorter, and this is due to the long year of brainwash and slavery since 1984 to 2001 in USA and February 2001 and until current in July 2017 in the Netherlands and partially also in Germany and the UK.

 Should you require any more information, then please do not hesitate to contact me at any time, until then I wish you all the success in any venture that you may start and while wishing you all the best, I sincerely hope to hear from you.