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All I want, is justice. and I want to know who is my biological family. If you want me to stop complaining then tell me who is my biological family and give me justice, which can be found in all the repeated complaint letters that I sent to the many government sections, offices and officals of those responsible, and many did not even answer. So, I will continue to complain and lay out who did what to me and why they did it, until you give me justice, which is a very reasonable request after all what you did to me!!

Note: This is not a threat, nor it is blackmail. I am Christian and as such I do not threat, I do not blackmail, I do not revange, I do not live by eye for eye, and tooth for tooth and I do not sue people, I just try to reason with them. If I am unsuccessful in my reasoning with them then I go to the next higher instance, and I am here at the highest instance, your boss, the one who elected you, the people in USA, UK, Germany and the Netherlands, the four countries where I was brainwashed in or by, enslaved and kidnapped, forced to be refugee in 4 countries from 1961 to 2013, 9 years in Egypt, 17 years in Germany,  locked up for 15 years by kidnapping in USA, locked up for 13 years by force in the Netherlands and Germany, not counting the kidnapping to USA and keeping me as slave and raping me for 15 years in USA, tortured me mentally and physically while destroying all my social and professional relations over and over and over again since 1960.

What is brain-wash?

 What is brainwash?


The simple quick answer

It is a logic/program that is forced upon the victim to live by, act by enable to reach the predefined goal of the brainwasher.


Extended answer

Brainwash is a limited way of thinking that is forced upon the victim enable to force the victim to perform a specific task and avoid other tasks and life interactions!

A simple but real life example that is used quite frequently by specific group of people: You haven’t been with a woman for a long time or never (actually you were prevented to be with a woman for this purpose or you are forced to be with some very nasty women), and then you get to know a woman, that has no family nearby (this is a very important deceive and brainwash point) and that woman/girl tells you that she loves you, but she says that she is involved with someone else of that she is the fiancé of someone you do not know that lives far away (difficult for you to verify) and describes her fiancé as much more capable than you, such as richer or a top official, and so on, but she loves you and want to be with you for one reason or another (a deceive for the mind) and that she has first to end the relationship with her fiancé before she can start one with you (showing her nobility). Then she makes you see or hear this situation while she ends the relationship with this alleged fiancé. Some people you do not know, or you know only since recently or ayou know some people since or from childhood yet they are others (there are good people and others), vouch for her integrity and nobility. Shortly thereafter she tells you she is pregnant of you and you try to do the right thing even though you don’t like her and take on the responsibility, and to make sure that you don’t leave her, suddenly you are in a situation that forces you to run and hide for the safety of this new born (isolation of your past while wiping off the tracks of the brainwash). Then you are in a new environment, do not know anyone, and suddenly you not only have to start from scratch, but you have so many problems forced upon you enable to force your mind to concentrate on surviving and taking care of this new born, and therewith you are enslaved and live like that for 10-20 years. Later on, you discover that this child was not only not your biological child but rather you were the lucky one that was selected to raise the child of a famous person or a top criminal, whereby both have the habits of hiding their own children, while kidnapping children, brainwashing them and use them as fake children just in case someone try to revenge on them or kidnap their children for ransom or as a revenge, then it is the wrong child, while the actual child is hidden as your child, and once this child that you thought it is yours, reached a certain age, where you are not needed any more, then they separate you by force by using a scheme to force you to think whatever they want, such as you need to go back where they forced you to leave in first of all for one thing or another or even by letting you know that there was no one persecuting you, or maybe it is your own home, and in doing that you will never see this child again that will carry your name until a certain age, then they will give him his real identity or a different identity, depending on what was planned for him/her, and you will never know where or who he/she is, because the last time you saw him/her he/she was between 12-14 years old and now he/she looks completely different with 20 or 30 years of age. During the entire time they were using you as a free nanny using the money that you worked hard for in the hope that you can build something in your life, even though you really hate to be with this woman, but some people will go through hell for their children and a brainwashed person, has no chance to think because he/she is always under control even in a big city, that turned out for him to be controlled environment. Now imagine that some government agency organizes this scheme and other alike to hide the children of their agents or people under their protection that are liable to be attacked and you are the lucky one used to safe this child, which is absolutely not your responsibility nor it is your wanting, nor you were given a choice yet you were used with all kind of schemes and forces for this purpose only=brainwash to slavery!

And that is one of the simplest brainwash situations I have encountered. In matter of fact I was used 3 times (each in different shape and form, 1 I know it is true, the other 2 I strongly suspect) like that and I never even noticed it, and all 3 times through a government scheme in Germany and USA, while using me as a distraction decoy, as if I am going around hiding my children!

And here I will be listing some of the brainwash scheme that was used on me between December 1959 and summer of 2016, during which I recognized that the family that raised me were my kidnappers that used me all my life while I trusted them blindly as my family, and I had no chance to get free of them, because they were protected from the background by several governmental agencies, including the CIA and MI6. Later on, when I was not needed any more the government took over the control of my life and locked me up for 13 years in a controlled environment during which they were re-brainwashing me by force and this between the year 2000 and 2016, whereby starting summer 2012, I was not in jails, prisons, refugee camps or forced live in a certain housing in a certain controlled enviironment in a village, but rather In Amsterdam, yet the brainwash and persecution was so strong to force me to relocate to the UK that I totally lost control. In the UK I was totally iced and was not able to do anything, and had to come back to the Netherlands, where I was tortured for 2 years in the city I lived in called Assen, until I decided to relocate again to Den Haag/The Hague seeking protection by the government that locked me up in first of all for 13 years, but I was still hoping that the royal family will protect me of these attacks but also to be protected by foreigers that are diplomats in the over 100 emabassies and consulates in Den Haag/The Hague. And this I will lay out to prevent that others be brainwashed, enslaved, tortured, raped and unjustly persecuted and imprisoned!

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