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Hidden slavery

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This page was created on: 30.09.2018 and updated on:

This is my complain to the higher authorities, the people of the Netherlands, USA, Germany and the UK over being unjustly and severely mistreating by their governments through
: kidnapping me as a child in December 1959 from USA, brainwashing me and placing me within a fake family that consist of their agents, raping me, prevent me to learn or study, forcing me to be a refugee for 52 years from 1961 to 2013 in four countries, re-brainwashing me kidnapping me again in 1986 from Germany to USA, keeping me as slave of their will, and then dumping me by force in the Netherlands to be locked up re-brainwashed and tortured physically and mentally from 2001 and until I was able to relocate to Den Haag/The Hague in march 2016. Preventing me to work, destroying all my family, friends and social relation by forcing me to create a very negative website listing everyone I knew and attacking people I do not even know as a mean of a long term brainwash to force these groups of people to persecute me and keep me busy for years running of these vicious and very destructive und unjust persecution that resulted that medical professionals in and around the city Winschoten as well as in the city Assen conspired together and severely tortured me for over 4 years including pulling all my teeth out and performing countless other destructive acts against me while the authorities do nothing about it. while dramatically shorting my retirement income from Germany that I worked hard for 17 years, but cutting the employment dates by almost half, while the Dutch calculating my retirement money from 2008 and not from they day 1 that they started to brainwash me, and torture me physically and mentally that started on 11 February 2001, and there with the force me to be dependent on social help and therewith dependent on the Dutch government and therewith I cannot leave the Netherlands. This is hidden slavery in the above-mentioned countries from October 1969 to March 2016.


The expression “Hidden Slavery” I took after recognizing that it is the essence of my life which was hidden from everyone including me, except from the brainwashers that thinks of their selves as Gods and superior to anyone else!

No one should be a hidden slave, and definitely no government should do that to innocent people, and most definitely no western government should do that to innocent people, where these western government praise their selves for democracy and freedom, that I never saw in my life living 8 years in USA, then 10 in Egypt (none western government, yet controlled by western government) where they used me as a fake son for their CIA and MI6 agents, then 17 years in Germany, then 15 years in USA (by kidnapping), then 13 years Netherlands, then 1 year in UK and again the 4 years in the Netherlands!


The only freedom I was able to have was between 2017 and 2018, where I was able to write a complaint to the government on how they mistreated me, where then I am oft being punished in the hidden for these complaints, therefore I am forced to complain publicly with these pages, which becomes an endless circle in my life!


Slavery is bad enough, however hidden slavery is even much worst, it is a lifelong torture, because of the following 2 reasons:



Regular slave:

A regular slave is a person that knows upfront that he/she is a slave and therewith knows upfront what he can do and what he can have, but also, he knows what he cannot do or cannot have. He/she can do only what he/she is told and can have only what is given to him/her. He/she can’t have anything else because he/she is not allowed to see it or forced to think this is only for his/her masters!


Hidden Slave:

A hidden slave is an isolated person by force, during which this hidden slave person is prevented by all means, to grow his own intelligence and widen his knowledge, among others by causing him a total amnesia, enable to keep him under control. He/she looks like normal person on the street and for the regular person is difficult to spot/recognize as such. Some of these hidden slaves are possibly allowed to see life from top to bottom, or even be a top government official (which I repeatedly saw myself), but is not allowed to go any direction that he/she desires, and if he/she tries to go a desired direction then he/she will be forcibly prevented while forcing their victim to think he/she lost what he want due to he/she is a loser and can’t build or keep anything except what he is doing now. In all this they always use physical and mental torture and addictions while forcing their victim to blame him/her self for these tortures and addictions. When the hidden slave is not needed any more, then they unjustly lockup their victim to force hem/her to recognize what was done to him under their own controlled environment enable to re-brainwash their victim to be peaceful and blame it on his actions of the past, which will force their victim to go in a circle of self blames and sorrow for losing everything, including the actual family  that they kidnapped him/her from or was donated by his actual family to them!



I was an IT professional from 1978 to 2000, then I was prevented by the CIA and the FBI to work then they took me to the Netherlands by force, where I was again prevented to work until current in 2018. During this period, I was locked up and severely brainwashed and tortured physically, and mentally.

Then I recognized that I was kidnapped as an 8 year old in December 1959, brainwashed and enslaved by the CIA, MI6 and others who placed me within a fake family that was set together out of agents from Europe and USA mixed with some members of Arab royalties that are also originated from Europe and USA, where I was forced to believe that this is my family since birth, while they were using me as a multipurpose distracting decoy, without my knowledge, for their selves and for other children that partially may have been some of their own children, while the rest of the children were also taken from Europe and USA to use them later as adults and reinforcement for their properties while these children pretend to have been born in these countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia UAE and Kuwait.

Today in 2018, I am 67 years old and I am still trying to work, yet I have been out of the IT circles since the year 2000 and I realized that today I am an expert in brainwash and the usage of telepathy to enslave others. I did not study these subjects; however, I became expert because of the following reasons:

1.              I was kidnapped and brainwashed since childhood, thereafter I was forced to repeatedly relocate, because relocation is a big part of hidden slavery, where the victim is being kept by force busy learning everything from scratch at the new country from language to rules to law to everything else, while forced to leave whatever he already built behind him in a country that he is not allowed to go back to = hidden slavery

2.              Each time I was forced to relocate to another country, then I would be taken over by another group of people who would distract me of the previous controller of my life and re-brainwash me for a new purpose: from USA in 1959, to Egypt over Syria, to Jordan (no relocation but repeated visit), to Germany, to Saudi Arabia (no relocation but repeated visit), to USA, to the Netherlands, to the UK and back to the Netherlands

3.              Being used as a distraction decoy as if I have telepathy

4.              Being used as a distraction decoy as if I am a terrorist related to top terrorist from Palestine or else where

5.              Being used as a distraction decoy as if I am a drug lord related to drug lords in Syria and Lebanon

6.              Being used as a distraction decoy as if I am a spy for Russia or Syria

7.              Being used as a distraction decoy for hidden American and British agents

8.              Being used as a distraction decoy for the children of the hidden agents that pretended to be related to me, where by my identity was falsified in December 1959 to Syrian

9.              Being used as a distraction decoy for the children of hidden Saudi Arabian and Jordanian royalties that officially are not royalty (pretend to be not royalty) and pretended to be related to me, where by my identity was falsified in December 1959 to Syrian

10.          Being used as a distraction decoy for many hidden Jordanian and Saudi Arabian royalties that are originated from Europe and USA and pretend to be related to me such as the double of Princess Haya of Jordan that pretended to be my niece named Reem Bdeir/Budier, the hidden son of king Hussein and MI6 agent named Mohamad Nashaat Naggar in Egypt and Germany and his lookalike named Nik Naggar in USA, Germany and elsewhere that pretended to be my brother, that caused me a lot of trouble and severe damages to my life along with my 3 fake sisters that were pretending to be related to me, while all of them or some of them are nothing else than nannies and/or "2nd, 3rd or 4th " wives of hidden Saudi Arabian and Jordanian royalties while being also nannies for children from other wives, where by my identity was falsified in December 1959 to Syrian. The troubles and damages that these persons caused me was so severe that it is unrepairable, and they caused me these troubles or destructions in USA by kidnaping me in December 1959, then in Egypt, Germany and again in USA where I saw them in these countries and also most probably and they are also the cause of all the trouble that was forced upon my life by the Dutch government in the Netherlands where I did not see them but I see and feel the destruction performed upon me in the Netherlands since 2001 is to cover up for them, or at least the Dutch government kept me locked up to prevent me of recognizing them as agents of the CIA and MI6 and possibly also their agents, but also that they are hidden royalties that were created by USA and UK and most probably also by the Netherlands=hidden colonialist since the second world war, and prior to that they all were colonizing these area publicly, now in the hidden, and I know of several hundred or even thousand(s) of these hidden colonialist since 1945, because I get to know them after December 1959. The problem here is that these hidden colonialists would do anything not to be discovered, including kidnapping children, adults, torturing them, raping them beating them, destroying over and over again any new friendships or hwat ever they build for their selves enable to keep them under their control, stopping them of advancing in life, forcing them to anything they want=hidden slavery. And all this was done to me

11.          I was forced by the FBI and later also in cooperation with the Dutch government to recognize telepathy and what it can do enable to see if I recognize similar situations from my past, in other words they were teaching me how people with telepathy uses telepathy to enslave people for the purpose to recognize who has telepathy in my past, where I really did not want to learn all that, I just wanted to be free and work, but they had me locked up as a refugee for 13 years under their own controlled environment and I was not able to escape it until I relocated to Den Haag/The Hague in March 2016. On the other side they were teaching me the tricks of telepathy to force my mind to recognize who has telepathy of my fake family enable to force my mind to blame everything that happened to me since I was brought to Europe in October 1968 and blame it on my fake family that are officially Muslim Arab, and therewith they pretended to help me. But you do not help person by keeping him locked up, preventing him of being free to work and then torture him mentally and physically, among others by pulling all his teeth out!!   On the other side they most probably forced me to learn these telepathy control tricks as a mean to force me to know what they did to me while I am forced to live in their controlled environment in refugee camps and the village Bellingwolde, and then punishing me repeatedly for recognizing what they forced me to recognize, as a mean of fear strategy to prevent me to taking any action such as file a complaint!!

12.          Forcing me with brainwash to be a refugee since 1961: nearly 9 years in Egypt, then later 17 years in Germany, then later 15 years in USA (by kidnapping) and then later 13 years in the Netherlands (by forced delivered to the Netherlands for a re-brainwash), until the Dutch government awarded me the Dutch nationality in January 2013.

13.          In all the above I recognized group brainwash, meaning brainwash by a networked group of people that are hired by the government or other institutions, such as immigration authorities, CIA, FBI, INS, some churches, some synagogue, some mosques, or even businesses and so on

14.          In all the above I recognized group brainwash, meaning brainwash by a networked group of people that like to brainwash or mess with newcomers to their environment

15.          In all the above I recognized government brainwash to extract information of their victim

16.          In all the above I recognized telepathy brainwash to force the person to think in one direction or another enable to see the results or to force the victim to think in one direction or another or to force the victim to adapt to their or certain rules or behavior!!

17.          In all the above I recognized (fake) family brainwash to enslaving the individual that they forced to think he/she is member of this fake family enable to use the victim for various tasks as they did to me and listed here. A real family will never allow any of the destruction mentioned within to happen over and over and over again to any of their members since December 1950, in Egypt, Germany, USA, Netherlands, The UK, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, unless they want to silence their victim that they pretend to be related to him just to use him/her as a multipurpose distraction decoy and a nanny of their children!

18.          I recognized how security agencies such as FBI, MI6, AIVD and others brainwash and force their victim to attack others publicly, even those others are not related to his/her life nor concern him/her, yet these security agencies want to see who would revenge on their victim enable to recognize the one networking group or another, while simultaneously destroying the reputation of the victim and create a chain of revenge against the victims through those that were unjustly attacked publicly to prevent the victim of complaining and force the victim to think: it is all his own fault in going public=severe long-term brainwash through mental and physical torture and fear or repetition of this torture!!!!

19.          I recognized how the security agencies such as CIA, MI6, AIVD, BND and FBI force their victim to live in a certain location, city or village where they have a network of people that were trained to brainwash the victim while destroying his/her self-confidence destroying his/her relations, destroying his/her reputation, destroying his/her profession, and there with destroying his/her life while torturing him/her mentally and physically and then pretend to be helping him/her, which was performed many times over upon me, from Perlacher Forest in 1970 (American military base named McGraw kaserne, closed since 1992, that was larger than a small village, was more like a small town, where I was forced to live in for nearly 2,5 years to hide it from the Germans what is my real history, which I guess they knew it but wanted me to say it, but I did not know it at that time), near Munich, to Unterhaching, to Unterschleissheim in Germany, to Bridgeport & Fairfield & Houston & Evansville & Kansas city in USA, to Ter Apel, to Haarlem, to Gilze, to Dokkum to Bellingwolde & Winschoten & Scheemda, to Hove and Harrow in the UK , to Assen in 2014 in Netherlands and so on, whereby and here to I must admit that the BND always treated me with respect and did not directly perform any direct intended damages upon me (however any setup forces the mind to go in circle due to being not understood, while killing the time of the victim = one way or another it is a severe damage to the victim), because the CIA was publicly all over my life since around March 1970 and in the hidden since 1959, I just was prevented to see it until around End of 1999, then I started to see the CIA foot prints all over my life and I filled a complaint to many congress men and senators in USA in the year 2000, as a result they punished me by bringing me to the Netherlands to be locked up for 13 years and later confining me through a hidden but severe and very damaging persecution until I relocated to the city Den Haag/The Hague, then the persecution was cut down by around 80% but not from the government, it did not stop, as a result I was not able to work and have debts to the tax office, because 2 municipalities reported false income in the false year, where suddenly I owe the tax office nearly 10,000 Euro, what would they done to me if I was working and earning 2 or 20 thousands per month???!!!!

20.          Finally, the various means and strategies of physical and mental torture that a hidden slave forced to go through repeatedly in his life, while forced to blame it on him/herself!!

21.          A combination of all the above is hell!


You do not want that for yourself, your friends, your relatives or anyone else, do you???


If I can sum the life of a hidden slave, then it will be like this: it is worse than hell and I do not wish it to anyone, not even my worst enemy!


Whereby I do not see enemies in people, I see good people and others!

Therefore, I decided to publish my complaint and show some of these very negative and most destructive brainwash and hidden slavery to get justice while helping others to not fall in this pit hole or to help others to come out of it or to prevent your beloved ones in falling in this very destructive pit holes!