Kidnapping me as an adult

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This document was created on; 13.09.2019 and updated on: yet to be completed


This page is about kidnapping me from Germany to USA in 1986, as I was 34 years old, which shows a routine, meaning they often perform this evil slavery and kidnapping!



Between January 1984 and 24 December 1984, I was severely brainwash in Munich, Germany, by dragging me by force to the illegal project named Calypso performed officially by SCS-Scientific Control Systems, a subsidiary of BP-British Petroleum, and from the background by CIA, MI6, BND, AIVD and others, to deliver Satellite computers that uses the American Satellites, to control the Syrian population. It is possible that they lied, and it was meant for the ex-Soviet Union and Syria was used as a Proxy.


Here I will list the brainwash situations that they performed enable to brainwash me, enslave me and kidnap me to USA, where they kept me as a hidden hostage living allegedly free as an illegal alien in a total controlled environment.


Detail will follow