The illegal project Calypso

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This document was created on; 13.09.2019 and updated on: yet to be completed


This page is about the illegal project Calypso that was officially performed by BP-British Petroleum, CIA, MI6 (British similar to CIA) and BND (German similar to CIA), where I was dragged there by force, brainwashed and enslaved under the CIA whore Najlaa Mahmoud, then kidnapped to USA to use me to blackmail my biological family in USA, during which I was forced to live as an illegal alien with absolute no rights what so ever, during which I was severely brainwashed, tortured mentally and physically and rapped, while repeatedly destroying my profession, my social life and my entire life.


This project was to deliver Satellite computer that were depending on American satellites, allegedly to control the Syrian population, whereby it is very possible that it was for the ex-Soviet Union to help them with their developments for the International Space station, and Syria was used only as a proxy, or they also delivered both simultaneously. However, I am only aware of the Syrian delivery.


Detail about only this illegal project and how they brainwashed me will follow.