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If you are reading this, then you have just wasted around 10 seconds of your valuable time on me. Thank you very much for your attention. and please be my guest to read my other literatures!

This photo represents each member of my fake family, including but not limited to, my fake mother, my 3 fake sisters my 1 fake brother, nephews and nieces, uncles, aunt and cousins, but it also represent the CIA, MI6, BND, AIVD, IND, INS COA, Stichting Welzijn, municipalities Bellingwedde, Oldambt, Assen and Amsterdam

By many people is the problem zone not in the stomach, leg or back bottom, but rather in their head!
Attention! Attention!
COFFEE is the cause of total aggressiveness !!!
I had 11 mugs beer in the bar,
Meanwhile, my wife at home had 2 coffee ...
You have no idea how aggressive she was when I came home!

Recently I weight my self, then I realized: who has a heart of gold, nerves out of steel ropes and a character made of steel, then he can weigh more than average!
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