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All I want, is justice. and I want to know who is my biological family. If you want me to stop complaining then tell me who is my biological family and give me justice, which can be found in all the repeated complaint letters that I sent to the many government sections, offices and officals of those responsible, and many did not even answer. So, I will continue to complain and lay out who did what to me and why they did it, until you give me justice, which is a very reasonable request after all what you did to me!!

Note: This is not a threat, nor it is blackmail. I am Christian and as such I do not threat, I do not blackmail, I do not revange, I do not live by eye for eye, and tooth for tooth and I do not sue people, I just try to reason with them. If I am unsuccessful in my reasoning with them then I go to the next higher instance, and I am here at the highest instance, your boss, the one who elected you, the people in USA, UK, Germany and the Netherlands, the four countries where I was brainwashed in or by, enslaved and kidnapped, forced to be refugee in 4 countries from 1961 to 2013, 9 years in Egypt, 17 years in Germany,  locked up for 15 years by kidnapping in USA, locked up for 13 years by force in the Netherlands and Germany, not counting the kidnapping to USA and keeping me as slave and raping me for 15 years in USA, tortured me mentally and physically while destroying all my social and professional relations over and over and over again since 1960.

Complaint history

In all the below mentioned I did not mention all my other written complaints as a refugee in Germany, USA (by force of kidnaping through the CIA, MI6, BND and most probably also by AIVD) and the Netherlands from 1970 to 2008. Nor my body and behavior complaint that was constantly changing based on the brainwash that they were severely performing upon me, first in the American military base in 1970s in Munich, Germany called McGraw Kaserne (closed in 1992), during which I was severely brainwashed, and later they brainwashed me again between 1983 and 1986, also in Munich, during the illegal government project called Calypso where they were officially but in the hidden supplying Syria (or even Russia over Syria) Satellite computer systems and dragged me by force to this project to kidnap me to USA and blame it on the Syrian employees that many of them were Russian and CIA agents in Syria, and then Kidnapping me to USA in September 1986!

It is very tough to brainwash a person that is 31 years old Christian, have many church friends and worked 5 years in International business and is living in a big city called Munich in Germany while working for top German and American companies, therefore the brainwash must be so forceful, powerful and by using many, which they did, where I had no chance what so ever!

The same they did to me in the Netherlands between 2001 and 2008 and then later also in Bellingwolde/Winschoten until 2012.

1959 to 1983 in Egypt until 1968 and then in Germany

December 1959 I was kidnapped from USA by the CIA and MI6, caused me a total amnesia and placed within a spy/agent ring that created a fake family and placed me within it, then falsified my identity and their identities to Syrians and went and took me with them to Egypt as a fake Syrian.


October 1969 was taken to Germany and in March 1970 right into the American military base in Munich where I was severely brainwashed and enslaved under one of their agents named Anita Disbray as cover up for their agents in Egypt that were my fake family that took/kidnapped me to Egypt, this after setting me up to look like as if I am related to top terrorists, top drug lords and top crime organization Mafia like while that woman they enslaved me under was pretending to be spying on my family among others also in Jordan, while her real identity was a hidden member of the Jordanian royal family while she was pretending to be British national=confusion, which brainwash rely heavily upon disorientation through confusing their victim!


So far it was very visible that I was severely brainwashed and disoriented as a result of what they did to me so far.


1976 I was set up and forced to become Christian in Germany while separating me of the agent I was enslaved under and called Anita Disbray through a distraction by my new church friends and also to have a reason to persecute me in the name of Islam, while showing as if my family are strict Muslims, but how can you be working with and for the CIA and MI6 against the Egyptians, Jordanians, Saudi Arabians and other Islamic Arab countries and be strict Muslim or Muslim in general!!!???


As I became Christian, I was not isolated anymore, because suddenly I had many friends from the church, whereby these friendships and very unfortunately did not last long until they were all destroyed in one way or another. Also, suddenly I had much more problems in my life than prior to that, not through the church but through the fake family, the CIA and MI6 that were persecuting me in Munich because I allegedly became Christian in 1976!!


1983-1986 in Germany

December 1983 to December 1984 I was severely re-brainwashed and enslaved under another agent named Najlaa Mahmoud of the CIA & MI6 that pretended to be Syrian, while her entire family are CIA agents and are in the Syrian military and the Syrian government.


My behavior have totally changed between 1983 and 1985 and this due to the severe brainwash that was performed upon me during that period, on the one side by the CIA, MI6 and BND in Munich and on the other side my fake family that were nothing else but agents for CIA and MI6 in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia while bringing new fake relatives that are allegedly from Syria that I never saw or heard of in my life prior to 1984, 1982 or even earlier in 1976 (after I became Christian). Whereby and at that time, most people in Syria would do anything if the price is right, and that is not because the Syrians are bad people, but rather because the government of Syria was and still is so corrupt and suppressing their own people, which forces some people to do anything to survive and feed their own family.


My behavior was totally changed, and I was totally isolated again, yet no one helped me out of this severe brainwash and isolation that was nothing else than invisible chains that can only be seen by those who knew me from before 1983 and after 1983, such as my new church friends since 1976, but also my employers. An example of this change and after I became Christian I was very moderate alcohol drinker, never bought alcohol for home, and dedicated my time for work. Suddenly in 1983, I was drinking more than excessive, almost on a daily base, having sleep problems, was always tired, lack concentration and all these are good conditions for brainwash during that project.


During this period of time I totally lost control of every aspect of my life and my very bad behavior that was forced upon me during this period was my only complaint because I had no control of my life anymore!

1986-2001 in USA

September 1986 I was kidnapped to the USA, where they tighten my brainwash and made me a total will less dog on the chain and kept me in USA for 15 years raising a son that is not mine but rather the son of their hidden agents while forcing me to believe it is my son, then they separate me from this fake son in September 1999, brought a new lookalike and re-brainwashed me, yet this time and for some reason or another, the re-brainwash did not work, maybe I became automatically a bit immune due to the repeated brainwash performed upon me since 1959, or maybe someone helped me from the background but through all the confusion between 1999 to 2000 that was created around my life by the FBI and CIA, therefore I was not able to understand the situation.


They used illegal method and persecuted me so severely among others forced me to be homeless, prevented me to work, which it seemed that they have a standard routine method to do that, where they choke the life around their victim, meaning closing or sabotaging his living environment to force him to go one direction or another, and was used on me several times in 1970 to force me to go into the American military base in Munich and take shelter of the persecution allegedly by the German government (it was the CIA setting me up to hate and mistrust the German government enable they can take control of my life in the military base), 1985-1986 in Munch, Germany also through the CIA enable to force me to go to USA, which was 100% kidnapping and again 1990 in Bridgeport Connecticut to force me to relocate to Houston, Texas and again in 1999-2000 to force me out of USA. When the CIA and FBI choke the living environment of their victim , they close all the doors for their victim, if it is housing, telephone, electricity, work, banks, credit cards, destroy friendships and so on, the list is endless to chock the life of their victim at the current location and force the victim to go only in the predesignated way, which is the only way they kept open for me, last time in 2000 it was the deportation prison from July 2000 in Houston, Texas, USA until 10 February 2001, then they dumped me by force in the Netherlands for a re-brainwash.


Prior to placing me in deportation prison in Houston, Texas, USA, I filled my first written direct complaint, and I sent it to almost every single congress man/woman and senator about kidnapping me in 1986 and the circumstance that they used/created to kidnap me, that was in 1999 and 2000.


Later I concluded that they locked me up for many years, also in Netherlands because I filled a written complaint to many congress men, women and senators in the year 2000 in Houston, Texas.



Because of my written complaint, they punished me by bringing me by force to the Netherlands where I was even more brainwashed and then they even performed more choke to my life than before while locking me up for 13 years.


2001 to 2006 I was pushed around from jail to prison to refugee camp, maybe 40-50 times, during which I wrote many complaint letters to the Dutch government and to the German government and German judges, yet it seems the more I seek justice the more they lock me up.


The Dutch awarded me in April 2002 a refugee status, yet they kept me locked up in their refugee camps, and that is illegal. Usually when a person is awarded a refugee status, then they let him leave the refugee camps, yet they did not allow me to leave, which was a part of the brainwash, suppression and destruction of self-confidence by making the person feel helpless and above all destroying his hopes, because without hope the person becomes like a dough and can be formed as they wish, and that is exactly what they did to me, where in April 2004 I was still forced to live in refugee camps in the city of Zwolle, where I totally gave up hope to be free and was forced not to renew my refugee status and that is a severe brainwash to lockup their victims. This action alone shows that I was totally lost and destroyed by the Dutch government represented through the IND and COA (IND=Immigration, COA=manages the lives of refugees, very unfortunately by brainwashing them, or at least me and I have hundreds of proves), and therewith I lost my refugee status and they made me through brainwash and mental and physical torture homeless stateless person in a country that brag about their democracy, their freedom and their tolerance!


From 2004 and until August 2006 I was pushed around in various jails, prisons and refugee camp between Netherlands and Germany and then forced me 28 February 2008 to live in an isolated village called Bellingwolde/Winschoten, Netherlands which was not official prison yet I was locked up in this environment and had nothing to say about my own life, they were forcing me to do what they want using a company/organization called Stichting Welzijn (foundation Wellbeing) that was nothing else than a brainwash company for the refugees and I wrote a detail complain letter about it. They knew I am complaining about it, therefore they dissolved this company as well as the dentist office called “Medi Mondzorg Scheemda” that tortured me for over an hour by giving me 10 water injections instead of anesthetics while pulling my teeth, this dental office was a part of chain of 10-20 offices in several cities headquarter in Lelystad or Almere, they completely dissolved the company, my guess they changed the name and moved the staff around and made it look like they sold as a reason for the changed names. Then I was able to relocate to Amsterdam, only by force, in around June 2012. By force because I was so tired of moving around since September 1999 and I gave up hope and lived in an area where I was being tortured mentally and physically and was not able to think and just leave, so the municipality set me up and forced me to relocate to Amsterdam, all in all I was forced to move nearly 60 times from September 1990 and until I relocated to Amsterdam, therefore I did not want to move even though I hated that village. Very unfortunately and even though I relocated to Amsterdam, yet their persecution never stopped until I relocated to Den Haag/The Hague in March 2016. In Den Haag/The Hague in Netherlands, the persecution stopped by around 80-90%!


In 2013 and just a couple of months after I was awarded the Dutch citizenship I was forced to relocate from the Netherlands to the UK to show as if the agent that pretended to be my sister is not an agent of the CIA and MI6, but rather is my sister, which is not true, I was kidnapped in December 1959 by the CIA and MI6 and placed with in a fake family that was set together out of agents, 21 of them, including me, around 5 children (under 10, including me) and 16 adults above the age 17!!


I relocated to Den Haag/The Hague in March 2016. It took me several months until I realized what happened to me in the last a few years, then and in end of 2016 I started to write a complaint to the responsible government offices, yet somehow, I was not able to, each time I try, then something comes up that need my immediate attention for a while. I even traveled to the UK in Summer 2017 for 10 days enable I can write my complaint far away of the Netherlands, very unfortunately I was only successful to 20%. Finally, in end summer of 2017 I was able to continue to write my complaint until I completed it in November 2017 and mailed it along with apology letters to many of those that were unjustly attacked by me between 2006 and 2012 while I was forced to live in the refugee camp Dokkum and later forced to live in the village Bellingwolde.


Forced, meaning I had no choice, I had no choice in 1984 to be enslaved under that disgusting woman called Najlaa Mahmoud, I had no choice and was kidnapped to USA, I had no Choice and Was forced to relocate to Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA and later also forced to relocate to Houston, Texas, I had no choice and was brought to the Netherlands by force of the American government with 2 guards and 2 backup guards, I have no choice but to live in a country that locked me up for 13 years, tortured me mentally and physically, even though I think highly of the Netherlands, if I take myself out of the big picture called “The Netherlands” then I see a lot of very nice, friendly and polite people, I see a very highly advanced country, in many things even more advance than German, USA, UK and all of them combined, I see a country that among others invented the optical disk and sold licenses to all other companies in the world, including Sony, and based on that optical disk we have CD-ROM, DVD and Blu-Ray. Yet I am in the picture and I was locked up for 13 years, I was severely brainwashed, I was severely tortured mentally and physically, therefore I have a lot of difficulties to accept the Netherlands!


My complaint from November 2017 did not bring any response, therefore in around July of 2018 I started to write another complaint with more detail How I was severely brainwashed and tortured mentally and physically in the Netherlands and was able to complete and mail these complaints in September 2018. I had a few responses but by far not what I was supposed to receive, and these responses were partially very negative. Therefore, I am complaining to the public.


These complaint letters I sent in November 2017 and September 2018, I placed online in a secure area and sent the login credential with all my complaint for them all to see what they do with innocent people and how they torture them in the Netherlands, USA, UK, Germany, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. I was tortured severely in the Netherlands, mentally as well as physically and this since 2001 and repeatedly since then and until I relocated in March of 2016 to The Hague/Den Haag, where the torture was minimized by 90%, at least so far. Yet I want it to stop 100%!

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