Complaint history

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1959 to 1983

December 1959 I was kidnapped from USA by the CIA and MI6, caused me a total amnesia and placed within a spy/agent that created a fake family and placed me within it, then falsified my identity and their identities as Syrians and took me to Egypt as a fake Syrian.


October 1969 was taken to Germany and in March 1970 right into the American military base in Munich where I was severely brainwashed and enslaved under one of their agents that totally isolated me until 1977, and this as cover up for their agents in Egypt and elsewhere, this after setting me up to look like as if I am related to top terrorists, top drug lords and top crime organization Mafia like.


So far was very visible that I was severely brainwashed and disoriented as a result of what they did to me so far.


1976 I was set up and forced to become Christian in Germany while separating me of the agent I was enslaved under, and this as distraction of the agent through the new church friends and also to have a reason to persecute me in the name of Islam, while showing as if my family are strict Muslims, but how can you be working with and for the CIA and MI6 against the Egyptians and other Arabs and be strict Muslim or Muslim in general and call yourself Muslim. An agent will not go to the Middle East speaking English, German or Dutch, and behave as such, he will pretend to be local, he will pretend to be Muslim, and the only way to recognize him/them is how they treat each other’s and how they deal with each other’s as I am describing them with these pages!!!???


As I became Christian, I was not isolated anymore, because suddenly I had many friends from the church that had only one goal, to distract me of the wife that just left me and I was enslaved under her by the CIA for 7 years, and this in Germany!!



December 1983 to December 1984 I was severely re-brainwashed and enslaved under another agent of the CIA & MI6 that pretended to be Syrian, while her entire family are CIA agents and are in the Syrian military and the Syrian government, don’t take my word for it, based on my history, would the CIA, MI6 and BND allow real Syrians control my life against them?


My behavior have totally changed between 1983 and 1985 and this due to the severe brainwash that was performed upon me during that period, on the one side by the CIA, MI6 and BND in Munich and on the other side my fake family that were nothing else but agents for CIA and MI6 from Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia while bringing new ones allegedly also new relatives that are allegedly from Syria that I never saw or heard of in my life prior to 1983 or even 1976 (when I became Christian). Whereby and at that time, most people in Syria would do anything if the price is right, and that is not because the Syrian people are bad people, but rather because the government of Syria was and still is so corrupt and under the American and British influence, while pretending to be under the Russia influence to not attract attention for the total American and European influence (more like control and slavery than influence, which they cannot do in Europe and USA so they create slavery in these countries and then blame it on Islam and Russian!!!) in all the Arab countries from Morocco to Egypt and down to Ethiopia and from Syria down to Yemen, don’t take my word for it, see the history of these countries under!!. 


My behavior was totally changed, and I was totally isolated again, yet no one helped me out of this severe brainwash and isolation that was nothing else than invisible chains that can only be seen by those who knew me from before 1983 and after 1983, such as my new church friends since 1976, the BND, and the government, my ex employer a large electronic company that was also around my life during this severe brainwash and enslaving me.



1986 I was kidnapped to the USA, where they tighten up my brainwash and made me a total will less dog on the chain and kept me in USA for 15 years raising a son that is not mine while forcing me to believe it is my son, then they separate me from this fake son in September 1999, brought a new lookalike and re-brainwashed me, yet this time the re-brainwash did not work.


So they used illegal method and persecuted me so severely among others forced me to be homeless, prevented me to work, which they have a standard routine method to do that, I believe they call it “Operation Choke” that the FBI and CIA use for various purposes, among other for businesses and banks that they want to destroy and for individuals that they also want to destroy, and in this process of the “Operation Chock” they close all the doors for their victim, if it is housing, telephone, electricity, work, banks, credit cards, destroy friendships and so on, the list is endless to chock the life of their victim, and then just leave one door open, to their new controlled environment!!


Here was my first complaint, and I sent a written complaint to almost every single congress man/woman and senator about kidnapping me in 1986 and the circumstance that they used/created to kidnap me, that was in 1999 and 2000.



Because of my written complaint, they punished me by bringing me by force to the Netherlands where I was even more brainwashed and then even choked my life much more while locking me up for 13 years.


During this 3 years I wrote many complaint letter to the Dutch government and to the German government, to the courts and to the judges asking them for help, and justice, yet it seem the more I complain the more they lock me up and the prove for that is that they awarded me in April 2002 political asylum in Netherlands, yet they brainwashed me to stop it and be homeless and country less, where they locked me up and severely brainwashed me and tortured me mentally and physically.


In 2013 and just a few months after I was awarded the Dutch citizenship I was forced to relocate from the Netherlands to the UK to show as the agent that pretended to be my sister is not an agent of the CIA and MI6, but rather is my sister, which is not true, I was kidnapped in December 1959 by the CIA and MI6 and placed with in a fake family that was set together out of agents, 21 of them, around 5 children and 16 adults!!


I tried hard to file a complaint against what they did to me, but I was always prevented one way or another.


In November 2017 I was able to file several complaints, which it took me around 6 months to compile, and sent it to the responsible persons. No reactions.


In October 2018 I sent another complaint letter to several Dutch government agencies with my complaint about brainwash, torture and slavery, a few of them responded and a couple rejected it upfront.


These complaint letters I placed online in a secure area and sent the login credential with all my complaint for them all to see what they do with innocent people and how they torture them in the Netherlands. I was tortured severely in the Netherlands, mentally as well as physically and this since 2001 and repeatedly since then and until I relocated in March of 2016 to The Hague/Den Haag, where the torture went down by around 80%, at least so far!